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so i was actually looking for some wiccan names and was getting a hard time trying to find some that i actually liked enough to use, and when i searched through tumblr i really couldn’t see much ?? plus it’s almost the best time of the year — aka halloween my dear spoopy friends — so why not !!!!!!!  under the cut you’ll find a list of wiccan/pagan names you could use for witchy purposes. they are sorted by female, male and unisex, but they’re definitely not restricted by those labels. please like and/or reblog if you found this useful in anyway, and most importantly, enjoy!

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calliope; beautiful voiced // a callie torres mix, alternatively titled ‘songs to dance to in your underwear’ // [listen]

01. kiss it better - rihanna / 02. r.a.d. moves - kady rain / 03. too young - dagny / 04. promiscuous - nelly furtado / 05. proof - paramore / 06. call on me - starley / 07. what kind of man - florence + the machine / 08. brokenhearted - karmin / 09. plot twist - sigrid / 10. wannabe - spice girls / 11. cruel summer - bananarama / 12. love on top - beyonce

@pieces-falling-from-me it’s not that great, but I hope it makes you smile just a little bit

“You ready?” Callie asked.

The two were scrubbing in on a surgery together; a child had broken a few bones after falling out of a tree and it happened to interrupt their planned lunch together.

“Yep!” Arizona smiled tying her mask over her face.

Getting into their surgery, Callie requested music to be played at high volume and Arizona almost winced. Callie was the head surgeon of this case and Arizona was just fine watching the love of her life in her element helping to save a child’s life.

She watched her, blue eyes tracking brown that lit up with excitement down to gloved hands that held a drill with so much strength; it made her knees weak. Realizing that getting turned on in the operating room wasn’t the most appropriate thing, so she peaked over Callie’s shoulder and whispered, “You know this is the song we danced to on our first date?”

The drill screeched, Arizona’s eyes widening before Callie let out a laugh. “Of course I know. It’s why I played it.” Callie mumbled something to a scrub nurse and returned to her task at hand. “I have our whole playlist on.”

“Our playlist?”

Callie paused and shook her head playfully. “Actually, I made this for us. I was going to play it and subtly hint at it during dinner tonight.”

The song changed and Arizona instantly recognized the tune. “Calliope…” her voice was inaudible to everyone in the room aside from Callie and, smirking while snapping a bone back into place, knew playing the song they first danced to at their wedding was right.

Clearing her throat, Callie spoke up. “Dr. Robbins, I’m having trouble deciding if this bone looks like it’s aligned correctly. Would you mind taking a closer look?”

Everyone in the OR knew the two were together, and their obvious attempt at trying to get close during surgery was not unnoticed by their staff.

“Of course, Dr. Torres,” holding her hands behind her back, Arizona leaned forward and briefly glanced at the exposed bone. She knew of Callie’s skills and had no doubts that what she did was close to perfection. Well, it was perfection. She looked up at Callie and smiled enough so that it reached her yes and, the way the two of them have mastered, communicated almost every thought through that simple contact. “Everything looks good here, Dr. Torres. It all looks perfect.”

The surgery continued, Arizona finding herself swaying her hips to a few songs, memories of their past flooding her mind. But soon, the operation came to an end. “Stop the music.” As requested, the room fell into silence and Callie did one last task, requesting for someone to close the patient up. They both hip checked each other as they went to scrub out, Callie smiling at finally being able to see Arizona’s dimples after they were hidden for hours.

“I just realized…” Arizona began. She dried her hands and stared at Callie, replaying the songs from their playlist in her head, a smile taking her lips to touch her eyes. “It’s been a year.”

A chuckle. “Took you long enough to remember.”

“You knew and you didn’t say anything!” she gasped and threw her arms around Callie. She cupped Callie’s face and kissed her with passion, with ease, with a force that nearly knocked the brunette off of her feet. She held her arms around Callie’s neck when they ran out of breath. “I love you.”

