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Got7 Reaction To A MC Saying Something Inappropriate About Their Foreign S/O

Request: “Got7 reaction to an mc bringing up their foreign girlfriend and saying something inappropriate”

A/N: I ended up not really detailing about the s/o being foreign, but I hope you can enjoy :) I actually really liked imagining this side of them so thanks for the request!!!


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Even though he is shy he would still defend his s/o and would make sure the Mc knew how disrespectful, just so they could apologize, I don’t think that he would take the discussion backstage, because he knows that it’s not worth it, but would definitely leave the studio pissed.


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He would be trying to control himself to not hit the guy’s face. Knowing that he has a hot temper he would try to stay calm even though his expression shows his true feeling, but at the same time would give a subtle answer to the Mc so he realizes that he shouldn’t be talking about Jaebum’s s/o that way.


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He would be very straightforward that he doesn’t like the way the Mc is talking about his s/o. Of course he would say it in a nice way, maybe even making fun of the Mc to break the ice, but he would be make it clear that he doesn’t want people talking about s/o that way again.


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Savage. Honestly he would be hella pissed and would make sure the Mc knew he had crossed the line and should apologize. I think he wouldn’t care to act like that in front of the cameras specially because he can do it in a calm and assertive way.


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Youngjae would be the kind to politely ask the Mc to not talk about his s/o that way, and would probably stay quiet until they finish filming. Later I think he would come to the Mc and tell him how disrespectful his words were and that even though this little sunshine is polite he will not tolerate this kind of thing.


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It would be similar to the “How do you know I’m not big?” situation, when the Mc says something Bambam doesn’t like he would quickly respond not really caring about the consequences, I mean if he disrespected Bambam’s s/o he wouldn’t care who the person is, he would just let them know they shouldn’t say something like that.


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At first he wouldn’t believe what he just heard. I feel like he wouldn’t want to answer the inappropriate question the man just asked. He would be similar to Youngjae, just politely ask the Mc to respect his s/o and his relationship and then would probably stay quiet until they finish filming.

Just a note on the Commander

Last night while playing chess with Cullen in the garden at Skyhold, Sene flirted with him because, you know, cute boy, and she was like “We should spend more time together.” Then something happened that had never happened before, and maybe that’s because I usually get to the chess scene BEFORE I soft-lock on Solas after the balcony kiss. In any case, here’s what was said:

Sene: [flirts] We should spend more time together.

Cullen: Wouldn’t you rather spend time with Solas?

Sene: [awkward pause] Yes, uh. I mean, as friends.

Cullen: Right. Friends.

This really caught me by surprise. It was such an organic moment, and for it to happen between them, I was like, just really in love with the writing here. It made me love the Commander more than I already did. He’s this courteous, self-sufficient, calm but assertive man who directly addresses her flirtation as being detached from any true romantic intention. He knows she’s with Solas, and he has no intention of a.) stepping in where he does not belong, or b.) continuing idle flirtation that has no viable, romantic outcome attached. He does not turn into an asshole or act offended. He does not become angry or sulky when she says “I meant just as friends.” He is, perhaps, disappointed, but he had already braced himself for as much by asking her to clarify her intentions in the first place. Cullen values Sene, but he communicates here that he doesn’t have much interest in being led on by Sene. This catches her off guard a little bit. His dialogue here is actually super assertive.

This is a mature, confident man, and I’ve always thought so, but this did a lot to paint that picture as one that goes deeper than simple, surface-level behaviors that seem to communicate confidence and social assertiveness, like charm or that thing some people refer to as “game.” Cullen may not be a “smooth operator” (though that is arguable and highly subjective), but he is a man of code, honor, and confidence in his place and stature. He does not need a woman to validate him as a romantic interest in order to spend time with her, even if he does find her attractive, and this, in and of itself, makes him more attractive. I just found this to be very interesting.

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Goat Soap Opera

Every day is a new drama, watching the social interactions between the goats, especially when they first go out to pasture in the morning. Coco has calmed her assertion of authority over her remaining underlings and engages with them more gently, although they are still wary of her. Fb, now top ranking goat, likes to engage the others in spirited play and shows no aggression towards any of them (although they are nervous of her, probably due to her superior strength and high rank). She particularly likes to engage Georgette and Coco. She is very demanding of my attention, particularly for grooming, but will allow another goat to come alongside for grooming at the same time. Only Coco dares!

In this video, Coco (brown) and Fb (black) engage in gentle combat.

anonymous asked:

What do YOU do or what would you do when you say no to your little and she throws a tantrum in a public place?

Let her embarrass herself.

Act with patience and restraint.

