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VIXX Reaction to you crying in the bathroom


“What’s wrong? What happened? Why are you crying” N would immediately as what’s wrong

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Leo would immediately go over and hug you and calm you down then ask what is wrong.

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Ken would kiss you and would try to act silly and funny to make you laugh and feel better

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“Cheer up It’s gonna be okay I love you” Ravi would hug you till you stopped crying

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Hongbin would freeze for a bit before realizing whats happening and rushing to calm you down

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Hyuk would freeze not knowing what do do before asking what happened and hugged you

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Rick’s sister (Daryl Dixon x Reader) Part 3

Fandom: The Walking Dead

A/N: I’m so sorry it took me that long guys! I’m doing my best to keep up with everything in my life right now so I hope that you will forgive me :) 

Imagine being Rick’s little sister. He thinks you’re dead but you survived somehow to find him and his group at the farm months after the outbreak. Now you live with the group and Shane decides to be a ‘jerk’ to you. After your argument with Daryl you find out that Andrea shot him. 

Part 1

Part 2 

You smiled softly as Carol joked about being happy to see a potato and being able to cook in a real kitchen. Maggie chuckled with the others and smiled at you while helping you dress the tables for tonight’s dinner. You had to admit that helping in the kitchen was soothing and it gave you the opportunity to think about something else than Daryl’s mean words and behavior. Suddenly, the sound of heavy footsteps into the hallway next to the living-room made you look up in the direction of the doorway.

“Maggie, what’s this?” Hershel’s voice said from the living-room’s door. You gulped as you could hear the annoyance and the disappointment into the old man’s voice. You looked up at him for a second then quickly turned your eyes to glance at Maggie who already seemed pissed off.

“I’ll help the girls with the potatoes…” You said just above a whisper and excused yourself in the kitchen to give them some space. As you walked next to Carol, you looked back at Maggie to see her arguing with her father and you sighed as you grabbed a potato and smiled at the grey-haired woman. Carol smiled back at you but her smile was tainted with pain and sorrow, you wanted to tell her that Daryl would find her daughter, that he was the only one who could do it but only thinking about saying his name out loud brought tears into your eyes. You looked down, listening to the girls with a neutral expression until you heard Lori complain about life once again. You loved Lori like a sister, after all she was your sister-in-law, but you knew what she did while Rick was fighting for his life in the hospital.  

“I’m glad to finally eat something else than squirrels over a camp fire.” Lori said and the other women laughed. Even if you were hurt and pissed off at Daryl, you couldn’t help but feel the need to defend him and his hunting skills. Lori’s words were meant as a joke but you were already too sensitive to catch the humorous tone in her voice.

“If it wasn’t for Daryl’s squirrels, we would all be dead right now… We would have starved to death, Lori. Try to be a little bit more grateful for what he’s doing for this group.” You said, not even bothering to look at them. “As far as I’m concerned, he’s the only one who’s still looking for Sophia and it’s the end of the afternoon.”

“(Y/N), honey, I didn’t mean it like that…” Lori started to explain but suddenly you heard a loud scream from outside the farm house.

Your heart skip a beat as you dropped the knife and the potato you had in your hands. Your head wiped to the side, looking out of the window and straight into the field before the farm. You could see some people running around and fear gripped your heart.

“That voice…” You whispered, your eyes meeting Lori’s frightened ones.

“Rick!” She gasped and suddenly she bolted out of the kitchen with you right behind her.

You ran as fast as you could, your heart beating against your chest as Lori kept screaming Rick’s name. Hershel and his family were also running outside and the old man asked what was happening but your eyes were focused on Rick and Shane. They were carrying an in unconscious man, Andrea was apologizing and tried to say that she couldn’t have known it was him. You frowned as you caught Glenn looking at you with worried eyes and that is when you understood.

This man was Daryl.  

You gasped and covered your mouth with your hands. Daryl was covered in blood and mud, his side seemed hurt and his head seemed… shot? Your eyes started to water without your consent and you glared at Rick, the fear of losing Daryl was overwhelming.

“What the hell happened?!” You almost screamed and rushed towards your brother to look at the hunter. You cupped Daryl’s cheeks and lifted his unconscious face up to inspect it closely. You bite your lips and shook your head in disbelief. “What happened?” You asked again but Rick only sighed and looked at you with sad eyes before continuing his trip to the farm’s front door.

“Rick!” You called out, hating that your own brother was walking away to avoid your question.

“He’ll be fine (Y/N), he’s unconscious but the bullet only grazed him” Rick said over his shoulder, making you stop in your tracks and turn around with your mouth slightly open.

“Bullet? Someone shot Daryl?!” You said in disbelief, this was insane. You looked around and your eyes landed on Andrea. The blond took a step in your direction and looked at you with pleading eyes.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N), I thought that he was a walker. I was only trying to protect the group…” Andrea said but you jumped in and cut her with a shriek.

“Are you kidding me?” Andrea took a step back and looked at you with watering eyes. “You shot Daryl!” You screamed again, your fists clenching at your side.

Andrea nodded her head and you lost it. You lunged at her, seeing red and don’t even understanding what you were doing. Your fists keep connecting with Andrea’s face until you felt someone grab you and tore you away from the blond as they lift you up in the air, your feet not touching the ground.

“Let go of me!” You screamed, kicking and fighting over the person’s arms.

“Calm down (Y/N)! Stop it!” You heard T-Dog’s voice say then Glenn appeared before you, his face showing fear and irritation.

“(Y/N), listen to me! Daryl will need you, what is done is done. Beating Andrea won’t help Daryl now! It’s not like you, (Y/N).” Glenn tried to reason you as he tried to lead you away from the group and into the house. Your breathing was laborious and your knuckles were bruised but you didn’t care, no one in this group really cared about Daryl and that was what made you lashed out. Finally, Glenn lead you into the house and you let him, you knew that he was right and you also desperately needed to see Daryl.

“You’re okay?” Glenn asked when you entered the hallway that lead to the bedroom where Daryl was. You looked at Glenn and shrugged your shoulders but suddenly everything caught up to you.

“I… I don’t know what to do if he… I don’t know Glenn. I’m…” You stuttered, your voice breaking at the end and tears went down your cheeks. Glenn sighed and brought you in a warm hug, you hugged your friend back and let your feelings take over for several seconds before pulling away and smiling weakly at him.

“Thanks.” You told him just above a whisper, making him smile then open his mouth to answer but suddenly the door a door at the end of the hallway opened and Rick ran outside.

“(Y/N)! Can you help?” Rick said in a rush before going back in the room. Your heart jumped in your chest and you rushed in the room, looking back over your shoulder to thank Glenn with your eyes. The young man smiling softly to encourage you as you stepped into the bedroom.

“What can I do?” You asked in a rush, your eyes glued to your injured hunter. Hershel was starting to cut Daryl’s undershirt as he looked briefly at you then focused back on the task at hand.

“(Y/N), can you come over here and hold his head still, please?” Hershel asked in a calm voice and you nodded your head before rushing to the other side of the bed and kneeling next to an unconscious Daryl and you placed his head carefully on your lap.

Hershel nodded in approval and removed the shattered undershirt of Daryl’s chest. Even in the current circumstances, you couldn’t help but blush at the sight of the hunter’s muscular chest. You glanced up at Hershel to see him smirk knowingly, indeed his behavior made you blush even more. Hershel turned Daryl on his side carefully and your eyes widen as you saw his back. It was covered in scars, some were hidden under the thick layer of dirt and mud that was covering his skin but you could see what kind of scars they were. Your heart hurt for him and you could feel the tears in your eyes threatening to fall but you swallowed them back and closed your eyes to calm down. As Hershel started to tend to his injured side, you softly ran your fingers through Daryl’s short hair trying to give him as much tenderness as you could with this simple gesture. You were lost in your thoughts but suddenly your brother’s voice brought you back to reality.

“What happened to your hands?” Rick asked as he got closer, his features wearing concern and confusion as he saw you being soft with Daryl. You looked up at him, biting your lips and shrugging your shoulders in hope to avoid the conversation.

“Nothing.” You answered but Rick tilted his head to the side and you knew that you were in trouble.

“(Y/N) …” Rick warned and you groaned in annoyance, rolling your eyes.

“Fine! I knocked Andrea on her ass for what she did, that’s all.” You mumbled, playing with one of Daryl’s short lock.

“You did what?!” You heard Shane scream and your brother turned around to calm him down.

“She got what she deserved!” You defended yourself and glared at Shane as Rick tried to make him sit down once again.

“You stupid girl! You’ll see what I’ll do when…” Shane started but Rick got in his face, staring him down.

“When what, Shane?” The tension in the room was palpable at this point. Shane breathed in and out heavily while Rick kept glaring at him. “Don’t forget that you’re talking to my little sister, Shane. I won’t let you threaten her without saying anything.” Rick told the taller man before him, Hershel looked at you as you observed your brother closely.

“Rick, drop it. Doesn’t matter.” You mumbled again, wanting to only focus on Daryl.

Hershel kept working as the two men calmed down but suddenly the man on your lap jumped awake and looked around in fear. Your eyes widen and you couldn’t help but smile and let out a sigh of relief.

“Easy son, you’re hurt, easy.” Hershel tried to calm the hunter down but Daryl was still trying to get away from him and, consequently, from you too. You took his head carefully into your hands and tried to make eye contact with him to soothe him down.

