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Sit Still--Imagine #20

Anonymous said: Crush sits cross legged on floor while the reader draws him and he has to stay still and it’s all cute and stuf!

A/N: Again, I apologize for all these imagines being written so late. I hope the people that requested awhile ago see theirs! Thank you all for requesting! Right now my ask box is closed and I’m not taking anymore requests until I get the old requests written. This is just one of many on the way. Keep dreaming!~Logan <3

Sighing again, I erased the same line I’d drawn at least 300 times now. 

“C/n!” I almost shouted, exasperated. 

“What?!” C/n asked, startled by my outburst since it’d been quiet in my room for awhile now. 

“Can you please sit still? I’ve been trying to draw your jaw and ear for the past, like, 30 minutes and every time I think I’ve got it down or am close to getting it down, you squirm and I have to start all over again!”

“Sorry, y/n! It’s just hard to sit in this position for so looonnggg,” he said, dragging out the last word. 

I let out a frustrated growl and he smirked. 

“Well, what position do you prefer?” I rubbed my temples in frustration. 

I swear, I loved this boy but he sure knew how to test my patience. 

“Mm, missionary, to be honest,” he shrugged, his face devoid of emotion like it always was right before he cracked up at his own joke. 

“Ugghh, fuck you!” I whacked him in the arm with my sketchpad, his shoulders shaking as he roared with laughter. 

He could be so immature sometimes. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love his immature sense of humor. 

“I wish you would,” he smirked, eyes shining with mirth.

“It’s a good thing you’re cute,” I grumbled, crossing my arms and glaring at him. 

“Why?” He asked, sporting a shit-eating grin.

“Because if you weren’t I’d be using this pencil to stab you, instead of using it to draw your stupid cute face.”

“Oh my god, am I your muse?” He asked dramatically

“No, you’re my pain in the ass,” I rolled my eyes. 

He gasped, clutching his chest dramatically, “She called me her pain in the ass.”

“Alright, Romeo, calm down. Now can you please sit still?” 

“Only if I can sit on the floor, cross-legged,” he said, smoothing his clothes. 

“Anything to get you to sit still,” I said, moving off the chair I was sitting on, to plop myself on my floor. 

He stepped off the stool I’d sat him in originally and sat cross-legged in front of me. He turned his head to the side like he’d had it before, clenching his jaw. 

I dragged my eyes away from the delicious site of his side profile to sketch it more accurately. A few minutes had passed, the only sound in the room was some relaxing music I’d put on low, the sound of lead scratching over paper, and our soft breaths. I had moved on to drawing c/n’s broad shoulders, trying to get the shading and outline right when c/n’s voice broke the silence. 

“I never asked you what your project was for, y/n.”

I almost dropped my pencil, leaving a crooked line that I quickly erased.

“It’s a drawing project,” I said, trying to avoid answering truthfully. 

“No shit, Sherlock,” out of the corner of my eyes I could see a smirk on his face before he went back to talking. “I mean, why’d you pick me for it? Every assignment you’ve gotten so far in your drawing class has come with some prompt. Some reason behind why you’re drawing the thing.”

I pretended not to hear him, pretended I was too engrossed in shading the wrinkles of his loose hoodie. 

“Y/nnn,” he dragged out my name in a taunting way. 

My cheeks heated up and I bit my lip. There was no way he was going to drop the subject. He knew when he was getting under my skin. 

I huffed before mumbling, “I’m supposed to draw someone…that–umm–that…”

“That?” He asked, his voice gentle, coaxing me. 

“That I–basically a person–well someone…someoneIadmire,” I blurted, the words coming out slurred into one. 

I had finished drawing his hoodie and realized that the line of his upper lip hadn’t come out right. Trying to distract myself from the fact I’d basically revealed my true feelings for him, I looked up to study his lips only to find his wide eyes staring back at me. 

“I have to get your lips right,” I said, my voice sounding strained. 

Feeling awkward under his unwavering stare, I cleared my throat. He wasn’t turning his head back to the original position so I decided to take control. I shuffled forward on my knees so I was close enough, and reached a finger out. Slowly, my finger glided over the curve of his jaw and I heard his breathing shallow. I applied slight pressure as my finger reached the side of his chin. He obediently moved his head to the side. I let my finger linger on his skin a moment longer than necessary before pulling away and settling back in my original place to start again on drawing his lips. 

It seemed that my words had sent c/n into a strange kind of trance and anxiety settled in my stomach. 

My tongue stuck out as I tried to re-shape his lips on my paper. I looked up again to find c/n had moved his head to stare at me again. 

“On second thought maybe I should’ve chosen someone else. You can’t seem to keep your neck turned,” I chuckled softly, finding his antics more cute than annoying like I liked to act they were. 

“Sorry, it’s just hard to resist looking at you for even a little bit,” he mumbled, turning his head again. 

I frowned, wondering where my confident, snarky boy c/n had gone and how a shy boy with flushed cheeks had come to take his place. 

My own cheeks flushed at his confession, but I tried not to take it to heart. He couldn’t possibly like observing me, staring at me. 

“It’s alright, but just try to hold your head in place for just a little longer. Lips have always been tricky for me to draw and yours are giving me an especially hard time,” I chuckled, trying to lighten the tension in the room. 

“Maybe you should kiss them,” he suggested and I dropped my pencil my eyes flying up to look at him. 

Of course, of all times he chose this one to keep his head turned away from mine. Still, I could see the edge of his lips quirk up a bit in one of those rare smiles that he gave when he felt equal parts shy and equal parts bold. 

“And just what do you expect that will do in helping me with drawing them, hm, c/n?” I asked, crossing my arms. 

