calm down riley

It is 1.30 am in the morning but I just cannot sleep and here I am thinking about Riley Matthews and what a ray of sunshine she is and also how amazing a friend she is. So, instead of closing my eyes and sleep, I keep thinking about how Riley is with her friends when they are sad. 

  • When Maya is sad, they sit together in the bay window and Riley just holds her in her arms until the tears stop streaming down her Peaches’ face. There are days when the pain of her father leaving just creeps up on her and consumes Maya. On those days when the tears don’t come because the sorrow is so numbing, she and Riley just sit there together. Sometimes, they will talk after about what is bothering Maya and other times when she doesn’t want to talk, Riley wraps her blanket around the both of them and turns on funny videos she finds online, stopping only when she finally hears her best friend laugh again. 

  • When Farkle is sad, Riley piles him with mathematic and scientific equations and questions that she gets from her Uncle Josh’s college friends in the Engineering faculty. She sits beside him throughout, heart aching for him when he first tightly grips the pencil, pressing hard against the paper as he struggles to focus. She knows that it is safe to talk to Farkle as soon the grip on the pencil relaxes, and he starts scribbling onto to the paper lightly but quickly. They talk about what is bothering him only after he has finished whatever question he had been working on. 

  • When Lucas is sad, she does not stop talking to him at all. Riley rambles on about her day or how embarrassing her father is or how she painted another purple cat in art class. She will slowly notice the tension in his shoulders ease and more often than not, she finds herself being extra dramatic with her stories. She knows how goofy she might look and she almost always starts to tone down when she thinks about how foolish she must seem. But then she hears the affectionate chuckle that Lucas lets out and she smiles at him, heart soaring when the previously forlorn look on his face is replaced by an affectionately soft one. They always talk about whatever is bothering him afterwards, her hands laced through his. 

  • When Smackle is sad, Riley sits with her. Most of the time, Smackle goes to Farkle but on the very rare days when Farkle is not there when she is sad, she is fine with just sitting with RIley. Smackle shuts down when she is upset but most of the time, Smackle frustratedly bangs anything she can get her hands on like the mug that she orders her hot chocolate in or the books she is supposed to be reading. Riley just wipes whatever liquid spills or tapes back the pages that are torn from the books. When Smackle seems to be calming down, Riley directs Smackle’s attention to topics she likes such as Farkle and the Noble Prize for Physics. They do not talk about whatever it is that has made Smackle sad but Smackle does scoot a little closer to RIley on the couch. 

  • When Zay is sad, Riley bakes him brownies. It is not the cookies that he craves so much from his grandmother, but it is pretty close. When she is done baking, she makes her way to the dance studio to watch her friend dance his sorrow away through ballet. She is always mesmerized by how graceful Zay is when he dances, and how every move can invoke such emotions within her. When he is done and it is clear that the weight from before has lifted slightly, he makes his way to her and they sit cross-legged in the dance studio, munching on the brownies as they enjoy each others’ company. By the time it is time for them to go home, Riley feels lighter when she sees the dimples on Zay’s cheeks emerge again. 

I’m sorry if this was long. I just really miss my Princess Riley Matthews 😭

watching sense8
  • me: what the hell
  • me: *appreciates the many different cultures that are accurately represented*
  • me: full-on sex scene omg pls stop
  • me: oh haha that's funny!!!!
  • me: jk it turned bad real quick
  • me: don't be porn (but also keep being porn)
  • me: aw Lito and Hernando omg
  • me: holy smokes drama af
  • me: um
  • me: *screams at everyone for making idiotic decisions*
  • me: hoe don't do it
  • me: oh my God

Okay, so I know we all like to joke around about and shit on Riley…well more so on the fact that the writers just threw this character in that we’re supposed to suddenly care about, and is an obvious Bryan stand in…but…putting all this aside, my meta brain started doing some research cause, y’know that’s what I do…

Riley is a word that can be used as both a name and an adjective. 

