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DIY 6 Nebula Galaxy Bottle and Jewelry Tutorials. Roundup from

Have you seen these all over Etsy or on fashion blogs? Most links lead to scape sites and not the actual tutorials - whereas my links go to the original source. These are so cheap to make because all you need is water, cotton, paint-dye-ink, glitter and a container.

What I have learned researching nebular or galaxy jars and bottles is that it is better not to use food coloring (some worry about bacteria forming - but for the short run it should be OK), but rather opt for paint, fabric paint, dye or ink. Also, a few tutorials mixed in glue clear or glitter glue when adding the glitter.

If you would rather BUY, these are for sale by birdsoupshop at Etsy for $12.

DIY Galaxy Jar on YouTube from HelloMaphie.

DIY Galaxy in a Bottle from Samyra Says.

DIY Nebula Galaxy Bottle Pendant Tutorial on YouTube from June Hislop. She used glittery eyeshadow.

DIY Galaxy Mini Bottle Tutorial on YouTube from Igor Saringer.  

DIY Nebular Bottle Tutorial from Beauty Rock.

DIY Nebula Bottle Tutorial on YouTube from Larissa Andriotti.


Calming Jellyfish Jar: I have met many people who report being calmed by thoughts of the ocean/beach, and this an especially effective “calm jar” for them.  This goes well with the ocean breaths deep breathing technique I featured here.  This can also be a tool to teach about flexibility, going with the flow, and being adaptable in situations you don’t have control over.

Supplies: Large waterbottle (ex. smart water), 1 drop food coloring, water, plastic bag (like the kind you put veggies in at the grocery store)

Click here for a photo tutorial on how to create this jellyfish jar.  I haven’t tried adding corn syrup and glitter to one but that could potentially look really cool if it works.

See my Calm Bottle for a similar post


“Letting Go” Jar

Something to put your guilts, fears and hiccups into. Draws away their power, cleanses them, and protects you. Very soothing.

- empty jar
- epsom salt
- turquoise stones (could use black stones too)
- lavender oil
- problems written on scraps of paper
– put the lid on tightly and shake –

Most spells like this say to bury the jar or hide it in your closet - but that’s the opposite of what you want to do with your problems. It’s sealed, put it on your shelf if you want and add to it/shake it whenever. Looking at it should remind you you’re so much bigger than those problems; you’ve let go of them.

Coping Tool Kit/Calm Box/Self-Care Package: It is often helpful for clients to have a central place to keep items that will help them cope, and to prevent regression after termination.  I have clients decorate their box and fill it with anything they feel will help to look back on.

Suggested items: 

  • Distractors: When anxiety first starts to build it is sometimes helpful to do a distractor task to keep anxiety at a more manageable level.  Examples are fidgets, sensory activitiespuzzles (ex. untangle nails), brain teasers, coloring/drawing materials, etc.
  • Coping Tools: Include multiple options of coping tools that help manage anxiety (ex. emotional regulation activities, glitter bottle, comforting items, stuffed animals, meditation/breathing exercises, etc.)
  • Reminders of Supports: Photos and letters from family/friends.  Encouraging letters from yourself could also be a nice addition.
  • Means of Self-Expression: My view is that use of the box for distraction/coping should be followed by some means of self-expression or processing.  Suggestions of items to include are a journal, art supplies/sketch book, etc.
  • Resource List: Include a list of community resources, referrals, hotline numbers, etc. incase they become necessary.
  • Grounding Techniques: Write down a few of your favorite grounding techniques to do when needed.  Click here for suggestions.
  • Therapy Materials: Interventions, work done in sessions, note from therapist, photos of important sand trays, etc.
  • Self-Care: Include self-care items as well as self-care reminders (ex. calendar, self-care goals, etc.)

Does anyone have any other suggestions for what helps you or your clients?

DIY Nebula Bottle

These bottles are a cross between Nebular Jars, Sand Art, and Calming Bottles. 

What is interesting about these Nebula Bottles, is that there is no paint in them, but there is sand. So all you need is for this DIY is glitter, food coloring, cotton balls and sand.

I like almost any Space DIY. You can check out my posts for Constellation DIYs here, Nebula DIYs here, and Galaxy DIYs here.

For this kid friendly DIY Nebula Bottle from Handmade Charlotte, go here.

For DIY Sand Art, you can color your own sand or buy colored sand. Check out this tutorial from Crafting a Green World here.

For my Roundup of 6 DIY Nebula Galaxy Bottle and Jewelry Tutorials go here.


Calming Wave Machine (Sensory Bottle)

- Supplies:
  • Clear plastic bottle
  • Water
  • Blue food coloring
  • Cooking oil (ex. vegetable, sun seed, canola, etc.)
  • Small seashells/stones, glitter, plastic fish/shells, sea themed beads, coarse sand, etc.
  • Super glue or duct tape
  • Alka seltzer (optional)
- Directions
  • Fill 1/3 of the bottle with water, and the rest with oil.
  • Add 1 drop of blue food coloring and the small sea items
  • Since the oil and water do not mix, the oil creates slow waves in the water when you turn it back and forth. 
  • By adding Alka Seltzer tablets, you can create a cool lava lamp effect (click here)
  • The cap can be secured with superglue or duct tape

Other ideas for “calm bottles” can be found here, here and here.  Goes well with deep breathing exercises (here).


