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“He didn’t understand it. 

none of it, He knows somehow it will eventually come to this. He knows.

but Niet word still cut deep.

ND: God is dead: Buŧ I guess he d[]esn'ŧ liek ŧ[] biŧe y[]u anym[]re۞

ND: God is dead: I was jusŧ w[]ndering ŧhaŧs all۞

ND: God is dead: Ife he needs y[]u anym[]re when he has Asŧar[]ŧ۞

He was just praying it won’t be this soon…

but he knows, that soon everyone will turn away from him, but he was so happy.

so… so… happy he didn’t see this coming.

and it hurts so much….

he doesn’t want to lose cal.




He could feel that cal’s confuse, 

he doesn’t care. he doesn’t care if he’s bare feet nor that it’s raining. 

He doesn’t understand why he must do this either, but Niet words echo in his head.

Cal had gotten tired of him… bored.

ND: God is dead: he n[]ŧ even manŧi[]nŧ y[]u []ne ŧime.۞

ND: God is dead: I guess he has f[]rg[]ŧŧen y[]u۞

It doesn’t sound real…. but he know it’s possible.

He’s plain and his stupidity is probably tiresome….

but he’s trying….

He’s trying hard to be better troll,

He want to make Cal proud…..

his kiss heated up unlike other time they had share their kisses, it’s different.

because he’s scared….

He’s afraid of losing this,

If Cal had really forgotten him,

this will be the last time, and he want to remember everything….

he want to remember every second, and he’ll not hold back.

He wanted to be good enough… to feel flush for Cal.


but he screwed up….

oh god…. what’s he thinking………..

…..forcing himself on him like this ….probably won’t help……

oh god, how much he screwed up this time now….

please dooon’t h-hate me……

I just don’t want you to forget…..”

(I want to make the continue from after niet has make his evil plan on aen….. but I haven’t had a chance to rp, omg please don’t kill me. Q7Q     i’m so sorreh. )


(most shitty reference sheet ever… maybe i’m going to draw a new one when i got a tablet… ; _ ; ..)

Personality: Callistan is a quite rude troll and is in love with himself. He hates lowbloods AND highbloods, no exception.

If someone gets to know him he acts grim and tries to bow the other troll to himself.

Protesting is the way to become an enemy of callistan, bowing to him means to become a beloved enemy.

That’s simple. Everyone is the enemy, and he loves to play with all his enemies in a real sadistic way.


One of the most strikingly features of callistan is his way to act top secretly about himself. The only thing a troll become to know about him is his name – if you’re lucky.

There is a huge amount of secrets about Callistan but it’s barely impossible to get to know something about him.


Powers: Callistan banished his powers with a (black magic) tattoo on his shoulder.

He doesn’t like to talk about his powers. He hates his powers.

Since banishing them he work out regularly to protect his only friend – his moirail.


Eyes and skin: His eyes are deep blue. When he uses his powers they turn into a cold ice blue.

Callistan’s skin is quite cold. Colder as normal.


Ancestor: ‘The Executor’. Also named ‘The Black Knight’ or his real name ‘Callisto’.

Callistan don’t know much about him. Just that ‘The Executor’ was a mighty and famous knight of the Empress and a dreaded warlord. Legend has it that he butchered over one thousand lowbloods to free Alternia of the rebellion of the ‘weaker ones’.

Callistan’s ancestor is important for all the secrets he hides.


Lusus: Callistans Lusus is death - he was an ice bear.


Hive: Positioned above a cliff near the ocean. His only neighbor is his moirail Nerida.

They live far away from the civilization.



 : Astaroth
 : Nerida
 : Celeste [not yet. It’s going to be.]
 : none


Calls himself the mentor of: Aengus

It’s something between a hate and love relationship.

Callistan is still not sure what to think about him. It’s complicated.


Nerida: She is the only troll Callistan acts 100% friendly , he would die for her.

Celeste: Callistan wanted a kismesis with her but failed. He has big problems with red feelings but seems to like her in a romantic way.

Their ancestors seemed to be closely connected.


In general Callistan is a big fan of black feelings but can’t handle with the red ones.