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travel-sick  asked:

How many people have pointed out to you the George had already named his son Fred? I mean really, if anyone was going to be naming a kid Fred it was always going to be George.

Lots of people are snobby about canon so, quite a few. But honestly I’m talking in terms of the epilogue as we received it and reacted to it. Not the bits of info that trickled in later and only small parts of the fandom is aware of. Pottermore was a giant mess tbh.

Also: why not two Freds? Less expectation for them to live up to the ~memory~ of the dead. We all laugh at Albus, but frankly ‘James Sirius’ and ‘Lily Luna’ are just as bad. Luna, I’m assuming here is a reference to Remus. But James and Lily? Promoting incest there are you Harry? And what if James Sirius is shy, or a Slytherin? Would you be disappointed? Now there’s a fic I would read.

Also: George naming his son after his dead twin? That’s creepy. Even creepier than those above. Because he’ll look like Fred. And George. And it’ll be this never ending painful cycle of George chasing after his own dead twin. ‘always’ going to be George naming his son Fred? I’d have hoped for ‘never’.

Here are some names that aren’t so creepy: Rose and Hugo. (well done Ron and Hermione). Scorpius. (family naming without dead people- well done Draco *voldy hug*). Roxanne (love that name- almost makes me want to forgive George, but no)

For the Potters?

If you still want to do dead relatives: Gideon and Fabian. Molly’s older brothers that died in the first war. Would mean alot to her, and be a good memory w/o too much pressure. OR find out what Harry’s grandparents are called (seriously where are they? he had four once).

For girls? Well female flower names are popular in this world. Think of it as an indirect reference to Lily without the whole ‘get ready to die for the one you love’ message. Examples: Jasmine. Ivy. Holly. Heather. Iris. Violet. Willow. Rosemary. Primrose. Hazel. Bryony. Daisy. I could go on.

Or here’s an idea. Jack. Callum. Stephen. Adrian. Scott. Daniel. (woo meta) Mark. Samuel. Andrew. For girls? Lucy. Eleanor. Louise. Catherine. Jodie.

you know.