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Whenever I would play with dolls with my sister, when i was like 6, I would always be the guy so I could date/marry the girl

good calllllllll I always made my friends be the boy because I wanted to be wooed

That Relationship - Requested (Calum)

Hello, Anon requested (Can you do an au imagine where you and calum have that teasing like relationship where like you call each other dorks and point out the idiotic moments even though you think their adorable but dont tell them like have you ever seen those relationships because i want that) I did my best, hope its okay. ENJOY!!!

‘Can you each use five words to describe one of the other boys?’ the interviewer asks, the boys discuses for a second who would do who. But they finally decide and Luke describes Michael, then Michael describes Ashton, then its Ashton’s turn to describe Calum, you wave from behind the camera to get his attention and he looks at you laughing.

‘Smelly’ you mouth while wafting your hand in front of your nose, Ashton laughs a little and looks at the floor a second before pulling his head back up and announcing to the camera ‘Smelly’.

‘Slow’ you tell him, but without being able to think of an action you just say it slowly, Ashton shakes his head and again tell the camera ‘Slow’, the other boys catch on what is happening and Calum points at Ashton.

‘Oi, stop listening to her, that’s not fair.’ He yells reaching over Michael to shove Ashton who is laughing away with Luke. Calum glares at you, the puts his finger to his mouth to tell you to be quite. Ashton laughs while he starts over describing Calum as ‘Funny, messy, a great friend’ which was cute and you stick out your bottom lip when Ashton looks in your direction and place your hands over your heart, taking the piss out of how cute his description, Ashton sticks his tongue out at you and you notice Calum is still glaring.

‘Luke is chirpy, fun, always seems to be happy’ Calum laughs when Luke sticks his tongue out at him. You and Ashton are still watching each other as you both laugh as you count the words Calum used on your fingers.

‘Calum can you count?’ you ask from behind the camera, catching everyone’s attention, the other boys laugh as you hold up both hands showing nine digits.

‘Shut up, we can’t all be as clever as you, dork’ he grumbles, you pull a face.

‘We don’t all have the talent to drop out of school, Mr Rock star’ you moan back, making all the boys laugh along with some of the crew and the interviewer.

‘Okay, so who is that Calum?’ the interviewer asks, he already knows who you are but he is probably asking for the interview purposes.

‘I don’t know she just follows us around, can’t get rid of her’ he tell the guy with a serious face but Michaels laugh makes him laugh to, Luke winks at you and smiles.

‘(Y/N) is Calum’s girlfriend not that you could tell’ Ashton explains laughing.

‘Are they a nice couple?’ the interviewer asks, Calum pulls a face and shakes his head, you glare and both of you laugh.

‘Yeah they are cute, but they none stop tease each other’ Michael tells the camera.

‘Yeah, the thing is they were best friends before they got together so most of the time they act more like best friends than a couple but then other times they are all cute and coupley, they just have that relationship’ Ashton explains, you make a gaging action and Calum laughs before winking at you.

‘Cal have you got a twitch?’ you laugh and he sticks out his bottom lip looking towards Ashton. ‘You call that cute and couply?’ Calum asks Ashton pointing at you.

‘Love you Calllllllll’ you coo, making everyone laugh again, but Calum pulls a face at you, and you laugh at the sour look on his face.

‘Who’s going get the food then?’ Michael asks as he starts a new game for us to play on the Xbox. You go through pausing the game before it starts so that you can concentrate in the conversation.

‘Not me, I went last time’ Ashton shouts from the bathroom, Luke rolls his eyes ‘Bullshit I went last time’ he shouts back. Calum is sitting on in the chair across the room; you are both just looking at each other. You bite you lip, and move your eyes to look at Ashton as he wonders back onto he room a white towel wrapped around his waist. He winks when he sees you looking at him but he is only messing he knows you aren’t looking at him in any certain way.

‘Babe you’re drooling’ Calum laughs throwing a cushion at your head, you catch it and glare at him, ‘Nice throw you big girl’ you stick out your tongue at him. Michael throws up his arms ‘FOOD’ he shouts to get everyone’s attention back to the food situation. You laugh and Calum stands up.

‘I’m going calm down’ he laughs heading for the door.

‘Cal will you be able to remember everything?’ you ask in a teasing tone, he turns and glares at you.

‘Why don’t you come with me then clever clogs’ he winks making you laugh, you jump up and grab the list off the coffee table.

‘What about our game’ Michael shouts after you, you throw your arm around Ashton’s shoulders as you reach him.

‘Ash will play for me’ you tell Michael kissing Ashton’s cheek and winking as you follow Calum out of the room. You close the door behind you and Calum is waiting a little ahead for you to catch up with him. You reach his side and your fingers entwine.

‘You okay?’ he asks as you walk together down the corridor, you nod humming in response.

‘You thinking about Ashton?’ he asks, you look at him and see he has a playful smirk on his face.

‘Yeah, god I wish he walked around shirtless more often’ you play along, he nods his head.

‘It’s the hair right?’ he asks

‘Yeah defiantly the hair, mind you, your hair isn’t too bad’ you stop walking tugging him back a little he stand just in front of you as you comb your fingers through his dark hair, getting lost in his brown eyes.

‘I love you’ he whispers as he moves his lips towards yours, brushing your lips a little, you move your lips harder against his and you both move your warm lips together, fitting perfectly and you get that same swirling feeling in your tummy, the same as your first kiss, and every other since then. You pull away and both smile.

‘Love you more’ you tell him as your hands entwine again, he pulls a little on your arm as you both walk as close as possible out of the apartment.

‘Not possible beautiful’ 

Still Taking Requests

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