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Zodiac Advice for the Heart in 2017

Aries: Take time to get to know them before you open up, Make sure they are worth your time and your heart- protect yourself a little better.

Taurus: Life is long and Life is hard. Swallow that famous Taurean pride and spend it with the one you love, stop complicating it with overthinking.

Gemini: Patience has never been your strength- but take a deep breath and just wait. They’ll realise what you already know.

Cancer: Your gut instinct is as always right, bite your tongue until your house is in order and then challenge them about the secret. It might not be what you think.

Leo: This is the year you’ll meet your match, you’ll know when you do because they’ll be the only person in the room louder than you.

Virgo: You need to calm your heart and stop expecting your relationship to be as perfect as it is ‘supposed’ to be. No relationship is and what you have is pretty damn close, just enjoy it.

Libra: This will make you uncomfortable but this is the time you need to be alone. Not isolation, but take a break from everything your juggling and focus on who you are for a while.

Scorpio: Listen to that intuition, it’s not wrong. Focus your attention to your family and your love, you always knew that most couldn’t be trusted and they are just stirring the pot.

Sagittarius: You need no advice. If you haven’t met them yet, you’re about to and you know better than anyone how to please your lover. What a wonderful year you have ahead!

Capricorn: It’s been bubbling for a while and if you were waiting for a sign this is it. Cut away those distractions and focus on your love, they need you right now but have not wanted to ask for fear of distracting you from your goals.

Aquarius: Pay close attention to your inner circle- your love is there but it’s not the one you think. Look for real connections and not superficial ones based on lust and common interests.

Pisces: A beautiful soul, you give too much of yourself to those who do not deserve it. Unusually, like the Libra give yourself some time alone to work out what you want from your life- not what others would have for you.

Beginning astral travel (1/3)

Everyone has their own methods, but I thought beginners would be interested in trying to use mine. 

Five steps to begin your journey

Step 1:

Relax. Calm your breath, calm your heart, calm your thoughts. You don’t need to have a blank mind, you just need to have the same mental activity as if you were bored during a long car travel. You know when you start to see what you imagine in flashes? When you read a book and see the scene? Like that.

Step 2:

Now take a random image in your mind. Can you keep it in front of your eyes? How long does it stay? How well do you remember it? Once you feel like you can keep the image and play with it as if you were playing a VR game, you can go on. 

Step 3:

⍟ I need you to visualize the easiest way for you to enter the astral plane. My favorite way is to imagine a door with many details and to implant my intention in it by imagining words/sigils etc being engraved in it. Doesn’t have to be specific, or to be an intention at all. Then, I open it and there is a world in front of me (see next step). 

OR there are also other ways. I also like to take a music and use it to build my environment, or to imagine my palm being pressed against the bark of a tree/wall. I’ve heard people imagining walking through mirrors, jumping in a hole, and even using pop culture items like the Star Gate or a Tardis. It’s your mind, you do what you want with it. 

Step 4:

⍟ Once you have the “world” in front of you, I want you to focus on your other senses. You don’t have to, you can use your eyes only, but you’ll have more troubles maintaining your concentration. Focus on whichever sense feels dominant other than your sight. For me, it’s touch, thus I focus on how my astral body feels. Is the weather warm? Is the ground grass or marble?  

For other people, it can be hearing or scenting etc. Some might even have a dominant sense that is not sight! Usually, the sense that manifests the more in your dreams is your dominant one. Raise your awareness sense after sense, in the other that feels more natural. 

Step 5:

⍟ Once you feel your new world, you can begin to explore it! You might want to visualize a barrier/ward and to draw sigils for protection and invisibility on your astral (and physical) body before you do, just to be sure.

I will cover how to build your own astral “house” (which can be used as a mental palace, a meditation area, a temple, a resort area etc) and what dangers you can encounter in there, how to protect yourself, and what you can do in a general way in parts 2 and 3.

Have fun!

to do list (after the breakup):

1. take refuge in your bed.
2. cry. till the tears stop (this will take a few days).
3. don’t listen to slow songs
4. delete their number from your phone even though it is memorized on your finger tips.
5. don’t look at old photos.
6. find the closest ice cream shop and treat yourself to two scoops of mint chocolate chip. the mint will calm your heart. you deserve the chocolate.
7. buy new bed sheets.
8. collect all the gifts, t-shirts, and everything with their smell on it and drop it off at a donation center.
9. plan a trip
10. perfect the art of smiling and nodding when someone bring their name up in a conversation.
11. start a new project
12. whatever you do. do not call.
13. do not beg for what does not want to stay.
14. stop crying at some point.
15. allow yourself to feel foolish for believing. you could’ve built the rest of your life in someone else’s stomach
16. breathe

—  rupi kaur ( milk and honey )
Away Games: Part Three. [Smut]

A/N; Hello lovelies! I am so sorry it took me so long to get to this! I reaaaaally liked this chapter and don’t hate Isaac too much ;)  Enjoy xoxo

Pairing: ScottMccallxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune


Word count: 6,413

Listen to me.

