Hey Guys :) This may only take a moment, but it could be exactly what you need.

Hey everyone ! Our names are Jemma and Loren and this is our brand new tumblr advice blog. We are 2 young girlies wanting to help everyone with anything they might need some assistance with. We have had a fair few dramatic experiences ourselves and have found comfort in other advice blogs so we have decided to return the favour.  Honestly, do not be afraid to ask us anything at all, we are here to help with even the littlest of queries. We obviously made this tumblr to help, so dont think that your issues are any trouble on our part, we’d love to talk to all of you and hopefully even get to know a few of you ! Anyone that could give as a hand getting our name out there so we could reach a few more people would be incredible and we would actually be forever and eternally grateful !

hi ok so combining my post to get in the pixies grouptwerk and the pitch perfect network

i would love to get into these networks because i love all of your blogs so much! also i just switched to this blog type and i want to get into networks with the same type! i also love to make new friends and talk to people! and ofc i want to gain followers :)

A little bit about me, well I love One Direction and i ship Larry, i also love Ed, Cher Lloyd, and Nicki Minaj. I am obsessed with movies especially 80’s movies like the Breakfast Club, thats my fave lol. I also love to take pictures, i have a photo blog just for that :)

Pitch Perfect Network- I am freakin obsessed with the movie and it would be so cool to be in the network

Pixies Grouptwerk- Your blogs are so amazing and you seem like such nice and funny people and ily and also if i got in, could i be the sun pixie? hehe