A Calming Emotional-Protection Bottle

Purpose: A quick spell to bring calm, emotional harmony and energy protection for a pack member who is having a lot going on in their lives this week.


- Calm Sigil (on the green paper), charged with intent

- Protection Sigil (on the green paper), charged with intent

- Nag Champa incense filled the bottle before i got started: a stress buster, harmonizer

- Basil

- White Sage

- Salt

- Sealed with green and white wax.

I sent the recipient a photo of this spell bottle who said the sun literally burst thru the clouds and their favorite song came on as soon as they saw the photo. Energy and Intent do make differences.

anonymous asked:

Do you mind explaining to me how you make a glitter jar? I reeeeeally want to make one.

Most definitely! A glitter jar (I’ve also heard it called a “calm” or “mind” jar) is a tool that you can use when you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, or you just need to collect your thoughts. Or it can be a fun craft to do with friends. Whatevs!

There are a lot of great resources online, but here is the method I used:

Mason Jar
Glitter (see first step)

1. Assemble the glitttaaaaa. I went to the arts and crafts section of a local store and went wild. I think it’s good to get a variety of glitter sizes. Be sure to pick up some fine glitter if it’s available. This is the glitter that will linger and really make your jar feel ~magical~

If desired, you can add other crafty things to your jar. I found gold star confetti and gold glass beads, and it’s cool to see them floating around!

2. To use glitter glue or to not. Some people say it’s not worth the hassle, but I think glitter glue is an important addition. You’ll have to use hot water to break down the glitter glue and then stir!

3. Mix it all together. So, in your jar you should have lots-o-glitter and things, glitter glue-no-mo’, and water. *Depending on what color you want your glitter jar to be, you can use food coloring. My glitter jar is gold, and I didn’t know if I would like yellow food coloring in it.

Some notes:
*Your glitter jar might have a lot of foam at the top. This is okay, and it goes away after a bit.
*Add all of the fine glitter you want, but I would caution you on how much of the bigger glitter you use. It just kinda hangs out at the bottom and doesn’t do much swirling.
*Decorate your jar - there’s really no right or wrong way to do this!

Seal tight and shake away, darling. This is a very positive way to collect your thoughts. Let me know if you have any questions or anything else!

Easy crafts for those young-at-heart!!

anxiety/stress relieving

little space


More on my pinterest!! 

featherling  asked:

How did you make the calm jar? Do you have a tutorial?

I’ll make one right now! =D I’m glad you asked, it seems like a lot of people don’t know how to make them properly so that they’re not goopy and the glitter falls nice.

You’ll need:

  • Some sort of sealable, clear container (preferably glass)
  • Glitter glue
  • Glitter (of varying sizes for best effect)
  • Optional “bonus” items (shaped confetti, rhinestones, and beads are just a few of the things I’ve seen people use)
  • Hot water
  • Glue to seal on the lid of your container
  • A stirring utensil (skewers work really well but a butter knife will suffice)

SO! Here’s what ya do. It’s pretty simple:

  1. Lay out your materials. It sounds dumb, but it’s kind of infuriating to realize you missed an ingredient just AFTER you seal your jar with crazy glue, haha. I would really suggest comparing the colors of your glitter glue and glitter, and coordinating them.
  2. Boil or heat up some water. I used my electric kettle, but you can easily just do it in the microwave too.
  3. Fill your container almost up to the top with hot water. Leave some room for your other ingredients, because you can always add water at the end to make sure it’s filled up.
  4. Now you put in the glitter glue. Squeeze in as much as you want, be generous with it! The more you put in, the slower your glitter will fall and the more “dense” it’ll be.
  5. Use your stirrer and whisk your mixture around as fast as you can. Stir it for at least a good 30 seconds, you want to break up the glitter glue nice and evenly. You might see a few “goobers” still floating around but you won’t notice them when you put more glitter in.
  6. Now it’s time to add your glitter! Pour in all your colors and sizes, and don’t be surprised if they float at the top, because they will. Whisk your mixture again and see your glitter swirl around a little bit, this will give you a good idea of what it’s going to look like as an end product. You can tweak your amounts of glue and glitter accordingly until you’re satisfied.
  7. Add in your optional beads, sequins, etc. if you’re using them.
  8. If there’s still any air left between the water and your lid, add more water. The less space, the less annoying foam and bubbles!
  9. NOW, you need to seal your container! Quickly apply your glue (crazy glue works best) to the INSIDE of your container’s lid. Then screw it on and make sure it’s tight. (Or if you’re using a corked bottle, put it on the cork, etc.)
  10. Allow your container to cool down, as it’s going to be hot. Try not to play with it too much, because you want to make sure the glue sets very strong and swishing hot water around it isn’t going to help!
  11. Once your jar is cooled down, ENJOY! =D