My 2011 Highlights <3

2011 is my best year so far. Problems were solved. Lessons learned. Blessings poured. Unconditional love by family, friends, and boyfriend. :)

January: My first ever night shift. It’s been tough, but atleast I survived. 

February: Valentine’s Day <3. It was the first time me and my boyfriend didn’t celebrate on the exact date (Feb14) due to our conflict schedules. Me on a day shift, BJ on night shift. But he still dropped by in my office just to give my ever fave chocolate, Ferrero Rocher. <3

March: All about friends. College/HS friends. Reconciliation with HS friends. Enough said. :p More fun with my college friends and my first ever Lazer Xtreme. Super fun!!! :)

April: Summer getaway with boyfriend and his sister. It was fun, until when they brought me home. Boyfriend and his sisters involved in a car accident. That was horrible. Thank God they were all safe.

May: Another Summer getaway with CSG Family (officemates). More bonding more fun! ;)

June: Heartache when Mavs beat Heat in NBA finals. </3 I bought new gadget to mend my borken heart. Haha! My baby Nicki (Nikon D3000).

July: SMART Ultimate All-star Weekend at the Big Dome! A dream come true to watch NBA stars in live action. Derrick Rose is a dream come true. :p

August: Promotion! I was promoted to Software Engineer. Yay! Blessings! ;)

September: Boracay trip with boyfriend! ;) I’m definitely going back to that paradise. ;)

October: My 23rd birthday! Long month celebration. Haha! Part 1: with boyfriend (@ Burgoo). Part 2: with family (@ Racks) Part 3: with officemates (@ Komrad). Part 4: with college friends (@ Claw Daddy’s) Part 5: with Accenture start group (@ SB). Definitely broke in the month of October but I’m not complaining. :D

November: 6th Anniversary. Me and boyfriend celebrated it @ Canyon Cove Resort. Undiscovered paradise. 6 years!!! :p

December: My first ever medical operation (Appendectomy). Out-of-the-Office for 3weeks for recovery. But now I’m okay, I’m healed. Thanks for the prayers! ;)

And I bought my new baby, Chichi (iTouch 4th gen white) ;)

This year is full of blessings, Thank you God for all the blessings. Next year, I’m wishing for my family’s health and more trips and more gadgets! :p