“Hey, hey, Daryl. Don’t worry, you’re fine. You’re fine, Daryl. You’re at the farm, everything is alright.” You whispered to him while softly caressing his cheeks. Daryl’s breathing started to calm down as his eyes locked on yours. You smiled softly at him and kept caressing his cheeks. “You’re safe now, Dare. I’m here don’t worry.” You said in a soothing voice and Daryl finally calmed down and let Hershel tend to his wounds.

You kept playing with his hair while Hershel patched him up and you could have sworn that you saw him lean into your touch for a second. After a while, Hershel patched Daryl’s head up and you sat next to him on the bed while the old man finished his work on Daryl’s side. Rick asked Daryl what happened and where he had found Sophia’s doll as he laid a map on the bed just before your knees. Daryl pointed to the map, his voice slightly rougher at he was still emerging from his daze. You couldn’t really hear what they were saying as your attention was entirely focused on Daryl. You were suddenly feeling tired because of the stress’ aftershock but you were happy to see Daryl safe and sound in the bed and talking with your brother.

You smiled as you watched your brother and the others leave the room, you got up in reflex to follow them as you saw Rick waiting for you at the doorframe but before you could follow him Daryl gripped your hand in his to make you stop. You looked down at him, frowning in surprise.

“Stay? Please?” Daryl asked you just above a whisper so only you could hear. You looked at him for a second then nodded your head and smiled as you sat back down next to him. Rick smirked at you and slowly closed the door behind him to leave you and Daryl alone.

The silence in the room was oppressing, you knew that he was feeling guilty. You saw it in his eyes but you also felt awkward. You couldn’t be mad at him after seeing him hurt and after thinking that he was dead, you simply couldn’t. You watched as Daryl tried to sit up in the bed, holding his side and wincing.

“Daryl, you shouldn’t push yourself too much.” You tried to make him lay back down but Daryl talked before you could move.

“I’m sorry.” He suddenly said as he looked down at his hands, Daryl was tensed and seemed worried. The man knew that you wouldn’t accept his apologies and that he had screwed up big time but he still wanted to try. “I’m sorry for what I said to ya earlier today. I’m an ass and I know that I don’t deserve it but…”

“I forgive you.” You quickly said before Daryl could bring himself down even more, surprising him with your soft smile and your forgiving nature once again.

“Ya… Ya forgive me? Why?” Daryl asked his eyes slightly wider than usual. You blushed slightly then shrugged your shoulders.

“I know you’re not a bad guy, Daryl.” You started still smiling but your heart jumped when you remembered the previous events. “You almost died today and I… I lost it. Completely.” You answered a bit ashamed of what you had done. You looked down at your bruised hands and sighed, scared of how Daryl would react if you showed too much interest. Daryl extended his hand and reached to hold yours to catch your attention. You looked up into his bright blue eyes and let him hold your hand in his strong and calloused one.

“I don’t deserve your kindness (Y/N) …” He said, his eyes never leaving yours. “But I’ll try to redeem myself … again.” He said the last word smiling slightly, making you chuckle and reach to touch the rose into your hair. Daryl smiled at you and intertwined his fingers with yours, a gesture that take you aback.

“(Y/N), I lied when I said that I didn’t care about ya. What Shane said this morning was kinda true. I mean, I gave ya my breakfast because I know you’re giving yours to Carl and I care about ya too much to let ya starve yourself. I’m not good with feelings, I don’t know how to do this…” Daryl said making you smile at him and squeeze his hand.

“We take it slowly so you’ll feel comfortable around me. That’s the most important thing because… I care about you too Daryl. I can’t lose you.” You said and bend down to kiss Daryl on the cheek, lingering a little bit longer than necessary. Daryl nodded his head, blushing furiously as he felt your soft and warm lips against his skin.

“We can do that.” Daryl agreed, clearing his throat nervously.

You smirked at him and chuckled softly, your heart finally filled with relief and happiness. Unfortunately, you didn’t know that someone in the group was listening to the both of you from the outside the opened window.

Shane smirked as he heard your conversation, determinate to ruin your life. The dark man had enough of the Grimes’ luck and happiness, Rick and his sister had to pay for what happened to him.

In his eyes, Rick and (Y/N) were responsible for everything. They were weak and he will take care of them, for the sake of the group. Or more precisely, for Lori and Carl.

I hope that you liked that part guys! What do you think Shane is going to do to ruin the reader’s life? 


There was an ask to @lance-mcpain-is-my-mcgain for a car crash klance fic, but she opened it up to be answered by anyone. I got insparation, so I wrote it. It doesn’t have very much klance, but its there.

Lance was just on his way home from a race. He had been driving with keith, who came as a spectator, and they were nearly home. Lance had been following Shiro and Allura’s car. Shiro was also in the race, as the cross country team captain, and Allura was there to cheer them on. Lance came to a complete stop at the sign, looked both ways, and continued on. From the corner of his eye Lance saw a large blur of bright, shiny red.

His instincts took over and his foot jammed the gas pedal down as hard as he could, his vision tunneling, and his mind chanting “go, gO, GO, GET OUT OF THERE!”. He heard the engine work to speed up and a shrieking screech that came from somewhere outside of the car. Time sped to an incredible rate as the world was suddenly spinning after a sharp jerking motion.

All too soon the spinning slowed and Lance’s car was facing toward the ditch, inching closer and closer to the light post by the road. After only a moment, Lance’s mind started working again.

“The car is still moving, stop it” Lance put on the breaks, then shifted into park.

“You were just hit. Who knows what was damaged in the car, it could explode with the engine still running” Lance turned the car off and pulled out the key.

“Your head feels kind of funny, your ears are ringing a bit. You are likely going into shock. If not, you likely will be soon” Lance took a few deep breaths.

“Other than possible shock, you have no injuries. Keith was in the car with you” Lance looked to his right.

“Keith is in the car with you. Is he hurt?” Lance studied Keith, seeing no visible injuries, he had to ask, “Keith?” but there was no response. Lance tried again, “Keith? Hey, buddy, are you alright?” and this time he was answered.

“I…” Keith paused. “I’m alright. I’m not hurt…” Keith seemed a bit out of it, but the response was enough to sooth Lance’s mind for now as he continued checking his surroundings.

“You were hit, that means there was another car. That means there were more people.” Lance unbuckles his seatbelt and opens his door. Trying to stand up, he notices how weak he feels and sits back down. After only a few seconds, Lance pulls himself up and shakily steps towards the fancy red car that had hit his. “Hey! Are you ok? Are you hurt?” Lance barely managed to keep standing, but his knees locked and his eyes would not waiver from their target.

“Ya, I’m ok, but what about my car? WHAT ABOUT MY CAR?! Do you SEE THIS?? Do you SEE WHAT YOU DID? LOOK AT MY CAR!!” The driver, an old man, bellowed. He mentioned nothing of the woman, likely his wife, who had been seated right next to him.

Lance took a few steps back, as if the words had physically pushed him, and leaned on his car. “There is someone else in the car. The lady hasn’t said anything yet,” his mind reminded him.

“Are you ok? Ma’am? Are you hurt Ma’am?” Lance called out as the man continued his incessant ranting.

The woman nodded, “I’m fine, I’m not hurt,” she rushed the words out before hurrying to calm her husband. She got him to quiet down for the most part, but he would still yell out every now and again.

Lance slid down into his seat. It was as if everything caught up to him as he choked out a sob, mind falling out of its checklist-like state and catching up with the emotion of it all. He looked to the side, reached out, placed a hand gently on either side of Keith’s face and turned it to look at himself. “Keith?” He questioned.

“Ya, Lance?”

“Are you really ok? You’re not hurt at all? Really truly?”

“I’m not hurt. Really, Lance. Really truly. What about you?”

“I’m fine. No, not fine, but I’m not hurt.”

There was a moment of silence before they both pulled each other in for a tight embrace. They sat in each others’ presence, soaking up the heat of their bodies, the strength in their arms, the fact that they are both still alive and well. When their silence was broken, it was Keith who had spoken first.

“I could have died,” Keith sobbed, “You- we could have died!”

“We both could have- we could have died…”

The boys only clung to each other tighter as the fact settled in their minds.

“We are so lucky to be alive right now” Neither boy is sure which said it, but it rang true in both of their hearts. They pulled apart, holding each other by the shoulders, and stared at one another. They were both silently crying as they struggled to get used to this new information.

Keith and Lance each leaned back in their seats, taking turns checking up on each other every minute, making sure the other still hadn’t been injured, no matter what logic tells them. The minutes passed by without fail, and the boys relished in the fact that they could have died, but didn’t. They relished in the fact that they could have been sent to a hospital in critical condition, but they weren’t. Mostly, the buys relished in the pure fact that each of them was, undoubtedly alive.

Thank you for reading! Please let me know what you guys think!

Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Prompt: You’re on the Avengers and have the powers of Kitty from X men (phase through objects) You’re shot and Peter gets worried but forgets that you can make the bullet going through you

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Hey guys! I haven’t been on lately but I’m trying to fix that! School is starting up so I need all the help I can get right now lol! I hope you guys like this. Took me some time to actually finish but it’s cute. I don’t know much about X men so I’m sorry if I got the powers of Kitty wrong in this. I haven’t had a lot of time to research it but I hope it’s not too horrid. 

