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             far off on the horizon, the enterprise burns, her crew dead, or scattered. nyota had gotten to a lifeboat, but the rope had snapped and she had plummeted to the surface of the startling calm, blue ocean before anyone else could be rescued. she’d rowed a certain way away, and promptly lay back in her boat, tired and sore. there’s no sign of land, even as the tide carries her away from the wreck of her sunken ship. she was no navigator, and thus she only has a vague idea of where she is. land is far away; that much she’s sure of. she sheds her coat, and uses it to rest her head on, her eyes closing as she succumbs to sleep.

You Are The Universe

Mother Universe didn’t spare any expense on you.
She scooped the calming blue of ocean,
Poured it into your eyes like a potion.
Took away some rays of the sun,
Placed it in your hair for fun.
Gathered an array of colors from the sunset,
Sewed them as your skin as a safe bet.
Stole some stars from the sky,
Giving you that smile that makes my heart cry.