Calmly leave the store.

Drive home in silence.

If she hasn’t broken down and apologized from embarrassing you by then, put her in time out in a calm assertive fashion.

When she’s calmed down, you lecture, punish, and give aftercare.

Then enjoy your evening knowing she loves you even more.

You’re welcome

He started it

Boys will be boys; an expression that every mother has had to utter at least ones in their life time after their son has done something a bit dim-witted. Boys, they’re loud, always running, and breaking something. Last week it was the glass vase full of the roses Harry surprised you with causelessly, yesterday it was the pillows on the couch. Your oldest son, Ethan is six, and the youngest, Jamie is four, both ages where they’re both always either fighting each other or concocting some sort of plan that probably involves destroying something. You’ve realised that whenever the house is serene, there’s two little boys in mischief. You wrinkle your brow just as you look over at your husband asleep on the sofa, one arm tucked under the cushion, the other hanging over the couch, slothfully. You take a quick peek outside, apprehending how there’s no bawling or screaming. You granted permission to the boys to go outside to run off any extra energy they had after dinner while it’s not so cold outside. Your eyes move waveringly towards the two boys scuttling around after each other merrily, the sun setting behind the trees; a crimson sky prominently being exposed. You keep an eye on them for a little bit, making sure to keep an eye on Jamie who occasionally gets curious with the neighbours dog who patrols the fence. You get back to picking up the constant mess of toys around the house, ranging from Lego’s to toy cars, and action figurines. To say the children have a lot of toys, would be an understatement; no matter how many times you pick up a block off the floor there’s always bound to be another two somewhere.
The two boys come bounding in, speeding around on the freshly clean floors, scuffing the floorboards as they race around. “Boys.” You sigh, hearing their heavy footsteps leaping around the house. “Boys, come here.” You call, trying to keep your voice low enough not to stir Harry, but firm enough for the young ones to listen. They rush round to you, both giving you cheeky grins and interested eyes, the oldest one, Ethan having grey eyes and Jamie taking the shade of your own. “We’re going upstairs to get a bath, and if you behave I’ll give you two a snack before bed.” You graciously bribe, knowing they can be a handful when it comes to bath time and bed time.
“Ice cream.” The youngest beams merrily, wanting a taste of the new ice cream Harry brought home. Nothing usually gets past the two of them, they seem to want to eat whatever they rest their eyes on. You give the young men a nod, taking their hands and guiding them to the stairs. You unlock the baby gate and allow them to with great care walk upstairs. It took you and Harry a while to educate your two boys not to hurry up or down the stairs, it took a few hard lessons for them to learn. Your boys don’t learn the easy way— that’s for sure. “Go pick your pyjamas.” You instruct as you enter the bathroom to run a bubble bath for the two, hoping they opt with taking the pyjamas already laid out on their beds.
You hear the few whines of one of the boys’ echoing from one of the bedrooms. You stand up and leave the bathtub, walking towards the bedrooms of your children. Their restlessness and mischievousness beginning to show as the two of them bicker over a pair of pyjamas. “Boys, do I need to pick for you?” You interrupt the two of them while they both clasp the same shaded top. “Now, you know that’s not yours.” You assert your eyes to Jamie, his chubby hands clutching his older brothers top, not wanting to part ways with it. Your son tries to work his darling, charming eyes on you but you shake your head. The enchantment doesn’t always work with you, and it especially doesn’t work when you’re exhausted and ready to get in bed yourself. Your youngest heavily huffs, releasing the top and walking away.

