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todays edition: sleepy bananya milk!🍼🍌

its very simple, the only tool you will need is a spoon, a cup, and a blender. i have not perfected the recipe yet, but there is only so much banana mylk a kid can drink in the span of two days!


  • 1 banana
  • 1 (more/less, to taste) tbsp of honey
  • ½ cup of water
  • 1 cup of almond mylk ( note: i don’t know how this will taste with cow milk, but feel free to try! )


  1. put all of your ingredients in the blender, and mix until it’s all blended!
  2. feel free to taste, and add more water/honey/milk if you want
  3. pour in your favorite cup, and enjoy !
Return - Part 10 - Jim Kirk

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9

Summary: series following the events of loot– takes place during events of star trek beyond. in this chapter, you play backseat driver.

Warnings: none

A/N: they’re called starships for a reason, captain. my favorite part so far

Though the floor of the Franklin was covered in a thick layer of dust and dirt, you sat against it with your back pressed to the wall dividing the transporter pad from the console. You figured your comfort was more important than concerning yourself with the potential for a filthy uniform.

You rested your head on the wall, your eyes sliding shut for a moment before Scotty asked, “You’re not still angry at me, are you, lassie?”

You opened one eye halfway. “About what?”

“Telling Jim about the artifact— snitchin’ on you, as you called it.”

You craned your sore neck, stretching the skin that was painted purple, red, and yellow wherever Krall had gripped onto you. You looked over Scotty’s features, his forehead creased and his nose bunched over a deep frown.

You sighed and shook your head, answering honestly, “I was never mad about that.”

He pointed his nose down towards you. The confusion over his face was clear. “Really?”

“You did the right thing. I respect you for it— you’re a great Starfleet officer.”

“You’re not pullin’ my leg, are you?”

You snorted. “Scotty, I was only ever angry about you telling Bones that I was refusing medical care for a burn. And even that anger lasted five minutes, tops.” You sighed again. “It’s hard to be angry at a fundamentally good person.”

“Aye,” he replied, staring at the console again. “S’why we all forgave you so easily.”

“I’m not a fundamentally good person, Mr. Scott,” you laughed humorlessly, rolling your eyes as you tipped your nose towards the ship’s ceiling. “I stole that artifact, I lied to all of you, I—”

“So you made a few mistakes,” he shrugged. “You accepted your punishment without protest and have done nothing but help us all since you came aboard. S’quite honorable, eh, Chekov?”

Chekov nodded and leaned over the console to catch your eye. “You make the captain happy, too.”

You scoffed, tipping your nose down again so you could narrow your eyes at the bandage wrapped around your wrist. There was a tingling at the tip of your nose, a stinging in your eyes, and a pinching in your throat as you listened to what they told you. You couldn’t bring yourself to accept it.

“I think your captain might disagree.”

“With the way he’s been looking at you, I beg to differ,” Scotty chuckled. “That’s a man in love, lassie, dinnae let anyone make you think differently.”

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One more thing

With trans Snape week coming up, I know there will probably be some cis people participating and that’s great!

As a transman with my own single experience I obviously don’t speak for every trans person, but I can definitely speak from my own experience+ones from people I’ve known/are friends with and everything I have researched myself (which is quite a bit). So if you want to participate in the week or have any trans HC’s for any character or have your own OC who is trans, but you’re unsure about stuff, I am happy to answer any questions or give helpful advice! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Not A Kid Anymore. (Mingyu Smut)

heeeyy guys, so i know, if you’ve seen my post then you’ll know that this is a re-post. so all my works on my original account will be reposted here. (even though i only got 2 posts lol) so yeah, this is not plagiarized guys, okay? :) okay. ily x i know there are a lot of you who are silent readers mehe 

It’s been 3 years since you’ve last seen the boys. You had to go to the states because of work, originally, you had been a trainee at PLEDIS with the boys, also wanting to debut in the future but you had obviously had found better opportunities as a stylist. You and the boys were quite well known back in the days because of your amazing friendship. You and the boys have been nothing but supportive towards each other, but considering you were older (24) they still had that respect towards you. You’ve been with them long enough to be able to talk informally, but of course, they are just really nice kids, you could say you’ve been with them through thick and thin, but never really lost contact.That was until a year and a half ago, when they finally (after years of training) had their own program, 17 Project. That was when their schedule was too busy, and eventually you lost contact with them. But you didn’t mind at all, you were still able to them on TV.