First things first going to look at it as a name since it’s how it’s used within the show.

Riley is an alternative spelling to Reilly which is an anglicized version of the Irish Raghallaigh. The meaning of the name Riley (or Reilly/Raghallaigh) is “Valiant”

Valiant - Possessing or showing courage or determination

Of course this isn’t something we, the audience, has seen from him, though I’d say that it probably possesses a bit of courage and determination to keep on pressing on when you’ve been taken as a slave, and most likely beaten/tortured at some point, but still…

We could also agree that he was determined to take out Roan in The Tinder Box, but I wouldn’t call that determination a valiant one. Going off of The Tinder Box episode, though, we do have that moment where Bellamy tells him “Your life was saved for a reason, and this isn’t it.” Now, we could just look at that as a one time thing used to calm Riley down in this situation, but come on guys, this is The 100, we should know better by now. Because of this in connection to the meaning of Riley’s name, I do think that Riley is going to serve a bit more of a purpose in 4B, and we might finally get the answers of ‘Who the fuck is Riley?’ and ‘Why the fuck is he even here?’ This is something I wouldn’t mind seeing, only so long as it doesn’t take anything away from the regular cast/characters (ie. him deciding to sacrifice himself to save everyone instead of someone like Jasper) 

As an English Surname the name Riley means “Rye Clearing”

Rye is a plant (grass) that’s grains are often used for animal feed or making things such as cereal or whiskey. —so this would be a connection to Riley being from Farm Station (which slightly makes me wonder if Clarke had Bryan on the list, cause obviously she didn’t have Monty or Riley on it, and these three are the last people we know of from Farm Station…)

Hmm maybe Riley being from Farm Station will have something to do with the whole “life was saved for a reason, and this isn’t it” thing.

Now that I have the meaning of Riley as a name out of the way, I’m going to focus on the meaning of it an adjective.

One meaning of ‘riley’ is Turbid

Turbid - 

a. Deficient in clarity or purity

b. characterized by or producing an obscurity of mind or emotions

Synonyms: cloudy, polluted, confused

another meaning of ‘riley’ is Vexed

Vexed - 

a. difficult and debated. problematic

b. annoyed, frustrated, or worried

Synonyms: afflicted, distressed, tormented, exasperated

When we look at these two definitions and their synonyms we can easily link them to Riley in The Tinder Box. His past and feelings/emotions towards Ice Nation are obscuring or clouding his ability to think logically. He isn’t thinking about the possible outcome of a war starting or even of himself winding up dead from one of Echo’s arrows in this situation. All he sees when he sees someone from Ice Nation is his tormentors. So, he becomes the problematic factor that Bellamy has to talk down. 

I could very well be wrong, but is it possible that ‘Riley’ in its meaning as an adjective is supposed to be who Riley was, and that the meaning of Riley as a name is who he is supposed to become in 4B?

Now, whether or not the audience will actually care is an entirely different question altogether…

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also: they gave me a finished jacket. this is what the finished copies are going to look like. so. that’s a thing. [deceases gently]

Riarkle one shot

Hi! Thought I’d write another Riarkle one shot because I’m sad and writing makes me happy! 
Rating: G
Prompt: The group is camping and a thunderstorm happens. Riley is terrified and her boyfriend calms her down. 

“Peaches, did you hear that thunder?” Riley yelled to her friend across the room.

“Yes, of course I did, honey. I’m in the same place as you.” Maya laughed at her frightened friend.

The group had decided to go stay at Farkle’s cabin in the woods, where a thunderstorm was currently keeping them inside. Lucas, Zay, and Farkle were currently in an intense game of Twister and Maya was the spinner. Smackle was in the kitchen attempting to make cookies.

“I think we’re all gonna die. I’m taking off all the metal I’m wearing.” Riley paced the room nervously.

“Riley, it is just a thunderstorm. You will be okay.” Smackle reassured her.

