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Pls share any thoughts you might have on Barry Allen (you always have such wonderful thoughts about every character and amazing grasps on their characters and poor Barry has been falling victim to mischaracterisation at every turn for the past eight years)

he calms me down. superman symbolizes the good people can achieve and be even in their darkest moments but flash makes me feel that people are already good, in a way? he’s like the exact opposite of an anxiety attack where everything looks scary but the silly kind of scary where you know it’s all just in your head. he’s the guy who doesn’t get fazed by something you thought was the end of the world so you catch yourself thinking “hey? hey. this isn’t bad. yeah this isn’t bad”

he brings so much positivity to the table and it’s not the annoying kind, it’s the “i can make the day better” in a very chill, matter-of-fact tone, which could so easily sidetrack his character and make him be a bit faster than life, yet he cares and will go out of his way to slow down just to show it. he’s so genuinely kind and that’s only multiplied by the flash family who are, to date, one of the most lovable families the dcu has had on such a big, extended-members basis

every flash is so laid back in their own way, but the reason i consider barry “my” flash is because i always found a hint of something more in his character. i can see the sacrifices he’s had to make in the way he carries himself but i can also see the crystal clear acknowledgement that he’s one of the very, very few people who hold the power to change the tides so monstrously. so he accepts it. he accepts that responsibility. he more than readily accepted it when he very first got his powers because he knew he was now the only person who could finally find his mother’s real killer and drop his dad’s charges; he accepted it when he tried to keep his mother from dying in the first place just to have the entire timeline completely turn around because of his actions. and instead of being okay with this new reality, instead of turning a blind eye which was so much easier to do than to actively try and do his duty (and possibly die in the process), he did what was right for literally everyone else except for him and lost her all over again so things could be the way they were

he’s so invested. it’s the only appropriate word i can use to describe him. you can see how much he inspired everyone who met him just by the legacy he left after his death, by how the other heroes talked about him in near reverence. the respect they had for all he had attained, how they held him as the gold standard for others to achieve (not just the justice league but the entire world). he’s had one of the most heroic deaths in Crisis on Infinite Earths, one of his last few words literally being “there is always hope” even as he was willingly getting torn apart to save everyone he loved and knew, and the people he’d never met or would likely ever meet. why? because he could. so he did

the reason i began by putting clark and barry side by side is because i consider clark to be one of the most human characters in the entire dcu and yet barry still has something more, however small the difference might be. he’s in every sense of the word a real hero and a genuinely good human being

I have no idea what the critics were on about, because I saw Batman v Superman two nights ago and I’m still thinking about it. Like, what? Were they expecting it to be a Marvel film? It’s a film about two complex, well-known characters who are almost the antithesis of one another, battling themselves, each other, the world and psychotic villains. It’s political, it’s philosophical - it’s not supposed to be a fun, campy film with lighthearted humour. I enjoyed every minute of the film, and I found myself very excited to see the Justice League film! I thought Ben Affleck was the greatest Bruce Wayne we have ever seen in a live-adaptation, and his Batman was excellent. She may be a damsel, but Lois is never in distress, and she’s more clever than she gets credit for. I also thought Jesse Eisenberg was incredible as I was genuinely creeped out. This film left me excited to see the rest of the DCEU, and I can’t wait.

it’s funny to see all these Supergirl fans lose their shit because Hoechlin/Derek Hale/Sterek fans are excited about Tyler playing Superman, like you would think they would be happy, because their show almost got cancelled and now they will be getting more viewers because of the fans turning in for the show because of their fave actor, like how is that a bad thing? you don’t know if those fans won’t end up loving the show, but even if they watch it just for Hoechlin, it literally hurts nobody? it gets your show a bigger audience, so what’s the damn problem lmao