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I'm the bad person for spreading hate when I'm just spreading the truth and my experience with them, but eyk is innocent even thought they have said and done some disgusting things and gave a horrible apology for it, k. Pls love yourself

First of all, hi, you’re proving my point right from the start by being unnecessarily defensive and coming at me with “pls love yourself.” I do, actually, so I don’t really need your advice as much as you thought.

Your bad experience bumps heads with my good experience. I’ve received kind emails from them that date back to when I was in high school. I never said they didn’t say anything problematic because they have–the video they did with WongFu bothered me a bit because I don’t appreciate K-pop being teased due to male “femininity.”

However, some of the things you point out are a bit dated, especially with the Hyuna issue.

I’ll address each of your points and give you my own opinion so you can have a little more insight; not everything you believe S&M said/did is actually the message. I’m not going to preach that I’m right, but I’m not going to let you preach that your word is the gospel, either.

Okay so with your post–the first point:

I watched the video more than once, and while it appears that Simon “blamed” Hyuna by saying she could do better, Martina focused a LOT on how she’s being overly sexualized and objectified by pointing out the double standard between Hyuna and JS. You can tell this by the tone of her voice as it changes between sarcastic praise when talking about JS to disappointment and possible irritation when talking about the “sleazy” things Hyuna is forced to do in comparison.

JS was able to be classy and have a good dance routine whereas Hyuna had to crawl around and pelvic thrust all over the place. They make a point to mention this is tacky on the choreographer’s and director’s parts, NOT HYUNA’S. This sexualization of turning Hyuna stripper-like IS NOT OKAY, and that’s why they said it looks cheap because, in their opinions, that’s not what should sell. The claim that Hyuna is taking away from the videos with the way she acts is a criticism on the COMPANY and how they force her to be overly sexual, not Hyuna herself. Personally, I believe Simon made a poor choice of words by saying “Hyuna, you could do better,” because, like they pointed out in the video, that’s not her fault.

EYK got defensive in their tumblr post because, yes, words ARE being taken out of context and misinterpreted, and I’m sure you would react the same way if your words are unfairly questioned (btw I wasn’t even talking about your post–there are MULTIPLE I’ve seen, so your defensive reaction proves my point). Could they have been less accusatory? Of course, but you can’t really hold them accountable for that when you react in the same way, right? That’s hypocritical.

Side note: the links you provided in your first bulletpoint don’t go to the videos you wish to share so I can’t really say much except that Martina–in that K-chart update vid–expressed her own personal opinion about the style she prefers, and how she wishes 4minute doesn’t stray from that style because she likes it. Just HER opinion, not the gospel.

To your second point:

They know Korean. No, they’re not fluent, but they don’t “refuse” to learn Korean. They’ve communicated with various idols in Korean, and you can see it in their interview videos. I find it hard to believe that someone moving to a foreign country would downright refuse to learn the language; you would NOT be able to get by, especially because not every person knows English. Making a generalization like that is poor judgment on the person’s part, and since I have witnessed them speaking a bit of Korean in their videos, I can confidently say they don’t refuse to learn Korean.

And with the whole “making fun of English:” They’re English teachers. Or at least they WERE before they started to focus more on EYK. You can’t tell me that you’ve never had a spelling mistake or heard someone say something wrong grammatically and corrected it. Rating the English, first off, is meant to be a joke. Personally, I find it funny because I know my Korean pronunciation sucks ass, and I can laugh at myself for it, so it doesn’t bother me. However, I also admire the effort idols put in to speaking English. I love when they speak English, regardless of pronunciation. It shows that they’re learning and not everyone can be perfect. The scale, to me (as I’ve seen SHINee’s KMM and have seen growth and failure in their English pronunciation), is more of a judgment on how improved their English is.

In S&M’s case, they’re criticizing the people who penned BTS’s song titles because those words in English are misspelled and not in a “cool” way, and they could easily fall prey to taunting if someone unfamiliar with K-pop is shown the title.

Your third point:

This one I completely disagree with. I wouldn’t watch those videos if I was aware of generalizing. You must not ACTUALLY pay attention to what’s being said. EYK makes a point in their videos, ESPECIALLY the more controversial ones, that they are aware that NOT EVERY KOREAN PERSON FALLS INTO THE STEREOTYPE. They are ASKED to shed light on these controversial things, and find EVIDENCE in the form of websites and asking native Koreans themselves to possibly answer questions. They answer questions as unbiasedly as possible, based off of their own experiences and the experiences of others, but they still can’t say that Korean life is exactly how they say. Not once have they said that their word is EXACTLY how life is in Korea, or they wouldn’t state that they aren’t generalizing. I suggest rewatching their videos and watching the “Single Mothers in Korea” video they did. Powerful stuff.

But to say they have no respect for Korean culture? Really? They grew up in NORTH AMERICA. Do you understand the cultural differences there? Being born and raised in NA is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than moving to SK as an adult. You carry certain values with you, and they should be allowed to carry those values along with respecting the culture. That’s not to say you’re not allowed to disagree with certain aspects of Korean culture while living there, though. I love the respectful aspect of Korean culture, but I dislike the focus on beauty and perfection. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna go preach about how horrible Korea is, and S&M don’t do that, either. So to say that they have no respect for a culture and hold it in a bad light–when they’re trying to shed some light and truth onto fans who are so swayed by variety shows and music videos–isn’t really a good excuse to hate them. They’re asked to give answers, so they try to give them, and if you don’t wanna acknowledge some sort of truth, well I feel sorry for you.