“But there’s a chance I could die!” Riley screamed, just as a bright flash of lightning took place. The thunder boomed after it and Riley jumped onto the couch. She curled herself into a ball. Lucas and Zay laughed at Riley’s fright while Farkle was obviously concerned for his girlfriend. He quickly removed himself from the game of Twister, which caused Zay and Lucas to tumble on top of each other.

“Dude, what the heck?” Lucas whined as he untangled himself from Zay.

“Let the man be with his woman, Lucas.” Zay elbowed his oblivious friend, gesturing to where Farkle and Riley were.

Farkle took Riley by the hand and led her to the basement.

“It’s probably safer down here. Plus you can’t see or hear the thunder as well.” Farkle said as he sat down on the couch. Riley plopped herself down on his lap, wrapping her arms around him. Farkle traced his fingers gently on her back.

“I don’t know why thunderstorms scare me so much. I feel so dumb.” Riley whimpered, as she started playing with the collar of Farkle’s shirt.

“Well, if it helps you feel any better, I don’t think you’re dumb. I like calming you down.” Farkle said, placing a kiss on her cheek.

He turned on the tv to Nickelodeon. Riley removed herself from his lap to get a better view of the screen. She sat next to him, his arm around her, her head on his shoulder, and her legs curled on top of his. His fingers twirled in her hair as they watched Spongebob.

As the show ended, they realized the rain had stopped. They were just getting up to head back upstairs when they heard the door open.

“Are you guys done making out down here?” Maya shouted at them. The two chuckled as they walked upstairs hand in hand. “Oh gross, PDA.”

“Thanks for calming me down, Farkley.” Riley chirped, kissing her boyfriend on his lips lightly.

“Anything for you, my love.” Farkle smiled.

malevolentfaery  asked:

Omg, please tell the Riarkle exposed on Valentine's Day. Please. I need it.

You better like this because I just wasted like an hour of my life typing it out only for it to DELETE ITSELF so now I’m starting over omfggggggg