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Peter looked at you from the back of the cruiser, heading to a fight with Hydra. Rogers got wind that they were planning something to kill Fury and take down S.H.I.E.L.D and now everyone is piled in, heading for the inevitable fight. Fury was already taken by some of the Hydra heads and sent out a distress signal before he fell off the face of the Earth. Hydra bargained with Steve and Tony that they would give Fury back if we handed over Bucky. They agreed but everyone knew that wasn’t how the plan was going to carry out.

You were talking with Rogers and Stark in the front of the car, going on the plan one last time. Peter was fairly new to the team and was still surprised at the different powers that everyone has. Though he was new, you had only joined the team a year before Peter did and right away, he was drawn to you. He followed you and listened to your every word like a little lost puppy and the whole team found it incredibly cute. Everyone except you, who was completely oblivious to his interests.

Peter started to smooth out his hair and sit a little higher in his chair when he saw you finishing your conversation with the boys and heading towards him.

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Request- Yes: “Can I have a Brendon Urie fluff where he’s at home having a really bad panic attack over something and you walk in and see him on the floor so you rush over and calm him down before it gets worse?”

Genre- Fluff

Trigger warnings- Panic attack, talk of self harm, brief language

This is a really good request, I’ve been wanting to write something like this for a long time 💗🌹

Also I am so so sorry I haven’t written in forever you guys.


You looked up from your book and glanced at the clock for what felt like the hundredth time in the last hour. Work was slow and all you wanted to do at the moment was go home.

You jolted up as you heard the footsteps of your boss approaching. Quickly, you closed your book and threw it on your desk and appeared to look busy. She briskly walked up to your desk.

“Y/N, business is fairly slow at the moment, and my records for this week tell me you’re almost in overtime. You can clock out and go hone now if you want to.”

Those words were exactly what you needed to hear right then. You gathered your belongings up, put on your coat and clocked out.

As you walked to your car, you felt a small vibration in your pocket, and you knew it was your phone ringing. You pulled it out and saw that your boyfriend Brendon was calling. The small smile on your face widened, you couldn’t wait to get home and see him. You pushed the green button and, putting the phone to your ear, cheerfully said, “Hey Brendon, how are you?”

There was a moment of silence before you heard his reply.

“..Actually I’m not doing that great Y/N”, he said quietly. His voice wavered, and he sounded like he was on the verge of tears.

Your face instantly fell, and you asked, “What’s the matter? Are you alright? Are you hurt?”

The questions uncontrollably poured out as a feeling of worry took over you. You walked faster, your lips tight and eyes wide, barely paying attention to anything around you.

“I… I don’t know if I’m okay.. I don’t even know what I’m feeling right now” He inhaled shakily. “Can you come home?” he asked, his voice cracking.

“I’m just leaving work right now. Brendon, stay where you are and please stay calm, okay? I’ll be there soon. It’s okay”, you told him.

You could hear him breathing heavily, and you heard a choked sob.

“Just try to come home soon, okay?”

“Okay. Please stay calm. Please”, you told him. “I have to hang up now to drive. Can you stay safe while I’m gone?”, you asked him.

A moment of silence, then, “Yes.”

“Good. I love you Brendon”, you said and then hung up.

You threw your stuff onto the passenger seat of your car, and started for the apartment you shared with Brendon. You were driving so heedlessly, you almost collided with a few parked cars.

Your hands shook with worry as different bad scenarios flew through your head. After what felt like forever, you pulled into a parking spot and ran inside.

You opened the door and gently called out, “Brendon? Baby, where are you?”

There was no reply, and you felt dizzy as you started frantically going from room to room opening doors.

“Brendon?!”, you yelled again, voice shaking with worry. You flung open your bedroom door and there he was, lying on the bed.

“Oh my god, Brendon there you are, I was so worried!”, you rushed out.

He turned to face you and you felt like someone had punched you in the chest. Tears were running down his face and his eyes were red rimmed and tear streaked. He was breathing heavily and still crying hard.

You quickly walked over to the bed and hugged him tightly. He buried his face into your shirt and just sobbed for a few minutes. You were crying as well. After a little while he started to stop crying as hard and he began to get control of his breathing.

“What happened Bren?”, you asked him slowly.

“I… I don’t really know. I was doing fine and I just started crying and…” his words broke off as he began crying again. You held him and whispered in his ear, “It’s okay Brendon, I love you so much and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you baby. I love you so much.” You managed to say this while crying harder than you wanted to.

You felt him smile against your chest as teats still ran down his face as the happy and sad feelings were conflicting in both of you.

Eventually, you dried his tears and you cuddled each other in bed. You peppered his face with little kisses and hugged him tightly, reassuring him that it was all okay. Slowly, the both of you fell asleep, to each other’s heart beats.

Only 6 Months (CEO!Jungkook x Barista!OC) Part 14

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I am so happy to be able to post this first scene because I almost cut it out. It’s one of my favorites in the whole story (I’m sorry Chim;; ) and it would have been cut if I hadn’t gotten all of the support for this story that I’ve gotten! Seriously, thank you to everyone who is reading right now, because you saved this story from being rushed to end!

Summary: Who knew that pretending to be in love could create such chaos?

Words: 4,200+
Genre: more fluffy fluff

Part 1 - Part 13 - Part 15

> Masterlist <

Chaerin was one of the first ones up that morning, which surprised her since she was the last to fall asleep. She didn’t get much sleep, but she felt fine with the little amount of rest that she got.

Hyomin was the second one up, and when she left her room, she let out a little squeak. She was in a tank top and underwear, and she did not know there were boys in the living room.

She arrived in the kitchen minutes later as she scolded Chaerin for the situation.

Jimin was starting to wake up when the two were having a short conversation while waiting on some coffee. Chaerin rushed to his aid and gave him some medicine and water.

“Oh God, what happened last night?” He asked as he held his head in pain. Chaerin let out a little giggle.

“You and Yoongi had a drinking competition and got super drunk. You’re at my place.” She explained. Jimin nearly spit out the drink he was drinking.

“Your- no! Jungkook will kill me!” Jimin cried out loud as Chaerin realized what he thought happened, “Why did you let me do anything to-”

Chaerin put a finger over his lips and was about to reply that nothing happened last night. She was literally a second away from telling him, but she thought it would be nice to mess with him.

“Shhh… Jungkook might hear you. He’s in the other room…” she shushed him, “I would hate if he found out that I cheated on him. He’d be so upset!”

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Silver Silence Part 7

Pairing: Bucky x shy enhanced reader

Summary: Bucky finally finds himself able to live at the compound with the team, but finds it difficult to repress his feelings for his new very shy and gentle teammate.

Word count: 1,752

Warnings: Swearing. Mentions of pain again.

Bucky’s POV

The screaming had stopped… it finally stopped. And I don’t mean for a moment, or an hour or a day, but it had been three days that she had not made a sound.

Under normal, More fruitful circumstances, I’m sure my face would have been mirroring that of a powerful summer sun. But I wasn’t beaming, and neither was anyone else.

It was quite, yes, but it wasn’t because the pain had subsided from her frail, sweat drenched body.. it was because her being was incapable to do so anymore.


When Helen uttered those words, I had almost asked her to repeat them.. There was no way that (y/n) could be mute. Not when she barley talked in the first place.. Not when she had so much more laughter and jokes to share, now that we had found her a cure.

The frail, small, and timid girl I had met months ago, was now by mer definition, crippled.

Id gone to see her yesterday, seemingly coming to terms with Helen’s information, and finally able to face those big, round, (Y/C) eyes.

But it hurt… it hurt more then I was willing to admit… and though I had a deep need to protect her – and might I add, a rather heavy attraction to her- I was sad not for myself, but for her.

For a girl who just 2 weeks ago, had the world dancing at her fingertips, a girls whose heart poured hope like the rain forest does water. But now the orbs that lay between squinted and pained lids, echoed a building need to let go.

However I knew she wouldn’t, shed been waiting her whole life for the moment her body became strong enough to take on the world, and with that moment closing in, there was no way shed back out now.

So days past, 4 more days.. to be exact..

16 days in total, and each one brought that beautiful girl  excruciating pain.

My only hope was that it died down slowly, that as those days wound to a halt and she felt some sort of slowly creeping peace. I couldn’t ask her though.. even if I gave her a pen to write with, or had Wanda talk to her through thought.. her body shook violently against her restraints and after hearing nothing but screaming and crying thoughts, Wanda refused to try again.

It was the 17th day that she had been like this, I was sitting beside her, watching her body wither and jolt in pain, something I would never become comfortable with looking at, something I never got used to.

I was about to look back at my book, when the heart monitor slowed.

The rustling of bed sheets stilled,  and as I looked up to her, she looked over at me with a smile.

“(y/n)?” I asked lightly, fearing it was just another one of her body’s oddly placed breaks in pain. But then those beautiful lips parted, and a very soft barley even recognizable laugh came out, in the form of puffs of air. She mouthed my name, her eyes crinkled in delight.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y can you get Wanda in her please?” I called out to the air, and was met with a confirmation that Wanda was on her way.

“Doll… you okay?” I choked out, not really sure what to make of her beaming smile.

She just nodded her head eagerly and reached her cuffed hand out to take mine. I molded my fingers with hers, despite my obvious confusion, and just seconds later, the door slid open on the other side of the room.

I glanced over to Wanda, now walking slowly into the room.

“(y/n)?” she asked the smiling form beside me.

“Can you tell me what’s going on in her head?” I asked softly, knowing she hated to intrude into people’s minds but knowing it was also necessary.

