calm dafuq down

Barcelona ask to act against ex-Madrid players Sanchis and Rincon who, on national radio, applauded Isco for kicking Neymar in El Clásico.

On the day of the game, speaking into the microphones of a Spanish radio network both Sanchís and Rincón justified Isco’s aggression on Neymar. This past Sunday, they repeated said justifications, although the host of the show gave them many opportunities to rectify their statements. 

Rather than make a retraction or apologise, Sanchís doubled down on his words from the day of the match: "Neymar is going over the line, he isn’t getting [hit] enough.“ Rincón did the same, assuring that "If I am there, I hit him, there should be no doubt that I hit him; me and anyone else.”

FC Barcelona considers these statements to be an invitation to violence and therefore asks the Anti-violence Commission to act.

—  FC Barcelona

Can I just say: What. The. Actual. Fuck?!
Michaela and Connor

You know how in the first season, where Michaela is having a panic attack over Sam’s dead body and Connor is telling her to calm dafuq down? I know they’re both in a state of shock because of what happened, but they’re both reacting differently to it.

But now, in tonight’s episode, Connor is the one panicking and trying to put pressure on Annalise’s wound because she’s losing a lot of blood. And when the others come in, Michaela is the one who approaches Connor and places her hand on his cheek, calming him down gently.

That gesture is powerful because 1) it shows how far Michaela and Connor, in particular, have come as friends who care about each other, 2) Michaela has been in that situation before and wants Connor to not fall further into the panic, and 3) Michaela has become a more mature and grounded person who knows her own worth and doesn’t need a trophy or a soon-to-be-politician fiance to define that. It shows through her actions and words to those closest to her, namely Connor and the rest of the Keating kiddies.

FYI I’m not a M&C shipper, but I just really appreciate their friendship. And Oliver seems to have better chemistry with Michaela in conversations.