Amethyst illustration ~ Framed watercolour painting 🔮

£10 plus postage. Contact me if you want to buy one.


I’m doing an Instagram giveaway this weekend! 🎆 it’s a group giveaway 10 shops involved so 10 prizes you can win.

15th feb 6pm - 19th feb 6pm (BST: UK time)

To find out about how to enter I’ll be posting on Instagram at 6pm. Stay tuned!

feel my heat under your hands, taste my sweat on your tongue

baby we can go all night long

roman taught patton how to Sultry Gaze and they have now become Local Disaster Gays logan and virgil’s worse nightmare

//dont repost my art!!! but reblogs are cool//

Surprise, @rilli-luci!!! I’m your Secret Sanders Santa!! ;-)

This is actually the first time I drew the main 4 sides all together in one place I think. My favorite thing about drawing them all is making them have different features despite being the same person (especially their hair)! xD The emojis was a last minute edition but it was also really fun to do (I knew exactly which emojis they’d all have instantly haha)!

 I’m glad I spent the time to clean up my initial sketch, because I love how this turned out! I hope you do too, and that you had a lovely holiday!! <3

There are definitely no ships here….. nope. None at all :) Okay maybe if you squint but there doesn’t have to be interpreted that way it’s your call :D

Happy 2019!!!

Spend some time dwelling within the present moment. That way, time is not actually being spent, but held on to, treasured, and released with a great sense of of gratitude.

Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin