calm yourself boys

“A brake” (otherwise known as shameless Gorillaz slash poem thing because I’m weird)

Where’s my vodka?
Third kitchen cupboard from the right,
Behind the peanut butter jar,
The one with a huge wasp mummified inside.

Oh, 2D, you’re just in time.
What’s with that face, boy? Where’s your smile?
Never mind, we’ve got bigger fish to fry.
I was about to commit a wonderful crime.
I’m feeling generous, I’ll let you in on it.
You’re my partner now, go on, take a seat.
We will kill this bottle of vodka, you and me.
Take the loot then dispose of the body!
Must be careful though, so we won’t get caught!

“Murdoc, we need to talk.”

Now didn’t I just specifically told you to lighten up or what?
You never listen to what I say, now do you, you twat?
And what ever happened to you calling me “Mudzie”?
I know I complained about you giving me diabetes.
But still, a moderate amount of sugar never hurts anybody.
Why now, are you using sweets supplement, 2D?

“Alright, shoot.”

“I can’t keep doing this with you.”

Can’t? What? I hope you’re not talking about making music.
This band is everything people could ever dream of, don’t be so thick.
It’s fine, if you don’t want to binge with me for days in a roll.
It’ll save us the much needed money, you know.
And I’ll finally be able to get your car a new brake since the old one’s a bust.
Wouldn’t you like that? Oh, clever boy, but why the rush?
We don’t need to cut down on our drinks, we can just wait until Christmas.
Santa will give you a brake for some vodka-flavored biscuits.
Why not milk and cookies, you may ask,
Because your Santa is green, and he doesn’t like being fat.

“Doing what?”

“Murdoc, let’s face the fact….
I’ve been thinking a lot and….”

There it is, the synthesized sweetness again.
Seriously if I’m willing to pour you MY precious vodka,
The least you can do is give me some sugar.
I never liked that sugar of yours, but it’s common courtesy!
Give and receive, don’t forget to say please.
Besides what do you have other than sugar and that pretty face?
Ah, I get it, not until you get that brake.

“Since when do you think? And you haven’t answered my last question”
And since when do we have serious conversations?

“This relationship is going nowhere.”
Relationship? There are many kinds of those.
So we aren’t drinking buddies anymore, see if I care.
Just because you decided you want that brake…
Very well then, but we are still band mates,
A pair of lunatics, thrown together by fate.

“What relationship?”
And for the love of peace,
Where is my sugar?
“Please, I need you to be sober!”

“Here me out!”

Calm yourself, boy, no need to shout.
I’m just distracted by the movement of your painfully ugly mouth.
So would you mind repeating the last six words aloud?
“I am, I just don’t know what this is all about.”

“You know very well what I’m getting at…”

Yes, a brake. No need to get mad.

“A break! For peace’s sake! A break up!”
There you go again, making storms in teacups.
All because of a brake, I can’t believe my luck.
“Well don’t just bloody stare at me like that, Mudz.”

Close, you’re close kid, repeat after me,
M-U-D-Z-I-E. See? It’s really easy!

“Good heavens! You’re impossible to read!
Even now I doubt you’re not high on weed!”

Well excuse you, I’m perfectly sober.
Want my response? Then give me some sugar.

“This is exactly why I can’t…..
I’m the only one who’s trying!
The only one who gives a damn!”

For the record, captain smarty pants,
I took a look at your car yesterday, but I didn’t rant.
Oh, I see why you’re being so hard.
Murdoc, you’re an engineering genius, you can fix anything if you want.
I may be good, but I can’t do anything without a suitable new part.
Just like I would have died if it hadn’t been for your heart.
I stole it, and that’s exactly how I’m gonna get that brake.
I was going to grab one from that shop down the street when it gets late.
My only problem though, is the sales clerk.
That is one meticulous and careful jerk.

“I’m still waiting for a reaction, or something at all…
It bloody feels like I’m talking to a wall.”

Would you mind shutting up for a minute so I can properly think,
How to get you your brake, satisfy your mechanical kink.
Sure as hell, I’m not gonna pay.
Be grateful and hush while I find a way.

“Yeah, nothing, that’s what I thought.
We’re done here, Murdoc, what a waste of effort.”

Sit the fuck down, relax, have a salad.
Be patient, you brat, as we don’t have enough cash.
Give me a day or two, I’ll get you the brake.
Steal the damn thing, do whatever it takes.

“I love you a lot, Murdoc.
But you don’t feel the same!
I’m nothing to you.
This is just your game!”

I’m sorry, I must have dosed off..
I only got the first six words,
Others, I forgot.

“You’re a lost cause…
I won’t be fighting for you anymore!”
And with that something stirred in my core.