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。◕‿◕。 I lost count of the number of times yuzu bowed to His and Her Highness; he’s really well-mannered, using the most polite/formal conversational form when talking to them too.

How a Kuroba101 Argument is Usually Structured:

- “Aro/ace people aren’t LGBT” is the same thing as “I hate aro/ace people”.
-If you don’t think aro/ace people are systematically oppressed, you are a bigot. Yes, even you who is systematically oppressed by these aro/ace cishet people.
-You can be gay and ace, but you can’t be straight and ace. Noooo, impossible!
-Him: Ace people are queer.
Us: How?
Him: They are.
- “Show me proof!” *shows him proof* *gets blocked*
-Former MOGAI people explain the dangers of MOGAI and tell about their negative experiences with it. “Oh, so you hate LGBT people/youth?”
-Uses David Jay as an example, even though he’s… literally a cishet ace man who forced a slur and BDSM into the acronym and was proud of it. Also claims David Jay is “bi” even though he doesn’t feel attracted to men. David Jay calls himself bi because he likes girls and “woman-aligned” nonbinary people (read: AFAB nonbinary people, AKA he doesn’t even view them as nonbinary, he just uses them to seem ~queer~). He’s not fucking LGBT. He has no say over us.
-Claims ableism over things that aren’t, in fact, ableist, to make you look worse.
-Doesnt reply to actual arguments and blocks you if you actually make a good point he doesn’t wanna hear.
-Ignores actual LGBT history, unless he can twist it to fit his views.
-If you suggest there being a separate community for aro/ace people because it’d be beneficial for everyone, you’re a bigot, because GOD FORBID AN ACE PERSON WANT THEIR OWN FUCKING COMMUNITY AND NOT LEECH OFF OF THE LGBT COMMUNITY THAT DOESN’T FUCKING PROVIDE FOR THEM.

I just want to say that I really admire those of you that are still hanging on and believing there could be something more to tomorrow and if you are right I will praise you until the end of time lol but I just want to say that in preparation for tomorrow…just in case, we should all be ready for what we’re going to do after. In case Beth is not addressed at all. I know we will all want answers and I think the instinct will be to send frustrated/angry tweets. That’s probably the least likely thing to work. So I think we should come up with a list that we put on an image (I can do it) and we send that to tptb. Very matter of fact, even respectful (meh, as much as these people deserve respect which isn’t much imo). Here are some examples I’ve been thinking of:

  • Why was the theme song played after Beth’s death? (Why no respectful silence such as Tyreese got in the episode that directly followed?)
  • Why was Emily put on Talking Dead with Kirkman and a random comedian she didn’t know rather than actors that would have made her feel comfortable such as Norman and/or Lauren?
  • Why was the ‘bethyl’ reunion teased so much and then when the moment finally came they barely even looked at each other before Beth was given a shocking death?
  • Why did Beth stab Dawn in the shoulder when she was able to shoot walkers in the head with her injured arm?
  • How did Dawn accidentally shoot Beth in the forehead at close range with a gun aimed at her belly?
  • Why wasn’t Beth given a funeral or even a grave marker? It would have taken seconds to show the group standing at a grave marker before moving on. Even a flashback to one (Tyreese could have seen it in his flashbacks). This is a especially hard blow given that Beth was an advocate for remembering the dead/doing something ‘beautiful’ to honor them or remember them (like standing vigil at another grave for Hershel because it said “beloved Father”.)
  • What happened in the three weeks between episode 8 & 9/10? Why didn’t we ever see more of the scenes Tyreese flashed to in which it looked like Daryl, Rick & Glenn were in a hurry, running away from something?
  • Why was Beth given cuts/scars that look almost exactly like the ones Andrea has in the comics?
  • Why tease us with the “New Sheriff in town”? It had seemed to be a foreshadow but ultimately amounted to nothing. 
  • Since Noah died, what was the point of the Grady Hospital arc? Seems to have been a waste of money…
  • Why was at least one of Emily’s convention panels canceled by AMC? (Walker Stalkers stated this). It would have been a perfect way for Beth fans to find closure.
  • Why was the Bring Beth Back petition ignored and never addressed? Why do Beth fans’ concerns seem to be entirely unaddressed and ignored in general?