“If you can feel the grooves of my lips, you might find it easier to draw them. Drawing may be all about observing visually, but I think it benefits you when you observe sensuously as well,” he said.

I just sat there, my head fighting between what I desired and what I logically knew to be smart to do. 

“What harm could it do, y/n?”

I breathed deep. He was right. What harm could it really do? A million answers to that question ran through my mind but I focused on him instead. The delicious way his lips were frozen in that soft grin, the adorable bend of his nose, the way his eyelashes curled just the slightest at the ends. 

I moved to sit in front of him, his head still frozen in his pose. Finally, our eyes met. His were adoring and in awe, gliding over my face, drinking me in. I moved in, slowly, until my lips were just brushing against his. Internally, I was screaming, shouting for joy, and laughing giddily but externally all that I could do before I pressed my lips completely to his was let out a weak breath. 

What registered first was the slightly chapped texture of his lips, and then the softness of them underneath that. And finally, the fact that he was not pressing back into mine.

Pulling back abruptly, and overcome with embarrassment, I looked him in the eyes. 

“Why–why didn’t you kiss me back?” I asked, my confusion quickly turning into panic. 

“Because you told me to stay still,” he answered, eyes dancing with mischief, his breath shallow which told me I wasn’t the only one affected by what I’d just done.

Shaking my head, I let out a breathy laugh while rolling my eyes playfully. That’s when he gently placed his hands on either sides of my cheeks and pulled me in for the sweetest kiss. 

As we pulled back and regained our breath, I giggled, “You may be the worst model ever, but you’re the best damn kisser.”

“Well, then you’ve gotta keep me around. Especially if you plan on drawing any more pictures of me and need more help with…observing…my lips,” he chuckled.

“Oh, I’m keep you right where you are,” I laughed, before he pulled me in for another kiss. 

Being like a little sister to the Newsies headcanons

This was requested by an anon :)

//I didn’t know if you wanted it to be gender neutral or not so I wrote for a girl (Sorry if thats not what you wanted :(//




 •Okay so you’re a 13 year old girl and you just started being a newsie

 •Everyone was so nice to you 

 •After a while they started to become like your brothers 

 •And they started to see you as their younger sister 

 •And that means they’re super over protective 

 •They’d always have at least one newsie with you at all times 

 •You want to take a walk? Albert will join you 

 •You want to hang out with Katherine at her house? Jack will walk you

 •And if they catch the Delancey brothers looking at you/checking you out

 •They’d be right behind you ready to defend you •If they ever catch a boy flirting with you they’d probably all soak him 

 •They banned you from dating til you’re 30

 •You don’t mind their over protectiveness 

 •Because you know they’re just looking out for you 

 •But it gets a little annoying sometimes 

 •If you get upset or you start crying they’ll be right there to cheer you up 

 •To cheer you up they’d start doing random things to get you to laugh 

 •Like for instance one day you were upset and Race and Albert started to fake fight and fall dramatically and Jack started talking in a southern accent 

 •Or they will wrap you up in a blanket and cuddle you to death

 •Sometimes they even all chip in to buy you something (like dinner or a new skirt)

 •One thing that calms you down is when Romeo braids your hair 

 •He’s surprisingly good at it

 •They would all go to you for their girl troubles 

 •Because even though you’re young you’re still a girl and you understand girls

  •Unlike them 

 •Katherine is your best friend 

 •Because she’s the only girl among 20 boys 

 •And she understands how you feel 

 •The first time you get your period the boys freak out 

 •Because they don’t know what a period is 

 •So they’re all like ????? when they see a pool of blood on your mattress 

 •They automatically start bombarding you with questions 

 •Them being the protective boys they are they think someone hurt you 

 •And that just leads them to get angry and threaten whoever hurt you

 •You have to explain to them what a period is 

 •And they’re mortified

 •So they make sure they’re extra sweet to you when you’re on your period

 •Fast forward a few years and you get your first boyfriend 

 •And before you even brought him through the door they were asking him a bunch of questions and giving him the “big brother talk” 

 •And one day you came home crying because you and your boyfriend got into a fight 

 •And they were right by your side the moment you walked in the door 

 •You told them what happened and they all wanted to soak him for making you cry 

 •But they know that you wouldn’t want them to do that so they just stay and cuddle you

 •They’re the sweetest boys ever 

 •Sure they could be annoying and too overprotective

 •But you wouldn’t trade them for the world 

 //Hope you enjoyed!//

New Suit { Bucky Barnes x a Reader Oneshot!}

“Can I request #6 and #7 with Bucky? 💕💕”
{ xoxoxoxo} @curiositykilledthepepe

“ Tony I’m just a hacker I don’t think-”
“ it looks great on you kid! ” Tony exclaims as he walks around you.

 When Tony suggested that you should have a cool suit you didn’t imagine this ; but you should of, he is Tony Stark after all. The suit he created was similar to Natasha’s cat suit, just with a few alterations. For some reason this suit has a deeper neckline than Nats , but it clings to your body just the same . You can feel it hug all your curves , if you didn’t feel so badass in it you’d probably feel self conscious. You turn your self around ,your eyes gliding down your reflection until they land on your ass. Holy shit. Your ass is perfectly outlined, you never really thought it looked like this. The suits shows off how round it really is. 

“ You’ve had to come out on the field before y/n, better safe than sorry . Besides ,it fits you deliciously.” tony reasons through his smirk .

“ way to make it creepy T. ”

 He rolls his eyes and waves you off. “ there’s built in holsters, and it’s bullet, and shock proof . You’re an important asset dear, gotta keep you in one piece.”