  • Kay so Riley and Farkle start dating on her Sweet Sixteen but keep it a secret
  • Mostly because they’re just assholes who find the sneaking around thing fun but it’s also Riley being salty about people forgetting her birthday and Farkle worrying Cory will murder him and serve him on a plate with mashed potatoes
  • The ONLY person who knows they’re together is Feeny
  • Because Riley and Feeny are super close like they Skype each other and have tea almost every Saturday it’s very cute
  • So Feeny was well informed on the who Farkle-Drama before they got together, so she told him like immediately after they kissed. He’s super happy for them but he thinks they should tell everyone else they’re dating
  • They don’t listen to Feeny
  • You should always listen to Feeny
  • Okay so anyway it’s Valentine’s Day and everyone’s got plans- Zay’s visiting Vanessa, Auggie’s at Ava’s place, Lucas and Maya are at a bowling alley antagonizing sixth graders, Shawn’s taking Katy ice skating HE’S GONNA PROPOSE SCREAM WITH ME
  • Cory and Topanga have reservations at some fancy place. Morgan showed up in the city out of the blue, so Eric and Josh are taking her to dinner while (jokingly) texting Cory about him being awful for picking his wife over his sister. Cory is so distressed bc he has had the reservations for 3 months omg
  • So anyway Riley’s home alone and Farkle has a plan
  • A good plan
  • An amazing plan
  • But what happens to all of Farkle’s plans? They fail horribly
  • like omg so Riley specifically told Farkle she didn’t want to do anything for the holiday bc she had studying to catch up on and she didn’t want anyone to run into them and figure out they were together
  • And Farkle was like “yeah that’s reasonable”
  • Except he’s trying to be romantic so now he’s trying to fucking break into her apartment
  • Which he normally wouldn’t have a problem with except he wasn’t expecting rain and he sLIPS AND FALLS OFF THE FUCKING FIRE ESCAPE
  • So now Farkle Minkus is just laying on the ground covered in mud and water with ripped flower petals surrounding him and a sad bunny head next to him and he’s just like “this is it. this is how I die”
  • He literally fucking lays there until the rain stops omfg
  • Suddenly he gets a text from Riley asking what he’s up to and he has no words to possibly explain this so he just snaps a selfie and sends it to her with no context
  • Except the dumbass forgot to switch it to selfie mode so actually he just sent her a picture of a decapitated stuffed bunny laying in the mud surrounded by rose petals
  • Poor Riley gets the picture and is like what the fuck is this supposed to mean????
  • So she calls Farkle and he’s trying to sound casual as if he doesn’t have a concussion so he picks up and is like “Do you like surprises? If so, come outside, darling’
  • So Riley’s like ‘what the fuck’
  • So she goes outside and sees him laying there and she’s like FARKLE H O W
  • She helps him up and they stumble up to her apartment and shoves him in the bathroom and tells him to shower while she washes his clothes
  • Which he does but he finishes much faster than the washer so now he asks Riley if he can borrow some clothes and
  • She just hands him a pair of hot pink sweatpants with purple flowers around the ankles
  • And he’s like “this is a weird tactic of trying to see me naked”
  • “Just put them on, if I give you my dad’s clothes he’ll notice. I don’t think any of my shirts will fit you tho”
  • So Farkle just groans and accepts it. However, had he not been concussed, the poor boy would probably have remembered that roughly 87% of his girlfriend’s wardrobe used to belong to him
  • Riley was absolutely just fucking with him and when he wasn’t looking, got plenty of pictures for future black mail
  • Anyway so now Farkle and the ill-fitting sweatpants are sitting on the bench in the kitchen right
  • And Nurse Riley is kneeling on the bench in front of him, her pajamas consisting of basketball shorts and a t-shirt,  checking for injures
  • She notices blood and freaks the fuck out and basically becomes Jacob from Twilight cause she rips her shirt off to put pressure on it (she’s in a sports bra chill)
  • Farkle’s got his arms wrapped around her waist because he feels like he might fall over
  • And then the door opens
  • In walks Cory, Topanga, Eric, Josh and Morgan omg
  • They find these two in an admittedly compromising situation
  • Dead silence for a long moment as everyone stares at each other in shock
  • The silence is finally broken by Eric emitting a high pitched shriek
  • Followed by Josh whispering “OooOOOHHH NOOOOOOO” while covering his eyes in horror
  • Riley opens her mouth to explain but Farkle, in full panic, just screams “I’VE BEEN DATING RILEY FOR TWO MONTHS”
  • The only reaction that gets is Morgan starts applauding like the fucking Opera just ended omg
  • Cory and Topanga look like fish and they just wordlessly leave the room with Topanga gesturing for them to give them a minute
  • Eric is still shrieking and is using the couch to stop himself from collapsing at this point
  • Josh just lays face down on the window seat in the living room and starts to quietly cry to himself
  • Morgan is cracking the fuck up and looks at Riley and deadass says “Atta Girl!”
  • Flash forward like 30 minutes omg no one is talking Stuart and Jen are here now bc they received an angry phone call
  • Riley knows all four parents are about to go OFF because they won’t even let her explain it was a misunderstanding. She texts Maya to come save her
  • Just as the yelling gets underway the door opens to reveal Shawn and Katy!!!
  • Because Katy said yes so Shawn’s immediate reaction was “sWEET I’M ENGAGED I GOTTA GO TELL CORY” but they walk in and immediately figure out the situation
  • Mostly because no one has let Riley and Farkle get dressed yet and Josh is still softly crying in the window
  • Not to mention Eric is on the phone yelling “FEENY MY NICHE WAS VIOLATED BY A ROBOT” omfg
  • Shawn is very torn at this moment because since he’s been more ~involved~ he’s gotten pretty close with Farkle so like half of him is like “Nice, kid!” and the other half is “RILEY MY SWEET SUMMER CHILD NO”
  • So everyone’s getting ready to yell again when Maya and Lucas burst in
  • And boy when Maya figures out the situation she goes off before their parents do omfg
  • Lucas is honestly just confused he has not put it together yet
  • At one point Maya literally yells “You’re not supposed to loose your virginity before me!” and that’s when all the adults in the room remember the yelling is supposed to be their job
  • Everyone starts yelling at once omfg Stuart/Jen go the ‘irresponsible’ route while Corpanga seems more upset this was happening behind their backs while Riley’s yelling in defense of herself while Maya is siding with Corpanga because she didn’t know about this while Katy’s yelling at Maya for apparently having planned when she and Riley would respectively loose their vcards while Shawn goes back and forth between “HOW COULD YOU TWO” and “NICE” and Feeny is yelling on speaker phone trying to get everyone to calm down while Farkle is yelling about the fact no one is getting him medical attention while Eric and Josh just cry
  • Morgan is filming and also defending Riley lmao
  • Everyone eventually calms down enough for Riley to explain it was all a misunderstanding right
  • But then Cory goes “okay but how did Farkle get hurt?’
  • And bless Farkle’s poor concussed little self because he said "I was trying to break into your apartment to surprise Riley and be romantic”
  • Stuart just GROANS
  • Cory just takes a deep breath and says to Farkle, “This is your head start”
  • Farkle gets the message and immediately bolts out the door
  • Still wearing nothing but Riley’s hot pick sweatpants
  • Cory let’s out a war cry and runs after him
  • There’s a moment of silence and Topanga’s like “I’m just gonna follow after them in the car”
  • Eric and Shawn just make eye contact, nod, and start screaming and run after her
  • Riley’s now in her apartment with the Minkus’, Maya, Lucas, Morgan and Josh
  • There is a very awkward tension in the air so Morgan is like “Why don’t we just put on some tv”
  • Top News Story: Billionaire Stuart Minkus’ Half Naked Son Runs Screaming Through the Streets as a Curly Haired Man Chases Him. Car of Laughing Adults Follows Leisurely in Pursuit?“
  • Everyone groans
  • Meanwhile, Eric’s in the car live tweeting the whole event
  • And Eric’s the fucking Senator so he has a fair amount of followers on Twitter. That’s where the news is getting the updates to the story omfg
  • So there’s the basic background info of what started all this (apparently he had been live tweeting the fight too without anyone noticing) but now he’s like ”THEY’VE BEEN RUNNING FOR HALF AN HOUR WITHOUT STOPPING THIS KID IS DEFINITELY A ROBOT”
  • “Okay apparently Shawn Hunter is Mary Poppins because he just pulled a fully loaded water gun out of his coat pocket I don’t see where it could have fit???”
  • So meanwhile in the alley Farkle hit a fucking dead end and Cory’s cracking up and is trying to get him to calm down
  • Like Cory’s a little pissed obviously but not this much he totally just wanted to see how scared of him Farkle actually was omfg
  • So Cory gets him to chill and they have a quick sappy talk about how of course Cory ultimately knows he can trust Farkle with his daughter but also implores them to just take things a little slow
  • And Farkle agrees 1) because duh but 2) it’s not like him and Riley have even done that much in their two months of dating because they are both awkward little ducklings omg
  • They get in the car and thank God Topanga had blankets waiting for Farkle because it’s fucking February and he’s shirtless and barefoot omg
  • They get back to the Matthews apartment and everything is still really awkward
  • Riley heads to her room to get changed and Stuart and Jen are getting ready to take Farkle to the hospital to get him checked out
  • Lucas is still super confused and Zay’s in the group chat trying to get details and he’s like “I don’t know???” Maya just pm’s him to tell him everything omg just let Lucas suffer
  • The two of them leave
  • All the sudden Shawn just fucking groans and looks at Farkle and was like “you couldn’t have held out till June??? Now Eric won the bet!”
  • And everyone starts grumbling while Eric is celebrating until they hear the deathly low angry voice of Riley Erica Matthews
  • “What bet?!”