The biggest smile Arizona had ever seen made its way onto Callie’s face. “I love you, too.”

A peck on the lips. “Who knew that a year ago we’d be here? That you’d come back and we’d be together…after all this time.” She tried her best not to let the tears take control of her voice, but the quiver in her lip was quickly seen by her lover.

“Just think about how happy we’ve been. How happy we are.”

They kissed once more and only pulled apart when a friendly face opened the door.

“Oh, come on. Everyone knows you love each other, now,” Bailey shooed them away with her hands. It was obvious she was trying to hide a smile. “Get out. Go make out somewhere else.”

Laughing like a group of school girls, the duo left the scrub room and stumbling into the nearest on call room they could find.

heres more monster high name meanings that aren’t included in [this gifset] bc im that bitch

  • andy (english) - “manly, masculine”
  • ari (hebrew) - “lion”
  • avea/ava (english/hebrew) - “to breathe”
  • bonita (spanish) - “beautiful”
  • bram (hebrew) - “father of many”
  • catrine (swedish) - “pure, innocent”
  • chad (english) - battle”
  • clair (french) - “clear, bright, famous”
  • clawdeen, clawd, clawdia/claudine, claude, claudia (roman) - patrician roman family name
  • dayna/dana (hebrew) - “god is my judge”
  • finnegan (irish) - “fair”
  • gigi (french) - either “farmer, earthworker” or “maid,virgin”
  • gilda (italian) - “sacrifice, value”
  • gil (english) - “bright pledge”
  • gooliope/calliope (greek) - “beautiful voice”
  • heath (english) - one who lives on a heath
  • holt (dutch) - “wood, grove”
  • honey (english) - a sweet person
  • billy (english) - “will, protection”
  • elissabat/elizabeth (hebrew) - “god is my oath”
  • iris (greek) - “rainbow”
  • jackson (english) - “man”
  • jane (hebrew) - “god is gracious”
  • johnny (hebrew) - “god is gracious” (same hat)
  • kala (tamil) - “art form, virtue”
  • kieran (irish) - “black”
  • lilith (assyrian) - “of the night”
  • lorna (scottish) - “laurel tree, victory”
  • luna (latin) - “moon”
  • nefera (egyptian) - “beautiful”
  • manny (hebrew) - “god is with us”
  • marisol (spanish) - “bitter sun”
  • meowlody/melody (english) - “song, to sing”
  • moanica/monica (latin) - “adviser, counselor”
  • mouscedes/mercedes (spanish) - “mercies”
  • neighthan/nathan (hebrew) - “gift from god”
  • operetta (french) - a light/short opera
  • purrsephone/persephone (greek) - “to destroy”, or the goddess of spring
  • raythe/ray (english) - “advice, protector”
  • robecca/rebecca (hebrew) - “captivating, beautiful”
  • romulus (roman) - “of rome”
  • seth (egyptian) - god of the desert and storms
  • silvi/silvia (roman) - “wood, forest”
  • skelita (spanish) - “little skeleton”
  • venus (roman) - “love, desire”
  • wydowna/winona (native american, dakota) - “firstborn daughter”

It has been an interesting journey playing [Callie Torres] to say the least. Recently, my husband was asked rather loudly by a self-proclaimed ‘fan’: 

“What’s it like being married to a woman who plays a… [uses disapproving voice] lesbian?”

All pointed, like being a lesbian is this awful, horrible thing. Well, thank goodness my husband is intelligent and evolved, because he handeled clarifying the truth to this person and hopefully they received it.

Later, when my husband told me this story, we chuckled at first because obviously this person is not a fan of the show. Doctor Torres is bisexual, hello. Couldn’t even get that part right.

But clarifying that was not as important as the most dangerous part of the exchange. And you know what? We were frustrated. No, we were pissed. Implying that there’s something wrong with playing a lesbian, this person who represents so many folks who speak like this, may never know how offensive, disrespectful and hurtful their tone could be to someone overhearing this exchange who is a lesbian, or a part of the LGBTQ community for that matter.