“Mind if I take a look?” she asked y/n, to which she nodded her head.

After a few moments, Wanda’s face broke into a smile, and her eyes softened as she looked back to me.

“She says she feels like she’s on top of the world.” She let out a breathy laugh. “There’s no more pain.”

(y/n) squeezed my hand in conformation, and slowly breathed out in small peaceful breaths.

“I guess that means we should call in Dr. Cho.” I stated, rather than asked, and heard Wanda agree with me as she pressed the red button beside (y/n)’s bed.

“I’m so glad you’re feeling better doll.”  I spoke to her softly, feeling as if it’s been years since I was able to get through to her. She simply gave me a large, face splitting smile. I noticed the corners of her eyes had gone damp, and I brushed my thumb across her cheek as a single tear rolled down slowly.

I opened my mouth to calm her, but before I could the doors slid open again, and in rushed Helen, tony, and Steve all wearing faces of extreme worry, as if they would come in and find (y/n)’s lifeless body, defeated from the days of pain.

What their eyes locked on to instead, was a beaming (y/n) with eyes as wide as saucers.

“What’s going on?” Helen spoke up as she made her way across the room to (y/n)’s other side.

“she feels better, no more pain.” I told her.

Her eyes looked up at me and down at (y/n), almost skeptical, until a small smile played on her face.

“ill give you a quick check up to make sure everything is under control OK?” she asked (y/n) and earned an enthusiastic nod.

(y/n) looked down at her body as she released my hand and quickly began to rattle the padded cuffs around her wrists at Helen.

“Oh, right.” She stated, picking up (y/n)s wrists and twisting the knobs on each of them, causing them to click and fall off. She did the same to her feet, smiling as (y/n)s body twisted and turned with delight.

(y/n) face then screwed up in an awkward smile as she motioned her hands to point at her lower half. Helen looked confused for a second before her eyes went wide and she nodded in realization “The catheter right…”

“Um, Bucky? Would, you and the guys mind stepping out of the room for a bit?” Helen asked gently.

My gaze went back to (y/n) as I gave her hand a soft squeeze. “I’ll be right outside” I said to her, earning a curt nod

She was bed ridden for two days after that, constantly getting blood drawn and having all sorts of tests done to make sure her bones had fully healed.

Shortly after leaving the room on the day she finally calmed, I had been called in for backup on a mission Steve had been sent on. I couldn’t just dismiss it, no matter how much I wanted to stay by (y/n)s side, my best friend needed my help.


It had taken nearly 3 days for the mission to conclude and for us to finally intercept the hostage we had been sent to retrieve, and I was relieved when I was finally able to go back to the compound.

I waited patiently for the elevator to move up the course of the building, adjusting the heavy duffle bag that was thrown loosely over my shoulder.  I knew it was silly to be so excited to see (y/n) again, but I couldn’t help it, I wanted to see how her condition approved, how happy she was, how energetic she now could be.

The elevator dinged, and I stepped out and headed straight for the kitchen, my hunger suddenly taking priority over my eagerness to see my recovering china doll.

Well I guess I shouldn’t say ‘my’….

I half expected to see Sam raiding the cabinets of my protein bars and Wanda’s ‘hidden’ stash of liquorish. Instead I was met with the sight of Tony and (y/n) sitting on the counter across from one another, throwing popcorn into each other’s mouths.

I stood there staring like someone who’s never seen people before, when Tony’s eyes turned and locked onto me.

“Buckaroo! You’re back.” He yelled, a little too happy then I was used to for seeing me. But his introduction to my presence caught (y/n)s attention as she swung her head to look at me and smiled brightly.

She mouthed my name and hopped off the counter, bouncing over to me and slamming into my body in a rather rough hug, causing me to drop my bag.

It caught me off guard completely; I was so used to her being gentle and quite, and though she was still quite for obvious reasons, her motions spoke louder than words.

Her face was absolutely beaming, weather for my arrival or simply because of her new found strength.

“Hey doll, how you feeling?” I asked her with a soft smile, to which she raised her hand and gave me a jerking thumbs up and a rather toothy grin.

“It seems like little energy ball over here got her second wind when she finally got out of that damn hospital bed.” Tony spoke up with an amused laugh, as (y/n) snuck around him to open the oven and pear in at something. She eagerly pointed in at them, looking up at me as if to tell me to come look. I obliged and made my way to her, standing by her side and taking in the sweet sugary smell of the cookies that lay on cookie sheet in the oven.  Tony broke my staring with his voice. “Oh yeah she wanted to make cookies for when you and Steve got back from your mission.”

I looked up at tony, then down at (y/n) who now wore a shy smile on her lips and nodded her head slowly.

“Thank you.” I said, giving her a sincere smile, she just nodded at me again. “Well I’m going to go shower, all this blood and dirt makes me look like a slob.”

Tony shrugged and began popping popcorn into his mouth while (y/n) smiled up at me. I gave her a soft nod as if to tell her bye before walking back to my bag.

As I picked it up though, I felt a soft hand on my forearm and then a light, soft, warm pair of lips on my cheek. I looked over to see (y/n) smiling softly at me.

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Damien is stressing out over his dead friend once again. Things got a little out of hand as Damien throws his cane and begins trashing the room. He crashes to the floor and begins to sob as Colonel walks in. He asks what's going on before rushing to Damien. As soon as they calm down, Colonel kisses Damien. "You're not alone in this." Damien nods and they leave the room, hand in hand. Colonel has to do this a lot. But it makes Damien happy. And thats how it should be.




Bmblbweek day 7: Beeunion

“What am I doing?”, Blake thought to herself, Terrified as she stood in front a door. But not just any door, no. For behind this door was someone she had missed dearly, someone who has brighten up her life, Someone she had abandoned when they needed her the most. Her partner. Her best friend. The one person she cared about most, that she loved. Yang Xiao-Long. For even though when she and Sun arrived at Haven and were reunited with their teams and friends, Blake saw Yang standing still making no effect to move towards her. She only watched as the lilac eyes that she could look into all day turn eye before Yang walked out, slamming the door open and close behind her. It broke her heart but she knew she had to make things right. So there she stood, afraid and trying to find the courage to knock on the door to begin to try to save her friendship with the woman she loved.

“What am I going to say? How is she going to react? What are the odds that she won’t just slam the door in my face?”, Blake mind raced, unconsciously taking a step back with that last thought before shaking her head and stepping forwards once more and raising her hand. “No. I Have to make things right and tell her why I- “ She continue to think when suddenly a noise came from the room catching her attention. Blake blinked wondering what it was when she heard it again. She then leaned in closer and placed her cat ear on the door to listen closely and upon realizing what the noise was she felt her heart shatter all over again.

In the room Yang sat in the dark against bed, the moonlight shining in from the window, as she quietly sobs with her hand over her mouth. “She’s okay… Oh thank god. She’s okay.” Yang whispered to herself over and over, Sniffling and wiping the tears from here eyes. It was at that moment Yang hear the door handle turn and light poured in the room as it opened. The blonde brawler turned as she stood up, her eyes widen in shock to fine her best friend, her partner Blake standing there with tears streaming down her face matching hers. “Blake.” was all her could muster up to say as she felt heart race while a a mix of her emotion filled her chest. However, before she could try to calm herself she watched as Blake rushed over and pulling her into a tight hug, burying her face into the croup of her neck.

“I’m sorry… I am so sorry, Yang.” Blake cried tightening her hold on Yang for dear life, “I never should have ran. It was all my fault and I hate myself for what I did to you.” she sniffled brawled, taking a moment to catch her breath, “Adam, my old partner, the man that did attacked us. He told me he was going to destroy everything I loved and I,” the cat faunus sobbing became louder and more rapid,”I couldn’t let him hurt you more. I couldn’t let him hurt the person I love anymore.” Blake’s breath then hiccuped as she felt Yang wrap her own arms around her, Hugging her tighter than she was and crying just as much. Soon the two fell down to their knees holding eachother and crying before Blake looked up into Yang’s eyes, Her red eyes slowly turning back to the lilac color. Then before she could react Yang leaned down, closing the gap between them as she pressed her lips against hers, surprising her at first before accepting them and returning the favor.

After a moment the two’s lips break as they rested their foreheads against each others and Yang spoke, “I’ve missed you, Blake.”

“I’ve missed you too.”

“I’m still mad at you though for leaving.”

“I understand. And I’ll do whatever it takes to make it up to you.” Blake promised her.

Yang wiped her tears and smiled, “Then you better never leave me again, kitten.”

“I won’t.” Blake smiled and she hugged Yang against, “And I never will again.”

~ten years later~

“Blake. Honey. Please stop.” Yang whined.

“No. I promise I would never leave you again.” Blake informed her wife.

Yang sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose, “Kitten. I’m only going to be gone for an hour for a check up and you have a meeting to get to. So please let go.” Yang asked as Blake continued to hold on to Yang, hugging her from behind with her arms and legs.

“I can reschedule.” Blake stated as Yang sighed to which Blake gives her a kiss, “ Love you Yang.”

“Love you too Blakey.” @bmblbweek

This is my first story and I hope you enjoy it. Feedback will be appreciated. 

“You know you’re not even a choice when they keep coming to you for relationship advice.” for Julian Brandt. 

Word count: 1,583

“He’s so into you” (y/n) rolled her eyes at the naive words of her best friend while taking a sip of her milkshake.