* so Lucas gets his license before the others because he was held back so he becomes the group’s driver literally everywhere
*the car used to be pappy Jo’s so it’s old
* which Maya makes fun of 24/7 and calls his “rusty steed” but she low key likes it because ya she doesn’t know much about cars but it has a classic old feel to it that she doesn’t know why but she loves it
*One day they are driving on some back road and the car stalls and they’re in the middle of nowhere with no cell signal
* Riley is of course crying and claiming she’s going to die while Farkle is trying to calm her down which is basically him holding her until she stops
*Lucas is trying to fix the car while Smackle attempts to help (mostly flirting with him and pointing out the obvious) she’s just sitting there like “I don’t think that’s supposed to be smoking” while Lucas is stressing out because he knows nothing about cars
*Maya climbed on top of the truck trying to get signal but gives up and is just laying on it bored and saying really unhelp advice “Huckleberry try checking the thing”
*Zay is sitting in the bed of the truck playing phone games while all this goes down. Until his phone dies and he’s freaking out because he was about to beat his high score. Then the situation dawns on him and he starts sayinf unhelpful things like “wow hopefully we won’t die” and Farkle bless his soul had just calmed Riley down but this made her cry again
*Farkle gives up and just lifts Riley onto the car next to Maya who immediately starts running her hands softly through Riley’s hair and muttering calming things
*Finally some car is driving down the road and pulls over, she sees the mental state of Riley and is just like “um how can I help” she literally looks under the hood, messes with a few things then tells him to start the car and it’s working in less than 5 minutes
*Riley jumps off the truck and hugs the lady while crying how she saved their lives