Memories, call it that if you will.
Our last night in Jamaica. On this odd looking little hill.
We were lying there, shirtless, and wasted.
Then you fed me something I’ve never tasted.
Sugar, that sugar of yours,
Sugar, your sugar for the first time.
You’re a liar, you know, just like I am.
Cos you promised me we would be partners in crime,
Till hell freezes over and one of us dies.

“Ok then, seems you have made up your mind.”
From now on, my dear, you won’t have to try.

“That’s it?”
Yes, you sodding git.

“What more can I say?”
Seems to me you just want that brake.
No sugar for me. If that’s how you wanna play,
You’re not getting any of my vodka today.

“Take me or leave me.”
And call me Mudzie.

“Let’s just go back to being best mates.”
I lost you to that damn brake.

“Why the hell not, that’s just dandy.”

Liars, both of us.
Or is it just me?

“I can’t say this is what we want, but it’s what we need.
We’re killing each other, you and I know it.”

The sugar never came. Odds are it never will.
Oh goodie, my health risks just got lowered!
A few more years to live and to feel.
Not what I want either, but according to you, what I need,
And for once in my life, I’m taking your word for it.

“Thank you, Murdoc.”

I appreciate the sweet talk. But it won’t be enough.
You owe me a lot more, don’t you, sweet stuff?

For saving your life, two times over.
For Gorillaz and endless painkillers.
For my….ehem…..friendship and Smirnoff.
For not killing you every time you piss me off.
For shooting the zombies that would be the death of you.
For all the other little things that you thought I didn’t do.
For sharing my luxurious alcohol and my humble bed.
For feeling something other than the urge to hit you across the head.
For going back against everything that is me and all I’ll ever be.
For inexplicably loving you, 2D.

There, I said it. And in such a poetic manner.
Boy if only you could read my mind like you can with your letters.
Thank god you can’t and never will, though.
You’d find out that I’m actually thanking god, and that you have my soul.

“By the way, Murdoc,”

No more sugar, what a shock!

“I had my brake fixed this morning,
You don’t have to steal anything.”

Well well well what a pleasant surprise…
Maybe you can somehow read my mind.
Yet you have failed to see through my lies.
Because you don’t know how I’m dying inside.


And with that you left.
Out of the kitchen, no regrets.
Probably testing out your fixed car.
With brand new brakes, I bet you’d go far.

But still.

I hope you crash into a lamppost!
I hope you blow your tires along the coast!
We might have had something special together.
But you’re still the one I hate the most.
So run along, I wish you the worst,
While I file these papers like a civilized desk clerk.


Yes, 2D, paperwork.
I’ve had my subscription to club Stu expired,
Let’s see what I could take with me now that I’m finally retired.
If I had a penny for every I-love-you, I would have 66, not bad.
If I had a penny for every sober I-love-you, I would have just over 3 a tad.
If I had a penny for every time I made you smile, I’d have quite plenty.
If I had a penny for every time I made you cry, I’d have too many.
If I had a penny for every time I apologized to your face, I’d have nothing at all.
If I had a penny for every time I apologized in my head, I’d have everything, make a killing in total.

But apparently, not enough to keep you, Stu.
Because you have cancelled your subscription at club Niccals, too.
No more free access to the Niccals suite or the Niccals limo,
No more I-will-at-least-try-to-refrain-myself-from-hurting-you as far as I know,
No more I-will-not-call-you-names-when-we-are-alone, that too, has got to go.
No more Murdoc Niccals for you!
You will get your refunds though, and they include:
One figurative heart on a figurative tray,
The literal heart is non refundable I’m afraid.
And take back your six kisses a day,
Your blood and your tears, your hugs and my beers.
Our one hundred and twenty three fucks a year.
That night in Jamaica.

The new brake for your car.

aroacehogwarts does #AAWFC 2015
(Asexual Awareness Week Fandom Challenge)

Day 1: Post about a canonically ace spectrum character.

Coming at ya from your Ravenclaw Mod, a fic about everyone’s favorite canonically aroace character, Charlie Weasley! Enjoy.

Bubblegum Defence, a one shot

“Weasley! Have a moment to chat?”

Charlie paused at the door of the Gryffindor locker rooms and attempted to stifle a sigh. He worried the noise that did escape would be interpreted as a “yes.” And, unfortunately, it was.

His teammate Brown clapped him on the shoulder.

“Excellent flying out there today, Weasley! Though that’s no surprise. Everyone knows you’re the best seeker Gryffindor’s had in decades–”

“What do you want, Brown?” Charlie didn’t mean to be rude, but Sterling Brown always had ulterior motives. He never spoke to Charlie otherwise. (Tonks was convinced it was because Brown thought his talents were being squandered as a chaser and he wanted to replace Charlie as seeker.)

