calm down anton

So today I was out for some shopping and lunch with Cal and our friends, a lovely couple, who are Star Trek fans as well.

The conversation went to the sad passing of Anton, and what would happen to the role of Chekov now.

Cal and his friend thought that they should have Jaylah back, and she could take the navigation / engineer role, and would be good with Sulu. However, I disagreed and thought that the role should be recast as, as much as I love Anton and miss him, Chekov is an integral role and in the TOS and films and his relationship with Sulu is wonderful and his youthful innocence gives something to the group whereas as we’ve seen Jaylah is a little jaded, her innocence has been taken and she was vengeful and filled with anger.

I don’t know what they’ll do in the fourth film, or indeed what the cast would do, but I would like to see Chekov still as part of the cast.

What do you guys think?