calm moment

No no no but imagine because Diana is immortal
so fast forward a couple thousand years and Diana is like a space revolutionary or something and Kirk sees a small group of renegades fighting against an oppressive government and is like ok we need to help and dives in all Rescuing Hero and then they’re all fighting and BOOM THERE’S DIANA and she turns to Kirk and is just like  and Kirk is just like ??? Because HE DOESN’T RECOGNIZE HER and she introduces herself to him in a moment of calm in the fighting because she hopes so badly that he will remember that something in there will remember snow and swords and Irish singing and he just nods at her and something in her breaks but she turns back and keeps fighting because she’s fucking wonder woman and Kirk’s head is hurting because there’s something prodding him deep inside his brain but he pushes it aside and keeps fighting and he’s watching Diana block lasers and throw alien tanks and his head is just KILLING him and then there’s the moment of truth- they have a chance- and Kirk turns to this utterly familiar stranger and says
We need more time
and an expression of complete horror crosses her face and she shakes her head and says not again- not ever again- and she turns and jumps.
And Kirk watches her drive through the tower, delivering the final blow, but it’s Steve who watches her land, who runs to her unfolding herself from the crouch, rubble falling around her and he remembers the snow and a woman who knew what she had to do but wanted to save everyone on the way and he reaches her and she catches his eye and sees the change and before she can say anything he grabs her hand and sees a watch that’s not ticking.
It’s ok, he says, we can save the world together this time.


you’ve worked hard lee daehwi. congratulations

@hitoritabi: just adding a note that Daehwi NEVER talked about his parents or his father passing away in the entire show, he never used his backstory for votes and even today, his story was only revealed after voting closed. he wishes to be judged by his own merit and he was.

he is the first center and A class. he never dropped out of top 11 even when he had massive controversies forced on him. in every evaluation, even when he is at the edge, he worked hard and did his best and got praises from trainers and trainees alike. he always smiled and received any place he got with calmness.

but this moment, seeing his mom walk through the door, all his defenses was let down. and he is just a child.

I hope today treated you well. I hope, even through out the day’s setbacks, you remain strong and ready to work, laugh, and love even harder tomorrow.

Keep fighting, little fighter. You’ve got this.

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Since bitty is (I think?) the first openly gay player in the NHL in the fics, what about other players hitting on him when they play the schooners, or even better, during the all star game when jack is right there?

The game so far has been nothing memorable, just another pre-season exhibition against Edmonton that neither team really want to give their all because why risk anything before the season even starts?

“Bittle,” Burig, a second line Oilers winger, flags Eric down at the end of the second period, with a look of grim determination that gives Eric the sense he’s about to be sucker-punched.


“You, uh,” Burig hesitates, gnawing on his mouthguard and twisting his stick in his hands while he comes up with whatever he wants to say. He huffs and looks around for any teammates that might be watching the exchange, finding the rest of his line distracted, he leans in close. “You doing anything after the game?”

Eric blinks. “What?” 

“Just,” Burig shrugs, face flushing pink, “wanted to see if you’d like to grab a drink or something.”

“Oh. Oh!” Someone from the bench yells his name and Eric is faced with a dilemma he knows he can’t resolve in the next 15 seconds. “Wait for me after the game, we can talk.”

Burig nods tightly, beet red, and skates back to his own bench.

Just another thing for Eric to think about while coach yells at him for missing an unnecessary pep talk.


Burig is waiting for Eric when he leaves the locker room, hair still damp and his suit slightly rumpled like he’d thrown it on in a rush, which makes Eric feel worse for some reason.

“Hey,” he perks up when he sees Eric, sliding his phone into his gear bag. “You wanted to talk?” He sounds so earnest it hurts and Eric motions to a meeting room just off the hallway.

“It’ll be a bit more private in here.”

Eric doesn’t waste time when the doors close, Burig isn’t the first player to approach him and he certainly won’t be the last.

“You’re very sweet, but I have a boyfriend.”

“Fuckin’ knew it,” Burig curses, shouldering his duffel bag. “No way someone as hot as you is single. Worth a shot, right?”

“Were you looking for a hook-up or?”

“No, not like that, I just kinda,” he hesitates like he’s afraid of saying too much.

“Safe space,” Eric waves his arms to indicate the empty room. “Be honest.”

“I’m tired of Grindr and puckbunnies and bar hookups, you know? I want something real.”

Eric immediately runs through a list in his mind of the few single players he’s met in similarly awkward situations. “You play in Vancouver next week, right?”

Burig’s eyes go wide and Eric holds up a warning finger. “Hold your horses. I may have a friend in a similar situation, but it’ll be on his terms if he wants to reach out. Give me your number, and I’ll pass it along if he wants to meet. Okay? No promises.”


“You want to tell me why we’re watching Vancouver slaughter Edmonton when we could be doing literally anything else?” Jack bemoans from the couch, poking and prodding at Eric to distract him.

“I’m invested, alright? You plant seeds, you watch ‘em grow.”

The clock runs out on the second period and Eric keeps his eyes trained on Vancouver’s goalie, Crivier, who waves Burig over in a moment of calm. The two talk, barely visible over the shoulder of a commentator, but moments later Burig skates away with a very prominent smile on face. 

“And boom goes the dynamite,” Eric whispers, grabbing the remote to switch over to the new season of House of Cards.

“You playing matchmaker again, Bits?” Jack laughs, pressing himself against Eric’s side and nuzzling at his neck.