  Not even a day later you are called out on a mission . The team caught wind of a hydra base that is rumored to contain vital data . Being the talented hacker you are ,  youre task is  to shove your flash drive in  & extract all the files .

 On the jet Steve assigns everyone’s area, him & Bucky are to be your cover while you are getting the data . You know missions should be serious, but most of the time the team makes them entertaining. You get along with all of them , the only one you really  you get into arguments with is Barnes.

After adjusting to being free, coming to terms with himself and being with the team , Buckys personality blossomed . He went from a shy, quiet , to an open ,flirty & slightly annoying man. You guys are friends, but when he started being the 40’s ladies man he once was , the more he started flirting and getting on your nerves. He flirts with everyone, but sometimes you think you catch a glimmer of something else in his eyes when he does with you. You never get your hopes up though, his words never had any physical backup, sadly .

  Entering the base wasn’t as difficult as you thought, well at first . Steve pushed through the set of steel doors that are suppose to lead you To the hall containing the data lab. As soon as the doors are open, you’re under fire . Steve holds his shield in front of the two of you, while Bucky takes out the agents . When it’s clear you rush to the data lab, but a new set of agents are behind you.

“ I got it out here Buck, guard her in the lab!” Steve shouts . You watch as the onslaught of agents swarm the hall. Bucky shoves you in to the lab,bolting the door behind you.

“ we don’t have a lotta time here doll, do your thing.”
  You don’t waste time replying , instead going straight to the computer desk to start working. Where the fuck is the chair ? Whatever.
You’re bent over the desk, clicking through the files when you feel eyes on you. You slowly turn to see Bucky eyes glued to your ass.
“ my eyes are up here buddy .”
His eyes snap up to yours , a smirk stretching across his lips. You quickly turn back to the computer, praying he didn’t see the blush blooming across your cheeks.

“ that’s quite a suit y/n. It compliments you very, very well.”

“ Calm down there Romeo. I’m just about done here.” You pull out your drive , tucking it safely away in your suit. You follow Bucky out into the hall, soldiers scattered along the hall .

“ Do you think Steve only used his shield to do this? Or threw a couple punches ?” You ask ,gripping onto you gun tightly as you round the corner .

“ I don’t know doll, that guy is pretty attached to his shield .”

“ you two Realize you are on a comms system right?”
Steves voice startles you for a second . How could I forget that , whoops. You hear the others laugh in the comms.

“ well rogers , shield or hands ?” Nat asks

“ does it Matt- buck you have about 20 agents coming your way, find an alternate route NOW.”

Panic seeps through your body, you look around for a way out . Upon hearing the approaching agents ,Bucky grabs your hand and runs the other way. The first door he sees, he rips open and tosses you in, then getting himself in. Luck seems to be against you today, the room bucky forced you to hide in was a closet . A fucking closet .

“ are you kidding me right now bucky!” You harshly whisper . It’s pitch black, and your bodies are pushed right up against each other, chest to chest . You can feel his breath fanning down over your face ,

“ we didn’t have a choice , but I can’t say I mind this situation too much .”

You can hear the smirk on his face. Your hands are pressed against his chest , making your attention go to where his are .

“ Can you get your hands off my ass? Thanks.”
He lets out a hushed laugh, grabbing your ass .

“ Dude!”

“ it’s a small closet doll, can’t help it.”

“ The hallways clear guys, unless you want to continue seven minutes in heaven .” Tony says through the comms.

You feel around for the doorknob, but when you find it, it doesn’t budge.
“ doll as much as I like feeling you against me, I think it’s time to get outta here.” Bucky teases ,

“ the door is fucking locked jackass.”

“ caps on his way to find you two.”
“ thanks Clint.”

You feel buckys hands begin to grab at your butt again , this time a little harder. You bite back a moan, not wanting to give him any leverage .

“ what do you think you’re doing?”

“ just testing out a theory Dollface.”

Deciding to play along with whatever little game this is, you slide your hands from his chest up into his hair .

“ and what theory is that Bucky ?”

“ that you like it rough d-”
You tug his hair, making a deep moan slip from his lips .

“ seems like I’m not the only one.”
You hear him mumble a low “fuck “under his breathe . You can feel your heart beating faster , the closeness of your bodies, the feeling of his hands tugging on your ass is getting you more flustered than you like to admit .

Fuck it. You don’t know what possessed you to do it, but you lean up and connect your lips to his. He is responsive immediately, like he was waiting for you . His hands pull you impossibly closer while your hands tangle farther into his hair . You can feel his boner pressing against you through his tactical gear. You lightly roll your hips against him, when he parts his lips in shock you slide your tongue against his. You both moan into the kiss at the feeling . You finally part to breathe , the only sound is the two of you panting.

” guys ?“ You hear steve distantly call.

” STEVE!?“ You yell . You hear the patter of his feet , then the door is ripped open.

you untangle yourself from Bucky and nearly fall into the hallway . You can feel the blush on your face as you lock eyes with Steve.

” what-“ steve starts but you cut him off

” how many closets could there be, that it took you this long to find us ?“ You ask as you dust yourself off. You look up to see Steve smirking at Bucky, then turning to you with the same look. You look to Bucky, seeing a smirk plastered on his pink, extremely kiss swollen lips.
If his look like that means mine do too.

” I didn’t mean to literally play seven minutes In heaven Y/n.“ Tony says through his laughter. Fuck , I really need to stop forgetting about the comms.

You groan and stomp off down the hall.

” I must have really kissed you senseless, the jets the other way doll.“ Bucky shouts. You stop dead in your track , spinning on your heels to stomp the right way.

” not another fucking word .“ You warn as you pass the boys. They both howl with laughter as they follow behind you.