“You know, I really wouldn’t like to make him the topic of our conversation. We came to have breakfast and forget remember? Not to talk about my issues.” (y/n) stated with irritation in her voice. 

“I don’t know why you think it’s such a big issue! He likes you, you like him. It’s not that complicated.“ 

“He’s seeing someone else!” Her voice raised unintentionally. “He doesn’t like me and it’s never gonna happen.” (y/n) could feel her heart ache as she spoke the words out loud. 

“What if he’s seeing someone else? Look at me and Armando. He was dating my cousin before me and now we’re engaged!”  

(Y/N) shook her head while managing to keep a straight face “You know you’re not even a choice when they keep coming to you for relationship advice.” She managed to hold in the tears threatening to fall. “He cares about her, and if he’s happy I’ll be okay.”

     She wanted to be unaffected. Wanted her feelings for him to fade and to feel okay again. Sadly all she could do was pretend. It wasn’t easy, mainly when he was so happy and (y/n) couldn’t exactly ignore the situation. If it had been anyone else things would’ve been as simple as deleting a contact and cutting communication, but it was Julian. The boy she’d known for years. The one who was there for her during lonely nights and made part of some of her best memories. “How the hell could I let him go?” She thought. 

     The buzzing of (y/n)’s phone against the dining table managed to derail her thoughts for the first time since the morning. She gravitated from the sofa to the kitchen just in time to see a message notification before the screen went black. With a bit of hesitance, she unlocked her phone to see two messages from Julian. Her heart fluttered a bit. ‘He’s just your friend (y/n)! Calm down.’ She took a deep breath trying to calm her rushing thoughts before opening the messages.

  "Hey (y/n)“"Can I come over?”

‘How convenient’ She thought as she read the two short texts. She stared at the texts before quickly replying. 

“Of course :)”  

There’s no way she’ll get over him like this. She couldn’t ignore him and loved having him around. He was one of her closest friend after all. 

“Okay I’ll be there soon and I’m bringing Nala.”

At least there would be a cute dog to calm her nerves. 

(Y/N) took a deep breath as she opened the door for Julian. Almost instantly, Nala was circling around her legs. Julian tried to carry multiple plastic bags while simultaneously holding onto his dogs leash. 

“Here let me help you Jule.” (y/n) reached for two bag and carried them to the nearest table before releasing Nala from her leash. “What did you bring anyways?”

“Chinese. Figured you’ll like some. And more food just because.” He smiled while pulling her into a hug. “I’ll go get drinks, you chose a movie to watch.”

They were sitting on the couch halfway through The Pursuit of Happiness when Julian’s phone started blowing up with messages. After a couple of minutes of nonstop messages and two ignored phone calls he turned of his phone and refocused on the movie. 

“Everything okay?” (y/n) asked genuinely worried something happened.  

He turned his head and smiled while casually throwing his arm around her shoulders. “Everything is fine.”

She continued watching the movie and petting the golden dog laying on her lap. Still, she remained curious of what just happened. 

After starting the second movie,  (y/n) felt her eyes start to close on their own. Julian smiled when he noticed the tired girl trying to stay awake, but to no avail. Last thing (y/n) felt was Julian hugging her closer to his body before she fell asleep. 

(Y/N) woke up laying on Julian’s chest. His arms wrapped around her body protectively as his hand ran through her messy hair. She didn’t want to move. It all felt so perfect. And so she didn’t. (Y/N) remained comfortably in his embrace dreaming of what could be. That was until he began to place soft kisses on her forehead. No matter how much she wanted him she couldn’t let this happen. (Y/N) began to stir, pretending she had barely woken up. 

“Hey sleepy head,” Julian mocked as she lifted her head from his chest. “Did you sleep well?” His voice was gentle and calm. 

“Yeah I did. How long was I out for?” She remained sitting next to Julian as he stretched out his arms. Once again placing an arm around her. 

“Almost two hours I think.” He pulled her closer. His body was warm and (y/n) refrained from leaning into the toned muscles she felt through the thin long sleeve he wore. (Y/N)’s head rushed with a thousand thoughts, but remained quiet next to Julian. “You okay?” Julian asked after a couple minutes of silence. But how could she tell him? How could she tell her best friend that she wasn’t okay because he was happy with someone else?

“Yeah I’m alright.” She turned to Julian with a deceitful smile. Unfortunately for her, Julian saw right through her. 

“You’re lying.” He pulled her into his lap and gently grabbed her hand. “What’s wrong (y/n)?” Her heart started beating faster out of fear of getting caught, but Julian’s warm hand lightly rubbing her own calmed her down enough to look him in the eyes. 

“Nothings wrong,” she placed her free hand on his cheek trying to mask her lie “you’re overthinking Jules." 

"I hope I am.” Julian felt his cheeks warm up with her proximity. He couldn’t seem to stop staring into the eyes he loved so much. (Y/N)’s hand remained in place feeling the light stubble scattered around his rosy cheek. She felt her heart skip a beat when Julian locked their fingers together. Her eyes broke away from his crystal clear ones and looked down at their intertwined hands. She smiled slightly at the sight. (Y/N) looked up to see Julian closer than before. It took him just a second to close the distance between them and press his soft lips to hers. She took a moment to process the situation before kissing him back. Julian smiled into the kiss before pressing his lips harder against hers and pulling her closer by the waist. (Y/N)’s hands cupped Julian’s face before melting into his arms and letting her fingers run through his blond hair. They broke away panting with slightly swollen lips. (Y/N)’s guilt-ridden look contrasted with Julian’s bright smile, causing his features to twist in confusion. 

“Hey hey what’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?” He asked while carefully placing (y/n)’s hair behind her ears. She just shook her head and began to tear up. 

“This is wrong Julian. We can’t do this." 

"Why can’t we do this love?" 

"Because you’re with someone else!" 

"But you kissed back!” Tears began to stream down her face as reality hit her. Julian pulled her closer and buried his face in her neck. He let her cry into his shoulder while he rubbed her back comfortably. He waited for her cries to simmer before talking again. “I ended things with her.” He whispered into her neck. “I wished I never started anything in the first place.” She listened to his words before lifting her head off his shoulder and looking him in the eyes again.  

“You really did?” Her hopeful eyes gave Julian the courage to pour every single word he had been holding in. 

“You remember all those text and calls I got earlier?” She nodded encouraging him to continue. “Of course I broke up with her. She was never the one I wanted. You on the other hand, you’re everything I wish for. Everything and more baby. Hell, she didn’t even care enough to know the team I played for. ” (y/n) giggled at the rushing words he spoke. 

She pushed his soft curls away from his face. “Then why did you even bother to go out with her?" 

"Because I was scared to be with you. My future is so uncertain and I can’t bare to hurt you by moving away. I know that’s still a possibility, but the longer I try to stay away from you the longer I’ll be unhappy. I tried to go out with the first girl I could to forget you, but you’re just impossible to get rid of aren’t you?” She laughed at his last comment while pressing her forehead against his. 

“Well I’m glad you’re choosing to be happy Brandt.” She whispered against his lips. 

“Me too baby.”  She pressed their lips together in a passionate kiss. Julian’s hand wondered down until it rest on her lower back while the other caressed her cheek. (Y/N) lightly bit his lower lip causing a low moan to escape his lips. They kissed for minutes until she pulled away in need for air. Julian laughed at her fast breathing causing (y/n) to slap his chest. Once again she laid against his body, but this time with a smile on her face. Julian kissed her temple before breaking the peaceful silence. “Besides, you’re the only girl Nala likes so my options are narrow here.” She hit his chest again while laughing at her lovers words.

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Rfa and saeran finding out mc is a vampire, and they find out do to her eyes turning blood red, and her getting really flustered when ever they hug her, and her running away from them, (she's not been able to get any blood for a month) and could you write how they react when she finally asks?? (Your blog is amazing!!!!)

//AHHHHHHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Sorry this took so long!!!


🌟He loves hugging you and he knows you love hugs too so he’s so confused when you start tensing up and squirming away when he hugs you

🌟He’s so confused when you won’t cuddle with him too

🌟Does he smell bad? Is that what it is?

🌟Probably tbh

🌟He’s a bit scared and freaked out when he comes to home and sees your red eyes

🌟When you ask him for blood he’s convinced that you and Seven are pulling a prank on him

🌟There’s no way vampires actually exist right?

🌟Vampires only exist in video games and dumb romantic movies or books

🌟No he’s never seen Twilight shut up

🌟He asks to see your fangs and then goes on and on about how real they look and how he can’t believe Seven found something so realistic

🌟Finally you exclaim that you’re actually a vampire and need blood BADLY

🌟He goes into shock and kinda looks at you for a second before tentatively asking if it’ll hurt

🌟Before you can answer he stops you and shyly cranes his neck

🌟"Take as much as you need MC. I-I trust you"

🌟He’s so shy and innocent that you almost feel bad taking blood from him

🌟He’s so tense and you can’t help but laugh

🌟"S-Stop laughing!!! Just take it already!!!“

🌟He stays still as you take your fill and when you pull away he’s blushing so hard

🌟"Are you ok Yoosung? Did I take too much?”

🌟"No! But… y-you can do that whenever you want…“

🌟What a kinky motherfucker


☕ Honestly at first she didn’t notice too much

☕ Jumin swamped her in work bless her poor soul she’s trying

☕ But she did notice when you started running out of the room

☕ Especially when she was showing more skin than usual

☕ Did she do something???