That’s what I have for the moment…feel free to reblog and add more! But remember keep it professional (or if you can’t at the moment just know that I will edit it before adding it to the main list lol). And then once we’ve gathered enough (and if we need to use it, fingers/everything crossed we don’t) I’ll make a new post with the image to use and the people to tweet. And the plan. Which at this point I’m thinking is just to tweet this everyday? Lol 


@henrylau89: goodmornin / @刘宪华Henry-Lau: 亲爱的 早上好 [trans: my dear, good morning (cr. @Luv_Opera)]


(A drabble is around 100 words, but I love to take at least a thousand to say a thing, and this story is all about what I love. So it’s fifteen times a drabble. Thanks​ itsabeautifuldaytodaytolive, gl211, and anon for requesting numbers 9, 10, 52, and 94.) 

“Dead man, dead man come alive. Come alive on the count of five. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, come alive!”

Zola, Bailey, and Sofia chanted as they bounced on the trampoline that Owen had assembled earlier in the yard.  Amelia wondered what to call this place where she lived now. Technically it was Meredith’s house again. Although it kind of belonged to everyone - and no one. It was the house of a ghost. Amelia had lived with ghosts forever, so this suited her just fine.

Bailey had begged for a trampoline for his birthday, and Meredith consented because Derek would have loved it. Bailey’s memories of his dad had already grown thin. A 3-year-old holds memory in his heart more than his mind anyway. Eventually Bailey and Zola would forget everything about Derek except for the feeling of him. Meredith was doing what she could to keep that feeling alive in them, even if it meant having this monstrosity in the yard. Amelia figured the sight of it would probably make Ellis Grey roll over in her grave, and surely Meredith enjoyed that thought a bit too. So the trampoline would stay for a while. It already looked more at home than Amelia felt here.

She did feel at home with baby Ellis in her arms as she sat on the porch and watched the older children play. She could hear Derek in their laughter, and that felt warm and good. She would probably stay here for a while too.

Owen stood by the trampoline, ready to catch the kids if it collapsed. It seemed sturdy though. Amelia thought about how surgeons’ hands were good at all kinds of things. He must have felt her eyes on him then, because his gaze moved over her and settled. Suddenly she found herself thinking of all the things his hands could do, and she had to look away. Otherwise she wouldn’t be able to think about anything else.

Sofia was lying in the middle of the trampoline now, and Zola and Bailey were bouncing around her. Amelia thought it morbidly fitting that children whose fathers were dead were chanting “Dead man, dead man come alive.” However, she suspected that none of them registered the significance of the words beyond the game they played.

Once they had counted to five, Sofia stood up with her eyes closed, reached out with her arms, and moved around the trampoline searching for the others. Eventually she tagged Zola, and then Zola moved to the middle and lay down to start the game again.

Bailey was not happy about this. “I wanna be Dead Man!”

Zola explained calmly, “Sofia tagged me, so I get to be Dead Man.”

“She tagged you before,” Bailey complained, “It’s not fair!”

“That’s the rule,” Zola said in a voice that sounded a lot like Meredith’s.

In an instant, Bailey bounced toward Zola and sat on top of her. “I’m gonna make you scream MY name, and then it’ll be MY turn!”

Zola did scream, “Get off me!!!” She tried to push him away, but he wouldn’t budge. She refused to say his name.

Owen was surprised by how quickly the mood had shifted from fun to fighting. He climbed through the opening in the net and onto the trampoline, and he lifted Bailey off of his sister. “Okay, big guy, there doesn’t need to be any screaming. Everyone gets a turn.”

Zola shouted again at Bailey, “Don’t you ever do that again!” She stood up and brushed off her clothes.

Bailey’s frustration with his sister dissolved like magic now with Owen here on the trampoline. Fortunately 3-year-olds can be easily distracted.

“Owen should be Dead Man,” Sofia suggested as peacemaker, “He hasn’t had a turn yet.”

Bailey bounced up and down as if that was the greatest idea he’d ever heard, and Zola agreed it would be fair to bend the rules for Owen.