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Message For You - Part Two

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

Pairing: Stiles x Reader


A/N: I’m gonna do a part 3. Not gonna I struggled writing this and I don’t really like it. So, please be nice.

This is not really edited and English surprisingly is still not my first language.

As always, thanks to Lele for kicking my ass and helping me with this. I love you more than skittles. ❤️ @golddaggers


Part One 

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anonymous asked:

ღ with JD and Veronica if you're still doing it :)

ofc!!! I love jdonica!!!!

Who’s the first to wake up in the morning:
JD, and it worries tf out of Veronica bc?? she isn’t actually sure he slept???
Who’s the one to make breakfast:
both??? neither of them prefer doing it over the other, they aren’t morning people.
Who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed:
Who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work:
Veronica, her sex drive is like, three times JD’s.
Who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day:
JD!!!!! he says some shit like, they could just run away together and the world would keep spinning, and she’s like, calm down Romeo, we need to go to work so we can eat this week.
Who chooses the movies:
they alternate!!!
Who initiates kissing during the moving, thus distracting the other from the movie all together:
Veronica, she has a short attention span when it comes to movies, and esp the dark shit JD picks out.
Who orders lunch:
Veronica, bc JD scares restaurant employees with his whole trenchcoat and dark aura.
Who steals food from the other’s plate without asking:
Veronica!! she says it tastes better off his plate and he just. cannot care to reprimand her.
Who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy:
Veronica, the nerd. JD often covers her with his trenchcoat when she does.
Who distracts the other from trying to work at home:
JD, bc he gets desperate for attention too dammit.
Who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old:
ice cream, it’s Veronica. slushies, it’s JD.
Who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream:
JD!!! he loves the face she makes when she gets a brain freeze.
Who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face:
Who cooks dinner:
JD. he knows how to cook pasta and while that’s about it, he’s still better at cooking than Veronica, someone help her.
Who cleans up the kitchen afterwards:
Veronica, JD is terrible at cleaning.
Who stays up until 2 reading:
both??? they read the classics together and cuddle.
Who stares at their partner while their sleeping:
JD!!! he likes to see Veronica so calm and at peace.
Who kisses their partner while they sleep:
JD again!!!

So we’re reading Romeo and Juliet in class and we’re sort of acting it out, and I signed up to be Mercutio.
This was a slight mistake.

Now I tell a lot of dirty jokes, any of my IRL friends can tell you that, but I really didn’t feel comfortable reading them in from of my teacher (not that I knew I’d be saying this kind of thing. My mistake entirely)


So I’d stumble through a line and the class would giggle at what I said, and there was this one line about “a pink flower” (female genitals) and the class bust out laughing. Also when I had to say arse. Then too.

And I can’t understand something if I’m reading it out loud like I have no idea what it means, or really even what the words I’m saying are, it’s just meaningless sounds to me, so when someone else’s line would come up I would read the translation to figure out what I meant

Honestly I was fucking appalled at what I had just said like damn I didn’t mean to say such lousy things about these girls I’m so sorry

And it doesn’t help that I have no self confidence

So Mercutio
Calm down my dear


#65 Brooklyn Beckham – Brothers

You love spending time with Brooklyn. Usually you go to your house but this time you’re at Brooklyn’s. His parents aren’t at home, neither his little sister but the two younger boys are. When you enter the house, Brooklyn who opened the door runs off again, without even kissing you. You close the door behind you and then go into the living room, seeing why he ran off. Brooklyn whispers something to his brothers and they just nod but have big smirks on their faces. Your boyfriend, gives them one last warning look and then comes over to you. “Sorry. Hi.” He mumbles and kisses your cheek.

“Everything alright?” You ask as he takes your hand.

“Yeah, I just told them to stay upstairs in their rooms.” Brooklyn explains and gives you a forced smile. It makes you giggle and then his face softens slightly. Brooklyn takes a deep breath and leads you the couch. This isn’t the first time that you’re here, but it’s the first time that no parents are around. Romeo and Cruz leave and then it’s just you and Brooklyn alone in the living room, sitting on the couch.

“Are you sure that everything is alright?” You ask once again.

“Yeah.. I-I just wanted to do this.” Brooklyn says and kisses you. You kiss him back and notice how much you actually missed his lips. Soon kissing turns into making out and Brooklyn lays you down on the couch. He hovers himself above you and his hands go under your shirt.

“Hey!” The sudden appearance of Romeo makes you and Brooklyn sit up instantly. You pull away from each other and Brooklyn glares at his younger brother as you pull your shirt back down.

“What’s up?” You ask and smile at him.

“Nothing.” Romeo smirks.

“So why are you still here?” Brooklyn asks, clearly annoyed that his brother interrupted your making out session. And because one younger brother isn’t enough. Cruz comes running into the room.

“Hi guys!” He exclaims smiling.

“No.” Brooklyn groans and stands up. “That’s not what we agreed to.”

“Brooklyn, it’s fine. They can stay.” You say and and take his hand but he shakes it off.

“No, it’s not. They can’t stay” Brooklyn says and points to the door as he looks at his younger brothers. “You two leave. NOW!”

“Calm down.” Romeo says and walks out again.

“Yeah, calm down.” Cruz laughs and follows Romeo out. When you’re alone again, Brooklyn sits back next to you. You can’t help it but laugh.

“What’s so funny?” He asks and puts his hands back on your waist.

“You are.” You smile and kiss his nose. Brooklyn lays you back down on the couch but before you can start to make out again, you hear Victoria and David come into the house.

“We’re home!” Victoria exclaims. You and Brooklyn pull away from each other and sit up again.

“Maybe next time.” You whisper into Brooklyn’s ear, kiss his neck and then get up to great his parents.