Your fourth point:

Anyone can like hiphop, regardless of where they’re from. If you watch their “Draw my Life” video (or whatever it’s called, I don’t really remember), you’ll know that yes, Simon was heavily into hiphop when he was younger. To take his words seriously in that post is to question yourself, honestly. It’s HIS experience with hiphop and HIS opinion, so why does that bother you so much? RapMon isn’t doing anything to change his image or his name. Just because Simon can’t “bring himself to say his name” doesn’t mean you can’t either. It’s all a matter of opinion. That’s a bit much to hate someone for, is it not?

Your fifth point:

Yeah, S&M asked for donations because fans wanted these two to provide them with more videos. Video-making and editing take up a LOT of time, especially when you’re two grown adults with jobs that take up 8+ hours of the day. Dropping one career for another is NOT easy–you WILL be out on money at some point, and S&M definitely wouldn’t have had enough on their own to create the Studio.

I will admit, that tweet does generalize K-pop fans with the use of the word “kpop fans” instead of “some kpop fans,” but I’ve made the same complaint myself. However, I only made it towards the types of fans EYK mention, and EYK actually do appreciate their fans, and I’ll refer back to the emails I got from them in high school saying that they appreciated my support and were so glad they could make me laugh and help me with wanting to teach in Korea. They even like some of my fb and tumblr posts. They wouldn’t be anywhere without fans, so I don’t think they would do so much to jeopardize that, and if they do in the future, that’s on them.

Your sixth point:

Calling BAP “Bitch Ass Pussies” is, in my opinion, a bit problematic. They cried in their mv a lot, and by Martina calling them pussies, she’s basically saying that they shouldn’t cry because they need to be men. While I disagree with that, I can understand why she would say it because she feels the initial hiphop style she loved the group for was fading. Poor choice of words, no doubt about that, and I’m not defending her on that one, but I understand her reasoning behind saying what she did.

The homophobic jabs aren’t quite homophobic, if you’re talking about the hip-thrusting parody. There were no remarks made about gays. While Simon’s character liked thrusting from the back and getting thrusted towards, Martina’s character was frustrated because he’s doing the choreo wrong, NOT that he’s “being gay.” Martina’s character didn’t act disgusted or repulsed by Simon’s thrusting; she was irritated because she had to keep teaching him to do the dance properly. I can see how it could be interpreted as “homophobic” to someone who didn’t pay attention to body language and tone of voice, but it seemed fairly innocent to me.

Your seventh point:

You didn’t provide evidence for this one so…

I will say that in their most recent apology to fans, they did mention that they block ignorant spammers and people who spew unnecessary hate, which I’m assuming would be something along the lines of “fuck you, you guys suck how dare you say this.” Yeah, I’d block people like that too because it’s rude. They don’t go around saying “fuck you” to the people who don’t agree with them. There might be a sarcastic/smartass remark, but I’ve never seen a profain remark towards someone by EYK, save for the “get your head out of your ass” comment from YEARS AGO.

Would you really wanna see someone in your ask box telling you to fuck off or that you should die and that you’re wrong? I am almost 100% positive you wouldn’t because it’s not right. It’s unpleasant. So no, I don’t blame them for blocking the people who go above and beyond simple constructive criticism and send death threats.

Your eighth point:

Simon mentioned that blackface was wrong in the beginning of the video (the Koreans labeled it “black face” and THAT is the racist part of this video), and he made not one racist comment about the mask, not when he had it on or when it was still in the bag. And if you are talking about the comment of “it’s a black mask but it whitens the skin,” oh my lord: black and white contrast by color. Anyone could tell you that. The opposite of light is dark. There were NO RACIAL CONNOTATIONS.

If you wanna get scientific, a dark mask used for whitening the skin is confusing because dark colors absorb light, and light colors reflect it, so scientifically the mask would be absorbing light to put onto the skin. THAT IS HOW SCIENCE WORKS. It is literally a facial mask meant to clean the skin. I don’t hear people complaining about mud masks; wouldn’t that fall in the same category then? Technically, it would. They are not mocking black people; they didn’t go around pretending to be black nor did they refer to themselves as black. They are using a skin product, and seemed more fascinated by the fact that it was “4D” and looked like an S&M mask rather than looking like a black person.

In their apology, I don’t understand why they made the comment about people hating white people; that was unnecessary and it doesn’t make sense–it definitely hurt their argument. Obviously they aren’t racists or they wouldn’t have freaking moved to Korea nor have an affection for the culture. They’re on the defense; everyone’s on the defense, and it’s absolutely insane and unnecessary.

No one will ever be at peace with them, and you’re an example of that. They could apologize a million times over and that STILL wouldn’t be enough for you because you and the other haters cling onto the past and can’t stand to think that maybe, JUST MAYBE, they’ve changed. There are always people who refuse to change their opinions regardless of the good things these two have done and find fault in everything when there might not even be faults in the first place. Hopefully you can get yourself out of that category to approach things in a more open-minded, civilized, and mature manner instead of preaching that EYK are vile human beings and doing nothing but worsen the situation. You do nothing but prove their and my point by continuing to preach that they’re “homophobes” and “disgusting.”

That being said, truth and hate are VERY different–hate is biased, truth isn’t. I’ve said my piece, and you can agree with it or not, but yeah. Love yourself and have a good day.