—  Sara Ramirez at HRC accepting the Ally for Equality award

Congratulations, Cherubs!


Snapshot 10: The Separation of Spouses pt. 3

A/N: Alright so i don’t know how many parts this is gonna be. This chapter got long so I split it. The other part is gonna be Queued up. TQ is also reading it, so I wanna see what she says too. (but she’s taking forever)

Day 96 cont. The bedroom is awkwardly silent. Callie tries to scoot close to the woman beside her, only to be stopped by a hand to her chest.



Is something wrong?

No, it’s just hot.

I could turn the AC up.

No, it’s fine. I just need my space.


Callie scoots back to her original position, glancing over to her girlfriend’s blank expression. She thinks back to her conversation with Arizona.

Is something wrong? I mean…did I do something?


So you’re not angry at me.

Of course not. The redhead says calmly.

Penny, I think we should tal—

Nothing’s wrong. I just want to sleep.

Penny closes her eyes and sighs like she’s trying to rest, and Callie feels effectively shut out. She clenches the sheets in her fist once before turning her back to her girlfriend and trying to sleep as well.

Not long after, Penny sighs quietly. Reopens her eyes. And stares angrily at the back of Callie’s head. It takes almost a half an hour for her to go to sleep, distrust welling up inside her chest.



Robbins, we need you at the hospital, Stat!

Uh okay, on my wa—Wait… Arizona thinks she recognizes the voice. Calliope, is this you?


What the heck?!

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I can’t sleep.

So you decided to prank call me?

No, that was more a… spur of the moment thing?

It’s almost three o’clock in the morning!

I know that! But I need someone to talk to…

Then call Meredith.

Okay let me rephrase. I need you to talk to…

Arizona sighs, sitting up in bed. I’m gonna kill you.

I know. I know.

What do you want?

I think I can’t stay with you in Seattle.

Because of Penny?

Yeah. She’s mad.

Did she say something?

No, but she didn’t want to cuddle.

Damning evidence.

Stop being attitude-y. I need affectionate Arizona right now.

Why? She didn’t want to cuddle; it’s not a big deal—

But it is! Callie whisper-yells into her phone receiver as she paces around the kitchen. Arizona simply sighs, remaining quiet. She knows when Callie gets like this she wants to talk more than she wants advice.

I just…I feel like I’m drowning. I feel like I came to New York to be with Penny, and now I barely get to see her, and it was okay before because the time that we did get to spend was great, you know. We were talking and laughing and it was easy. I mean, of course I was unhappy a lot when I got here but that was just because I didn’t have a job and I was in the house all day. It wasn’t because of Penny.

And now?

Well, Me and Penny…we just…ugh. Okay, look, I’m gonna tell you something and you have to promise to never bring it up again outside of this conversation.


I haven’t…you know…with Penny…in a while.

Callie, I don’t know what the means.

I haven’t you know (she stresses) in a while.


I haven’t…you know… flooded the cave…drowned the muskrat…rode the big O—

Ew, okay, okay I get what you mean now, but 2 out of 3 of the euphemisms made no sense—


Why are you telling me about this? Isn’t this against the Divorcee Conversation Rulebook or something?

Don’t be an asshole! I’m telling you something very personal. Can you have a little sympathy!?

Arizona starts laughing so loudly Callie has to put her hand over the speaker of the phone to muffle the sound.

Arizona, stop.

You poor thing.

Shut up.

And your poor muskrat too.

Okay, I’m hanging up.

Wait, wait, wait I’m sorry! I’m sorry. I can’t help it.


I’m going to be serious now, I swear…so is that it? Is it just the sex thing?

I don’t…I don’t know.


Penny and I are weird. I don’t really know what our problems are. I can’t point out anything besides the sex. But I just feel like something’s missing now…something that I need.