I found this Specs/Romeo fic from about a year ago and I don’t think I ever posted it since I can’t find it anywhere online? So here it is!

“Has anyone seen Romeo?”

It was a question that Specs found himself asking frequently; Romeo had a habit of wandering off. And drunk Romeo was even more difficult to keep an eye on. Race had somehow acquired a bottle of something harsh and acrid tasting (no one wanted to ask where from) and Romeo had drunk a lot. Now he was missing and Specs was trying very hard to pretend he wasn’t panicking.

“Have you tried the roof?” Mush asked. It was invariably Jack’s place, but he never seemed to mind if it got used by any of the boy’s who needed time and fresh air to clear their head.

Specs answered by heading for the fire escape, taking the stairs two at a time until he reached the small rooftop of the lodging house. A rooftop that was, unfortunately, Romeo-free. Specs sighed, readjusting his glasses as if that would suddenly make Romeo visible. He shouldn’t be worrying this much. No one else was. Romeo was more than capable of looking after himself. Specs knew all that, but he couldn’t help the panic that ached in his chest. He ran his hands along the wall enclosing the roof and dipped his head to take some deep breaths and try to calm down. Romeo was fine, of course he was. What was the worst that could have happened to him?

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100 Random One Line Prompts

1. “You murdered me!”
2. “I know your mom.”
3. “Whoa dude, you look like you need an ice cream.”
4. “I love how you hate everyone.”
5. “Look at what I did!”
6. “Hey man, about that Porche…”
7. “I’m not going there!”
8. “I saw them!”
9. “I lied because I didn’t wanna go.”
10. “Why am I like this?”
11. “I love candy.”
12. “Please spill the tea.”
13. “I know I am so fine!”
14. “I am not just a bad bitch.”
15. “You are nothing.”
16. “Dinosaurs existed, that’s wild.”
17. “You stole a dragon egg?”
18 “You robbed a coffee shop?”
20. “Can you chill for like, one day?”
21. “No drama man, just eat your burrito.”
22. “Why do you look like that?”
23. “What happened to your face?”
24. “Dude, why?”
25. “I love the flowers, no so much the knives.”
26. “You needed a band for this?”
27. “Music is my life.”
28. “You ain’t got nothing on me!”
29. “Wow, that’s hilarious. Really. I’m laughing so hard.”
30. “You just ruined them.”
31. “That’s my Queen! Slayin!”
32. “A discount? That’s a thing here?”
33. “I am a criminal, not an asshole.”
34. “Venom isn’t the best thing to serve to guests.”
35. “Killers are just misunderstood.”
36. “Baby giraffes are magical.”
37. “Look at how cute my dog is!”
38. “No. That’s stupid.”
39. “I am okay with a lot of things, but this. Not so much.”
40. “I don’t need your acceptance.”
41. “I am flying, don’t hold me back.”
42. “I am going to do this.”
43. “The forest is where I belong.”
44. “Better to be prepared.”
45. “You bought a chocolate bar without me?”
46. “Cotton candy is my life man.”
47. “You did what now?”
48. “I have a son. He may not be human, but he is still my son.”
49. “You didn’t know I collect these?”
50. “I’m not the only vampire now.”
51. “You’re royalty?”
52. “You are staying here now?”
53. “You are driving me up the wall.”
54. “How do you do the thing?”
55. “I am dying on the inside.”
56. “Have you ever wanted to just sleep forever?”
57. “I just wanna leave.”
58. “A weapon?”
59. “What is actually happening?”
60. “You aren’t doing that with out this!”
61. “Just because you hate them, doesn’t mean you should fight them.”
62. “Calm down Romeo.”
63. “The sun is my mortal enemy.”
64. “Don’t you think they are evil?”
65. “You hate them too?”
66. “Wow my man. That’s crazy.”
67. “I shall make it so!”
68. “Thou is mean!”
69. “You painted me?”
70. “The moon? She’s my mother.”
71. “Crocodiles? Here? You sure?”
72. “Yup! I heard it!”
73. “I am not what you want me to be.”
74. “Why are you drinking cool aid from a crazy straw crying in the middle of the floor?”
75. “You’re rich?”
76. “I am not that good.”
77. “You took my hairbrush?”
78. “You are cute. But not that cute.”
79. “Lamps have feelings too!”
80. “They are where now? How did they get there?”
81. “Achievement unlocked.”
82. “Just cause you’re a mess, doesn’t mean you have to dress like it.”
83. “Aren’t the stars, just so pretty? I love them.”
84. “My weakness is flower crowns.”
85. “You totally creeped my instagram.”
86. “How did you manage such a good looking face?”
87. “Wait, I have to decide if I am charmed or mad. Give me a minute.”
88. “I can’t decide this, food is too hard to decide on.”
89. “You have to love her!”
90. “Wait- that’s still a thing?”
91. “But I thought I was your ride or die?”
92. “You did all of this for me?”
93. “You watched the series in a day too?”
94. “I may be a nerd, but now I am your nerd forever.”
95. “I am so hardcore man. You don’t even know.”
96. “You made my life a living hell!”
97. “You have a mammoth?”
98. “Dude. Aliens. Are. Real.”
99. “I am five feet of fury!”
100. “I am not as crazy as you think I am. I like normal things too.”

Could Destroy the Internet p2

You guys have been adding wonderful, horrible things to the post I made about things that could destroy the internet from a cupid based villain. It made me think, form a possibly even worse idea and inspired a snippet of fanfiction.