[Part one.]  [Part two.]

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Obliviate || Tom Riddle

Pairing: Tom Riddle x Reader


You ran down the corridor, throwing cautious looks over your shoulder every few steps. He was close, you could feel it. You pushed yourself harder, trying to reach the secret passage. Your feet thumped loudly as you ran, your heart beating in pace with each foot fall.  You almost made it, just a few feet away when he caught you.

“Gotcha,” he whispered into your ear, pulling your back flush against his front. A chill ran down your spine as you tried to calm your breathing, heart beating erratically.

“What do you want?” You gasped out as his hand trailed down your side, sliding the fabric of your shirt up to rub his thumb against the skin of your lower back.

“You,” he growled, pressing his lips against the underside of your jaw, nipping lightly.

“Tom,” you moaned softly, leaning into his touch. His hand ran across your side, his fingers slipping into the waist band of your skirt. “Not here.”

“No? What a shame,” he purred, pulling his hand away, much to your disappointment. He turned you to face him, smirking down at you.

“I just don’t want to get caught,” you huffed, wrapping your arms around his neck with a small pout. “Doesn’t mean I don’t want to do anything, I just think it would be safer in a dorm.”

“When have you ever been one for doing things the safe way Y/N?” He taunted, brushing his knuckles across your cheek bone. 

“Is that a challenge?” Your back was pressed against the wall the minute the words left your mouth, his hands gripping your hips tightly.

“What if it is?” He smiled against your skin, his lips brushing your throat with each word. You bit your lip in an attempt to control yourself, your hands fisting the back of his robe.

“Just shut up and fuck me already,” you demanded,  pulling his head back so that you were looking into his eyes. He gave you a satisfied smirk, his fingers swiftly undoing the buttons of your blouse.

You leaned back against the wall, resting your head on his shoulder as you tried to catch your breath. Your legs were still wrapped around his waist, his hands gripping your thighs tightly. He let you down gently, giving you a small smile as he fixed his tie. You readjusted your skirt, rolling your eyes playfully at him. 

“See, we didn’t even get caught,” he chuckled, playing with the end of your tie, his body pressed against yours once more.

“Mister Riddle, Miss Y/L/N, what are you two doing out in the corridors during class?” Dumbledore spoke from behind Tom, your eyes widening comically as he just rolled his eyes in annoyance.

“Free period Sir,” he lied smoothly, turning to face the Professor.

“Yes well, please clear the corridor,” Dumbledore sighed, a feeling of relief washing over you. If he had just been a few minutes earlier. You shuddered at the thought.

“Of course, come along Y/N,” Tom nodded, taking your hand in his. He pulled you along behind him, leading you directly to the secret passageway. He stepped behind the tapestry, his demeanor instantly changing.

“That man is always in my way,” he seethed, his eyes dark as he shook with anger. “First the chambers, now this.”

“The chambers?” You questioned, squinting into the darkness in an attempt to see his facial features. It was dead silent for a long time, his hand never once leaving yours, though it didn’t have the same comforting feeling as before.

“You will forget what you heard, do you understand me?” His voice was low, menacing. It terrified you.

“Tom, you’re scaring me,” you spoke softly, taking a hesitant step away from him. His grip on your hand tightened, sending another wave of fear through you.

“You have no reason to be scared,” he assured, letting out a deep sigh. “Tell no one of the chambers, I don’t want to have to hurt you.”

“Are you the one who has been killing the muggle borns?” You asked hesitantly, your need to know overpowering your fear.

“Y/N, you’re pushing it,” he snapped, letting go of your hand abruptly. You pulled it into your chest, rubbing the irritated skin gently. You watched him pace in front of you, your fear slowly melting away.

“You are, I knew that it was you,” you laughed emotionlessly, staring dangerously at the man before you. “I didn’t want to believe it, but how could it not be?”

“I don’t want to have to kill you, I’ll just obliviate you,” he murmured to himself, running a hand through his hair as he continued pacing.

“You’re kidding me? Do you seriously think you can just obliviate me and everything will be fine,” you scoffed, shaking your head in disbelief. You froze in fear as he stopped pacing, his cold eyes snapping up to meet yours.

“Do you not understand that I can’t live without you?” He snapped, taking a step towards you. “If that means we have to start all over, and I have to make you fall in love with me again then I’ll do it.”

You took a shuddering breath, your (y/e/c) eyes watering slightly. He terrified you, but made you feel loved at the same time. After three years together, you never thought it would end like this. You took a shaky step forward, placing your hand on his jaw. You brushed a stray tear away with your thumb, looking at him with sad eyes.

“I love you, but I can’t be with you knowing what you’ve done,” you apologized, choking back a small sob as you spoke.