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anonymous asked:

Can you do one with the hosts having superpowers? Can you also give them a superhero name? :??

Tamaki: Mind control.  You always discarded it by telling yourself that he was really persuasive, thinking back to it, probably also because of him. You discovered the truth during a dark night, after going out with your friends. Distracted and tired, you took a shortcut through an alley, about 3 in the morning. A man came out of the shadows and got you from behind, a knife in his hand right under your chin. And then he came. Things got kinda weird from that point. He was wearing a disguise, but you could still notice it was him. You didn’t need to see the face of your aggressor to know that your ‘What the hell???” reaction was exactly the same. On the other hand, you dressed-up boyfriend didn’t notice, too immersed in his fantasy.

“Your Majesty orders you to let her go and throw the knife.” He said with a calm voice. ‘This is the end. He has finally gone mad and with the worst timing ever!’ you thought, hopeless. To your surprise, the man behind you actually did so, without ever letting go Tamaki’s stare. “Now go to the police and give yourself in.” he told the man once you were safe. 

“W-What?! No way! WHAT ARE YOU?” The man freaked out, getting out of his zombie-like state.

“I order you to go to the police and give yourself in.” He corrected himself, impatient. As the man returned to being a zombie and walked away, you realized that the word order might be the one that makes the click in people’s mind and that Tamaki might as well always forget about it. 

“So, how can I thank you?” You asked him in a Hollywood-like matter, actually grateful that he got the man away from you and not wanting to ruin his fantasy.

“You don’t need to thank me, it’s just my job!” He told you, looking like a proud puppy to then walk away. You controlled a giggle.

“Who are you?” You asked him before he left, wanting him to sound cool so that he could be happy for the rest of the week.

“I’m YOUR MAJESTY!” Tamaki shouted proudly to then completely leave the scene. You couldn’t hold back your laughter anymore.

Kyoya: Telepathy. “We have to get you a super hero name!” You insisted for the tenth time.

“No we don’t.” He cut you for the tenth time. He didn’t want to fight the crime and didn’t want a cool superhero name, you wondered what was wrong with him, but then you remembered the dark truth: He’s Kyoya. “They already call me the shadow king at the host club, what else do you want?” 

“But it’s not related to your power!” You insisted. It took you a while to realize that he had one, always discarding it as if he just knew everything, but a stupid mistake had shown the truth. 

You two had been together reading. Correction: He was reading, you were just thinking in a way to indirectly tell him to take you out on a date. ‘Oh god is it too much to ask to just go out with my boyfriend more often?’ you thought while pretending to read.

“You could just ask me out instead, you know? It’s not like I’m going to refuse…” He answered your thought. You just sat there, eyes wide open in surprise. You were sure that you hadn’t said that aloud and you hadn’t told anyone about it. “What, too shocking of an answer?” He joked to continue reading.

“Kyoya?” You said quite annoyed by his question.

“Yes?” He didn’t even raise his eyes from the book.

“I didn’t say anything out loud.” 10 seconds of silence, followed by a small laugh from his side of the table.

“Oh, darling, don’t you know that I-”

“I literally just started thinking about it.” You cut him off. Silence. “Do you have telekinesis,” you started in a whisper, making him put down the book, “AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME?! IMAGINE HOW MUCH WE COULD PRANK THE TWINS!” He was now the one surprised by your sudden response, but out of the nowhere he started laughing.

“Leave it to you to not be freaked out by this…” He said, mostly to himself, but it still made you laugh.

Flash forward to the name conversation, you were now by your 12th attempt. 

“How about Shadow Reader?” He said, trying to shut you up. You loved it.

Hikaru: Teleportation. He ruined the secret for a prank, but at least it was a good one. He had teleported everywhere near you during the day, leaving as soon as you noticed him, making you feel like you finally had gone crazy. It was actually an idea with Kaoru’s collaboration, who had to lie about him being the one helping Hikaru be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. By the end of the day you were legit scared and wouldn’t answer his calls, so he just decided to appear in your room. Screw it. 

“So, just to get this straight,” you started at the end of the day, after he told you the truth and you calmed down (not calming yourself down of your boy friend’s super power, but the idea that you had maybe gone mad), “you can teleport?”


“And you know this for a while now?” 


“And only Kaoru knew?”


“And you didn’t tell me because you thought that I’d freak out?”


“And that’s the reason you haven’t taken me to the Bahamas yet?”



“What are you waiting for?” 

“I’m waiting for you to give me the coolest superhero name ever.”

He finished up being the Orange Jumper.