I have to agree with what I’ve seen posed around that the Akuma will probably take over someone who wants to make others’ love returned- maybe to help a friend.  I don’t know who the villain/victim would be, so I left them genderless. It’s cliché, but I really feel like Cupid’s Arrows will work the way they normally work in cartoons: the person hit falls in love with the first person or thing they see. This could lead to funny things like someone falling in love with an inanimate object or -say- Chloe falling in love with her reflection.

Ladybug and Cat Noir would show up to fight like they do but …

Cat Noir had been hit- of course he’d been hit- and he made sure Ladybug was the first thing he saw. The only change from the arrow was that he had been completely unable to stop flirting and talking to her instead of mostly unable. The Catty distraction allowed Cupid to escape. At that point, it was best for them to part, save their transformations and wait for Cupid to try to force another couple together.

Back in the classroom Adrien sat impatiently waiting for an opportunity to see his Lady again. Since she wasn’t there the effect of the arrow was muted. Nino didn’t seem to notice any change. Adrien was able to greet his classmates like normal as they entered the classroom. He gave a silent “Thank you” for still being able to think. From the look of things he should be able to focus in class enough to take coherent notes.

And then Marinette entered the room. In his mind, all hell had broken loose and his brain shut off in favor of his heart just like it always did when he saw Ladybug. He practically purred at her, “Welcome back, Marinette,” while sitting pretty on top of the desk with one leg dangling off the front. He was in his seat next to Nino a moment ago. When did he start posing on the desk? Was he… flirting with her???  The room fell silent but he didn’t notice.

Garbled “um"s, "uh"s, "ah"s and quiet screaming made her "thanks” and “you too” almost unintelligible. Almost. The same pink in Marinette’s clothes began to color behind her freckles and Adrien wanted to see her blush more which was weird because those feelings were only for his Lady.

He couldn’t control his actions at all. He was standing in front of her and had taken one of her hands in his. “Do you need an escort to your desk, Princess? You seem lost.”

His antics practically killed Marinette. She was too overwhelmed to speak. Luckily, Alya was right there and braced her as she began to wobble. “You need to calm down, Romeo. Trust me. You’ve got her attention,” Alya laughed at this turn of events.

“Dude,” Nino had a realization, “Did Cupid shoot you?”

Adrien turned to Nino annoyed, “Well, yes, but it doesn’t matter because the person I was looking at was La-.” The idea that Marinette was Ladybug hit him like a ton of bricks and he was staring at her. Was it true? Could Cupid’s magic see through the mask when he couldn’t? What other possibility was there for him to flirt with Marinette when his love for Ladybug was consuming him?

The whole room gasped. Adrien was shot by Cupid so of course he had been made to fall in love with someone- Marinette.

Chloe was out of her chair, “Thank god. There’s no way Adrien would actually like someone like you.”

Before anyone could rebuttal, Marinette found her voice, “He’s not in his right mind so none of this means anything.” The pain in her voice was obvious. Marinette wanted Adrien to return her feelings so badly, but not like this. This was fake. She looked up at him, “Adrien, I” how could she say this? “… can’t return your feelings. If I did, it would only hurt both of us when this spell is lifted.” Adrien, Alya and Nino could only watch her stunned as she took her hand back from the boy she loved and walked to her seat. 

“It’s good to see you know your place,” Chloe just had to add another two cents.

The three left by the door turned in unison to defend their friend, but were forced to let Chloe have the last word as Cupid flew into the room.

It was clear that Cupid must have watched the whole scene from that little speech about love they were giving. An arrow was launched at Marinette, “Just let yourself be happy.” The arrow hit it’s target. Marinette gave a yell on impact and collapsed onto her desk.

Adrien was by her side in an instant, “Marinette! Are you okay?” He had his hands on her shoulders. Alya and Nino both seemed concerned for her but they were equally worried about Cupid.

Marinette looked up at him, of course she still loved him, and the magic intensified her react. Tears were in her eyes, “Why do you only love me when magic is involved?”

His heart told him to hold her so he did. Adrien whispered in her ear, “I’m sorry it took so long to see the girl behind the mask, Ladybug. You don’t have to worry anymore. This Cat loves all of you.” It hadn’t even occurred to him that she was referring to the arrow. The gasp in his ear couldn’t have been more telling.

Marinette pulled back enough to look at him. Her eyes search Adrien’s face for proof. “H-How did y-you?”

“Cupid’s Arrow,” he answered with a Cat Noir grin. “When I couldn’t stop myself around the cute girl in my class instead of just my Lady I put two and two together.”

Cupid let’s the two flee the room so the “happy couple” can have some space. They talk about their revelation, are completely ecstatic, and transform to have the most in tune with each other yet super awkward battle/flirting session that we’ll ever see. Everything seems to be going happily ever after for the Lucky Duo, until Ladybug uses the cleansing light. They lean into each other and share a passionate kiss as the light washes over them. That power heals/fixes/undos everything changed due to the Akuma. When the light passes over Ladybug and Cat Noir they forget each other’s identities and forget about their love being returned because it was only thanks to being under Akuma’s power that they learned it in the first place. Ladybug is suddenly disgusted at kissing Noir and the Cat is wondering when he got so lucky. The happy ending will be right there and them ripped out from under us.

I hate me too. I needed to share this horrible theory that hit me.

The Night They Met

“…and so I’d like you to meet my really good friend Taylor. She’s the best.” That was all Calvin heard before she was standing in front of him, all tall and beautiful, her eyes piercing his. It was weird, when their eyes met, it felt like her knew her already. Instantly comfortable. 

