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It's a shame about that blog. I used to be one of her followers and it was really good until she started that discourse. I sent her posts with proofs that she was not right and calling out her hypocrisy/double standards when talking about Eliza and Alycia, but she only posts the ones she wants and in the begging she would answer people in a very condescending way. A lot of ADC fans got so mad that started sending hate massages. I have a feeling that what happened today will fuel her again.

Well, let’s ignore that person. True Clexa fans appreciate Elycia a lot and respect them. Don’t waste your time feeding that person and spread the love for Elycia. Both are unique, amazing people that also became good friends. Let’s spread the loooooove kru.

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Asexuals: The aphobia on tumblr is getting out of control, discoursers need to be called out.

This hellsite: um excuse me you ableist racist homophobe, this is exactly why you guys shouldn’t be in lgbt I’m 17 i’m a child you’re bullying me I hate aces!1!11!1!1!1!11!

About the hypocrisy in Rose Quartz’s policy on shattering: 

Some people seem to be up in arms about why Rose was so vehemently against using something explicitly made to shatter Gems, the Breaking Point, to the point of poofing one of her own close friends in Bismuth, when it has been recently revealed, from a Homeworld Gem eyewitness, that Rose herself shattered Pink Diamond. People are calling her out for her hypocrisy, which I won’t deny. Her actions were hypocritical. But maybe some aren’t seeing the bigger picture.

Maybe the trauma from shattering a Gem, a Diamond, her Diamond, no less, is what caused her to be so anti-shattering in the first place. Like, she saw what shattering a Gem was like, how it felt to literally crush someone out of existence, and she decided that she didn’t want any of her soldiers to feel that ever again. 

Sure, you might retort that some of the Crystal Gems might have wanted to know what it’s like, to make that decision for themselves, but I’d return with this: as the leader of the group, it was up to Rose to make the rules that would achieve what she believed to be the best for everyone. This meant compromises, this meant sacrifices, and this meant generalizing and not accounting for every single possible situation. This is how it goes with real life laws as well. You, by very definition, can’t decide what’s best for everyone, but as a leader, it’s what you’re expected to do.

I’ve known many a soldier in my life, and only a couple have actually killed someone. When I was younger, I asked them what it was like, how it felt to know they took out one of the bad guys for good, and to my naive self’s surprise, their responses weren’t pleasant. They all retracted, telling me that it was one of the worst experiences they’ve ever had. Even if the shot was clean, even if it was in self-defense, even if it was for the greater good, they never felt right about ending another person’s life.

This whole arc that seems to be aiming to make us question ours and the Crystal Gems’ blind support of the actions taken during the rebellion by Rose Quartz is very interesting to me. It’s important, as parallels can easily be drawn to real life, and our sometimes unquestioning support of our political leaders leading us into wars we have no business fighting, on shores far from our own, while the media keeps us blind to the consequences of these wars.

Now, one could argue that maybe Rose Quartz is being set up, that she didn’t actually shatter Pink Diamond. Maybe somegem shapeshifted to look like her, and shattered Pink Diamond in her place, something Rose Quartz herself would never do, as the Crystal Gems have told us time and time again. Maybe the Gem that Rose shattered wasn’t actually Pink Diamond, but a facsimile of her, a plot they came up with to gain support for the rebellion by making it look like they took out a hugely powerful leader. Maybe Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond, and the Crewniverse is just setting us up before they pull a huge 180. Who knows.

Now, I myself am not fully on-board with any of these theories, I’m just throwing the possibilities, if not plausibilities, out there. Like I said, I’m not using this as a way to excuse Rose for shattering Pink Diamond, I’m just saying that maybe it was the catalyst that inspired her entire philosophy when it came to the Crystal Gems and their combat techniques.

Stunning Hypocrisy

What’s up with all this hatred for Warren?

Every time I ask, they say it’s because he’s a fuck boy who’s only trying to take advantage of Max so he can get his tip wet…

What is making you believe this? There is nothing in this game that suggests so.

Is it because of the joke he makes to Max in EP1 about not having sex with her? Are you over looking the fact that Max had no problem with the joke and actually laughed along with him? Do you ever stop to think that Max and Warren are probably on that level of friendship where they can make crude jokes to one another?

