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We are tossing around the idea of making calming/coping/personal care boxes that will be painted boxes filled with stim toys, stuffed animal, and various other coping tools. Wondering if you can throw out to your followers to respond or message us with stuff they would find helpful in a box. The idea is to make this portable enough to throw in a bag while providing multiple self care and coping tools in a neat package.

That is a wonderful idea! 

Followers, please chime in (by replying to/reblogging this post or contacting lilrabbitssong) if you have any suggestions!


The Thing That Kept Him Safe

Pairings/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers

Warnings: TWS Bucky, Violence, blood

Summary: No one knew how they used to control The Winter Soldier back in the day but Steve thinks he has finally found it.

Word Count: 2613

A/N: I missed writing so I finished this and I hope it’s alrightttt! Thank you for being patient as fuck while I’m on my hiatus and HOLY FUCK THANK YOU FOR 700+ READERS!!!!!! Thank you so much to @stevette60​ for requesting this awesome fic!

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serge/buzz - they/them


morning serenity - a visual poem.

I just seriously identify with HR in this moment.

Like, there’s just been a SUDDEN INFERNO, which is a little bit anxiety-generating.

And then he’s reaching back for his drumsticks, which are his usual calming/focusing tool. 

And he suddenly gets SOMETHING unexpectedly thrust at him (like, just put the thing down, Barry?) and it’s like “what I have to look after this now?”

“By force of will”

For a blog called despair-sovereign, it lacks a bit of Dark Sovereign!

I tried to get some mastery token on Syndra recently, but all my games ended very bad…. it feels damn weird to ruin one of your mains like this.

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Since vampires have a common association with bats, I like to imagine Vampire!Ishi is also gifted with the ability to shapeshift at will into a bat, (took a lot of studying, but hard work always gives reward!). So his ability acts either as an emergency backup if UV rays are exposed to him or just as a tool to calm down WereMondo whenever he's in wolf form, (he screeches at mondo and just gets him cowering in the corner)

I wasn’t gonna give vampires the ability to do that, BUT it’s cute so HERE WE GO

it’s not very effective

Care Kit

I’ve seen many posts on how to make a care kit, so I made my own! 1. Get a box or bag. What type? - Backpacks - Tupperware bins or containers - shoe box - coffee container - Pencil holder - Hat box - Egg crate - purse - ANY bag or container. I got two, a big one for at home, and a small one for travel.

  1. Decorate it! My box already had a pattern on it, so I didn’t want to decorate it, but you can if you want! With what?

    • Pins
    • Glitter
    • Paint
    • Ribbons
    • Clips
    • Duct Tape
    • Sharpies
    • Stickers
    • Patches
  2. Fill it with happy things to use when you feel sad! Like what?

    • Coloring books or page (easily found using google.)
    • Crayons
    • movies
    • Candy
    • Comics
    • Tea
    • Books
    • Crafts
    • Cheap MP3 player with relaxing music on it
    • stickers
    • Stuffed animals
    • Fuzzy blankets or socks
    • candles
    • Notebooks
    • Pictures
    • Heating pads or Microwaveable warmers.
    • Spa stuff
    • Good scented lotions or soap
    • Favorite non-perishable snacks
    • Sensory Objects
    • Fidget toys (See my post on fidget toys:
  • Anything that makes you happy!!


Hold me... Just a little longer (reunion) *-*

I know, I know…. This part was supposed to go up yesterday, but a nasty, little writer’s block was like: Nuh-uh, I don’t think so, Honey -.- But it’s here now, and better than it was before!

Also known as: What if Bellamy and Clarke reunited, while he was still locked up by Kane?

Bellamy and Clarke: Hold me… Just a little longer.

“Finn? Don’t tell me he’s-“ Mentally begging that it would ease the constant pain that ruled every muscle of her body, Clarke breathed in deep, inhaling fresh air for the first time in numerous days - The soft drizzle would have had a calming effect, if she was not forced to wait on a reply, which already created a knot of worry in her chest.

Could you ever imagine losing the one person in the world, who understood everything and did not have to question the occasional feeling of powerlessness? Someone, that believed in you even during the bad days? The one, you would go through hell with, only because it was so sure that they would fight the flames with you? Bellamy was and would always be that person to her.

“He’s not dead, Clarke. Just arrested.” The look in Abby’s eyes was almost sympathetic, keeping eye contact with her daughter, a hand on her forearm to stop her from going anywhere, however at those words, Clarke pulled away, both confused and angry, the emotions rising as she narrowed her eyes.