Day 97.

Torres. Torres. Torres. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think heaven was missing an angel

That line’s a little old, don’t you think?

Mcreary shrugs. The nurses love it.

Callie rolls her eyes, continuing to walk. The rather handsome Neurosurgeon follows, a hurt look on his face.

How come you never eat lunch with me? I’m beginning to think you don’t like me.

I’m busy at lunch.

Yeah, busy in the courtyard, giggling on your phone. Tell your girlfriend she’s cutting into our alone time.

Callie snorts then freezes. Why do you think it’s my girlfriend?

Mcreary shrugs again, confused. It’s not?


If it’s not your girlfriend and it’s not me, who is it? Don’t tell me you’re adding another corner to our love triangle…

Oh my god, is there something you wanted or are you just gonna keep testing out material?

Edwin Mcreary smirks and wiggles his eyebrows. Both.


How do you feel about Conjoined Twin separation?

No way!? We have conjoined twins?

I got wind of it from Darwin. Donner doesn’t think he can handle it, but he heard you’ve done something like it before so…you in?

Yes! God yes. You should have led with that.

Call me old fashioned, but I like to set the mood first.

Callie snorts. Good one.

Celebratory lunch at my table? I’ll save you a seat.

Callie thinks for a moment. Edwin Mcreary is talkative and inappropriate and more than a little bit slimy. But for some reason, Callie finds him endearing.



You leave tomorrow. Are you excited?


You don’t sound excited.

I told you things are rough between me and Penny right now. I feel selfish for leaving.

I know I was joking last night, but…I really am sorry things aren’t working out how they should.

It’s okay. All couples go through patches, I guess.

Yeah…maybe not this early though…

You’re not helping.


It’s fine…Callie says, deciding to change the subject. Did I tell you that they want me in on a Conjoined Twin Separation when I get back?

A Conjoined Twin Separation?! No freaking way!

That’s what I said! But the Chief of Ortho doesn’t think he can do it, so…

Arizona smiles. I’m happy for you, Calliope…but also extremely jealous.

Callie laughs. I knew you would be.


Later that night, out of nowhere, Penny slides close to Callie under the covers and wraps her arms around the brunette’s waist.

I’m sorry, she sighs. I’m sorry I’ve been in such a bad mood.  Callie turns over, looking into the other woman’s eyes before placing a soft peck onto her lips.

It’s okay. I get it. If me staying with Arizona makes you uncomfortable—

It’s not that…I’m afraid that you…that you find in Arizona something that you don’t find in me anymore.


You two are always talking and laughing and now you’re visiting he—

I’m visiting all my friends in Seattle. Arizona just happens to be one. And the phone calls…It’s just I don’t have a lot of friends here yet, and we’ve both kinda gotten close.

I know…

I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how much it was—

It’s okay. Everything’s okay. I just want you to know that I trust you. You can stay with Arizona; I don’t care anymore. I know that I love you, and you love me, and I’ve just been irrationally jealous.

I’m sorry I’ve been making you irrationally jealous. Callie sighs, stroking Penny’s cheek. I want us to be better. Are we better?

Penny nods her head, kissing her girlfriend softly. We’re better

It’s the first real discussion they’ve had with each other about the strain in their relationship. And it’s the first time they’ve been this close to each other since Callie said she was staying with Arizona.

Penny is comforted by the other woman’s proximity. She is comforted by her words. But even as she closes her eyes and holds the Callie tightly, she cannot rid the sinking feeling in her stomach. She cannot believe her own lie.

She does not trust Callie.

She does not trust her at all.

Day 98.

Arizona looks good. Callie thinks maybe she’d gotten so used to talking on the phone that she’d forgotten how attractive the blonde is. She’s standing in the terminal, shades on, blond hair curly and loose, with this blinding smile on her face. Callie hesitates for a moment in her stride toward the woman; it feels like she’s meeting a pen-pal or something.

