Aradia Week Day 3: Relationships

For today’s prompt, I wanted to do four relationships (three platonic and one romantic) that I wanted to see Aradia involved in! That, of course, being Jake, Calliope, Gamzee, and Jadebot!

Originally I was going to rant about each of these relationships, but considering the wild upd8-filled night we just had, I don’t have the steam.



this took me so fucking long yall have no idea

anonymous asked:

Do you think roxycallie was intended as red in the credits? You are so insightful!

it’s kind of a weird situation because callie explicitly is “stuck” physically prepubescent because she can’t predominate and undergo her species’ normal puberty because caliborn fucked them up, and even if she could, cherubs like, redrom isnt a thing for their species. so I personally don’t interpret them as having an explicitly redrom relationship for these reasons.

THAT SAID I dont think that interpretation is invalid at all my feelings are honestly pretty neutral. i have a hard time connecting to shipping cherubs because they are just SO VERY DIFFERENT 

but anyway they’re cute af and I’m glad that roxy is taking care of callie and filling her days with hugs and fluff and she’ll never have to be lonely again and if anyone threatens her roxy will fuck them right up (I’m worried tbh, if we’re actually getting the masterpiece, caliborn needs to find the ring of void, which implies callie loses the ring of life??? roxy will find a way to fix it tho I’m sure)