If that’s really the reason for why you hate “fuckboy Warren”, then tell me why you’re not hating on Chloe for the same thing…

In EP2, Chloe makes a joke about Max making a move on her and banging people with no strings attached…

Is that not the same thing as the joke Warren made in EP1? Are we not going to talk about this?

Oh wait..I get it. It’s because Warren has a dick, right? And we all know that by Tumblr standards anything with a dick is a sexist piece of shit that only objectifies women and is incapable of genuinely loving one….

Heh..did I just call a bunch of people out on their BS?

TO/TVD starting 2015 with good ol' BS.

Today was CW’s day at the TCA panel’s and I just–*sigh*. We were thinking that they were going to announce something important, and instead they talked about absolutely nothing. Now obviously words were spoken, but seriously it was just a bunch of crap. They complained about their fans for like 10 minutes, and used this moment to address some of their most criticized aspects. Now, I am one for calling out the hypocrisy, so let’s get to it then, shall we?

Is that what you’re gonna go with, Julie? TO spends 90% of it’s air-time sending more and more mythology and canon down the toilet, but your reasoning is that you don’t notice until post production? That’s so embarrassing! WHAT KIND OF A WRITER ARE YOU?! When people were complaining that they changed the way Klaus killed Esther, ONE OF HER WRITERS ON TWITTER RESPONDED “OOPS”. THAT’S–THAT’S LEGIT, THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. That is not things slipping through, IT’S INCOMPETENCE! Incompetence from her and her entire staff. “I get so mad” I bet you do, Julie. Mad that we’re not dumb enough to not notice.

Say’s the woman who gives the DE fandom whatever they ask for? And LOL, JOKES about the numbers. She should pass that info along to her twitter, maybe it’ll stop tweeting happy tweets when the ratings are good.

Because the show’s they are now, aren’t gobbledy gook? If that’s your story, Dries. A lot of the time people are trying to bring attention to genuine fundamental issues that the show’s have. It’s not about appeasing all of us, it’s about getting you to listen to us. We’re not complaining about what they’re doing to Caroline’s character for shits and giggles. They don’t need to appease everyone, but they should be taking response’s and concerns into consideration.

But waaait, I thought this was the more mature, and darker show, Joseph! You know, the one you keep yapping about where it’s so different from TVD because the characters embrace Vampirism? This is probably said because of the criticism that his character gets for being a PUDDLE OF TEARS EVERY GOD DAMN WEEK. But, congratulations JoMo, you’ve contradicted yourself. *slow clap. Nice going.

Hey, here’s an idea, Joseph. Have you ever thought about how we the viewers are very much aware that there are changes, but that we are just too smart to accept them? I as a Klaroline shipper only focus and care about that one element, because everything else is pretty fucking terrible. I’m sure it would be much more convenient if us viewers wholly accepted the blatant misogynistic/racial issues in the show. Sure, everything would be easier if we took to the disgrace to female characterization that is Hayley and Camille, BUT WE DON’T. We are smarter than that! Why can’t you just accept the faults where they exist, instead of shaming us for not embracing misogyny and the ruined characterization of our favorite characters! So yes Joseph, congratulations for acknowledging that there are changes every week, but I think it’s about time that you recognize that none of those changes are good. I’m still and will always be here for Klaroline, obvs. However, both show’s are trash, enjoy your demise into obscurity.

“Roman Reigns fans are so sensitive. You can’t say anything bad about him or they’ll gang up on you.”

Ok but haters:

  • Come into pro-Reigns spaces and purposely start drama
  • intimidate female fans
  • wish death and bodily harm on Roman and /or his family for just doing his job
  • send hate to anyone that shows any kind of support
  • are quick to cry when getting called out for absolute BS
  • whenever a fellow wrestler shows legit support to Roman, say that they were paid to show support
  • If Roman gets cheered, say that the cheers were “piped in”
  • make up campaigns and petitions to sabotage whole Raws, Smackdowns, PPVs
  • #CancelWWENetwork
  • If Roman wins anything, claim it was rigged
  • downvotes anything that has Roman in it on YT
  • Writes long ass dissertations as to why he supposedly sucks
  • instantly calls an article “terrible” if it’s pro-Reigns
  • calls Roman “arrogant” and that “he doesn’t care about the fans” because he’s not letting the hate bother him and calling out the hypocrisy of the haters

But sure….Roman Reigns fans are sensitive. Let’s go with that…

  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:it's Jon Stewart's last week and then the daily show will go on without him and so many people don't even know the show they would get so much validation out of it it's like the most important political program in the US while it's a comedy show and wow I always had a crush on Jon and now Tom Cruise looks younger than him I want Jon to be this timeless being that will always watch over us and call out media and political hypocrisy when it's there and rant about pizza forever please Jon don't go

So the hilarious thing about all of those posts that are like “well if you’re homophobic then you can’t wear mixed fabric!!!!” or “shellfish appears as an abomination more times in the bible than homosexuality!!!!!!!” is that they completely ignore that a lot of the evangelical Christian basis for homophobia also comes from the letters of Paul in the specifically Christian New Testament. So you’re not even succeeding in calling Christians out on their hypocrisy, you are…kind of just throwing Jews under the bus to make yourself look intelligent and progressive.

Man call me DP nostalgic (I honestly am given it was the best series to me), but it’s been flve long years since Paul left us and no rivalry dynamic Ash has had since then, be it Trip, Bianca, Tierno, Stephan, or Shouta, none of them has even came close to the level of depth, character exploration, development (from both sides) and focus. That isn’t to say all the aforementioned rivalries are bad, just that Paul and Ash set this bar that nothing else has been able to achieve (im kinda jumping the gun with Shouta but I think it’s safe to say it wont surpass Paul/Ash).

Ash learning humility and getting off his high horse when it comes to training methods, learning that while his way is effective, it’s not the only way to train Pokemon and learns to respect other people’s methods of training. (My favorite part was when Paul called Ash out on his hypocrisy in using Buizel at the Wallace Cup to get stronger when Paul was chastised by him for doing the same thing during the Tag Battle Tournament). He learns to respect Paul’s way of training and battling even if he’d never personally do it himself.

Paul also being humbled, seeing his way of raising Pokemon as totally effective and Ash’s way totally worthless and a waste of time. It wasn’t until he caught and then gave away Chimchar when he finally saw the benefits of raising a Pokemon with love and positive reinforcement, finally coming to see Ash as a worthy rival and after a whole saga of talking down to him finally saw him as his equal. Even though, again, he wouldn’t change his own style completley.

The moral grey-ness is what made the rivalry so real to me. Like?? There was no right or wrong answer to how they raised Pokemon, just opinions, experience, and personal viewpoints. It would’ve been really easy to make Paul out to be the villain and Ash being the shinning example on how to raise Pokemon and make him always have the moral high ground but the portrayed both fairly. Ash loved his Pokemon and always did but his training methods did have faults he had to overcome when it frequently didn’t get the same results Paul did (Roark’s Gym being a good example of that). Paul was harsh and didn’t bond with his Pokemon emotionally but he was a incredibly effective battler, but he still had faults that were showing through his encounters with Cynthia, Brandon and how his inability to awaken Chimchar’s true power no matter how hard he tried (and yet Ash was able to do it and that annoyed him, because he didn’t think Ash’s method was worth anything).

It was just so good because they grew as trainers, but also people, no rivalry has ever been that immaculately crafted to me and it’s frequently the example I use to show how great this show’s writing can be

Black men on Twitter, YouTube, messageboards, be like....

(Me and other black women, addressing the problematic things that are racist, discriminates, and erases black women).

Black men on Twitter- “Stop making everything about race, everything isn’t about race”

Me and other black women- “Um we’re talking about the double standards regarding black women in society vs. white women and non-black women.”

Black men on Twitter- No bitch yall just complain too much, stop complaining so much about everything. Yall always complaining when people say or do something to yall.

Me and other black women - “So we can’t call out the hypocrisy, racism, and double standards we face in society like you do? We can’t Iggy Azalea, Kim Kardashian, and countless fashion designers are problematic to black women because they appropriate things that was/is commonly associated with black women, which was always mocked, bashed and belittled on us but praised and accepted on them?”

Black men on Twitter- “Man yall just some bitter ass bitches, shut the fuck up sometimes. All yall bitches just jealous of Iggy, Kim, etc because they giving yall a run for yall money. Stop hating on them.”

Me and other black women- “Oh so yall just wasn’t complaining about Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, Eminem, Justin Bieber, and Macklemore supposedly stealing rap music and profiting from it better than black men?”

Black men on Twitter- “Bitch shut the fuck up. It’s way more n-ggas better than them white boys. White boys swear they can rap, fuck them thieving ass crakkas. They can never rap better than a n-gga”.