Sofia, on the other hand, runs up to her mom and hugs her tightly around the waist.


Arizona’s smile gets even more blinding, if that’s possible.

Hey, my sweet girl.

She looks up at Callie and raises her eyebrows.

If you want, you can get in on this too. Sofia is an armful, but I think I can squeeze you in.

Sofia turns her head slightly, giving her mother an expectant look.

Callie rolls her eyes but smiles.

They end up in the middle of the terminal, hugging. Callie and Arizona and then Sofia sandwiched in between.


I think he likes me.



Callie looks from Maggie to Meredith. The older woman gives nothing away.


Why are you saying ‘okay’ like that? Do you not think he likes me?

Well, I’ve been here for literally four hours, so I have no clue.

Maggie turns to Meredith. Mer, what do you think?

The older woman pauses for a second, like she’s contemplating it before shrugging. He could.

Callie shoots her a look. She only shrugs again, taking a sip from her glass.

Ugh the younger woman groans. How do you know if someone likes you? With Deluca it was easy. We talked for a little bit and then BOOM, we were having sex…A lot of it.

Oh little baby Deluca…that was a pretty sweet deal before he gave you the brush off. Amelia mentions nonchalantly causing Meredith to shoot her a look.

He didn’t brush me off! I did the brushing!

Whatever you say…

I dumped him!

Stop yelling at her, Maggie. She’s pregnant. Meredith says, mostly to quiet the other woman.

Oh congrats, by the way. Callie cuts in, taking a sip from her wine. I see you and Owen had a very active honeymoon.

Amelia smirks. Very. Active.

Maggie makes a gagging noise in the back of her throat while Meredith rolls her eyes.

I don’t know why I come to these things Alex grumbles. He’s lying on the floor, with a blanket over his face.

Don’t mind him Meredith whispers to Callie. He’s still depressed about Jo.

No, I’m not.

Oh, grow up, Alex. Just go talk to her. Maggie exasperates.

Callie takes another long sip from her wineglass. Do you guys think it’s weird that I’m staying with Arizona? She questions out of nowhere.

Yes. Amelia immediately answers.

A little. Maggie gives her a guilty smile.

Duh. Alex says without removing the sheet from his face.

Meredith just shrugs.

Penny told me last night that she was okay with it but—

She’s not. Alex interrupts. She’s definitely not.

I’m gonna have to agree with Karev on this one. When you’re in a relationship, you lie all the time to smooth things over. It’s just what happens. Yesterday, Owen asked me if that striped shirt he had on looked nice. I said yeah, of course. Was I lying? Yes. Was it the right thing to do? Probably.

That really was a terrible shirt. Meredith snorts over her drink.

Trust me. I know. But when I critique him, he gets all broody. He has a very sensitive emotional balance. Anyway, my point is, she was lying.

Callie grimaces.


She comes home to find Arizona in the kitchen, rummaging through the fridge.  As soon as Callie’s footsteps sound on the linoleum, the blonde’s head pops up above the refrigerator door, a wide smile on her face.

Hi there.


Did you have fun with the gang?

Mhm…Did you have fun with Sofia?

Yeah. She pretty much talked herself to sleep though. She’s very…enthusiastic.

I wonder where she gets that from…

Arizona smiles, rolling her eyes. I’m not that talkative.

Maybe not anymore. But you were a motor-mouth when we met.

The blonde snorts.

All Butterflies and rainbows. Heely-ing around the lobby. You were kinda ridiculous.

Thank god my leg got cut off right. Arizona smirks, pulling out a plastic container full of lasagna. She looks up to see Callie with a grimace on her face.

Oh calm down, I was making a joke.

Well, you’re terrible at making jokes.

Arizona raises her eyebrows at the other woman before closing the refrigerator door. You wanna split this? She says tilting her head toward the container in her hand.

Who made it?



What if I would have said I made it?