Kaoru: Flight. It wasn’t difficult to know that something was off with him. I mean, one day you walked in your room to find him in a corner of your roof. You didn’t need to be Einstein.

“Oh, you’re back early…” He told you, still in your roof’s corner.

“Forgot my phone.” You managed to answer in your shock. It wasn’t an everyday thing to find out that your boyfriend has super powers.

“Oh, I see.”

“Yeah,” You said as you approached your desk to grab it, “could you, I don’t know, get off my roof please? I feel like this is one of the we-have-to-talk-about-this things.”

“Okay!” He said, getting down of it to stand in front of view. Well, at least you though he was standing, when you looked down you noticed he was actually 5 cm over the floor.

“So, for how long you have this?” You asked awkwardly.

“Sometime between 6 months and a year.” He asked not giving much importance to it.

“I see.” Was your only answer, as your brain was having a thousand thoughts per second.

“Are you mad?” Kaoru asked you kinda worried and nervous. He was adorable when he got like that.

“No! I mean, I’m not as mad as I should be, considering that you never took me flying anywhere… Giving a second thought to it, how dare you?! You knew I always wanted to fly! Such a rude and insensitive boyfriend I have!” He stood there for some seconds, not too many but enough to make you regret your answer. Almost. After the longest 5 seconds ever, he cracked up and started laughing.

“Oh God, I actually thought you were mad right there! You should really consider starting a drama career you know; maybe you could win an Oscar, just like Leonardo Di Caprio!” He told you laughing, which made you laugh too.

“So, what’s going to be your super cool super hero name?”

“How about the Ginger Bird? You know, so people get confused when going ‘Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No! Well… kinda…’”

He ended up being the Annoying Ginger Bird


Mori: Super strenght. He picked up a truck. A TRUCK. That’s how you found out. You had always thought that he was strong thanks to the training, apparently you were wrong.

“I go to training so I can use my strength in a more effective way,” he explained, “to gain a technique and not just be throwing random punches.” It made sense, you had to admit.

“So, what are you going to do with it?” You asked him. “With your power, I mean.”

“Am I supposed to do anything special with it?” Mori questioned back confused. Awkward silence. Your relationship was full of them, but this one was especially awkward, for some reason.

“I don’t know.” Was all you could say that wasn’t lame. A tiny part of you actually expected him to become a superhero or something (Truth be told, that “tiny” part was actually pretty big), but you couldn’t just tell him that.

You two kinda dropped the subject there, not having anything left to say. Days passed and you started noticing how much things he had to do with his strength. You also noticed how much stuff Tamaki and the twins asked him to lift, of course they knew about it and they used it to their advantage. You weren’t mad or anything, it was just kind of a let-down for you, as you thought that having a boyfriend with a superpower would be more exciting. Also, the fact that the club got to know this before you did bothered you at first, but you couldn’t be mad at him for telling them first, as he spends so many hours with that group.

A week passed and you two were watching The Avengers, not because of the power thingy, just because you watched that movie and loved it (admit it, 90% of the reason why you loved it was Loki).

“We haven’t talked much about the power thing.” Your boyfriend said out of the blue. “It’s unusual for you to let something this important just slide, are you mad or something?”

“Nah.” It was the truth, your little jealousy about the host club knowing this first was now gone and it didn’t really matter, he was still the same guy in the end. You would have expanded a little bit more in your answer, telling him all this (which you actually did later) if the movie wasn’t playing. Some time of the movie passed, silence between you two.

“The day I showed you the power,” he told you again, “you didn’t seem to excited. I know you love superheroes, so what’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” You felt kinda embarrassed about your excitement of that day, that’s why you didn’t tell him. More silence.

“You wanted to make a super hero name for me, didn’t you?”

“Nailed it.” You said, swallowing both your pride and popcorns.

“Any suggestions?” Plenty, actually, but you chose your favorite.
“ How about, The Lifter?” You said acting like you had just thought about it and that you hadn’t been thinking about so many cool names. He laughed at it and put his arm around you.

“The Lifter is just perfect.” You two then proceeded to finish watching the movie for the 150th time.

Honey: Super fast. “Didn’t you just finish eating a cake?” You asked him.

“Yup.” He said cheerfully, starting a new one.

“…Then where did you take that one from?”

“The usual shop.” The usual shop was a mile away.

“I literally just turned for a second.”

“I know.

“Okay then.” Was all you could think of saying before leaving the room, you closed the door behind you and started walking.

“Are you mad Y/N-chan?” Honey asked, right behind of you, startling you and making you quickly put a distance between both of you. ‘WHAT THE HELL?!’ Was all you could think.

