callum stuart

Call watched Harry Potter for the first time with Aaron( because his father didn't allow magic-related movie in his house)
  • Call: Wow, Harry is pretty cool.
  • Aaron: I guess so...
  • Call: Like, he burnt the dude with his bare hands!!!
  • Aaron: I can burn anything with my bare hands....
  • Call: He seems like a nice guy, but not too nice, you know? The kind that can really kicks some butts. And he is not bad looking.
  • Aaron: ....I can kick a door open? And I- I think I'm kinda nice...
  • Call: And he can talk to snakes!!
  • Aaron: That's it. *left the room*
  • A day later
  • Call: Have you seen Aaron?
  • Tamara: Yes, and I'm kinda worried about him.
  • Call: Why? What happened?
  • Tamara: he has been talking to snakes since yesterday!
  • Call: Oh...