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Like a buzzcut or a pixie? Perth seems exciting!

Well, I wanted a pixie, but everyone said I should do it gradually. It’s not quite that short, but it feels really short to me because I have a lot of hair and I’ve had it really long for ages and ages, and now it’s not there.

I know nothing at all about Perth and I know nobody here, but I’m here for two months, so I suppose I will learn! I’m not sure what there is to do here though, hah.

hey hey look at me look at me hey look at my fancy hair and my fancy new hat look how great I am

I am great

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I always get confused because the Flemish pronunciation is so much different than the Dutch one, yet both seem like “the correct way” to me.

hahahaha yeah, it’s a slight difference, dutch is a bit stronger i guess than we pronounce it, but i mean, still not as different as

“van goooooooo” or “van goffffffff” or the latest i’ve been seeing “van goCK”??? hahhahahhaa

next month tumblr will probably be like, no, it’s actually “van goshhhhh :))))” (because everyone is like “oh my gosh” when you see his paintings uwu) hahahahhaa


next month on tumblr

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6, 16, 26, 36?

6 The most awkward moment during a sexual experience was when my ex decided to try her hand at cunnilingus and after 2 seconds (seriously!) asked if that was long enough. I then had to explain why no, that wasn’t long enough.

16 Weirdest nickname a significant other has ever called you: Boobie

26 Three spots that drive you insane: The back of my neck, my lower back and my lower lip

36 Favorite foreplay activities: Using one or more fingers to lightly trace random patterns over your lover’s body without touching oversensitive areas

Thanks for asking sweetie

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4, 5, 19

4. A hobby you “don’t get.”


5. A habit you find disgusting.

Oooh my, uhm, smoking, nail-biting and deleting semi-colons from academic papers. 

19. A celebrity crush that maybe even you don’t understand.

Bradley Whitford. Because I only really like him as Josh Lyman in The West Wing and he’ll always only be Josh Lyman to be, forever young. (Also Vin Diesel because I only crush on him when he’s Riddick XD)

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Do you know that book “I always get my sin”? Haha (dumb book but kinda funny)

No, don’t know that one :) Mom was watching the end of a program about finding love in exotic places which is basically a show about old men ordering a mailorder bride. One of the men said “Have you gecooked?” and I had the intense desire to throw my bag at the tv!

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Simon messing up the lyrics I can handle but not this sheit ;)