“How come you are so fast all of a sudden?” You asked him, trying not to sound as surprised as you actually were. He smiled his cheerful smile before answering; by this point in your relationship you knew that he smiled like that so that you wouldn’t get angry at him. You couldn’t really see what you could be so angry at, maybe he just realized he had this ability, or maybe it was just a dream. You hoped for the latter.

“Oh no,” He started, “I didn’t get so fast all of a sudden, I’ve been this fast for ages!” Okay that was something to get angry at.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME BEFORE?!” You shouted, making him back of quickly, he could be a martial arts master, but you sure as hell were scary when you got mad. You couldn’t believe he didn’t tell you before, didn’t he trust you? How many people knew this? Also, how was he using his powers? You showered him in this kind of questions, making him get dizzy with just trying to keep up with them.

“I do trust you! That’s why I showed you, because I didn’t want to hold any secrets!” He shouted even louder than you, making you shut up a little. You had to admit he was off to a good start in the answers. “I got a hold of this a couple years ago and I’ve been mainly using it for eating cake… Also, only you, Mori and the guy that sales cakes in the usual store know.”

“The cake-selling guy got to know before me?”

“He also got to know before Takeshi…” You don’t know why you were surprised, you were dating the guy that preferred cake before his own brother, this was the least to expect.

“…anything more you want to tell me?” You said, your anger fading away.\

“The cake-selling guy, Jim, he calls me Speedy Mitsukuni.” It took you some time to realize that Jim was making a reference to Speedy Gonzlaes.

Haruhi: Invisibility. You would have been mad at her for not telling you she had such a power if you hadn’t found out while she was attempting to escape from The Host Club, whose twins open a giant bag of flour, making her power useless. She turned visible again and coughed before complaining. Maybe it was the disappointment in her eyes for failing to flee, or maybe it was how ridiculous the whole situation was, but it cracked you up to the point you were crying of laughter, making your presence obvious to everyone in the room.

It took you some time to calm down, and every second that passed worried Haruhi a little bit more of your reaction to the fact that she could just disappear to the human eye, she was also worried you may ask what she had been doing with her power.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You asked her once you could speak again while she got the flour out of her body. It didn’t really surprise you that Haruhi didn’t tell you something, but you still wanted to know.

“I didn’t think of it as such a big deal…” She answered standing up and helping you stand up too.

“Well, it is.” You told her, not knowing what to say anymore. “Hey, don’t look so gloomy! It’s okay, I’m not angry.” That made her smile and you were thankful of that. “Umm, Haruhi? Why don’t your clothes disappear when you do?” You asked her so that she could keep on talking; you loved to hear the sound of her voice.

“I have the ability to turn invisible, doesn’t that seem strange enough to you? Don’t question the powers!” She joked making both of you laugh, she then made a little movement with her hand “Hey, come here for a second.” She whispered, not wanting the host club to hear from the other side of the room. You did as she said and Haruhi grabbed your hand, catching you off-guard as she isn’t a whole lot into PDA and when you were about to mention it, you saw her eyes change colors to lighter ones. “Don’t let go of my hand and don’t worry about the volume, they can’t hear us.” Startled as you were, you obeyed and when you were about to ask her about her eyes you discovered in the mirror that was behind her that where you two should be there was only air now, well, at least it seemed like it.

“Whoa.” Was all you could say.

“I know, right? By the way, are my eyes gray too?” She asked you laughing at your reaction and apparently discovering the change in her eyes.

“Yeah… You are so awesome; I’ve got to add this to the list of things I love you for!” You said, kissing her forehead, until the she still looked kinda worried about your reaction, so you were happy when you heard her true laugh. “I’ve got to make a nickname for you with this.” You told her, thinking of something that had to do with Harry Potter’s invisible cloak.

“How about HaruCloak?” She asked, kinda lame, but it sounded funny.

“Didn’t know you could read minds too!” You joked.

“Nah, that’s Kyoya’s thing.”

anonymous asked:

Headcanons of how the RFA kisses MC please! like where do they put their hands on?? do they prefer it at a more private place or anywhere is okay? would they love quick kisses or deep kiss and stuff like that! Thank you ♡

Oooooh I’m excited for this one! I love writing kissing stuff I’m a sucker for fluff~

~ ✨ Mod Honey✨


  • soft and gentle
  • terrified he’s gonna screw up
  • bruh chill
  • pda is a no-go at first like hooty hoo he gets embarassed thinking other people are watching might bust a nut tbh he’s so excitable
  • hands are probably on your arms somewhere (shoulders/hands/whatever is deemed the least awkward place at the moment)
  • sticks to cheek/forehead for the most part
  • but when he kisses you on the mouth
  • you just melt like a sugar cube in a fresh mug of tea
  • it’s not super long or deep but it’s not a quick peck either
  • when he’s not stressing himself out over it he’s perfect like holy shit boy caN KISS DAMN WHERE U LEARN THESE SKILLS


