Images: Last Call, Living With Lions, Narrowed, Calmosa December 3, 2013 at The Knight Hall

“Thank you, we’ve been Last Call!” While I want to stress that the guys in local pop punk band Last Call are not throwing in the towel just yet, these bittersweet final lines spoken by vocalist Austin Jeffers, and the fact that the band members have been throwing around the word “hiatus” for a while, does make it feel like this show marked the end of an era for Last Call – and the beginning of a new one for the bands that have formed in their wake. …

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Jeez, that was a long nap! Anywho, here’s an update as we over here at Don’t Leave Cali are now wide awake and more importantly, up and running. 

GUTS has recently had a few lineup changes and have now solidified their roster. Word on the street is that a summer tour with Calmosa is in the works. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

ANCHORLESS is busy writing for their upcoming…uh, whatever they’re doing. They recently got a new practice space and are churning out some crazy ideas. A split with Elder Abuse, few cover songs, and hopefully a full length are in store for 2014.

We’re also keeping our fingers crossed for our 3rd release! Knock on wood for us. We can’t say anything else at the moment, but if it happens… Believe me when I say you’re all in for something special. Now, before we depart…

1. The BANDS and RELEASES pages have been updated.

2. The GUTS/ANCHORLESS split is almost completely sold out! We maybe have 10 copies left. Crazy to think that our first physical release is just about out of print.

3. We’ll have a limited number of TIEFIGHTERI Could Tell The World” CDs in stock on our store very soon. Thanks for nothing, Torque Records!

4. We’re happy to announce that we’ll be shipping all future CD/cassette/vinyl orders via USPS Media Mail. This means big savings on shipping costs for you. The only thing that sucks about this is that its restricted by the USPS to music-only shipments; if there’s a shirt/hoodie inside the package, its automatically disqualified. Oh well. Take what you can get, I suppose.

Till next time!


Stripped Down Session: Calmosa “Nick Has a Drinking Problem”

Capítulo VIII- Razão contra Sandice

Mas é agouro antigo da Sandice criar amor às casas alheias, de modo que, apenas senhora de uma, dificilmente lhe farão despejar. É agouro; não se tira daí; há muito que lhe calejou a vergonha. Agora, se advertimos no imenso número de casas que ocupa, umas de vez, outras durante estações calmosas, concluiremos que esta amável peregrina é o terror dos proprietários. No nosso caso, houve quase um distúrbio á porta do meu cérebro, porque a forasteira não queria entregar a casa, e a dona não cedia da intenção de tomar o que era seu. Afinal, a Sandice se contentava com um cantinho no sótão.
- Não, senhora, replicou a Razão, estou cansada de lhe ceder sótãos, cansada e experimentada, o que você quer é passar mansamente do sótão à sala de jantar, daí à de visitas e ao resto.
- Está bem, deixe-me ficar algum tempo mais, estou na pista de um mistério…
-Que mistério?
- De dois, emendou Sandice; o da vida e o da morte; peço-lhe só uns dez minutos.
A Razão pôs-se a rir.
-Hás de ser sempre a mesma coisa…sempre a mesma coisa…sempre a mesma coisa

—  Memórias Póstumas de Brás Cubas, Machado de Assis.

Images: Tiger Lily, Narrowed, Guts, Calmosa January 30, 2013 (house show)

A few rising local bands, thirty or so kids, and Oklahoma City’s Tiger Lily found their way into a small, quiet backyard tucked inside downtown Las Vegas for a midweek punk rock show that was well worth a crisp five dollar bill. Contrary to popular belief, house shows still happen. And they’re awesome. Read More »