Callie makes a face.


So wait…Meredith has a secret thing going with Riggs, and Maggie has a crush on Riggs?




How do you know more about the hospital happenings than I do?

Meredith. She tells me everything.

God I wish Meredith didn’t hate me.

What? She doesn’t hate you.

She doesn’t like me.

Eh, she’s lukewarm.

Ah okay. Arizona rolls her eyes, pushing the empty container of lasagna away from herself.


Day 99.

Callie awakens to a huge breakfast. Eggs. Bacon. Pancakes. Sausage. Deluca is already shoveling most of it into his mouth like a wild animal. Sofia is politely cutting up all of her plate’s contents into neat portions. And Arizona is leaning against a counter, coffee in her hand, watching them both eat. When Arizona finally catches Callie, lingering in the archway, she smiles before nodding toward an empty seat at the table.

You’ve been sleeping forever. I made Sof go check your pulse.

I did a good job, Mommy. Mama says I have doctor hands. Sofia drops her fork onto her plate and holds her hands up to show her mother. See, look. Callie smiles and nods, moving closer like she’s examining them.

They look a lot like your Mama’s.

She said they look like yours. Sofia glances over to her other mother who just smiles and responds.

Maybe they look like both.

Sofia contemplates this for a moment, reaching out to take Callie’s hand before turning it over in her own. Finally, after a few seconds, she holds up her left hand and declares. This one is yours, Mommy. The right is Mama’s.

The two women look at each other and smile.


I think Maggie will catch them together. Arizona comments as she continues washing dishes. She hands a finished plate off to Callie to dry.

I think Meredith will end up telling her first.

Wanna bet?

How much?

I don’t want money.

What do you want then?

I want you to do something embarrassing, but I’m not quite sure what…

Callie rolls her eyes, laughing. Let’s decide the conditions later.

Okay…but no meddling Callie.


I’m serious. She flicks the other woman with soapy dishwater.

!Ay¡ Alright!


They take Sofia to the park and then out to eat and then they just ride around, half-listening to the radio, half-listening to their daughter. Sometime during the ride, Callie inquires about Arizona having to go to work in the morning, but the blonde just shrugs and says she took the week off. Eventually Sofia falls asleep, and the other women grow tired as well. They make it home and say goodnight. Callie calls Penny just as she did the previous night and tells her goodnight too.

Part 1

Part 2

kibastray  asked:

Do to youtube fan dubs of Jane I was expecting her to have a southern draw. Have to say, love this Jane's voice. Jake and Calliope's voices were great (person fav is Calliope; gold star there). And, we can not forget about Badger he is one of my top five announcer voices.

Some people did expect Jane to have a Southern accent, yeah, but casting a production like ours is quite different from casting short gag videos. In a short gag video, the voices tend to be quite exaggerated so you can very quickly differentiate everybody and the voices are all broad caricatures, suited to comedy and getting the character across in a short space of time. In our case, however, it’s quite different because you may have to listen to that voice for like… ten minutes solid, and the emotions the VA will have to portray are much more varied and subtle, so the cartoonish, exaggerated voices that work so well in short gag dubs aren’t necessarily ideal. We had to consider not only “who gets across this character”, but “who can show a good range of emotion” and “who can we happily listen to for the entirety of this long audition mp3 without feeling tired of that voice”. A lot of the southern Janes struggled to keep the accent going that long, or it got in the way when they were being serious or emotional, or it just became tiring to listen to for long stretches because of the affected sound.

I think Cat’s Jane is lovely. She sounds like a warm, friendly, well-adjusted girl with a bit of mischief. It sucks that some people are complaining for not giving her an affected accent. I don’t think it’d be as nice to listen to for long periods as they imagine!

Mido, Joely and Badger were all great and definitely deserve praise for their performances, but I feel like Cat should get extra kudos because she’s the one all the nitpickers are going for and she really did a fantastic job of it!