  • once this boi kisses u that’s it ur never kissing another being ever again sorry mom
  • likes to gaze into your eyes before kissing you
  • enjoys watching you squirm when he holds your gaze for too long
  • wraps you in his arms and pulls you close every single time
  • except if he’s in a hurry then he’ll just grab your hand and plant a quick messy one right on the kisser (lol)
  • smug fucker winks as he runs off to go do whatever
  • basically a tease
  • but he loves you
  • not super big on pda but will kiss ur hand like the prince he is at every. possible. opportunity


  • also not big on pda
  • y’all are so reserved omg live a little be adventurous kiss on the god damn subway ffs somethinG
  • likes holding your hands, lacing your fingers together
  • gentle and sweet
  • also meduim length kisses she gets embarassed if u kiss her too much or for too long bless her
  • always tastes like coffee tbh u know u love it
  • secretly likes it when you’re out on dates and you kiss her in public
  • blushes super hard
  • likes to steal kisses from u
  • stealing kisses and hearts left and right


  • one arm around your waist, the other cradling your head
  • if someone’s bothering u he does The Thing where he slings an arm over ur shoulders and gives you a firm deep kiss
  • shitty kissing selfies
  • likes running his fingers over your lips after a kiss
  • multiple kisses in a row a lot of the time tbh
  • always a deep passionate kiss go big or go the fUCK home


  • he will kiss you anywhere and everywhere (in regards to both physical location and places on ur body)
  • grabs onto whatever he can reach
  • kinda sloppy a lot of the time
  • constantly wiping bits of slobber off yourself how tf is there dried spit beHIND ME EAR SEVEN WHAT
  • he’s a big goofball most of the time ur not gonna get a long, serious kiss unless he’s super tired, ur upset or tired, or you’re doin’ the do
  • he’d do a spiderman kiss and nearly break his neck in the process
  • “but you’re totally worth it MC~”
  • cute nose kisses are his fave tbh don’t tell anyone shhhh

anonymous asked:

Please talk to me about Jackim cause I am feeling very Jackim right now

omg I feel like being asked to talk sexy but okay. (I can’t talk sexy btw)

I’ve been rewatching XS and I’ve gotta say Claykim is so strong I’m surprised there aren’t more shippers in the fandom. There’s just so much subtle interaction between those two, so much physical interaction and closeness it’s really cute.

but I’m here to talk about Jackim so let’s talk about Jackim.

I’m not really good at talking so have bunch of captions.

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B Y U N . B A E K H Y U N . P L S






JOGIN AT 00:48, 00:51 - 00:52 DEAR LORD.




Jack Gilinsky - The Dream

(Requested by anon)

Today is the big day. Today is the day you finally go to magcon, the day your dream comes true. You’ve literally been waiting forever for this day. You’re in line for the meet and greet. You see the boys up ahead and your heart beats faster than ever before. You inhale a deep breath, calming yourself.

The boys you’re about to meet are the boys that brighten your day when it’s been horrible. They’re the ones who make you smile when you cry. They’re the ones who you love more than your heart can ever endure.

You smile to yourself. You stand on your tippy toes, trying to look over the tall fans in line before you. You were struggling but you could see one head though, Jack G’s. You catch his attention by default as you almost fall over. You see him laugh but carry on when another fan approached him.

“Oh my god,” you say to your best friend, “I think I caught Jack G’s attention.”

“What?” she says, “really?”

“Yeah, well I think. I like fell and he laughed while looking my direction but that could be anyone.”

“Oh my, oh my fuck” she says making you laugh. Slowly, you get closer and closer. With each minute passing, the butterflies in your stomach get more frantic. Finally, it was your turn. You took your time with each of the boys, saying hello and taking your pictures.

When you get to Jack G, he hugs you longer than the other boys and when he let go he says, “hey, you were the one on your tippy toes but fell while in line.”

“Oh my god,” you blush, “you actually saw that?”

“Yep and it was pretty funny” he says.

You take your picture with him and gave him your twitter username before saying your last goodbye. He embraced you with another hug, this time a little tighter. He watched as you left before saying hello to another fan.

You and your best friend stay back at the venue afterwards, hoping that maybe you’ll see the boys when they’re on their way out. Your phone buzzes. You pick it up, reading what it was on the lock screen.

“Oh my god,” you say, almost choking on your chocolate bar, “Jack freaking Gilinsky DMed me!”

“Fuck, breathe” she says, reaching her head over to see your screen.

The anticipation was unbearable as your incredibly slow 3G loaded the messages.