Like that was any better…

“I have to talk to him.” That was actually not another lie, yet she had told too many in the recent days, and was tired of it. Therefore, Bellamy had to know, what was going on. He had to know about their people.

“Sorry, Honey, but Marcus would never allow it.” Was she kidding? Really? Her co-leader had been alive all of this time, and when she finally got here, she was not allowed to see him. Maybe that guy could call himself the new Chancellor, but he would never deserve to be called a good person.

Not enjoying it, Clarke signed, using another method: “Mom, if you really love me, then you get Kane to bring me in there. Now!” There were so many things to say, the words trembling in her throat already.

She was going to see Bellamy, no matter what it proved to take.


Walking in the halls of the main ship, now on the ground, accompanied by three guards, Kane and her nervous mother, Clarke wanted to use the echoing sound of her own footsteps as a calming-tool, but the stubborn glances from Marcus were somehow disturbing, making her heart beat even faster, almost hurting like everything else.

They suddenly stopped in front of a metal door, not situated in The Skybox, which would have made way more sense.

Just thinking that he was on the other side of that door, caused relief to replace some of the sadness in her veins, and of course, Kane grabbed her elbow, analyzing the look in her eyes, as if he hoped to find at least a bit of fear in there, among the angry thunderstorm.

“Be careful. That boy is-“ It disgusted The Warrior Princess enough to cut him off rudely, shaking off his hand:

“Don’t you dare speak one more word about Bellamy. You know absolutely nothing about him!” Then, she used some of those re-found leadership-skills to order a guard to open the doors.

However before doing so, she had a last question for the chancellor: “Does he know that we’re alive?” And when Kane shook his head, glancing at Abby for moral support, Clarke could not be surprised.

The doors moved apart, revealing a somewhat dark room, where wires ruined from the crash hang down from the ceiling, and broken pieces of glass were scattered on the floor.

Laying eyes on him, time seemed to freeze, her heart briefly stopping in her chest: Bellamy was standing in the middle of the room, a stolen gun in his hand, but he lowered it to point downward as soon as their eyes met; two broken gazes finding each other, and when he almost immediately recognized the blue in hers, his lips parted to whisper in disbelief; “Clarke.” That drove her to take a slow step forward, arms slightly lifted; never once breaking their eye contact.

“I surrender.” She said, now standing in front of him, taking the weapon from his shaking hand, their fingers touching in a way that created a new form of electricity, just for a second, but they felt it.

Not caring as Bellamy swung his strong arms around her in a secure embrace, Clarke dropped the gun to the floor, and he spun her around, her legs unintentionally wrapping around him. Yet, he felt so much relief that he did not care either.

She touched his face, briefly; it was half-covered in dry blood that made her remember the fact that he could have been dead, and staring into her eyes once more, all other words he pictured to say, lost all their importance.

“You’re okay, Clarke.” Why did she have to remember at those words? Why couldn’t she just forget everything for longer than a minute?

“Our people, Bellamy. They’re in danger.” Putting her down, he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. What got him locked up in here for good was that they went searching for them, among The Grounders, which turned out to be extremely hopeless.

“Where were you?”

Failing to keep her voice steady, tears of frustration roaming in it, Clarke replied: “Mount Weather. After the battle, The Mountain Men took us, it was too good to be true there; fresh food, new clothes, even medical attention, but they put stuff in our food, which I didn’t eat. Bellamy, I came alone. They refused to follow me here.” While saying that, she did not draw breath, shaking uncontrollably from the pressure, but Bellamy seemed to know that she just wanted it all out, asking her to go on.

“We don’t have much time. A few days before escaping, I discovered what kind of experiments, they are currently running on the remaining Grounders, who they also took, and even though I don’t know much, I do know that it will be our people next. None of them would listen to me, I tried - I tried so hard, but I can’t do it alone.” Sobbing the last words into Bellamy’s shoulder, Clarke began to relax, knowing that he of all people, would understand the struggle, which was also, why she was not as embarrassed as she maybe should have been.

“We’ll figure it out. That’s what we always do, Princess.” He murmured, speaking against her golden hair.

Ignoring all of the looks glued to her back, Clarke buried her nose a tiny bit more in the fabric of Bellamy’s jacket, knowing that they soon had to fight again, since that was what they always did, too. This moment, she wanted to last… Just a little longer. 

Characters: Mastermind, Diabolic Esper, Lunatic Psyker (Implied LP/DiE)

Word Count: 845

Notes: Based off of an Anon request. MM thinks it’s fine to treat DiE as nothing more than a test subject for his own purposes. LP has other thoughts on the matter.

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