☕ Was there something on her???

☕ Eventually she took it upon herself to ask you about it because she was very worried something happened to you

☕ Lucky for her she choose the right (or wrong) day to ask

☕ When you looked up she noticed your eyes and was immediately concerned

☕ She was slightly scared because she didn’t know what was happening and you rushed to calm her down before she called an ambulance or something

☕ She was so surprised when you awkwardly and nervously explained that you were a vampire

☕ She didn’t believe you at first to be honest just because it defied everything she knew

☕ You proved it by showing her your fangs and explaining why you needed blood

☕ "Do you need blood right now?”

☕ “W-Well kinda…”

☕ “Take mine.”

☕ You were so surprised that she said you should and she was being so calm about it too, usually people ran away screaming

☕ “Are you sure?”

☕ “Of course I am MC. I want to help you any way I can.”

☕ Even with her reassurance you’re still really tentative about taking her blood

☕ You take as much as you feel will suffice before nervously asking if she’s ok

☕ “Are you sure that’s all you want?”

☕ “Yes Jaehee… thank you so much…”


😻 He’s very confused when you stop being so close and affectionate to him

😻 You used to give him a big hug and a kiss everyday after he came home from work

😻 But now you won’t even sleep in the same room as him

😻 It seems like you want nothing to do with him and honestly he gets really scared and nervous

😻 Of course he doesn’t show that outwardly and just let’s you have your space

😻 Eventually you burst into his room at basically one in the morning with your red eyes

😻 Not surprisingly he’s still awake and he’s very concerned because damn MC you slammed that door open pretty hard

😻 His concern only increases when he sees your red eyes

😻 Before you can even get a word out he’s speed dialing his doctor

😻 You have to beg him to put down the phone because YOU CAN EXPLAIN!!!

😻 You explain that this is normal for you and he snickers

😻 “Are you saying you’re a vampire MC?”

😻 “Yes!!! That’s exactly it!!!”

😻 “Wait what?”

😻 He doesn’t understand why you’re only telling him about this now


😻 “Do you need my blood?”

😻 “Yeah but-”

😻 Before you can finish Jumin pulls you closer and exposes his neck for you

😻 “Take it but be quick it’s late.”

😻 You’re so nervous while you’re drinking your fill

😻 He’s basically holding your hand the whole time

😻 Afterwards he smiles at you and gives you a little kiss

😻 “Do you want to sleep with me tonight?”

😻 You nodded and Jumin pulled you under the covers

😻 Afterwards he did a lot of research and didn’t make anything with garlic again


🎶 Like Jumin he immediately notices the changed behavior and he’s certain he did SOMETHING wrong

🎶 He doesn’t know what that something is but it certainly is…

🎶 Some thing

🎶 He tries talking to you but eventually stops because he doesn’t want to push you too hard

🎶 He does keep a close eye on you though in case you need help

🎶 He’s more than startled when one day he comes home to find you sitting on the couch with red eyes

🎶 There are probably better ways to find out Zen has a girly scream

🎶 He can’t help it though he’s freaking out because he doesn’t know what’s happening


🎶 You can’t help laughing a little as he places ice packs on your eyes thinking it’ll help some way or another

🎶 You put the ice packs on the table and pull him on the couch next to you, taking his hands


🎶 You take a deep breath and nervously tell him you’re a vampire

🎶 He’s shocked for a solid thirty seconds before looking back at you

🎶 “…really?”

🎶 “Yeah. I was born a vampire.”

🎶 “…so you drink blood?”

🎶 “Yeah and need it pretty badly right now…”

🎶 Zen immediately pulls away and dramatically leans against the wall before exclaiming you can take all the blood that’ll satisfy you

🎶 Honestly you just broke the fourth wall and looked at the camera like you’re on The Office

🎶 You are so done with Zen’s shit

🎶 You take a deep breath before biting into his neck and he’s legitimately surprised???

🎶 I don’t know why he literally just told you to take his blood

🎶 He strokes your hair as you drink to take his mind off the fact that you’re feeding on him basically

🎶 When you’re done he smiles and gives you a kiss

🎶 “Is my princess better?”


📱 Like Jaehee he doesn’t notice at first because he’s so busy

📱 But he definitely notices when it gets to the point where you’re not even sitting with him while he’s working

📱 He loves your company while he’s working so he’s kinda worried

📱 He gets more worried though when he finds out you’ve been sleeping on the couch away from everyone else

📱 It seems like you’re isolating yourself and he doesn’t want that for you

📱 One day he stops you as you’re making yourself something to eat

📱 “MC are you ok?”

📱 You should’ve known he’d be worried but that didn’t make you any more prepared for the confrontation

📱 You kept your eyes on the counter so you wouldn’t scare him and just nodded

📱 “MC look at me… talk to me please… I’m here for you…”

📱 You take a deep breath and look up at him nervously

📱 He looks so scared for a second when he sees your red eyes and you’re convinced he thinks you’re a monster

📱 “Were you crying or something?”

📱 You breathe a sigh of relief and gently smile at him

📱 “No don’t worry. My eyes are just red because… because I’m a vampire and I really need blood.”

📱 Seven’s attitude seemed to change completely when you said that


📱 You couldn’t help laughing at his excitement, it was so adorable

📱 “Yes they do. My whole family is a family of vampires.”

📱 “I have one quick question!”

📱 “Yes?” You were certain he was going to ask you about some stupid stereotype.

📱 I mean what else could he ask you about?

📱 “When you take blood… does it hurt?”

📱 “At first yes because my fangs break through the skin but after it doesn’t hurt until the holes start to close up.”

📱 “Why don’t you take my blood then?”

📱 You look at him with a look of ‘really’ before he continues

📱 “I mean you probably don’t want too because it’ll taste like Honey Buddha Chips and PhD. Pepper but… you can…”

📱 “Are you sure it’s alright with you?”

📱 “Of course it is!!!”

📱 You feel him tense up a little when you start drinking but after he just keeps laughing because it feels funny apparently

📱 “That was fun. We should do it again some time.” -Seven

📱 Someone stop this boy


⏳He gets worried like Zen when you stop being so affectionate

⏳The poor baby thinks you don’t love him anymore

⏳He wants to talk to you about it but he’s afraid the poor child

⏳So he let’s you have your space but you can see that he’s upset

⏳Finally you come up to him to talk to him about it

⏳He’s so surprised when he sees your red eyes

⏳He thinks something happened to you and that’s why you’ve been distancing yourself

⏳The last thing he expected you to say was that you’re a vampire

⏳He was momentarily surprised but then went right back to his usual neutral face as if you just said you’re on your period

⏳Then he offered his blood for you like he was offering you his last bar of chocolate

⏳"You’re not fazed by this??? Not at all???“

⏳"Are you going to take it or not MC? Don’t make me stand here looking like an idiot.”

⏳He stays still as you take what you need and gives you a rare smile afterwards

⏳"No wonder you like the dark so much.“

⏳Saeran I swear if that was a pun on your edgy ass…


[x] - requested by anonymous (edited slightly!)

Selina froze, her eyes wide. It had all happened so quickly, she didn’t know what to do. You hunched over, trying to stay calm, before Selina finally snapped out of it and rushed to your side. 

“We need to get you to a hospital.” she insisted, putting an arm around you and trying to help you walk forward.

“No, it’s okay.” you croaked out, and Selina looked at you like you were crazy.

“Of course I would get a boyfriend as stubborn as I am.” she rolled her eyes, before resorting to desperate measures. Pulling you out of the alleyway, she began waving her other arm and yelled, “Help! Someone help!”


Teenage Fever [Nathan Drake]

Pairings: Nate x Reader

Request: Hello my dude I’d like to request a Nathan fic where the reader and Nathan are like best friends and Nathan really likes her and she likes Nate and they never really acknowledge it until sully makes a comment to Nate about him seeming to really like her😊    

About: Nate has a crush on the reader. Coincidentally, the reader has a crush on Nate.



Note: i have another imagine request very similar to this and i was going to combine them but i think this request wants adult nate and the other one wanted teen nate so i didn’t combine them lmao

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“Jeez, kid,” Sully nudged Nate in the ribs, “you’re not being very subtle about it, are you?”

“Huh?” Nate turned to his best friend, adjusting the suddenly too-hot collar of his tux. “What are you talking about?”

“(Y/N),” Sully gestured over to her, cigar in hand, watching as her and Sam laughed together, catching up on lost time, “you’ve been staring at her this whole time.”

Nate shrugged, a sheepish grin on his face. “So what? She looks good in that dress.”

“Why don’t you tell her that then, huh?” Sully encouraged, smiling as you turned to face them, waving them over. “She’s totally into you, kid. Surprised you can’t see it.”

Nate looked at Sully, wide-eyed. “Y’think?”

“God, you’re acting like a teenager again, Nate,” Sully rolled his eyes, “be straightforward! Sheesh, act like you’ve never been with a lady before.”

Nate rolled his eyes and elbowed Sully to keep him quiet as the pair walked over to you.

“So,” you began, pushing a loose strand of hair behind your ear, “are we all set?”

“Actually, let me show you something,” Sully ushered the three of you out of the door and onto the corridor that overlooked the auction. “They brought it out just before you got here. Somebody changed the order.”

“So we’re going to have to take it from the stand,” you realised, “but how’re we going to do that in-”

“With the lights out,” Sam nodded. “I got the cross.”