‘Cute messages ;) I was just wondering if you’re still around and maybe want to come inside and hang out with us for a bit before we head out’ it read.

“Cute messages?” you ask yourself before scrolling up your DMs to the embarrassing pick up lines and photos you sent above, thinking he’s never see them. “Oh my god no, what the fuck made me want to send those?” you ask yourself as your best friend bursts into a fit of laughter.

You type back to him saying ‘Yes, I’m still around and that sounds great! :)’ trying to sound sane, unlike the messages above.

A worker of the venue opens the door saying, “is [Y/N] here?”

“Yep, that’s me” you say, walking over.

“Ok, come inside” she says. She closes the door behind your best friend and you before walking off.

“Hey [Y/N] and her lovely friend” Jack G says. Your best friend almost choked at the sight of him.

“Jack! Make it quick, we gotta go!” you hear Aaron say from somewhere.

“Ok, hold on!” Jack replies. “Hey” he repeats.

“Hey” you smile as he took his phone out of his pocket and held it in his hand.

“Ok, you’re probably wondering why I called you in here and I probably seem kinda creepy but I don’t know how to say this. Umm, I guess today when I saw you, you know tripping over and all” he teases, you softly hitting his arm, “it kinda brightened my day. I don’t know, it’s corny and I probably sound like I’m the top ten results after searching ‘corny pick up lines’ on google but you caught my eye and during the time I was waiting till it was your turn, I was thinking about you and how amazing you seem. So when it was finally your turn, I heard you laugh and I just thought ‘wow, I’d do anything to hear that over and over again’ because it is the most amazing melody. So umm, oh my god, I’m so bad at this but I was just wondering if I could like get your number and we could text and stuff, get to know each other?” he asks, awkwardly.

You giggle, “yes, of course you can” you say, typing it onto his phone after he unlocks it for you.

“Thank you gorgeous,” he says, “I hope to see you again some time.”

“No problem” you smile as he returned the gesture.

“HURRY UP!” Taylor shouts.

“OK IM COMING” Jack answers. “So umm, I have to go and I’m so sorry. I really wish I could stay longer and talk but I can’t. I’ll text you tonight, I promise. Bye.”

“It’s ok, I understand and alright. I promise I’ll be ready to reply.” you say as he hugs you. “Bye.”

“Bye” he says to your best friend.

“See ya” she says back before he turns and walks away. You watched as he did so, turning back and giving you smile before running out of the room. You smile at yourself and blush. “Oh my god” your best friend says. You giggle, looking down at your feet. “That was amazing! What if he texts? And you date him? Then I’ll be best friends with Jack Gilinsky’s girlfriend. Oh my god!”

“Shut up” you say, unable to hold in the smile and pushing her over jokingly. You both leave the venue and go home and surely that night, Jack texted you.


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hey guys i know today has been one of the most stressful, if not THE most stressful day ever in the fandom, but we’re okay. the boys are okay. that’s the most important thing right now. let’s give ourselves, and them, some breathing room and take a break. go do something to distract yourselves. i know we’re all dying to do something but there’s not much we can do at the moment except show our support and love. i’m sure they’ll talk about it at some point but let’s just be grateful everyone is okay and our boys are still with us. xo

Something New

Characters - Dean x Reader

Word Count - 843

Project Runner - @bloodysideofhell

Prompt - (Tuesday, May 3rd) Lust - “I want you to taste how wet you make me.”

Warnings - NSFW, Heavy petting (kinda), Drinking, Implied smut

A/N - Yes, ik I’m late. I’m sorry! I’m the worst. I stopped before things got steamy, it just felt right so..sorry loves. This one had no beta. Loosely inspired by Something New by Zendaya.

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“Are you sure your girls are going to be okay with the guys?” Your best friend looked as you with a skeptical look on her face.

“Oh, I’m sure.” you replied with a laugh, “If anything, the Winchester’s should be the ones afraid.”

It’d been nearly an hour since you left your ballet classes in the hands of the brothers and you regretted nothing as you sipped on your latte. In all honesty, it was Dean’s fault for opening his mouth in the first place; claiming that ballet wasn’t a sport and teaching it couldn’t be all that hard. You chuckled at the torture your rambunctious group of young girls must’ve been putting him through at the moment.

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Escaping Neverland (Peter Pan//OUAT)

Warning: Random spur of the moment at 2:35 in the morning!

“I want to go home!” You screamed, collasping in the sand of the deserted beach after running from a group of boys. Panicking as you started at the never ending sea in front of you, trying to get enough courage to at least attempt to swim.