Girl Meets I Do; (May contain spoilers if you haven't seen)

A/N: OKAY! So I got a lot of requests about GMID and I’d love to individually do them but I don’t want to be repetitive so I combined them all in some ways ! I hope this is okay! Also to all the anons that complimented my previous work it genuinely means a lot to me!! Thank you so so much :) 

I altered the episode a little as you’ll have noticed just to make it work! If the rest of the clique six were going to be at the wedding I wanted the Matthews family AKA Shawn’s family to be there too!! 

♡ ♡ ♡ 

In the early hours of the morning a doubtful Maya drags Riley out of bed and into the bay window. Her mother was set to marry Shawn the following evening, this is everything she’d be hoping for but she was worried it would fall apart at any moment. Maya believes good things don’t happen to her so why should she expect this would be any different. 

After all attempts at waking the deep sleeper Maya went for the romantic approach. 

“Riley, it’s me Lucas, I want to be a veterinarian and I want to kiss your face” Maya puts on her Texan voice. 

Riley kisses the air with a smile and Maya can’t help but grin herself, “ew.”

Rattling on the fire escape gives Maya a fright and her sudden jolt knocks Riley over and she hit the ground, finally waking up.

“What happened?” Riley groggily gets up.

“Your boyfriend and his boyfriends decided to pay you a visit!” Maya pokes her thumb at the window and their three guy friends are standing by waving.

Riley opens the window and whispers, “What are you guys doing here?”

“Smackle is here too!” She raises her hand up making herself known, she was lost behind the boys. 

“Shh!” They all turned to hush her.

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prompt: all I can say is it was enchanting to meet you (part 2/7 for rucas fanfic week!)

alternatively known as: the one where riley falls into some other guy’s lap on the subway.

pairing: riley/lucas (w/ implied riley/charlie)
word count: 2,237

At four o’clock on a Friday afternoon, Riley Matthews was standing on the C train heading to Brooklyn. After two long weeks, she was finally getting the chance to see her boyfriend, and was not about to let the opportunity slip through her fingers. She had put on a new dress and a dash of her mother’s expensive perfume - the one that Charlie Gardner had once romantically proclaimed made her smell like royalty.

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okay but imagine how charlie gardner feels

  • lbr he’s probably likes riley for a really long time and just image little charlie being devastated when he first sees riley and lucas together
  • he waited patiently and respectfully out of the picture for riley to be 100% available at semi-formal
  • in that time he elaborately planned out an amazingly sweet prom-posal
  • that got immediately accepted and then immediately rejected
  • he wasn’t upset. he still understood that he got the situation ‘wrong’ 
  • he stepped back without a fuss even though it was uber obvious that riley was making shit up
  • he went so far as to try and explain himself to LUCAS because he thought he owed him that 
  • then enter texas where charlie finally gets another chance, this time with a fully (what he believes to be) free and unattached riley matthews
  • who once again accepts his advances
  • who then proceeds to create absurd rules for their date
  • who then proceeds to ignore him during the ‘topangas’ scene
  • enter fucking lucas friar who charlie probably by now sees as the taker of his happiness, loudly annoucing that he and riley are not brother and sister (and have some potential left ew)
  • and hes pissed for a second but he calms down immediately because hey, riley matthews is right there in front of him and going out with HIM NOW
  • and even though im sure charlie knows riley’s putting up one hell of a facade, he puts on a brave face and tries to enjoy whats left of the night
  • charlie gardner is amazing and deserves to be so much more than just a plot device for fucking rucas
Bun in the Oven

Inspired by the prompt: Person A goes to Person B’s older sibling and tells them that they are pregnant and they are afraid of what Person B will think once their pregnancy progresses. During their conversation, Person B eavesdrops. What happens after is entirely up to you.

“Riley,” Tristan Friar drawled as he opened the door to his shared apartment with his brother. “Luke’s asleep right now.”

“He is?” She rushed inside as Tristan stepped aside. “That’s good. Uh, that’s perfect actually. I wanted to talk to you.”

“Me?” Tristan sat on the couch and Riley shuffled awkwardly. “Are you asking my permission to marry, Lucas, or something? I just hope you realize you guys’ are already engaged and it’s too late for my blessing.”

“Something,” She responded briskly. “It’s something else.”

“What, are you going to tell me that you got a bun in the oven?” He joked.

Riley glanced at the floor uneasily and played with the hem of her blouse. Her silence washed away the gleeful grin off his face.

“Are you serious?"He gaped at her, grabbing at his hair as he tried to wrap his head around the situation. "You’re pregnant?”

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fandom: girl meets world
pairing: riley matthews & lucas friar 
word count: 3,098 
prompt: “i got the first kiss and she’ll get the last.” - written for rucas fanfiction week!  
notes: so i took a different approach with this (mainly bc i didn’t think i could write riley and lucas with people other than each other) so this turned out super super angsty. apologies in advance. pls don’t hate me. also i’m not a doctor so nothing in here is probably medically accurate. 
warning: character death. 

The day that Lucas and Riley found out that they were going to have a baby, unsurprisingly, one of the best days of both of their lives. The young couple had been married for almost a year at this point, Riley had a job as a first grade teacher and Lucas had just finished vet school and was working towards finally achieving his dream. It seemed as though everything in their lives was falling into place.

Lucas still remembered the day like it was yesterday, Riley had shaken him awake before the sun was barely peeking out above the horizon, practically yelling at him about being “late.” At first Lucas had thought she was telling him she was late for school, but soon she got the implication that she was trying to give him and jumped out of bed and swooped her into his arms. She took a test twenty minutes, and one very quick pharmacy trip, later and confirmed what they both had already believed to be true.

They were going to be parents.

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I have been reading all of the theories as to what everyone thinks is going to happen next. They are all fine, but, realistically, we don’t know what they are up to. 

Michael Jacobs is playing with our hearts. We are all having trust issues. We can all agree on that right?