After a tremendously long bath time, your offspring are finally bathed and dressed. It took about twenty minutes to get both of them to keep their clothes on. When their father is sleeping or not in the house they tend to test the limits with you, hoping to get away with purposely taking their clothes off and running around upstairs half naked. You excessively sigh as you take the moment to take a breath while sitting on the bed. After a long day of dealing with two boys, you desperately need a few minutes to breathe peacefully. Your peace and quiet is disturbed when you hear the shrilling cries of one of the boys. You hurry out of the bedroom, finding the two boys hitting each other in the hallway, “hey! Stop!” You raise your voice, grabbing Ethan, pulling him away from his little brother, but his little brother steps to keep hitting his hands against his big brother, “no!” You reprimand severely, picking your six year old up just as Harry reaches the top of the stairs, “what did I just wake up to?” He drearily challenges, gently pulling back his youngest son before picking him up.
“He started it!” Jamie at a moment’s notice blames his older brother,
“He hit me first.” Your oldest disputes, nestling into you as you stare at your husband, entirely unaware of who initiated what happened.
“They’re your sons.” You mouth to Harry, utterly irritated with both boys. All you ask is to have one day with nothing getting broken, and the two of them not getting themselves in some sort of quarrel. Harry huffs and looks down at his curly haired four year old, a stern look becoming painted across Harry’s face. “What have I told you two about hitting?” Harry questions, silence over coming everyone in the hallway, the boys’ finally becoming composed. “I don’t hear anything. What has Daddy said?” Harry presses, wanting an answer from his children. The boys mumble a soft-sounding answer, both residing the same thing. “I don’t want to see anymore hitting. For being naughty you both aren’t going to Aunt Gemma’s tomorrow, you’ll stay inside and do what Mummy says.” He assertively punishes the boys, not substantially understanding that you need “Aunt Gemma,” time, you need a few hours of time to yourself and quite frankly you want a few hours with Harry with no interruptions. The two boys pout and whine but Harry swiftly cuts them off, “it’s bed time, boys.” He persists, “love, I’ll handle it.” He clears his throat as you put Ethan down to stand on his own. You swiftly check him up and down, only finding a red mark on his arm that will likely form into a small bruise. “Goodnight,” you kiss both sons on the cheek, allowing Harry to take them to their bedrooms where undoubtedly he will give them another stern talking to. He’s not frequently harsh on the boys, he gives them warnings and gives them time out time. He doesn’t raise his voice or yell at them in a way it’ll scare them, instead he does his best to stay calm, yet firm and assertive.
You nestle yourself into the comfort of your bed, waiting for your husband to finally walk in and relax with you, perhaps throwing in a few last minute cuddles before you both fall asleep. Your eyes dance around the sentences of your book, your mind intrigued by the story line the novel presents. Harry steps into the room, instantly falling into the bed, burying his head into his pillow. “What are we going to do with them?” He breathes a sigh,
“Love them, feed them, and hope for the best.” You smile, placing your book to the side table before moving over and pressing your hand to his back. He grins enchantingly while his hair falls around his face, the silky ends curling lightly. “I don’t remember being like that as a young boy.” He comments, referring to his sons’ misbehaviour and roughness. “You grew up with a sister. They’re two boys, they won’t grow out of it until later on.” You inform him, “this is why I wanted a girl,” you mumble, drawing small circles on his back. Harry stifles a laugh cutely, remembering the countless times you told him you were pregnant with a girl and declined even to think that your second child was a boy. You were so convinced that Jamie would be a girl that you forced Harry to buy girlish clothes just in case. You still have a few girly clothes that you had hoped your baby would leave the hospital in. “Baby, we can’t just give them back and have girls.” He chuckles, “the boys will be ‘lright, they’re Styles boys’ they’ll be fine.” He continues, priding himself on his young men. There’s no doubt in your mind they’ll turn out to be great young men, but right now — they’re stressing you out with their antics— they need to mellow down a little. “I know… I still want a girl.” You yawn, wishing you had a little girl to dress up in darling clothes and to put bows in her hair, you can’t exactly do that with your sons. “Is that a hint, my love?” Harry moves closer to you, his arm draping over you, his lips delicately pressing to your cheeks. You smirk, giving him a grinning look. “It might be.” You confirm with a nod, enjoying the feel of his tender kisses on your warm skin as they leisurely sink down towards your neck, “mhm, lets start.” He whispers against your neck, sending shivers down your body.
“Harry, are you serious?” You challenge, his greedy lips pulling away from your skin and his eyes look up to meet with yours. “Yes, very.” He confirms, leaning down skimming his lips across yours, “are you not?” He murmurs, pressing his lips against yours, somewhat demanding access to what you offer. You kiss him back before mannerly pulling away, “you really want another baby?” You inquire, unsure of whether he’s just in the mood or if he genuinely wants to try for another little one. He gives you an assertive nod,
“I wouldn’t mind trying for a girl, third times a charm.” You lean up and kiss him mildly, cupping his face with your hands.
“What if we have a boy?” You mumble, breaking the kiss yet again,
“Then we have another boy, I want another baby either way.” He informs you, “but we can wait if you aren’t ready.” He promptly keeps on saying, his eyes radiating down at yours as he stays hovered over you. You press your lips against his, igniting a passionate kiss to give him his answer. You’re ready to try to have another baby with him, hopefully it’s a girl to dress up in bows and pretty dresses.

Higher self meditation

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my meditations with you guys… but then again it’s been a while since I’ve meditated. Tee-hee :)

Recently (more like the past few months) I’ve felt incredibly disconnected from myself and reality… Kind of like I’m just floating through time. However, I have been gradually gaining my sense of self and shedding layers of negative behavior, which has lead me to believe that this is all part of a process. A ‘rebirth’, if you will. 