You didn’t know how you got on this island, the last thing you remembered was the argument that you and your mother had before you woke up surrounded by boys. You took off before getting any answers, fearing staying with them would be worse than what was in the forrest. You slowly started walking into the tides that hit the sand, knowing you wouldn’t make it far but you couldn’t stay here. You were kidnapped and somehow smuggled away from your family…Unless they were dead.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” A british accent said from behind you as you were almost compeletely submerged in the salty water, turning to face the concern looking boy. “There’s no escaping this island, not without Pan’s permission, trust me I’ve tried.”

“Where am I, who is Pan?” You rushed, keeping your head above water, still fearing the boy in the cloak. “Is he the one who kidnapped me?”

“You’re in Neverland-”

“As in Peter Pan? That’s not possible, I am alive!” You panicked, thinking of what your father told you about Peter Pan as a child.

“Of course you’re still alive, why would you assume he’d kill you?” the boy asked, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

“That’s the story, Peter Pan takes you to heaven.” You replied, spitting the water that made it’s way in your mouth out.

“That’s far from the truth, darling.” He smirked. “I have camp set up, you should join me, the woods are frightening after sundown.” he walked to the edge of the beach with his hand out as you walked closer to him, feeling a false sense of trust. You took his hand and let him guide you through the forrest, rubbing your arm in attempt to keep youself warm and to calm yourself. “Those boys, there were boys chasing me, do they work for the person that took me, this Pan guy?” You asked as he stopped, turned to you before taking his cloak off and putting it around you.

“No, they work for me.” he answered, causing you to feel the same panic as before. “I’m Peter, the Pan guy.” he finished, moving a piece of wet hair from your face.

“Get away from me!” You pushed him back before running again.

“But darling, I just want to play a game!” You heard his voice coming from everywhere as the sun disappeared. You stopped running after awhile, figuring you were far from Peter as you slid down a tree to catch your breath. Sleep came to you soon after, despite your tries to stay alert.

You woke in a warm hammock, jolting up to see Pan leaning against the tree, playing a flute as he stared at you and the boys danced around the fire. You couldn’t hear what he was playing but you didn’t care. The sky was just starting to light up again as Pan put the flute down and made his way towards you. You were frozen in fear, wanting nothing more than to run but you feared it’d be a waste of your time.

“What do you want from me?” Your voice quivered as tears built up in your eyes.

“Your hand.” he spoke softly.

“What?” You breathed.

“Queen of Neverland.” he replied.

“I don’t want to be, you’re a monster!” You exclaimed as hot tears fell from your cheeks.

“Here’s the catch,” he paused, ignoring your comment. “You’ll stay a week and by the end, you’ll love me and if not, you can go back home.”

“I’ll never love you.”

“Accept the game.” he demanded, making you jump.

“I accept, a week isn’t enough time for anyone to fall in love, especially not with a monster like you.” You muttered the last part but he heard it.

“Time passes differently here and… you’re so sure I’m a monster?”

“You kidnapped me!” You shouted.

“You asked for an escape and I gave it!” he shouted back. “A week to decide.” he stated, softer before walking away, leaving you to watch the Lost Boys dance.


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Luke imagine

You couldn’t believe it. Positive. Luke had just left for tour 2 weeks ago and wouldn’t be back for another month and a half. You called your mom and asked if you could go over to her house to talk. Once you got there she told you to just go to the doctors and if you really are pregnant then tell Luke. You made an appointment for the next day. -call from ‘Lukee 😘’- you sighed and answered. “Hey Luke!” You said trying to sound not stressed. “Hey beautiful, how are you?” “Good,” you lied. “And yourself?” You asked taking a seat to calm yourself. “Great! The boys want me to get another tattoo… I’m fine with it but I can’t find any room! I’m thinking my shoulder blades. What do you think?” You smiled at the though of Luke asking you for help. You also really loved all of his tattoos. And his lip, nose, and eyebrow rings didn’t help. But then you thought.. 'What about the baby?’ 'What if him being punk is a bad influence?’ “Babe? Are you still there?” He broke your thought. “Yeah I’m here.. Maybe you shouldn’t get anymore tattoos.” You suggested. “Y/N, is everything okay? You seem a bit off.” Shit! “No I’m fine.” “Are you sure? You know you can tell me anything.” You sighed. You just couldn’t tell him. Not yet. “I know I can. But nothing is wrong. We can talk about it after tomorrow.” Silence. Nothing. “Luke?” “Yeah baby I’m here. I’m just worried about you. I want you to come fly here. I already asked management and they said all the other girls are coming this weekend. Will you come?!” You thought. 'What if he dumps me?’ “Yeah I’ll go..” “Yes!! Okay I’ll go book you a flight. I love you, y/n, forever and always.” You smiled. “I love you too. Bye.” You hung up, Thinking, how am I going to tell him?

-part 2????