calliope cat

I really wanted to create something of an inforgraphic on Sburb Sessions. I took a couple of liberties with interpretation of some aspects, though, but I believe might tie nicely with the overal picture:

  • Beforus session gate color is yellow, to build up the opposites theme of B Universes and Derse-Prospit duality.
  • ?alt!Calliope’s? Session sun is green for full symmetry (wouldn’t it be nice if she was hatched by the Green Sun?).

apanoplyofsong  asked:

Alright, potential tipsy prompt (preferably for something Bellarke-y, probably obviously): 'wtf is that thing and what are you doing with it?'

Fun fact!! You replied to my tipsy prompt request post “I feel like I should keep up the tradition and prompt you about dogs but it feels like that would take so much ENERGY right now” and out of spite I started to write the below fic, and then you gave me the perfect prompt to add to it so anyway here you are: 

[AO3] [FFN]

Clarke’s cat loves Bellamy, and she thinks it’s radically unfair.

“Like, what the fuck?” she says, gesturing at Calliope with her tumbler of coke and whiskey. “Look at that attention-mongering jerkface. She should love me like that, not you.”

Bellamy doesn’t look away from the television. He’s got the PS3 controller in his hand and he’s rapidly flipping through movies on Netflix.

It’s date night, which means they refuse to go out on dates when there are twenty-three restaurants within delivery distance and a near infinite number of choices on Netflix. Really, they’re being very responsible adults: they’re saving money, and they’re also not going to get arrested for public indecency when they start groping each other on the couch.

It nearly happened once. They’re still banned from the local science museum for another fifteen months.

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ohhmygosh upd8!!!

roxy introduces everyone to calliope!!!


rose is alarmed

and highly embarrassed

oh it seems jasprosesprite is a LOT like vriska


is this rose without boundaries

are all light players like this naturally

s a v e    h e r

JASPROSESPRITE^2: The suit! Spectacular. Tailored yourself I gather?
JASPROSESPRITE^2: You have no idea what a burning desire I have to get hair on it but don’t worry I won’t!

did she make her suit herself? thats adorable.

JASPROSESPRITE^2: Oh my god her eyes. Perfect glass! Like a priceless doll’s.

dont go there

terezi must be havin the time of her life watching this

i know i am

oh my god

hey all the dead roses? does it… does she have memories of OHTER DOOMSELVES???

this conversation is so saucy that terezi lost her eyebrows

they have floated into skaia

and away she goes

that was… amazing