Owen glanced at Amelia again. She wore a smile so big that he could see the dimple in her cheek from where he stood on the trampoline. Her only offer of help was to shrug her shoulders. He’d gotten himself into this, and now she would enjoy watching this game play out.

“Well, I’ve never played this before,” he told them, “Teach me how to play?”

Bailey eagerly grabbed his hand and stepped with him to the middle of the trampoline. “Lie down and close your eyes.”

Sophia added, “After we count to five, you stand up and try to tag someone.

“But no peeking because that’s cheating,” Zola emphasized.

“Okay, I won’t peek,” Owen grinned as he lay down on the trampoline and closed his eyes.

He was so tall that there was very little space for the kids to move in a circle around him. Nonetheless, they bounced and chanted. At some point in the count, Bailey accidently jumped on Owen’s hair and grazed the edge of his scalp.

Owen winced and put his hand to the top of his head, feeling grateful that Bailey hadn’t landed on his face.

Bailey was in a state of horror. He fell to Owen’s side and threw himself on his chest in a hug, causing Owen to wince again.

“I’m sorry I hurted your head,” he cried and buried his face in Owen’s shirt.

Owen wrapped his arms around the little guy. “That’s okay, buddy, I’m all right,”

“But now you have a boo boo,” Bailey pointed to a small scrape on Owen’s forehead right at the hairline. “Can I kiss you? I make it better!”

Without waiting for an answer, Bailey crawled up Owen’s chest and kissed him on the forehead. It was the sweetest thing Owen had ever felt.

“Is it better?” Bailey asked.

“Yes,” Owen humored him, “It’s all better now.”

Bailey put his little arms around Owen’s neck and hugged him again, and Owen melted into the sweetness.

“Can we play Dead Man now?” Zola asked. Her patience with her little brother had reached its limit.

Bailey looked at Owen to see his response. It was Derek’s eyes that Owen saw there. Always ready for fun. Always ready for a beautiful day.

“How about I sit up to play instead of lying down?” Owen suggested, “It will make more room for you three to jump.”

Zola looked wary, “But then you won’t be dead.”

“…But we can pretend,” Sofia offered.

“Okay,” Zola acquiesced, “We’ll just pretend you’re dead. Remember to keep your eyes closed.”

The bouncing and chanting began again, and Amelia watched Owen play with the children. The baby had fallen asleep in her arms, but she didn’t want to take her inside to her crib. She felt at home here in this moment. She felt her future too - if she was brave enough to let it happen.


A few hours later, Owen collapsed on the bed in Amelia’s room. She watched him lying perfectly still with his eyes closed. His face was happy and peaceful. She knew how much he enjoyed spending time with the kids.

“Don’t you ever do that again!” he said.

“What?” she feigned ignorance as she stepped into the closet.

“Leave me lying helpless on a trampoline with three children under the age of 6. It felt like each of them had a dozen little feet and every one of those stepped on me at one point or another.”

“How many rounds of that game did you play after all?” she wondered.

“I lost count after five. I think that’s as high as I can count anymore,” he smiled.

“Are your eyes closed?” Amelia questioned from within the closet.

“Permanently,” he joked.

“Well, keep them closed,” she told him.

“I got plenty of experience with that today,” Owen chuckled, “What is this?”

“A game…” she replied as she approached the bed.

He felt the bed bounce slightly as she sat beside him. “Teach me how to play?” he said.

One by one she unhooked the buttons of his shirt and pants. “Dead man, dead man come alive. Come alive on the count of five. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, come alive.” She slid his zipper down slowly as she finished the chant.

Owen reached out his arms for her, and she wasn’t trying to get away. He felt bare skin when he pulled her down beside him. His hands caressed the length of her body and discovered she was wearing nothing.

“What are the rules of this game?” he asked as he held her with his eyes still closed, “Can I kiss you?”

His lips were so close to hers, and she wanted him to kiss her so badly, but she waited. She rolled on top of him instead.

“Not yet,” she told him, “It’s MY turn… I bet I can make you scream my name.”

“I’ll take that bet,” he said, knowing in the end he would lose it, because her name was his favorite thing to scream. “So if it’s your turn, does that mean I can open my eyes now?”

“Yes,” she answered.

He opened his eyes and looked into hers. In that moment, she was home. She would stay here in his arms for a while.

Maybe forever.