“Obliviate,” he whispered reluctantly, his face torn.

“Tom come here!” You called happily, standing on the dock of the black lake. You shot a look over your shoulder at your boyfriend, a bright smile on your face as he walked up. He wrapped his arms around your waist, smiling down at you softly.

“What is it my love?” He chuckled, tilting his head slightly.

“I saw the giant squid! It was on the surface just a minute ago,” you rushed, turning from him to scan the waters for any sign of the creature.

“We see him all the time in the common room,” he laughed, shaking his head at your innocence.

“It’s not the same!” You protested, taking his hand that rested on your stomach in your hand.

“I love you,” he whispered against the crown of your head, your heart beat picking up.

“You what?” You breathed out, turning to stare up at him. The two of you had only been dating a few months, and neither had said the L word yet.

“I love you, I’ve been in love with you since third year,” he smiled sadly, the reasoning unknown to you.

“I don’t know if this is love yet, but I really like you Tom,” you promised, hoping your words didn’t hurt him.

“That’s okay, hopefully you will come to love me one day,” he shrugged, pulling you into his chest gently. He rested his head atop your head, your ear pressed to the area above his heart. “Just know, my heart will always beat for you.”

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Pieces of Me & You

It has been a while,
The heart is tired,
And eyes are sore.
Left a trail of pieces of you,
There I was,
Picking them up,
Trying to find you.
I dreamt of faceless
Silhouettes, I wish
To find and touch.
You’re like a memory
Deepy ingrained
In my head,
An event that has yet to happen.
And I did.
I have your pieces,
My dear Valentine.
I have them in my hands
bleeding for you.
I wish to hug you,
And calm your restless heart.
You are an untold masterpiece,
A shooting star,
The morning dew,
and the air I breathe.
A constellation of contradictions
and a puzzle waiting to be solved.
My dear Valentine,
Please be patient.
The heart has been used and abused
and one can only endure for so long.
It has been filled with doubt,
Questions with no answers,
And answers we don’t want to hear.
My lovely,
I give you pieces of me,
To remind you, you’re not alone.
It may not mend what has been broken,
But enough to keep believing.
Do not despair, my sweet
For you day will come.
When loneliness has faded,
And you no longer feel torn.
Until then, I give you pieces of me
To fill the beautiful you.

To my secret valentine teacup13  Happy Valentines Day!


Imagine being a gifted child and Erik taking you under his wing.

You hid your face in your knees, trying to calm your racing heart. You choked back a sob, tears escaping your eyes even as you squeezed them shut. You hadn’t mean to do it. It had been an accident.

A hand reached out to you and you shuffled back in your hiding spot, hunching your shoulders to make yourself look smaller.

“It’s alright,” an accented voice soothed and you felt your lower lip tremble. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“I didn’t mean to,” you whimpered, trying to wipe the bloodstains from your hands. The tears came faster and you hid your face again, shoulders trembling. You hadn’t meant to hurt anyone. It had just happened.

“I know, it’s alright. We’re here to help. My name is Erik. This is Charles. Can you tell me your name?”

You did, wiping at your cheeks with the back of your hand. You peered up at Erik with wide, tear-filled eyes, “Am I in trouble?”

Erik glanced briefly to Charles before turning back to you. “No. We’re going to take you somewhere safe, [f/n].”

You sniffled and held out your arms. Erik hesitated for a moment before picking you up. Your arms snaked around his neck as you buried your face in his shoulder. He rubbed your back, your small body quivering against him. “It’s going to be alright. I promise.”

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Hey, you

Have you had any water lately? Like a big glass. Eaten? Leftover Halloween candy doesn’t count. Like actual food-food. Doesn’t matter if it’s fast food or a TV Dinner. What about sleep? I know a lot of you were up really really late last night. Maybe take a nap, or even put your head down and rest for five minutes. Make plans to go to bed early. Take a nice, long hot shower too. Go for a walk outside. Close your eyes and breathe deep. Breathe in through your nose, hold, out through your mouth. Repeat until your heart calms down. Take your medication if you forgot to. Don’t worry, I’ll be here till you get back.

Welcome back.

Feeling more human?


Listen. I know you’re scared. The future is dark, scary and uncertain. Everything feels rotten inside-out. Hate, fear and ignorance is bubbling up through the cracks and threatening to engulf us. But I also know that we’re going to make it out the other side. Not without difficulty, not without injury, but we’ll make it through. Why am I so certain?

Because we have you.

You’re wonderful, you’re beautiful, you’re strong and you do great things. You love and are loved, you are willing to protect and fight for everything that you hold dear. And because we have you we all have something even greater: Us.

Together we can get through this. We can help those who need to be protected, love those who are threatened with hate, care for the hurt and stand for what’s right. No matter what happens we will make it through to the other side hand-in-hand. Your Big Sis Amber knows it.

Now go get that glass of water.