I recently figured out how to completely get rid of mosquito bites almost immediately after you get them– even the super big ones!

this stuff. it is magical. Im sure you can buy this stuff at your local drugstore or walmart or something.

what you do is you put it on over your mosquito bite (thats a given), but then, depending on where the bite is, you should put something over it like a bandage or a sock or something. the reason why is because 1: this stuff is white/pink and you dont want it to get on your shit, and 2: it smells kinda gross. its not a smell thats so horribly awful that you never want to use it, but its not something that you would like to smell every time you put your head on your pillow.

I usually keep it on overnight, or if Im not doing anything I will wear it throughout the day. after long enough, once you take it off, the bite will most likely be gone. with bigger bites, like a huge one I recently got on my hand, the bite was still there for a bit, but it didnt itch and it was gone the next morning without any additional ointment. also, you dont have to worry about the bite itching under the bandage or anything because it doesnt - its like anti itch cream at the same time.

but trust me this stuff works miracles. bring it camping. have it around your house. just take it wherever you tend to get mosquito bites. itll help you so much to not have to be bothered by those giant ass mosquito bites that make you itch so hard you bleed.

I hope this helps anyone like me who lives around a lot of mosquitoes.