Hello there! I’m not really a studybrl since I sometimes reblog stuff that is not study related, but I’m kinda trying to become one one step at a time.
This is my weekly spread for last week! I know it’s kinda messy and I don’t really have a beautiful callygraphy, but I tried my best and decorated as I wanted. I was really inspired by a lot of studybrl and studygram out there. Every single one of you is amazing ♡


Angus MacLiseDreamweapon: The Art and Life of Angus Maclise 1938-1979, Boo-Hooray, NY, 2011

Syncretic callygraphy or asemic poetry? A mix of Chinese, Arabic and Tibetan ornamental hand writings from the time Angus MacLise lived in Katmandu, Nepal, in the mid-1970s.