This is the whole GMW fandom right now:

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Farkle Meets the New Year

Want to thank all the lovely and wonderful people who lent me an ear or read bits and pieces. Especially want to thank @sand1128 @zombeeegurl @imaginarybird @hiheyhowdyhi and new friends Courtney and Kayla…thank you all!

Chapter 1 

  This idea came to me after a recent rewatch of Girl Meets the New Year. Thought it would be fun if Riley got to turn the tables on Farkle. In this story Farkle and Smackle have been broken up for nearly 3 years. They haven’t seen or spoken to one another at all. He broke up with her so she wouldn’t be tied down. He wanted her to follow her dreams. Those dreams led her to Stanford, University in California. Farkle was in Princeton, New Jersey. Smackle has been given the opportunity to study in Australia. Will she take the position or will Farkle be able to make her change her mind? Will he be able to admit his feelings to her? Takes place from Thursday, December 29 to Saturday, December 31, 2022.

Note-the Clique Six is all 21 with Lucas being 22. Josh Matthews is 24. They are all Juniors in college and Josh followed in Cory’s footsteps and is working as a middle school history teacher.

Thursday, December 29, 2022, Topanga’s Bakery and Coffee House

Riley and Maya were just closing the coffee house for the night, waiting for Lucas and Josh to come by. They were also waiting on Zay and Farkle. They were all on winter break from their respective schools and were meeting to plan their annual New Year’s Eve party. As Riley was locking the door she sees Lucas and Josh come down the steps so she holds the door open for them. She is greeted with a hug from her uncle and a kiss from Lucas. “Hey guys, you two are the first ones here. Help yourself to something to drink and eat,” Riley said with a smile. She gets her own drink and snack and joins Lucas in their usual spot on the couch with Josh and Maya sitting to their right. “So, niece, how’s the party planning going?” Josh asks. Before Riley can answer Maya chimes in with, “Oh Boing, you know Riles and Huckleberry have everything under control. Riley’s had everything planned for weeks!”

“No, Peaches!  We don’t have everything planned. We’ve got the food planned, we’re ordering pizzas. We just need to know what everyone wants. Someone needs to bring drinks and we need some junk food! It’s New Year’s Eve after all! Do we want to play games, watch movies or what? Nope, it’s not all planned out at all.”

Lucas smiles at Riley and says, “Babe, clam down. Isn’t that why we’re here to get it all taken care of?” Maya gets up and walks over behind Riley and puts a hand on her shoulder, “Honey, calm down, don’t panic. Maya the party planner to the rescue!”  Just then there is a knock on the door. Since she’s up, Maya unlocks it as she sees Zay and Farkle waiting on the other side. “It’s about time you were getting here!” Maya said. She greets both with a hug and invites them in. Hugs and handshakes were shared and Farkle and Zay go to help themselves to coffee and a pastry. Farkle sits next to Riley on the couch, putting her between him and Lucas and Zay sits in his usual seat on Lucas’ left. After catching the boys up on what plans had been made so far, the group go over what is left to be done and they each volunteer to bring the remaining items on Riley’s list.

Farkle is the one to bring up where the party is being held, “Are we moving the party to Josh and Lucas’ apartment this year since your parents and Auggie are still in Philly for the holidays?”

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months and months of back and forth

I started writing this when I first hit a roadblock on my wot3 au a month ago and I just finished it today. Writing takes time you guys. Hope you enjoy.

Riley always enjoys working at her mother’s cafe. Seeing different people from all different walks of life going about their days never fails to put a smile on her face. She likes the quiet moments too when she can sit and think in between rushes.

Today was a quiet day, winter break had started at NYU and most of her fellow classmates were on their way back home for the holidays. The high schoolers are finishing their last day of class and she suspects things will pick up as soon as they are let out.

The icy December chill blows through the small space as the door opens for the first time in over an hour. Riley looks up, ready to welcome the new customer until she sees who it is.

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