Me and other black women- **FACE PALM** So you all can make it about race but we can’t? Wasn’t some of you complaining about the cat calling video leaving out white men? Wasn’t some of you complaining about them making Chris Brown and Ray Rice the face of domestic violence? Don’t you all complain about being labeled a thug for everything you do and including how you dress or look? Don’t you all make it about race all the time? So can I tell you all to shut up and stop making it about race?

Black men on Twitter- “Bitch stop being divisive. You doing the white man’s work trying to talk down on black men like this. This ain’t nothing but white supremacy talk. Only white men would try to tell a black man it ain’t about race, bitch I knew yall black bitches was some bed wenches for the white man, fuck yall.”

Me and other black women- “You realize you did the same thing to me, are you a white supremacist? Are you too being divisive?”

Black men on Twitter- “Bitch shut up, you being divisive, no wonder black men like me don’t respect yall fat, ugly, dark, loud asses. shut the fuck up”.

To mirandaadria: Who wants to bash me in private for “Calling out” her hypocrisy.

So, after I commented on the 110 reasons why I felt mirandaadria‘s attack of Geek and Misandry was inappropriate, she sent me this CHARMING little message.

“Don’t you ever, ever fucking tell me again that I am defending an abusive pairing. I do not pair those two characters. I have my own personal goddamn reasons why I do not ship Reylo. I defend abuse survivors, I repeat abuse survivors, and their right to deal with their trauma in their own personal way without interference from people who are NOT abuse survivors. So for you to bring that shit up in a context where it doesn’t belong? Fuck you. Fuck you so hard. Not only do you drag up some shit that is inaccurate and irrelevant, but then you have the audacity to tell me I have no place to have that kind of opinion? I was ready to block you and just go on my merry way, but that shit really pisses me off. You have completely misrepresented everything that I stand for regarding that particular situation and have used it to demonize me in a way that was completely unnecessary. I don’t give a shit if you don’t like me. You don’t need to be my friend. But don’t fucking spread lies about me and then act like you have the higher ground.”

For weeks, and I mean WEEKS. If not longer, mirandaadria had posted time and again that abuse survivors have the right to ship Reylo and spread their ship, comment on that ship, and so forth because everyone “Copes differently.” Now, this is upsetting to me, a survivor of domestic sexual abuse, and I had never, EVER gone out of my way to comment on it despite her regular postings defending Reylo. This includes asserting that this pairing is not abusive (Which it is) and that no one has the right to comment on other people’s coping mechanisms (Which is wrong).

Firstly, Reylo IS abusive. It is FUNDAMENTALLY abusive. It doesn’t FUCKING MATTER if Rey was stronger than Kylo in the end and was able to defeat him both in use of the force and in combat. It really doesn’t. He INTENDED to cause harm. He INTENDED to use power which he thought only he possessed to torture Rey. He INTENDED to invade her mind. He INTENDED to sell her off to his master so that her personal autonomy could be overridden by the dark side.

What is so goddamn hard to understand about that?! Yeah, Rey proved herself to be his equal and therefore wasn’t his victim, but that doesn’t negate that he tried to use his power to subjugate her. To physically and mentally assault her. To violate her boundaries to get what he wanted.

His INTENTIONS matter. Not his SUCCESS. 

So FUCK YOU for constantly asserting that this isn’t an abusive ship. It fucking is, and anyone with a half a lick of common sense would KNOW it is.

Secondly, not all coping mechanisms are fucking healthy. Read that again, please. And again. Until it sinks in through that thick skull of yours.

A lot, and I mean a lot, of abuse victims fall into abusive fiction as a way of regaining some degree of control. I was a mod on an erotica RP site for YEARS, and I can tell you that over half of the women who had ‘rape fantasy’ ticked off as a kink were victims of sexual assault or rape themselves. It was so fucking common that most of the site didn’t even comment on it.

Victims of rape and assault were regularly involved in abusive rape-centric stories because there was the circulating belief that writing abusive fiction gave victims back control and that was a healthy way to cope. But it didn’t. And it isn’t.

Do you know what it DID do?

It highlighted which women were in vulnerable mental states, making them more likely to be preyed on by the sick fuckers of the site. It perpetuated feelings of shame by continuing to root sexuality in assault. It denied these users the ability to heal by encouraging them to criticize victims and sympathize with assailants.