“You know how much competition you’d have if I didn’t set up all the guys that hit on me with each other?” Eric breathes, sliding his fingers through Jack’s hair. “I could have a harem.”

Jack groans and squeezes Eric tightly. “I’ll fight everyone,” he murmurs, “even the guys I like.” 

Your Night of Gratitude.

Tonight is a beautiful night, isn’t it. 

Why, you ask?

Because we are still alive and able to experience another beautiful day tomorrow. 

Because we may fall asleep in peace, knowing that we are surrounded by people who love us. 

Because we are given another chance to chase after our wildest dreams, and make the world a better place. 

Before you rest your head down, reflect on all of the positivity present in your life. Think deeply. Feel gratitude for all that there is. There truly is a lot to be thankful for. 

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I headcanon that Sasuke might be somewhat of a jumpy person, in his later pre-teen to teen years. Jumpiness and hypervigilance are both common effects of PTSD, so is anxiety, so I can imagine Sasuke getting a little jumpier after the massacre and the more things progress. He flinches when someone moves too fast near him, he starts at the sound of thunder, he jumps whenever a crash or other loud sound resounds near him. It’s an integrated part of his personality that he doesn’t notice since it’s been that way as long as he can remember. He only notices when people point it out in such a mocking manner. Statements such as “Haha, what’s the matter, you scared?” or “Would you fuckin’ relax, I’m not even doing anything!” are among some of the things Sasuke’s heard. 

When he’s at home, after several years without any place to call home, Sasuke thinks the habit might be gone. He has no reason to jump, to feel nervous. He’s now an adult (if eighteen is an adult, he doesn’t feel any different from being seventeen) and out of the clutches of his childhood. He’s past it. It isn’t until Naruto happens to slam a cabinet door a little too loud that the old habit rears its ugly head, and Sasuke jumps as the sound jars through him. His eyes close and he prepares for the biting, albeit harmless comment he’s sure Naruto has brimming at his lips. But instead, Sasuke feels a gentle hand resting reassuringly on his shoulder.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” 

Reaction to you sucking them off while on a phone call



Out of all seven, Jin would be the most startled by your actions. He’d shift uncomfortably on the spot and would most probably go completely quiet. “Hyung, you there? Hello??” Jungkook’s voice would be clear through the phone. Jin wouldn’t know how to react or what you say. If you want to get what you want, you better be ready to really persuade him.


He knows you’re doing this for attention, and him being the cocky ass he is – won’t give you any. He’d be on a phone call with Namjoon and wouldn’t look at you at all. As you pick up the speed to get him over the edge, Yoongi would close his eyes and would mask his grunts and moans with coughs. Right before he reaches his climax, you would come to a stop. “Namjoon I’ll call you back tomorrow” and with that he’d push you to the nearest wall “You think you can play with me like that baby girl?” he’d say angrily and devour you like never before.


Talk about Mr extra. You know he’s going to show you how much he loves your pretty mouth. The moment you get on your knees and pull down his pants he’ll ask the person on the other side of the phone call if he can call them back. He’ll run his fingers in your hair and tug tightly. “You like letting people know that you’re the reason I moan, baby girl?” He’d say the dirtiest things to you, only to rile you up even more. You best believe you won’t be able to walk the next day, or the day after that, or the day after that, day after that…

Rap Monster:

Namjoon would love it. While on the phone with his manager, he’d run his fingers through your hair and make you gag on his hard cock. The two of you have done this many times, so he knows how to mask his moans. He’d thrust into your mouth while calmly talking to his manager about the new track he’s working on. He’d cum in your mouth, get off the phone and would throw you onto the couch and say thank you in his way.


Jimin’s voice would go an octave higher the moment you lick his tip. He’d be a stuttering mess. Either it’s because you’re mouth fucking him and it feels so good, or it’s because he doesn’t want Jin to know what’s happening – either way, you’ll get the same response. He’d look straight at you, cheeks flushed and would try to keep the conversation going. “N-no, hyung don’t worry. I-I’m o-okay” he’d take a deep breath to calm his nerves. The moment he gets on the phone however, he’d change immediately. He’d be aggressive as fuck.


He’d take a long deep breath in and roll his head back. He wouldn’t even inform the person on the phone before hanging up. The moment you palm him through the boxers, his phone would be tossed away and he’d be enjoying every bit of it. “That’s right kitten, a little deeper.” He would use his long fingers to pull back your hair and would thrust into you, eager for more.


Jungkook wouldn’t mind you sucking him off one bit. Contrary to popular belief, he’s a grown ass man with a high sex drive (or so I think. But seriously fight me if you think otherwise). He’d ask if he could call the person back and make you take choke on his dick. Although, I think he would stop halfway and make you strip. “Daddy wants to lick your pussy at the same princess, is that okay?” he would say in the most innocent tone. You’d end up in 69 position and god knows what else.

Take your time when picking the pedals off of your delicate little flower. Once they fall off, they are gone forever. So before each one becomes one of history, take a moment to really take in all of its beauty, for our flowers only have so many pedals.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
BTS Reaction | No condom

Anon request: hellooo. can I have a bts reaction where you have sex without a condom for the first time and they get so overwhelmed because they can properly “feel” you? thanks! keep up the good works!

Anon request; can you do a reaction to where you and bts have sex for the first time without a condom so they feel each other properly (on the pill not just unprotected)

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