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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Cally Henderson Tyrol

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Because it was asked of me, and I couldn’t just write like ONE SENTENCE or ONE NOVEL.

I love Cally and don’t care who frakking knows. :p Frankly I think it’s just my tendency to latch onto underdogs, so congratulations to BSG fandom for hating her so excessively that you made me a million times more understanding and protective of her. But it wasn’t always this way…

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'The Ties that Bind' and the fate of Cally
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Spoilers for up through Season 4, obviously (stay away Sidonie!)

This post is in part dedicated to determined Cally-stan Kelly. Keep fighting the good fight!

My Galactica re-watch reached a very interesting and problematic episode last night, one I had been wondering about for a long time and one for which I had both looked forward to and dreaded hearing RDM’s commentary. Moore gets rather pushy on his podcasts sometimes - while he is happy to leave some things very much ambiguous, it’s only those things he deliberately leaves that way, and on other things if you don’t see things his way you are reading it wrong. Now, sometimes I understand why he insists on that approach, and sometimes he is right. Other times I think he needs to be more aware that fiction is not always under the control of the author, especially with characters and settings as rich as those that Moore gave us in BSG. 

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