“I’ll get the lights,” Nate decided, looking up to you and Sully. 

You rolled your eyes. “I suppose I can distract a few bidders.”

“Be careful,” Nate said, patting your shoulder.

You smiled at his sincerity. “I’m sure I can handle a few, old rich men, Nate.”

“Christ! Are you alright?” Nate asked, eyeing you as you stormed into the vehicle, clutching his arm for dear-life as Sully stormed off from the auction house.

You breathed heavily before slowly calming down. “I’m okay. Jeez, that was a rush, huh?”

Nate laughed, “yeah, get used to it. I’m sure with Nadine and Rafe as competition that won’t be the last of the goons we’re going to stumble into.”

“I bet,” you sighed, itching to rub at your eye though refraining from doing so, knowing that you were still caked in makeup, having dolled up for the occasion. 

“Hey, we’re back,” Nate muttered, nudging you in your side as your eyes seemed adamant on trying to close.

“Huh? Oh, okay,” you muttered, stretching out and pulling the door open. “Ugh… Nate…”

“What?” He asked, concerned. 

“I’m tirrreeeed,” you whined.

“Oh, you have got to be joking me,” Nate rubbed his jaw, “I was worried there for a sec! Thought you were hurt or something.”

“Take the hint, Nate,” Sam grinned, stepping out of the vehicle. “She wants you to carry her.”

You smiled over at Nate smugly, who sighed in response and rolled his eyes. “Okay; fine. Grab on,” he said, leaning over for you to clamber onto his back. “You are so immature.”

“Hypocrite!” You gasped.

“How?” Nate laughed.

Marco,” you reminded him, “polo.”

“Oh, shut up. I have all the power here, you know,” Nate teased, “I could drop you-” he paused, “any second!” and released his grip on your thighs for a moment as the two of you stepped through the hotel door, causing you to let out a shriek.


“That sure woke you up, huh?” Nate grinned over his shoulder at your frowning face. “Think you can walk now?”

“I don’t know actually,” you responded, wiggling your legs. “High heels do a lot of damage, you know…”

“Oh, shut up,” Nathan laughed, dropping you to your feet at the door of your bedroom. “I watched you take them off within like, five minutes, and use it to knock one of the guards out.”

You shrugged, “so what? They’re lethal, both to my feet and whoever’s on the receiving end of that heel.”

“They sure are,” Nate laughed, his hand planting to rest on the door. It was a very close position, oh, it was perfect to just reach up and kiss that beautiful mouth, but he pulled away a little to quickly. “Alright, uh…”

Sam suddenly collided with Nate, pushing him into you so that your chests were flush against one another.

“Oh, jeez, sorry,” Sam smirked, “must’ve tripped over the tension in here…”

Nathan sucked on his teeth and gently pulled himself away as Sam disappeared into the other room, laughing. 

“That was weird,” you said, pulling a face. “It’s like he’s trying to get us together or something.”

“Yeah,” Nate looked down at the ground, suddenly sheepish. “Wouldn’t that just be crazy?”

“Nate?” You nudged his eyes upwards from the ground by poking his chin. “Everything okay in there?” You asked, tapping his head gently.

“Sure, just…” he hesitated, his words catching in his mouth. “Just… do you ever feel like, maybe, that there’s more to us? Than to our friendship?”

You felt your cheeks turn hot. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that do you feel like… we’re not… just friends?” He asked, struggling to get his words out.

Relieved at his words, your tense shoulders relaxed and you leaned back against the door. “Yeah. Yeah, Nate, I do.”

“Really?” His face lit up.

You bit down on your lower lip. “Yeah.”

“Oh, well-”

“But first,” you rose your brow, “we have to see to that cross.”

Nate sighed, realising you were teasing. “Right, the cross.”

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Hey! It's hislips! Just wanted to say that you AO3 fic Cipher is one of my ultimate favorites! ^^ You should post it on FFnet. :) Also, I'm a ShinRan fan and since it's okay to give a prompt... Uhm... Can you make something about Ran having a revenge for the bath time Shinichi shared with her as Conan? If it's not too much. ^^ Thank you so much for the awesome Cipher Author-sama!

I can write this for you dude! It’s probably more romantic, fluff than I’m used to writing. So… Yeah. Sorry in advance xD

Warning(s): A bit of nakedness, but nothing descriptive.

“Seriously, Ran, you need to cut this out.”

Shinichi sits, face above water level in the bath, steam from his freshly drawn bath rising from the water, glancing over at his best friend and ‘sort-of-girlfriend’. They haven’t talked it over, their relationship status, but Shinichi likes to think that with Ran standing at the door to his bathroom looking in, she’ll be his girlfriend sooner than later.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Ran says, walking into the bathroom as if Shinichi’s not bathing, trying to take a relaxing bath after the stressful double murder he’d had to solve earlier today. Instead, she sends him a soft smile - almost a smirk.

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mcree, junkrat, roadhog, and reinhardt finding out their s/o is a vampire , and subsequently, the firsttime they let their s/o bite them? (bite gives the bitten a rather, euphoric feeling)

I’m gonna go off that when they get bitten they don’t turn into a vampire themselves


-At first he’s a little freaked out.  His s/o’s a vampire thats a lot to take in

-He’s okay with it after a while, but the whole biting idea is a little iffy

-When he finally lets them bite him he acts calm before getting slightly excited

-It was like a rush of adrenaline he feels like he could sprint a mile.  His s/o tries to calm him down so he doesn’t break anything.  They know this always happens the first few times and he would get used to it soon


-He’s totally fine with it, but he’s kind of ticklish and when he get bit he starts laughing… a lot

-This craziness he feels is more amplified then what he normally feels

-He loves being bitten and he lets his s/o do it whenever they want


-Like Jamison, Mako is completely fine with them being a vampire

-It actually brought them closer.  Now there aren’t as many big secrets kept from each other

-When he first gets bitten it’s kinda like he goes Whole Hog

-He’s very energetic and pumped up.  The way he reacts is strange


-Vampires are known as bad news in Germany so he doesn’t take kindly to it at first

-His s/o has to earn his trust again and biting is out of the question until they can achieve that

-Once they do gain his trust back they bite him just to show him that it isn’t that bad and he takes it very well

-He’s very energetic after the bite and feels empowered

-Helps a lot for missions

So, I had this saved, but I somehow can’t find the complete requests anymore… Like does tumblr delete messages out of the ask-box?

girl trying to get their attention (flirting, being clingy, touching when not wanting them too) and s/o or crush starts thinking he might like the crazy fangirl so they have to try to make them understand that they’re wrong

So, the annoying fangirl’s name is Chiyoko (I just looked through random Japanese names and picked this one).


You scanned the cafeteria for your boyfriend and it didn’t take long until you spotted the familiar messy hair. You just wanted to wave when you saw her with her arms tightly wrapped around Zaizen’s arm, fluttering her fake eyelashes at him. 

Chiyoko was always around Zaizen and you were sure that by now she was spending more time with him than you. Instead of spending your lunch with Zaizen you left the cafeteria. 

Honestly, you had no desire to spend your lunch watching some other girl flirt with your boyfriend while you were the fifth wheel. You ate your lunch alone thinking back to how you first met Chiyoko. 

You really didn’t mind Zaizen spending time with her, but she was literally everywhere, always touching him in some way. There were even times when she Chiyoko tagged along on dates! Maybe Zaizen preferred spending time with her instead of you, maybe he was falling for her? 

With a sigh you closed your lunchbox and went back to class. The day seemed to drag on and you were glad when you finally finished all your classes, you even looked forward to walk home together with Zaizen. In a better mood you made your way towards the school’s gate. 

You smiled when you saw Zaizen already leaning against the wall, but before you could reach him Chiyoko brushed past you, pulling him in a hug “Heeey, Hikaru! Did you wait for me?! That’s sooo nice! Come on, let’s walk home together.” 

Your jaw dropped and you swallowed hard before rushing past them, trying to calm yourself down. You just wanted to go home. 

You didn’t see how Zaizen frowned, pushing Chiyoko off with an annoyed expression.

“I didn’t wait for you. I’m walking home with (Name) and stop using my first name, would ya?” 

Chiyoko blinked innocently, “Don’t be like that. (Name) already left so we can walk home together, right?” 

Zaizen cursed and he half jogged along the way to your house, you couldn’t have gotten far. Zaizen picked up speed when he saw you round a corner. 

As soon as he ran around the corner he bumped into your back, almost running you over if he hadn’t grabbed your arm. You looked up at him with an expressionless face, wordlessly shrugging his hand off.

Zaizen raised an eyebrow, “Why did you leave without me and why didn’t you show up for lunch? I was waiting for you.” 

You only shrugged, but Zaizen didn’t buy it.

“I know I didn’t forget a date, our anniversary or your birthday, so tell me what’s going on.” 

It annoyed you that he was so clueless and you couldn’t help but hiss, “Why don’t you walk home with Chiyoko? I mean you already take her along on our dates, don’t even bother asking me next time.”  

Zaizen looked confused before he suddenly started to chuckle “Are you jealous?” 

Huffing you continued to walk, but Zaizen jogged after you. Grabbing your hand he spun you around, his lips instantly meeting yours. His thumb softly stoked over your cheek while his arm wrapped around your waist pulling you closer. 

