Hey guys! I know that we’re all super stressed about the election, so I wanted to direct you to a couple things that might help in the next few days!

My happy tag, which is mostly cute animals

Weavesilk, which is a very calming website where you can draw nice designs (there’s also an app!)

Inspirograph, which is a website where you can play around with an online spirograph

Neonflames, which is a website where you can draw your own galaxies

Line3d, which is a website where you just travel along a 3D line into a yellow void

Trntbl, which is a website where you can enter any tumblr’s url and listen to all the audio posts they’ve ever reblogged

Rainymood, where you can listen to the rain (note: this will have thunder)

SimplyNoise, where you can listen to white noise

Sanger, where you can watch a cute pug lick your screen

The Thoughts Room, where you can vent and watch the words falls away

Look At Something, where you can move your mouse to change the weather (this will also have thunder)

Feel free to add your own calming websites/websites that make you happy! Everyone could use a little stress relief right now.


                                  Hot Choclety Milk Spell

                                 For comfort and calmness.


  • Your favourite hot chocolate
  • Your favourite mug  
  • Milk/Milk substitute
  • Peppermint
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Vanilla 
  • Blankets, pillows, anything comforting
  • Soft music
  • Intent


  1. Build yourself a warm nest of blankets, pillows, and the like. 
  2. Turn on music that calms you. 
  3. Prepare the hot chocolate like you normally would.
  4. Add in the other ingredients and your own calming intent, stirring clockwise and putting soothing energy into it.
  5. As you’re stirring, repeat these words:  “Calm the waves, soothe the fear, let all be comforting here” until you feel it’s ready.
  6. When you’re done, nestle yourself into the blankets, listen to the music, and just breathe. 
✨Positive vibes✨

The election sucks so here’s some things to remember:

-Music still exists

-Dogs will always be there for you

-Cat sneezes. Just. Cat sneezes.

-The sun will say hello and the stars will still say goodnight

-You can still purchase binders, packers, silicone breast, etc. regardless if Trump is president or not

-Winter is coming


-On Cesar 911, there was a big tough German Shepherd who was afraid of water and now loves it

-Too Cute is a show, watch it

-Pillow pets are a thing, buy one

-Trees are great and still here so go hug one


-animal videos


-Tea can calm you

-Talking and being around people you love can destress your breasts

-cows have best friends

-my 5 foot tall, 50 something year old drama teacher did the whip at a pep rally last year and dabbed in class (it was great)


-dogs dream about pleasing us because it makes them happy

-baby hedgehogs are called “hoglets”

Hope that was enough happy jazz to at least make you feel happy for a second🌌