I had trouble concentrating at first, but I set my intention to speak to my higher self…. eventually I found myself walking down these steps (I’m assuming these were steps inside myself), but everything was spinning and it was hard to visualize… except I remember clearly how everything was colored amber. Then I was floating down a tunnel… then poof I entered this… elegant place. I can’t exactly explain what it looked like, but there were tall tan blocks that looked almost like buildings and stone floors. In the center was the beam of crystal light that went up and deep into the sky. I touched it and felt a connection with myself, I eventually stepped into it and up I went haha. I ended up in a dark area, with me in the center of it… Only it wasn’t me, it was energy, a low dimension depiction of my high self, I’m assuming.

Mind you during this meditation I felt the presence of two entities, each on either sides of my shoulders. It was a very heavy and reassuring presence… very calming and assertive. It’s possible that they are guides… I’m not sure because I’m not incredibly familiar with them. 

Anywho, me and my higher self had a chat pretty much. The messages were, somewhat clear, I’d say about 80%, some things I had to ask twice because I didn’t understand or I couldn’t hear. I felt a lot… like a lot more than I could hear… it was like feeling was my primary sense. I also connected to a piece of myself that I had lost during my childhood… what part I lost wasn’t entirely clear but it had something to do with empathy and connection… 

I also learned that I was on the “right path” and that I have a very high energy now (I saw lots of yellow!) and that energy will start to attract things (what these things are was not clear). I asked a few personal things that I’m not gonna share, but the most profound message that I got was to be vulnerable… not in a weak sense but, to open up more, share my energy and myself with others. Basically to not be afraid to be myself. There were bits of pieces saying that I was going through a transition, or I recently transitioned and that’s where this high energy came from… It looks almost electric or static..oh! high vibration! I was trying to explain what a vibration looks like without realizing what I was looking at. But yeah, I’m vibrating at a higher frequency and it looks a bit chaotic and crazy. My head is still super foggy so recalling this is kind of hard… and I’m sorry if this post seems like a jumbled mess, I’m literally closing my eyes trying to pull this from my memory. 

also sorry if there are any typos/grammatical errors, too lazy to proof-read :D

So, here’s to being vulnerable and being 100% me!

actual transcript between me and @parrotiny discussing andrew and dogs:

calm and assertive Andrew the Dog Trainer by Accident, cause all the neighbours ask him “how do you do it” when they see him walking his dog without a leash just fine and he looks at them w a blank & bored face and theyre like “i see” and since Neil&Andrew can afford a nicer area to live in, their neighbours are rich and spoiled as hell, which makes them just annoying enough for Andrew to start taking some of their dogs too while hes out anyway (also Neil agreed for him), and thats how it begins

Andrews for sure gonna be a pest about it though, so he comes at the most random and unfortunate times, lets say 2am just for kicks, sometimes right when he knows that the Johnsons are taking their nap between homeoffice hours, just to get their dogs, but the neighbours are thankful to be honest, cause “Daisy is so much more relaxed thanks to you Mr Minyard, we can’t thank you enough” and Andrew will whistle for Daisy and turn around with a “Then don’t” while getting the hell outta there      

Andrew the Dog Whisper, can you even imagine. Dogs. Just. Love. Him. his own dogs listens to him better than Neil and Neil is always complaining. like that’s not fair. can you imagine andrew minyard surrounded by like 10 dogs just walking down the neighborhood, what a sight!

“oh, hey who walks your dog?”
“you that short guy whose always smoking on the porch down the street?”
“That retired exy goalkeeper?”
“Yeah, him”

also can you imagine these dogs just running away from their home to andrew’s home because they like him so much. (like huskies are really good escape artists, so andrew has like three huskies on the front porch waiting for him and neil opens the door and is like ‘andrew it’s for you’

Nightmare Pt.2 (Feysand Angst)

Laawwdd help me I’m so sorry this took so long but here you go, The much anticipated sequel :D


(Feyre POV)

The bond stayed silent all day, I knew even while I was blocking any advances from Rhysand…since he didn’t particularly give me anything to block, it seems that this morning he’d just wanted to check where I had run off to.

The breakfast table Nuala and Cerridwen laid out for us, was devoid of him. As was the lunch table. I headed upstairs to the roof when the sun started its gradual descent, making the day cooler. Needing something to occupy my mind rather than to just sit and fume inside all day I grabbed a canvas and some paints.

