arzayleatheory faked the messages !!!?!

i haven’t been on in so long and so much shit has happened!!! but one thing that really caught my eye though was what calllie has posted 

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callie said that “someone” dm’d her these messages which was between lindsay and her friend about arzaylea and black bear: 

now i just want to point out some things on why i think that callie faked the convo. 

1. callie has faked convo’s before. here are some examples: 

she even fakes a convo of luke and arzaylea (she even typed differently to fit how arzaylea writes… just saying):  

2. why doesn’t she show the whole entire convo? i mean i have a feeling it is because she doesn’t want to show the phone company that she is provided with

as you can see callie is with AT&T it’s easily visible and anyone can see it. 

i feel as if she edited the photo so it doesn’t show the phone company that is with her because then people would be able to point out that she faked this convo because she has done it before. 

3. if arzaylea was yelling at lindsay for “exposing” her about blackbear or whatever they are now, why are they still hanging out with each other and also going to the mtv awards together, that doesn’t make any sense. both of these photo’s are recent. 

everyone knows how arzaylea is, if someone does her wrong she immediately post about it, but she didn’t do that, not even on snap. ( i know that she has been off of social media lately ) but if something this deep was exposed of her she would be going on a rant about how everyone is fake and how she can never trust people. 

4. callie most likely got her cousin involved with faking the texts. 

on tumblr, callie has said before that her cousin knows of her blog, and here is picture that callie has tweeted of her having a convo with her cousin revolving around luke and arzaylea: 

what if callie told her cousin about arz and luke’s split and callie got this big grand idea in her delusional mind to fake a convo with her cousin. it’s easy to do

all you do is change your cousins profile name to  “lindSLAY” and have her message something about blackbear and arzaylea, slide the notification bar down, click on the view button to see the messages and then take a picture. 

people can do that in five mintues or even seconds, it’s easy, so it wouldn’t surprise me if callie and her cousin planned it. 

5. this revolves around the contact name, i mean if i was friends with lindsay i wouldn’t put her contact name as her twitter name? idk that’s just something i wouldn’t do, i would either but her full name or a cute nickname that i have with them

6. i feel as if these messages were actually real or what not they would be exploding everywhere once someone got hold of it. they would be on tumblr, instagram, twitter, in a matter of minutes, hell people would be commenting it on all of their photos if they were that petty..  

but why would someone wait and dm it to callie? it just doesn’t make any sense to me, if someone really wanted to expose lindsay and arzaylea for what she supposedly did they would be throwing it everywhere not dming it to callie. it just doesn’t make sense. 

7. lindsay is very loyal to arzaylea, not trying to be rude but she does kiss her ass a lot, she even calls her mom ( i think ). which just proves she’s a really loyal friend. so why would she tell someone this? she would keep it to herself or talk about it tess, or morgan (her sister) not let one of her friends know. 

it doesn’t sense and just proves to me that callie really did fake these messages. 

i’m pretty sure i covered everything, hopefully this all makes sense and isn’t scrambled up tossed around. 

i just wanted to point this out. 

message me on any questions you have with this or whatever

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Almost every Brallie shipper is kinda pissed because it seems like Brandon and Callie are having an intense discussion - some of you would say they are fighting, fine - in the promo for nexts week’s episode. Guys, for how long have you been watching the Fosters now? I mean this was just a small detail of a whole episode! Some of you act like you wouldn’t already know that the writers really really REALLY love to tease and surprise us ^^

Plus, may I show you this?

I have no idea if Peter’s just a terrible liar but I don’t think so. I’ll trust him ;) so I don’t know what it will be or what it could be but there’ll probably happen something really good between Callie and Brandon. Just saying… :)