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All Over Again  ▏Myungsoo

Request: When it’s your first Christmas with Myungsoo (Infinite) in your new house as a married couple. The rating and genre is up to you! Thank you!

Comments: Ok so something an artist said in an interview once inspired this scenario pretty much completely, but what’s bothering me is that I can’t remember who it was >.< The song linked below was also another inspiration, so give it a listen, And most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MYUNGSOO!

“It’s like I’m falling in love all over again, for the first time, and I know that it feels right.”

“Open it.”

           You frowned. “No,” you argued. “You open yours first. You always make me open presents first, and since this is our first Christmas as a married couple, we should change things up a bit.”

           Myungsoo chuckled. That very sound was something you had grown used to over the years you spent with him, but every time you heard it, it still made the color in your cheeks turn a slight shade of red and your heart to skip a beat or two.

           Whenever he smiled, it was contagious. You had to smile as well. Whenever he laughed, you found yourself quietly laughing as well, even if you didn’t know what exactly you were laughing at. It was as if the two of you were one now, and whatever one of you did, the other one mimicked.

           It was strange in a sense, but it was also sweet. There was no one else that shared the same thinking as you other than your husband, Myungsoo.

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anonymous asked:

good morning girls, ask box open make my day better <3 can u make a gif+reaction with Infinite, his gf are crying bcyz she is really stressed for something and she suddenly yell and freak out

Glad we could make your day better~<3

Sungkyu: “Well I think you need a little alone time”

Woohyun: he does aegyo to cheer you up but you yell at him

“i’ll go buy some food for you then”


Sungjong: doesn’t give up and puts his headphones on you and turns on a song that always helps him calm down

(just ignore myungsoo be adorable)

Hoya: telling Sungkyu what happen

“and she just blew up!”

Sungyeol: after you yell at him so he goes to do something else, asks  himself

“did I say something wrong?”

Dongwoo: when you calm down and apologize for yelling

(you are hoya)



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