 "Hi, I’m Calv–Adam,“ he fumbled, sticking out his hand. She grabbed his hand with her own and leaned in closer, her forehead wrinkles in confusion, her face an inch away from his-“I’m sorry I missed that. What did you say?” “Sorry,” he said quickly, “Adam, my name is Adam. Nice to meet you!” “But I thought,” she pulled back slightly and let go of his hand turning to Ellie with a half smile on her face. “I thought it was Cal-?“ 

 He interrupted her before Ellie answer. "Calvin Harris is just my stage name. I use my real name with friends.” “Oh, so we’re friends then?” She turned her face back to him, a flirtatious lift on her lips. “We barely just met.” Adams face lit up. “I would say so, sure. You seem the type of girl a guy like me would be lucky to call a friend." 

Taylor laughed. "Smooth, Mr. Harris, real smooth.” “Thanks,” he answered brightly. “And it’s Mr. Wiles if we’re going to go by last name. Though I much prefer Adam, coming from your lips. And what’s your last name then? Smith or something?" 

Taylor leaned in and laughed harder this time. "Cute Adam, really cute,” she breathed out after she could breathe again. “It’s Swift, if you didn’t know,” she said, before glancing around in confusion. “But where did Ellie disappear off too then? That girl I swear, I’ve been losing her all night!" 

She turned back to Adam, a dazed smile in his face. "I’m sorry what?” He said, after several seconds had passed with no response from him. “I said, did you see where Ellie ran off to?” She smiled at him, pulled into his eyes. His eyes were like magnets, drawing her in, and his proximity was setting off many chemical reactions–her skin practically tingled from being this close to him.

“She must have found more interesting people to talk to,” he answered with a smirk. “I can’t imagine who could be more interesting than you.” “All right Romeo, calm down,” she joked, taking a small step back from his body. Their proximity and his words were making her seriously consider breaking her no boys policy. “Sorry was that too cheesy?” Adam asked, taking a step closer to her, closing the space she just created. “I can’t seem to stop my mouth from saying very dorky, corny things right now. I blame your beauty of course.” He smiled big, letting her know he was kidding around. 

 The two fell into an easy conversation, a teasing back and forth. The longer it went on, the more comfortable she felt. He just got her, right away. Thought she was funny, and made her laugh way too easily. Could she do it? she mused to herself as Adam launched into a description of his morning preparation for the event. Could she break her no dating rule for him? He just seemed so funny and sweet–and nice. A good guy. And the way her body sang when he got close was making her feel like that rule was stupid–who would even make a rule like that? 

Suddenly, a hand appears out of nowhere and clapped Adam on the back. “Calvin!” A booming voice called out. Adams face immediately closed off and turned polite. “Hey Dave, how are you?” He said, shaking his hand. “And look who we have here? The Actual Taylor Swift? God damn man. Better not let Aarika catch you talking to this heartbreaker!” Taylor stiffened immediately, and her face froze in a polite smile. 

“I didn’t know you had a girlfriend,” she said, stepping back from their previous closeness. Adam shook his head no, he didn’t, but Dave interjected, “Oh yeah, what’s it been, seven months now? Where is she, anyway?" 

"Not here,” Adam answered pointedly, the tone lost on Dave, who nodded distractedly, then saw someone else he knew and left the two of them with a drunken wave. 

 "Well that’s nice. Anyway, it was lovely meeting you, Calvin,“ she said, as she stuck her hand out to shake his. "I hope you have a wonderful evening.” Polished, professional, cold. “No, Taylor, I’m not–we’re not,” Adam tried to explain, reaching out to grab her arm before she ran away. Taylor smiled that same smile but scooted back, out of his reach. “Oh don’t worry, I understand. There’s no need to explain. But I really should go find Ellie, if you’ll excuse me.” And she was off, headed toward the bar. Adam sighed, then kicked the chair next to him. “Shit!” He said, running his hand through his hair.


Taylor made her way outside the room where the party was, so she could get some quiet, some air. She felt foolish and stupid, like he had played a trick on her in front of everyone. Her cheeks were bright red, and she played back their conversation, how what she had taken for flirting must have just been conversations. “Wow Taylor, you must be hard up for some man attention, he didn’t even like you. He has a girlfriend. Stupid, stupid, stupid." 

She sighed, then sat on the marble staircase in from of her. Tears, unbidden and unwanted, sprang from her eyes, more from embarrassment than pain. She wiped them away as quickly as possible and tried to compose herself. "It’s fine you’re fine. Just go back in there and find Ellie and Karlie and have a great time,” she told herself. But really, she didn’t want to. She was tired and embarrassed, a little sad even. She just wanted to go home. 

Suddenly, the door beside her burst open. “Have you seen–did you see,” a man was calling out as he raced passed her, a messy blur. “Sorry?” She called back, confused. The man stopped and turned around–it was Adam. “Oh it’s you. There you are,” he sighed in relief, running over to where she was sitting. “Oh, it’s you,” she repeated, although with a much more resigned, disinterested tone. 

“Look Taylor we’ve got to talk and clear some things up–” he started to say before she cut him off. “I don’t date people who are in relationships,” she said shortly, standing up and folding her arms. 

“Of course you don’t–" 

 "I don’t know what you’ve heard, that you thought I might be interested in dating someone who has a girlfriend, but I don’t and will not,” she continued, her voice steely. 

“I know you wouldn’t, I wouldn’t think to ask–" 

"I’m just making that clear right away. I don’t want any conf–" 

"Will you please stop for one minute so I can explain?” Adam cut into her monologue, surprising her by coming in close, his face a breathe away from hers. She swallowed and took a step back. “Ok. Explain. Explain from over there though. And no jokes,” she added when she saw his face about to pull out a corny line about him making her uncomfortable with his sexiness.