The Sidra glittered mockingly at me from my view atop the balcony as I tried in vain to capture it in my scenic painting, the tightness in my chest was still evident and I knew what had to be done to ease it. I just wasn’t ready for the confrontation.

It was then that I heard midnight footsteps climbing up the few stairs to the balcony. The Mother it seemed, had other plans.

(Rhys POV)

I made my way up slowly, stalling for time as long as I could. I knew I deserved whatever was coming my way for the next few minutes (Or hours, it depends.) but it didn’t mean I wasn’t wary.

I had messed up. Extortionately. Feyre had blocked me ever since last night, and although every instinct in my body urged me to beg her to take me back and go after her, I gave her the privacy and seclusion she needed. Cauldron knows I deserved to be shut out.

I finally made it up to the balcony door, despite my stalling. Feyre was sitting on one of the chairs in front of her canvas and easel, a paintbrush in one hand. The other trying to blend two colours together with her forefinger. I heard her sharp intake of breath as she sensed me suddenly so near, the finger at work twitching slightly, and then resuming its job. Nonchalant, as if nothing had ever happened.

I tried for playful, since it seemed that she was just as eager as I was for this talk.

“I’m bored.”

“Find a hobby.” Came the short reply.

“I would but nothing seems to particularly suit me,”

“Not my problem.” A slight flaring of the nostrils this time, irritated then. I switched tones before this had the chance to end badly.

“Perhaps you could teach me to paint?” When in doubt, go for sincerity…or so I thought.

“And why exactly, would I do that?” There was an edge of challenge in her voice now. She was baiting me and although I had to tread carefully, it pleased me to no end that we were somewhat talking normally.

I smirked and I knew she could see me from the corner of her eye, when I took my post on the chair adjacent to her.

“Because you owe me.”

Feyre set the paintbrush down as she turned in my direction. Not nearly enough but I suppose I could work with it right now. The finger she was blending with ceased to move and instead stayed stationary upon the canvas, all while the setting sun lit up half her face so I couldn’t quite make out her expression properly.

“Excuse me?” There was a flicker of uncertainty in her now.

“I taught you to read, you teach me to paint. You owe me a few lessons darling,” I finished with a grin. I hoped this simple exchange would make talking about last night easier. It wasn’t us to shy from confrontation, but the topic we were dealing with was entirely too sensitive to be brought up out of the blue.

I was wrong.

Feyre whirled towards me at my careless offer, the rage blazing in her eyes would’ve surely made a lesser male wet himself. Even though she was shorter than me, I felt entirely too small with her livid face staring me down.

The shouting match that I thought would ensue did not happen, instead she continued with calm assertion, sprinkled with disdain. All of it combined with her expression of disgust I realized…

…it was the same voice I had used with her last night.

“Well, Rhysand.” I flinched. “I wasn’t aware that love was obtained through favors. How would I, really? One would believe that I was a common court-dweller by the way you talk to me. Not. Your. Mate.

Guilt and self-loathing shot through me like an ash arrow, coupled by the way she spat out the last word.

Feyre turned around to stomp her way to the door, her fists clenched so hard they had paled.

“No, Feyre. Wait!” But it was too late. The door slammed and the echo was my only companion as I contemplated in panic, of what I had caused.  

The Signs as Parents
  • Aries: no inside voice. very passionate and supportive of everything you enjoy. the little league dad. the parent that forces you to befriend the neighbors.
  • Taurus: very calm and patient but assertive if you're being a dick. accepting and loving. always asking about what you ate, if you're hungry, etc. the grill master dad.
  • Gemini: DAD JOKES ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. pretty kooky. usually open-minded, teaches you to be the same. gives you adorable and unique nicknames.
  • Cancer: the sweetest of the parents by far. very loving and cute. the parent you feel comfortable talking about your problems with. always asks how your day went.
  • Leo: will sass you right back when you sass them, so don't even. very fun and silly. the macho and intimidating dad that's actually really sensitive and sweet when it comes to his kiddos. the 'can I speak to your manager?' mom.
  • Virgo: takes 3,000,000 pictures of you and posts the bad ones on social media. gets mad when you complain about how bad you look in them. can always make you feel better when you're down. highly sentimental. the scrapbook mom.
  • Libra: very fair, actually listens to what you have to say and doesn't just disregard your feelings because they're older than you. wine mom. keeps every single thing you make for or give them.
  • Scorpio: P R O T E C T I V E. mama bear, that dad that brings a shotgun to meet your significant other. even worse case of dad jokes than gemini. sweet and thoughtful. will not hesitate to discipline ya ass.
  • Sagittarius: the parent that your friends call 'mom' or 'dad' too. outgoing and adventurous. makes you get out there and be social when you just wanna lay in bed on tumblr. probably has spontaneously brought in a stray animal at some point.
  • Capricorn: lowkey (or maybe highkey) has planned your entire life out. prioritizes your success over everything. uses parental controls and lives by the phrase "no one is good enough for my baby" regarding the people you date.
  • Aquarius: amazing at giving advice because they've had quite a few experiences in their life. good at teaching you important stuff, like how to tie your shoelaces and how to be well-mannered. dad jokes af but they're actually funny ones.
  • Pisces: the kooky parent that knows how to have a good time. empathetic so they easily relate to and understand you. the "cool" mom that did a ton of crazy shit in college. lets you skip school some days if you really aren't feeling up to it.
[Fic][Drabble/Prompt Challenge] A Proper Hug