Now, yeah, people can step over the line in criticizing people who use fantasy as a “Coping mechanism,” but you didn’t just lash out at the people who demanded victims never ship Reylo. You instead spoke out against EVERYONE who recognized that Reylo was abusive and shitty. You made regular posts about how ANYONE who thinks that Reylo is a bad way to cope just means to deny victims the right to explore their sexuality.

That was really shitty of you. Because a lot of us have seen where that mentality ends, and let me just tell you it NEVER leads to a healthy mental state.

Also: You can keep claiming you don’t ship Reylo but I call BS. I really do. You protest too much. You post pro-Reylo bullshit too much. No one devotes hours of their day every single day to defend something that they don’t enjoy.

Lastly, my point about your shitty hypocrisy still stands. Because when geekandmisandry received ONE ask from a user demanding that change her entire image to suit a rare phobia, you want her to bend over backwards to do so. But, when a victim of abuse tells you that your material is triggering and inappropriate, you act like the shittiest goddamn piece of trash on the planet.

Go fuck yourself.

And stop being a fucking coward.


remember when AOA Loki called Freya out on her hypocrisy because she has been helping King Loki all along, making sure Loki would turn bad in the end to ensure the safety of Asgard.

[Your Kid Loki] had the luxury of dying as himself, “not as a worthless copy.”

Kid Loki could have never become who he wanted to be because he had no choice. From the beginning, he just had the illusion of a choice until he died.
Watch Anderson Cooper Destroy Florida’s Attorney General Over Her LGBT Hypocrisy
Cooper noted that she had never spoken out for LGBT Floridians prior to the attack. Bondi responded by noting that she recently put an image of rainbow hands clasped on her website.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi ® ran for office in 2010 vowing fight against allowing gay adoptions and same-sex marriage. As attorney general, she vigorously defended the state’s constitutional marriage ban. On Sunday, after the horrific Orlando shootings, she pledged that, “Anyone who attacks our LGBT community, anyone who attacks anyone in our state, will be gone after to the fullest extent of the law.” On Tuesday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper called Bondi out for her hypocrisy, grilling her about the contradiction between her recent statements and her anti-LGBT rhetoric in defending the state’s marriage ban, when she had claimed in an official court brief that recognizing other state’s same-sex marriages would “impose significant public harm” on Florida.

Cooper asked, in light of that work, “Do you really think you’re a champion of the gay community?”

Bondi responded that her defense of the state constitution “had nothing to do” with not liking gay people.


Okay. Here we go again.

I’m voting for Bernie Sanders in the California primary.

Then I’ll vote for whoever wins the Democratic nomination.

In the meantime, a heads up to Teh Bern Unit: you can stop trying to “educate” me or “inform” me. There is no further need for you to “express concerns” about my lack of absolute and unwavering faith in our mutual career politician of choice, or to continue to harangue me when I refuse to denounce Clinton as a pantsuit-clad demonic entity from some eldritch hell dimension. No, I will not ever agree with you that she is “just as bad as the Republicans”. Because I’m not a FUCKING CHILD with a WALNUT for a BRAIN. Yes, I’m going to continue to call out misogyny and hypocrisy wherever and whenever I see it (provided I have the energy to spare). I absolutely do see it all around me, lately. It’s creeping me out, y'all.

I would especially prefer to stop wasting my precious time on this planet chiding liberal white male peers who feel entitled to pursue one-on-one political conversations with me via DMs even though they’ve clearly been paying zero attention to anything I’ve been consistently saying for the past several months! Guys, trust that I will ask for your political counsel if I need it, and accept that there’s a very good chance that I *don’t*. I definitely didn’t need to know that you’ll “probably” still vote for Clinton if she wins the nomination.

Probably? Oh, you’ll “probably” vote for the soulless, evil, meritless, vagina-having, most-readily-comparable-to-Obama candidate if you absolutely have to? Gosh. How generous of you, comfy white man. How noble.

I promise, I’m probably not throwing up in my mouth a little bit right now.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to hang out with a very sick friend who would very certainly not still be here with us, laughing and smiling, were it not for the Affordable Health Care Act, and other services that I *know* Clinton will continue to fight tooth and nail for against the Cruzes and Trumps and Paul Ryans of government, regardless of the outcome of American Shitshow 2016.