Adam sighed and shook his head, trying to catch his breathe. He looked up and tried to catch her eye, but she wouldn’t look at him. Her arms crossed, head down–she looked strong, ready for a fight. But that’s not the Taylor he wanted right then. “Can you do me a favor and look and me when I say this?” he pleaded with her, needing her to see the truth in his eyes when he spoke. 

Taylor raised her head and caught his eye. And swallowed. “Fine,” she said quietly. “Talk.” Adam took a deep breathe. “I am not dating anyone." 

"But–” “Bapa shh–I’m talking ok?” Taylor swallowed her words and nodded. Adam continued, “I’m not dating anyone, I was recently dating a lovely woman named Aarika who I have broken up with. Pretty recently. A few weeks ago." 

"And,” he continued, as Taylor opened her mouth to say something, “that guy Dave and I aren’t close, so there’s no way he could have known. I’m usually pretty private about my relationships. And finally,” he continued, again senses Taylor was about to say something, “It ended amicably, were still friendly, but I have no residual break up pain or a need for a rebound girl. Just so you know,” he finished, “if anyone might be interested. That’s just some knowledge I gave you. To use or not to use, up to you." 

Taylor bit her cheek to keep from smiling. He was just so cute. And so funny. And he sensed her confusion and her questions and he seemed to answer honestly. His eyes seemed honest. She nodded slowly. "Thanks for the info. I’ll keep you in mind if any of my single girlfriends start whining about a guy. Maybe I’ll hook you up." 

"Yeah?” He answered, slowly walking toward her, testing her boundaries. Taylor backed away from him as he moved in closer, until she hit a wall with a surprised yelp. “That’s awfully kind of you Taylor, I wouldn’t want to put you out or anything,” he said, pulling up against her, his hand finding its place on her waist, their faces a hairs breathe away from each other. “It’s no trouble,” Taylor whispered, the sensations of his hand on her waist making her brain turn to mush, her arm almost automatically pulling up around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss. “Anything for a friend,” she whispered, before he suddenly moved forward and kissed her hard on the mouth, pulling her in tight to his chest. 

The kiss was perfect–strong and sweet. He let go of her for a moment and the two of them just stood there, looking at each other. Her hand on his chest, his hand on her waist, their eyes lost in each other’s. He could practically read in her eyes, “don’t hurt me please. I’m trusting you.” And she could read in his, “I won’t. I promise I won’t hurt you. Trust me." 

Suddenly, as if by physic power, they close their eyes and leaned back into each other simultaneously. Their kisses became frantic and feverish. Taylor opened her mouth to let out a moan and he found his way in, their tongues dancing, her hand coming around his waist and pulling him in tight to her body. She smelled like cinnamon and pine, and he couldn’t get enough. He needed her, more of her, all of her. Then, they broke apart, as quickly as they had gotten together. 

They stood there silently, breathing heavily, lipstick off her lips and on his face, his hair askew, his tie somehow undone. "I think this should, um, wait until another time,” Taylor finally got out, wiping the lipstick off his face and reaching to fix his tie. “What, you don’t want to have sex at the Brit Awards after party?” He teased, noting how her face turned bright red at the mention of sex, her eyes focused on tying his tie, smooth twists and a pull tight, straightening the knot. “Just teasing, love” he added when she didn’t respond, but her face turned even redder. He decided he liked making her blush, and vowed to make her blush as often as possible. 

“There, you’re perfect!” She announced smiling big, ignoring his words. He laughed and glanced in a mirror. He whistled. “Not bad, Swift–tie many ties before?” He joked, noting it’s smoothness. “I’ll never tell,” she answered with a smirk. She seemed edgy, nervous. “So well, I guess we should head back inside, yeah?” Taylor said after fixing her own hair quickly in the mirror, swiping the lipstick in her purse over lips quickly. 

“How do I look?” She asked Adam, turning back to him with a smile. “How did you do that?” Adam asked her quietly, watching her. “Do what?” She asked, double checking to make sure none of it smudged. Adam shrugged. “Look so perfect so quickly. You’re just…beautiful.” Taylor caught his eye, and he wasn’t messing around this time, he was serious. She blushed again and looked away, tugging at her hemline nervously. “I’m not perfect Adam, come on,” she said, uncomfortable with the compliment. She’d never been comfortable with people complimenting her beauty. 

Adam leaned against the wall, his hands in his pockets. “Why do you do that? Deny that you’re beautiful, that you’re gorgeous? I’m an impartial party here, just calling it like I see it. I’m just curious.” Adam asked. Taylor stood next to him, but not facing him. “Honestly?” She asked. “Of course,” he responded, turning her to face him. 

“Well, it’s like, I don’t know. I never really feel beautiful, not the way you say it. Like, I know I can put together an outfit, I know I can look presentable for sure. But beautiful?” She shook her head softly. “I just don’t feel that often. Certainly not when I’m a mess at a party,” she smiled, her hand running through her hair again, quickly glancing at the mirror once more, making sure everything was in the right place. 

“I guess that will be my new mission then,” Adam said softly, watching her raptly. “What’s that?” She said turning back to him. He leaned in, kissing her softly. Then he pulled back, smiling. “Making you feel beautiful every day. New mission.” She giggled, his words turning around in her stomach, turning into butterflies. “Sounds good to me. Unfortunately, I’m heading back to the States tomorrow morning, so your mission will have to wait,” she said, kissing his cheek shyly and stepping back. 

“You doubt me, Miss Swift. I’m wounded,” he laughed, grabbing her hand and walking her back to the party door. “I’ll find a way, trust me,” he whispered before opening the door, the party suddenly swallowing them with its noise and chatter. But his hand in her hand, his words in her mind–for some reason, this time, she chose to believe.