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“Impossible things are happening every day!”

[ cinderella remake ]requested by anonymous

danielle brooks as cinderella | brandy as the fairy godmother | vincent rodriguez iii as prince christopher

donna murphy as the stepmother | aja naomi king as minerva | jasmine cephas jones as calliope

octavia spencer as queen constantina | andy garcia as king maximillian 

So I am too busy to write this as an actual story, but I rewatched this movie a while ago, and the idea seems cute to me, so, for your Brittana AU consideration:

Brittana in Disney’s Hercules.

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Found it! 

The clip of Arleen Sorkin as Calliope Jones that inspired Harley Quinn, accompanied by a brief explanation by Paul Dini. 


This is a collection of clips of Arleen Sorkin as Calliope Jones on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. It was this actress and this character combined that inspired Paul Dini to create Harley Quinn, whom Arleen would later voice. 

I’m trying to find the actual episode that inspired Dini (a masquerade party wherein Calliope dresses in harlequin), but it’s still clearly evident in this video how enormous Arleen’s performance was in inspiring the character.

Gotham City Sirens #10

Commentary Time!

This issue, like the majority of the issues of GCS, was written by Paul Dini.

Paul Dini is the man who created Harley Quinn, as well as crafting some of the most memorable moments in Batman: The Animated Series (obviously he’s also written for other shows and other books as well).

His inspiration for Harley Quinn was a woman named Arleen Sorkin. Arleen would later go on to voice Harley in just about every incarnation she’s been in. 

One day, while taking a personal day off from work, Paul Dini was channel surfing. He stumbled onto the soap opera, Days of Our Lives (which my mom still watches to this day, btw). On said soap opera was Ms. Arleen Sorkin, playing the fan-favorite character Calliope Jones. It was an episode involving masked ball, and the blonde and bubbly actress was dressed like a harlequin.

So what I’m trying to get at here is–naming one of Doctor Aesop’s hench wenches Calliope made me smile.