alfewulf  asked:

Hey how do you like the Hockey League you are playing in?

A spectacular question which I will likely go into far greater detail responding to than most people will care to read.

First, let me preface by saying that most everything I say here is subject to change as I have played exactly ONE actual league game so far.

The league is an individual sign-up league, meaning you sign up and are assigned to a team instead of signing up as a pre-made team, additionally the make-up of the teams changes every season. I like this style of league for a number of reasons, perhaps the most obvious being that I do not actually know enough people to create a team.

Some other good things about the league are that it does seem to be pretty laid back, with the emphasis on fun and enjoyment over competitiveness or other aspects, I am a fan of that mindset for sure. Another great thing is that it seems to truly be a beer league, with drinks provided by a teammate for after each game. There are jerseys so everyone matches, which certainly helps. And they seem to have enough divisions to keep the skill range for each one pretty narrow, so no one seems to be standing out as being particularly poor or spectacular. I don’t recall what the price per game was but I figured it out and remember feeling it is pretty reasonable.

There are some aspects I personally am not a fan of compared to the league I used to play in in New Mexico. I so far have been unable to find any results or standings or anything posted on the website, not a huge deal necessarily but certainly a fun little aspect I think. Additionally, it seems that they don’t keep track of any sort of statistics. There were no scorekeepers at the game I played at, one of the refs put the goals up on the board and started the clock. This is a pretty big departure and step down from what I was used to, as the other league kept and posted online +/-, PIM, G, A, Pts, and goalie W-L, GAA, and save percentage. Again, it’s probably not a huge deal to most people but I really do think those little things add a lot to the league and make it more enjoyable to play in.

It has many things common to most adult leagues, two refs, time slots that fucking suck, mostly nice people, parents who talk almost nonstop about how their kids’ hockey is going, zero spectators, and so forth.

Overall, I think I’ll say my initial impression is it is acceptable but could also certainly use some improvement.

And thanks for asking.

callmesirlittlegirl replied to your photo “Beginner-intermediate my ass! This league will be a challenge for me,…”

Lol…that’s what I was saying. The game I played in was really fast…

There certainly does seem to be somewhat of a gap right above the beginner level around here. I think if I was truly an inexperienced player instead of just coming back after a long break I’d find it pretty intimidating.