Wow, this is drabble length. WOW.

I don’t know how I feel about it, but MEH. It’s done.

Title: A Proper Hug.
Prompt: Accusation
Pairing: Jikook
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 455
Note: Takes place sometime after Run! BTS! Ep. 6.

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With every kiss and every embrace she remembered a little more about who she was and after a night spent reacquainting with her soulmate, it all came back to her.

Elyza wakes up startled by the sound of a sword being drawn and quickly pulls her gun from under her pillow, hastily blinking away the remnants of sleep. She reaches out for her love in the darkness but finds the spot beside her cold and empty. Her heart begins to pound upon realizing Alicia is no longer by her side.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

She positions herself into a naked crouch, aiming the gun towards the echoing sound of heels hitting concrete while trying to reach for the Bowie knife near her boots.


Her mind begins to panic.

What if she’s-?

No. Focus!

Suddenly the resounding footsteps stop just out of reach the moonlight. She catches the tip of a sword, a long black duster, and a tall black boot going up, up, up…..

Elyza: Who’s there?

Her voice is surprisingly calm and assertive despite feeling vulnerable and very, very, naked.

Voice: I remember you.

Elyza: Alicia?

She stepped out into the moonlight and immediately Elyza recognized the rigid posture, the burning green gaze, and proud jut of her chin. The unmistakable stoic façade….. Her jaw dropped in realization as tears filled her eyes.

Alicia: Nou. Ai laik Heda.

A tiny flitting smile touched the corner of her lips.

Alicia: I told you death was not the end and we would meet again.

A little bit of history. I am a cashier in a Kroger store. Although I am a nice guy, I have a neutral face that basically gives the impression of me being mad at something, however, most of the times I say “Hi” to the customers in silly voices that most of the time makes them smile. So far, so good.

Enter “I’m so busy talking on the phone to notice you” kind of person, a middle-aged woman with one of those “Can I talk to the manager” haircut. After saying “Hi” to her and not getting any response, I proceed to check her out. I don’t really pay attention to the customer’s conversations, but this one seemed a little important, so I didn’t try again and let her finish her phone call, and then maybe she would apologize for being on the phone and not reply to me after saying, “Hi”, like a decent human being.


She then hung up her phone, I say “Hi” once more to see if she replies back. NO REPLY. So I kept doing my job, and check her out as fast as possible.

Right at the moment I checked her last grocery and proceed to pay, she talked to give me the most obnoxious and mean voice my ears have ever heard

“I’ve been here all the time and you never acknowledge me as a customer”

In my mind, I was like, wtf!!!!

“Uhm…. Excuse me… but I do say "Hi” to you" I said as my heartbeat started to increase, it happens every time I engage in an argument.

“No, you didn’t,” she said, placing her hands over the counter, in a pose like she just got a manicure. “And let me tell you something, you are supposed to acknowledge all the customers that come into your line, because of them (pointing at herself) You get paid”

Ok, let’s take a small break here

1) This woman gets in my line, and I proceed by greeting her, and she didn’t even pay attention. I tried once more and then I give up.

2) Who the fuck does she think she is to tell me such bullshit? I’m sick enough already that every time I open a paycheck the words “A happy customer made this check possible” are right on top of my check as a reminder that I have to care for all of them, even of jerks like her.

Coming back to the situation in hand.

I felt offended, but I promise myself that I would avoid confrontation with customers, especially this kind. The arguing takes a few more minutes than I expected, thank God it was slow that day, and she keeps

But I stand my ground and with a calm but assertive voice I said “With all due respect, ma'am. But it is not my problem if you are so busy with your phone that you do not pay attention to your surroundings, and not then, try to accuse me of being impolite for such nonsense after you didn’t apologize for being impolite to me after you never reply back to any of my greetings before and after you hang up your phone. Then again, and as I said before” this time I was more calm, but I put a dead serious face “I do say "Hi” to you at the moment you came close to my register"

She then starts to freak out, and makes me call for a manager and she treat me to get me fired me and all that stuff.

