calm down riley

watching sense8
  • me: what the hell
  • me: *appreciates the many different cultures that are accurately represented*
  • me: full-on sex scene omg pls stop
  • me: oh haha that's funny!!!!
  • me: jk it turned bad real quick
  • me: don't be porn (but also keep being porn)
  • me: aw Lito and Hernando omg
  • me: holy smokes drama af
  • me: um
  • me: *screams at everyone for making idiotic decisions*
  • me: hoe don't do it
  • me: oh my God
"calming influence"
  • Lucas: *calms down when Maya jumps his back in Flaws*
  • Lucas: *calms down when Maya cracks a joke in Secret of Life*
  • Lucas: *admires how calm Maya is after the ice cream duel*
  • Lucas: *calms down a little in Rileytown after Maya makes a joke*
  • Lucas: *calms down when Maya calls him out in New Year, then squishes right up against her to read over her shoulder*
  • People watching a different show than me: Riley needs Lucas to calm him down! He can't calm down without Riley!
  • Me: Oh you mean the girl who didn't even care how much she was upsetting him in Secret of Life, who he wound up yelling at in class? The girl who kept hitting him until he yelled at her? The girl who said nothing while Lucas took Charlie's bait and got upset? That's who calms him down? Okay.
  • Also me: I mean, yeah she "calmed him down" in S1 because he completely buried his past...
  • Me again: ...but when has Riley ever calmed Lucas down when he was actually spooled up and angry? Ever? I mean...the best you got is Rules, I'd say. And he wasn't even angry in Rules. Soooo...

Riarkle Stargazing AU: New York may have been pretty, but the closest thing to small lights in the sky was the tall skyscraper’s light being turned on. So, Riley, who was so use to being the light, wanted to see it. And Farkle, would do anything to get away from the world with his love, so he took them away.

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Request: Riarkle AU where Riley and Farkle go out of the city every so often to stargaze and talk about astronomy? :)

"It's not YOURS!"

Okay, but we’ve all noticed the pattern of Riley self righteously telling Maya things don’t belong to her, right?

Cory in GM Father
The locket in GM the Truth
The $5 in GM Belief

(Tell me if there are others please!)

And in all three cases, it’s kiiiinda dubious as to just how far in the wrong Maya really is. Like, yes everyone knows Cory is your actual biological father Riley, calm down. And that locket sat in the lost & found for HOW long before Maya took it? And the $5 bill, well…I’m sure lots of us have kept money we found on the ground if its owner was nowhere to be found.

Maya ends up returning the locket to the family, but I always wonder: it sat in the lost and found for so long, would that locket have made it back to the little girl that day if Maya hadn’t jacked it? Maybe. Maybe not.

And the $5 in Belief, well she wound up putting it back at the end and I guess it turns out it was Yogi’s? Like, if you lost $5 why didn’t you speak up when Maya was waving it around in class, man? I dunno. I just don’t have it in me to vilify someone too much for keeping found cash that didn’t have an apparent owner nearby.

And then the “you know you’re MY father?” thing…man…that’s always bugged me. I get that Riley is insecure, but good lord kid: your father is trying to do this wonderful thing for both you AND your BFF and you gotta turn it into this? What the?

And didn’t the writers say Belief was a thematic sequel to Truth, or something like that? Anyway.

There’s this repeated theme of Riley telling Maya that things don’t belong to her, that she’s a mess, that’s she’s not very smart, etc etc. She even goes so far as to act like she’s a better artist than Maya while she’s finger painting a damned purple cat. And I know it’s played for laughs, but honestly it’s just so consistent and so not funny at this point. I feel like Maya’s internalized a lot of it. I feel like it’s probably tied to why she sees Lucas as belonging to Riley, as nothing she should have, as something she’d break and tear down and destroy.

And the funny thing about it is that he doesn’t actually belong to Riley.

(Note 1: as much as it knee-jerk yicks me out to talk about people being “belonging to someone” or whatever, I only mean it in the sappy sense here.)

(Note 2: Don’t take this as a Riley-bashing post. I have issues with the way Maya treats Riley too. There’s a lot to like about their friendship, but there are also some serious issues.)


also: they gave me a finished jacket. this is what the finished copies are going to look like. so. that’s a thing. [deceases gently]


I have been reading all of the theories as to what everyone thinks is going to happen next. They are all fine, but, realistically, we don’t know what they are up to. 

Michael Jacobs is playing with our hearts. We are all having trust issues. We can all agree on that right?

This is the whole GMW fandom right now:

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Calming Influence

Okay I feel like I need to describe what this is because LM shippers seem to take this way too literally. A calming influence isn’t someone who calms you down when you are angry, perse. A calming influence is so much more than that. This person calms you everyday. Just being in their presence is enough to keep you calm. Lucas was known as the guy who was okay with everything. How much do you want to bet he wasn’t like that in Texas? Lucas is sensibility. He thinks with his emotions. it’s good be passionate, it is not always good to act on it. He would do anything for his friends and that is what got him trouble. 

I know LM shippers believe them to be different but personality wise they are the same. The only reason we don’t see that is because we don’t really know much about him before he came to New York. We don’t know what he was like. But him and Maya both think with their hearts and it gets them into trouble. But don’t misunderstand me, I do not believe they are in love. I believe Maya might think she is. But I believe his heart is already taken. If it wasn’t, he would have paid more attention to Maya or asked her to be his girlfriend. But the two of them are still single. He wouldn’t have gotten so jealous over Charlie or have competed against him to prove who knew Riley better in a couple’s game, which is supposed to see if you’d make a good couple…you guys following this? He wouldn’t have known all those little details about her if he hadn’t of fallen for her.

The fact of the matter is Riley makes him better. She is sense. She thinks with her head and because of that doesn’t take many risks. She was willing to sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of Maya’s. They worked as an unofficial couple because they balanced each other out. She made him an all around better person. One he could be proud off. It’s not that she didn’t accept his other side, it’s just that she knew he wasn’t proud of it and knew the person he could be. She knows it’s still there and she accepts that about him it doesn’t mean she has to condone it. 

If an LM shipper feels like telling you that Maya changed him just drop this line, “If it wasn’t for you I don’t know if I would have survived New York. You’re very important to me, Riley.” Btw, he has never told Maya she’s important to him. Just putting it out there.