When he pulled back he rested his forehead against yours whispering, “Honestly, she’s fucking annoying. I already have the perfect girl(boy)friend so stop worrying, idiot. Just so you know a never invited her to our dates, she just keeps showing up wherever we are. I’ll make sure to get rid of her tomorrow… so I’m I now allowed to walk you home?”

Instead of answering you laced your fingers with his, tugging him along with you. You walked in silence for a while until Zaizen piped up.

“You know you are cute when you are jealous~”


You walked into the cafe where you wanted to meet with a few friends and your boyfriend. You had taken a bit more time to pick out a nice outfit so you were a few minutes late. 

When you finally rushed into the cafe you looked around for your friends and Kirihara. You spotted them at a table in the back of the cafe, but your smile fell when you saw who was sitting next to Kirihara, Chiyoko. 

You knew for sure that none of your friends invited her so why the hell was she here? One of the reasons why you looked forward to today so much was that you had some Chiyoko free time. 

It’s not like you had anything against her, but she always was sooo hyper and you barely were able to talk to Kirihara whenever she was around. 

You were still staring at both of them when you noticed how Chiyoko stroked up Kirihara’s arm before playing with his hair. Kirihara didn’t seem bothered by it and you could see how he was grinning at her. 

You didn’t want to appear like an overly jealous girl(boy)friend so you walked up to the table with a happy smile, greeting all of your friends. Usually Kirihara would give you a kiss as a greeting or at least a hug, but Chiyoko had a tight hold on him and he didn’t bother trying to pull away. 

You just wanted to ask if you could sit next to your boyfriend when Chiyoko sweetly chirped “Look, there’s a free seat, (Name).” 

You ended up sitting in the corner far away from Kirihara and you had to spend the whole time watching how Chiyoko was all over him, complimenting his tennis skills. You were glad when you all decided to go to the arcade. 

You and Kirihara often spent time at the arcade and you always worked together to try to beat the high score at a two-player game. You walked up to Kirihara, thinking you could walk together when Chiyoko grabbed Kirihara’s arm and pulled him to the front of the group. You stopped dead in your tracks and one of your friends placed a comforting hand on your shoulder, giving it an encouraging squeeze.

At the arcade you finally managed to talk to Kirihara “Let’s try to beat the high score at our game…” you trailed off when Chiyoko popped up next to you “Hurry Kirihara-kun!~” 

Before you could protest she already had dragged Kirihara to a game, wrapping her arm around him to look over his shoulder while he played. You awkwardly stood in the background, feeling completely left out. 

After a few minutes you decided to play something by yourself, but you couldn’t concentrate, your thoughts always wandering back to Kirihara and Chiyoko. Did he ignore you on purpose? Did he actually like how she was all over him or even worse did he develop feelings for her? 

The time dragged on and you were glad when it finally was late enough for you all to leave. You all went to pick up your prices. Kirihara won a cute stuffed animal. He always gave them to you and you already had a pretty big collection of the different things Kirihara had won you. 

Kirihara turned around with the stuffed animal in his hand and immediately Chiyoko took it out of his hand “Did you win that for me?!” 

That was too much for you. You didn’t wait to hear his answer and ran out of the arcade. You stopped after a few minutes of running, sinking down on a park bench. 

You sat there for a few minutes, staring into the distance when suddenly Kirihara came running to you. His cheeks were red and he was panting “(N-Name)! I-I’m so so so sorry!” 

You looked up confused, but Kirihara already continued to ramble, stumbling over his own words.

“(F/N) explained it to me! I’m so sorry I didn’t get that you felt left out! It’s not going to happen again! Please don’t leave me! I only love you, really!” 

Shyly he handed the stuffed animal to you “I wanted to give it to you… I took it away from Chiyoko… and you are waaaaay prettier and funnier than her… Don’t leave me!” 

Kirihara squeezed his eyes shut and pressed his hands together in a pleading gesture. You giggled and quickly pecked Kirihara’s lips. 

Kirihara opened his eyes and looked at you with a goofy grin “Do you want to come over to my house so we can cuddle and spend time together without anyone disturbing us?”

Your baby is born on/close to New Year’s day (INFINITE)

Y/D/N: your daughter’s name

Y/S/N: your son’s name

Sunggyu: -her first day home was New Year’s eve and as soon as people shout happy new year. She let out a wail in your arms and you both looked at eachother before rushing to calm her down- “Y/D/N no no no calm down, I’ll make everyone apologize for disturbing you, would that make you feel better?”

Dongwoo: -your son already didn’t like the holidays Christmas and New Year’s seemed to piss off the little boy. So you guys were worried that you would never be able to celebrate the holidays- “lets pray he gets over this and next Christmas or his birthday will go better”

Woohyun: -she was a happy baby, smiling minutes after her birth on January 1st. Neither of you got to celebrate the holiday because you were pushing a baby out. But her smile was much more exciting than any ball drop- “look at her she’s already happy to be here”

Hoya: -your son laid calmly in the carrier while you two were talking to the boys about your New Years experience. It was a long one. You were in the hospital a day before your contractions even started- “you know Y/N was in labor December and gave birth in January. I despised that hospital now”  

Sungyeol: -he was mad she was born on Christmas it meant he couldn’t spoil her on her birthday and Christmas as separate days. So he had been begging you to let him make New Year’s day her ‘unofficial’ birthday so he could throw a party and Christmas on different days- “please baby Y/D/N deserves this. I want to buy her birthday and Christmas presents for different days”

Myungsoo: -he was sad that your son slept through New Years but then you got on his case that you did the same. You have birth December 31st and he didn’t think that Y/S/N would be as tired as you were. And then you got mad at him. When all he wanted was to spend the day with one of you- “didn’t you make it your resolution to stop yelling at me so much or was that the hormones talking?”

Sungjong: -he was mad because he bought everything on Christmas for a boy and then your son turned out to daughter. And all his shopping for his son went down the drain on January 1st when they told you it was a girl- “I just wish they would have figured it out earlier, I would have bought her the world”

Day 23: Freak Me Out

I really thought I was going to have more variety in these stories, but Steve, Bucky, and Clint just keep taking over from any other man who tries to take the romance lead… Oh well, OTP’s will happen.

When a psycho bad guy has the Avengers beat, Darcy has to step in. Steve makes sure the normal day she tried to run away to doesn’t stay normal for too long after that though.

Word Count: 2313

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How would mx react when a member walks in while having a make out session with you?


Wonho: he would probably be so into it that he wouldn’t notice one of the members walking in until there’s a gasp of horror and you pull away. he’ll start whining and try to pull you back onto his lap and your hands are shoved against his face in protest. he’ll start spewing stuff like “just pretend he’s not here!” and “maybe he can learn something from this” and all you can do is send an apologetic smile at his flustered member. eventually the members will groan at wonho blatantly ignoring their presence and leave you two back to it because honestly those hands won’t leave your sides.

Shownu: he would be so quick to pull away, face completely red as soon as he’s caught. none of his members would have suspected their woodblock of a leader to be doing something so intimate, and he ends up using you as his shield. there’d be a series of yells and laughter and ‘shownu hyung is making out!!’. he’s gonna wanna fall back and hide himself under a pillow. you’re gonna be the one to drag the boys out by the ears. you’re gonna be the one to take shownu by the arm and pull him out to land a big kiss on his lips in front of all the members and laugh when they yell in disgust.

Minhyuk: there’s tumbling first and foremost. the minute you two hear the door begin to turn, the minute you two sense that someone is on their way you grab for the pillows. the embarrassment can barely take hold because the minute eyes land on you in his lap the pillows land on the members unfortunate enough to walk in. that’s right, you both throw every pillow nearby at whoever dares to walk in and you’re not even upset about being interrupted you’re too busy torturing the poor soul with a pillow barrage.

Kihyun: just like shownu, the poor boy would be flustered. there’s incoherent mumbling and hands waving around, fingers fidgeting before he uses you as his human shield. when you nudge him with your elbow, he pulls you closer to him and props his chin on your shoulder, trying to bribe the members with something if they promise to forget about it. he’s gonna smile and not want the image to reach their minds again, he’s gonna try to look as cute as possible and only aegyo can get a promise out the member that walked in.

Hyungwon: he won’t stop. that much is true. he’d probably rest his lips against yours and glance at the member who walked in. you’ll wanna push away but he’s stronger than he looks and he’s got a good hold on your waist. all it takes is a stare, a stare equivalent to the one they get in the morning and there’s no yelling, there’s no teasing there’s just a slightly awkward laugh and a menacing silence before the member rushes out. he’ll be calm about it and he’ll just look at you and ask ‘where were we?’

Jooheon: this idiot. he’ll completely fall over, he’ll complain about the ruined moment. he’ll yell at the member and cover his face with his hands and make dumb girly noises and feign embarrassment. he’ll kick his legs and yell at them to get out and even toss his pillow at them. the minute they start teasing and making kissy noises at him you’re going to have to hold him down and plant a kiss loud enough to get the members running out and him laughing and holding you on top of him on the bed. he won’t really be embarrassed but he’ll like being dramatic.

Changkyun: oh god the embarrassment. he’d completely let go of you and scramble to get into a position hoping they didn’t see you two. but they did and the minute they catch a glimpse it’ll be screamed all over the dorm. about how the maknae is growing up, followed by fake tears and unwelcome nudges to his head. he won’t say much he’ll just let them go at it but the embarrassment will show later on when they’re gone, when the teasing has died down and it’s just you two. when his face is buried into the sheets and you have to coax him out.