Thankfully, and maybe a bless from God himself to teach a lesson to this bitch, the person who was packing her groceries was the manager (a smart gal with a nice attitude and very helpful when we’re busy) And she witnessed all from the very beginning. I was trying to hold my laugh as I point the manager at the end of the belt.

Then the customer proceeds to give this stupid looking speech of how awful her shopping experience was although she was wrong from the very start. I finished with the transaction and gave her the nicest smile I can do to mock her shitty attitude. She then walked out the store only to come back a few because she wanted to write a complaint and she needed our names (mine and the manager’s) so I decided to mock her once more by telling her:

“If you cannot remember my name, you can find it right herr at the top of the receipt” as I pointed the receipt in her hands. She got real furious and walked out.


Characters: Single!Misha x Reader, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki

Chapters: One Shot

Notes: Based off this Request by Anon

Warnings: Mentions of Eating Disorder and medical issues related to it. 

Notes: If you or someone you know has an eating disorder or any disorder eating thoughts or habits; please seek professional help right away. Link to my Eating Disorder Help Masterpost

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Thank you Baby Jesus. Arrow 320 Recap, “The Fallen”

You guys, what can I say about this episode that hasn’t already been fervently prayed sotto voice or bitten longingly into a pillow? Not much, but I’m gonna do it anyway.

Thea Queen, stabbed through the gut, is dragging herself across the floor covered with broken glass towards the phone when Oliver comes home and finds her. What does she say to him? “I couldn’t stop him.” THEA JESUS F.

The fact that this is what she uses possibly her dying breath to say is incredibly telling of her mettle, and my pride in her somewhat helps with the void in my chest as I watch Oliver dial 911, press a blanket into his sister’s wound and tell her to hang on before lifting her up and carrying her out.

Outside the O.R., Oliver is asked to stay outside as the doctors work to save Thea, who flatlines. They manage to get her back, and Oliver falls back against the wall in numb relief. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to be a wall so bad before in my life.

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Dominance in Dogs

Hi! What are your thoughts on dominance as a trait in dogs? Not the Cesar Millan alpha type dominance, but rather dominance when applied to the right to use resources, etc? I read an interesting book (which goes against the “Dominance Theory” and explains why it is incorrect) which mentions dominance in dogs and how it cannot exist unless you have several individuals (and depending on which individuals and the situation, said dominance will differ). Thank you! -A Reader

I would not use the word “dominance” to describe the relationship among dogs, or the relationship between dogs and humans. That is mostly because I try to distance myself from the word in general and I prefer synonyms that I think better explain dog behavior without leaving room for misinterpretation.

When it comes to resources and resource guarding, I do not believe it has a correlation between dominance and submission. Dogs guard because they fear it will be removed. If a dog is resource guarding from the other dogs, it is absolutely not the “pack leader”. If you see a dog showing “dominance” and not “permitting other dogs to use the resources”, you are not actually witnessing dominance. 

I think the main problem with describing dogs as dominant is that people don’t understand what a dominant dog would look like. A dominant dog is confident, calm, and assertive. The two dogs fighting over a bone aren’t the ones struggling for a leadership role. The dog sunbathing in the corner and watching them is more likely to be the “leader”. 

Again, I wouldn’t use the terms I’ve put into quotations. I would say that when you have a multiple dog household, sometimes you can see the newer additions recognizing the older dog’s seniority, and being informed “this is my spot and you may not come to this spot” or “right now I want you to leave me alone.” 

But there is a decided difference in the way the dog will show that. It won’t be some long dragged out fight, or running and chasing back and forth. The new dog will approach, or jump around the older dog, and the older dog will give one very quick and sharp snarl, and possibly shake them by the scruff of the neck. It happens so fast that by the time you run over, it’s over, and the newer dog has backed off. 

People who observe that kind of behavior would say that the older dog is the “pack leader”, or the “alpha”. There’s a small problem with that though.

For example, I see the above behavior with Choice and Daenerys constantly. Daenerys follows Choice everywhere, and wants to be wherever she is. For a while she tried to sleep in her kennel with her. And Choice is completely un-bothered by her attention. Whereas Frost and Daenerys constantly get into scuffles over the most trivial things, Choice couldn’t care less what Daenerys or Frost do. Unless it’s something like a bully stick, or something that Choice really cares about, and Daenerys or Frost try to take it away from her. She lets them know, “that is not gonna fly” And then they back off and she resumes her chewing. 

So for all intents and purposes, we could say that Choice is the pack leader. However, if Choice were to try to take Daenerys’ bully stick away from her… Daenerys would do the exact same thing. One very short and sharp warning, and that’s that. 

Neither Choice nor Daenerys are pack leaders, or alpha dogs. They are both confident and assertive dogs. They are secure in their place in our family, and they are very relaxed with each other, but like all animals, they have boundaries they do not want crossed, and if crossed, they will be quick to let you know that that is not acceptable. 

This has gotten long, and I’m not sure if my point is well articulated. It’s been a long day at uni and I have nothing but bone structures in my head right now. 

The bottom line is that even among dogs, I would not be quick to label their behavior with each other as a matter of dominance and submission, but rather individually characterize them as strong, independent, confident, assertive, fearful, insecure, playful, with a low or high personal space threshold, and then understand their interactions with each other based on their personalities, rather than flattening it down to a simple “alpha, beta, and submissive”. 

eat or be eaten (a/u) 4 of 6

~author’s note~ Here it is, as promised.

BIG THANK YOUS to thekingoflegoland, musicismyperson, and awkwardblacklesbian for all their support while writing this. I really appreciate it.

AND THANK YOU to the patient readers who waited for this update.

I hope you guys like it.

RATED M (for smut and violence)

Part 1 < Part 2 < Part 3 < Part 4 > Part 5a > Part 5b > Part 6

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This is part two of the personality of Aurora as how I see it when I watch Sleeping Beauty; mostly chronological.

  1. Playful <–see part 1, start
  2. Tender
  3. Wondering
  4. Fair
  5. Rebellious <–see part 1, end
  6. Calm and Cautious/Shy
  7. Responsible
  8. Assertive
  9. Conflicted
  10. …see part 3


When she notices that she’s not dancing with her animal friends anymore but some stranger who has come up from behind to sing and dance with her - what does she do? Scream? Run? Cry? No. Rather, she calmly tries to get away.

In the four times Aurora removes her hands from Phillip, you’ll see that she is gradually becoming less distrusting of his gentle persistence:

  • removes her hand from his two hands with her other hand
  • removes her hand from his two hands
  • removes her hand from his one hand
  • removes her hand from his touch

She has wondered and has wanted to be rebellious regarding strangers, but when she finally meets one she’s understandably shy. Shy, but still calm and curious/wondering.


Phillip: Who are you, what’s your name? 
Aurora: Hmm? Oh, my name. Why, it’s, it’s … Oh no, no, I can’t, I … Goodbye! [runs off] 

Responsibility isn’t just not making mistakes; it’s also realizing them and correcting them. Yes - she did talk to a stranger and had a dance but when she was about to share personal information she realizes that she got caught up in the moment.

She remembers the rules and despite her own desires for rebellion or how she thinks the rules imposed on her are unfair, she runs away. 

(And later, when she returns home:

Oh you darlings, this is the happiest day of my life. Everything’s so wonderful, just wait till you meet him.


But, but I can’t! He’s coming here tonight, I promised to meet him.

I don’t doubt that she’s infatuated (=love at first sight), but, being responsible, she’s also concerned about breaking her promise to him.)


Phillip: But when will I see you again? 
Aurora: Oh never, never!
Phillip: Never?
Aurora: Well, maybe someday.
Phillip: When, tomorrow? 
Aurora: Oh no, this evening.
Phillip: Where? 
Aurora: At the cottage, in the glen.

This act of making the date reveals much of her personality even if it is complex (3,4,5, 7):

  • Wondering: wants to explore her romantic side
  • Fair: acts accordingly to her age
  • Rebellious: did and plans to do something obviously against her aunts wishes (=have a date)
  • Responsibility: rather than carelessly running off with him or having a secret romance, she respects her guardian’s concern about strangers. Before things escalate, she wants him to meet her aunts


But that’s impossible! How could I marry a prince, I’d have to be

Within moments she learns who she actually is and subsequently everything she has ever been and has ever known is, in essence, a lie.

  • She’s not a peasant, but a princess
  • Her parents are still alive and well
  • Her guardian’s weren’t her aunt, but faries
  • She cannot create a romance for herself because she’s betrothed
  • By the end of this scene, she’s not even sure of her own name.

Poor Aurora is so confused that breaks down crying, twice; like anyone under the circumstances I suspect.

In fact, her emotional conflict is enough for her fairy aunts to reconsider her betrothal. Particularly Merriweather and Fauna. The same fairy aunts who had spent the previous sixteen years living as morals to ultimately bring her to this situation.

10… see part 3