calling that right now


Here’s the merchan I bought at the convention! (I also bought a manga called “Hideout” by Masasumi Kakizaki, tho)

My most precious possession right now is that super cute doggo, a very nice plushie made by Amuse (the same brand behind the popular Alpacasso). Doing a bit of research about it, I discovered it belongs to a collection called “Mameshiba San Kyodai”, which consists of a group of shiba pups that like to travel around Japan. My puppy is Sasuke, just as his label says! And I love his slightly floppy ear xD

I also got some vinyl keychains of Jean-Jacques Leroy from (YoI) and Matt and Garurumon from Digimon Tri<3  I should have bought Giacometti too lol

I keep making posts and then deleting them I’m sorry but I feel so sick right now. Especially seeing a politician calling rape / incest “beauty from ashes”. I am literally sitting on my couch sobbing bc incest is not some fucking COMEBACK STORY. The VICTIM WHO SURVIVES IT IS THE COMEBACK STORY, Not the fucking event, not the fucking RAPE, not fucking being forced 2 birth a child FROM FUCKNG INCEST. I BET U A TRILLION DOLLARS IF THAT MOTHER FUCKING POLITICIAN THAT SAID THAT RAPED SOMEONE AND GOT HER PREGNANT HED IMMEDIATELY WANT HER TO HAVE AN ABORTION. FUCK HIM FUCK THIS FUCKING COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel sick!

God, I love my Daddy so so sooooo much 💜✨
He’s just the best Daddy ever, and he’s always so sweet!
I’m not with him right now, (LDR) so he promised me to talk every night while we’re apart. It means so so much to me, to be able to hear his voice at some point in the day.
Today I was even more lucky, and I got to see his face as well, and the call ended up being much longer than usual. So I’m a very happy princess right now 🌸⭐️👸🏻

He called himself Murky in our chat, cause he knows how much I looove murlocs 😍 He’s also the one who chose the Piggu emoji 😝
He’s such a silly Daddy sometimes, but I wouldn’t want it any other way!

I love you, Daddy 💕

time to dance // panic! at the disco

hey !! i’ve been feeling this for a while now and i feel like my name hasn’t felt like … my name so from here im going to go by ian !! 



complete! i’ve wanted to do a jojo print FOREVER and of course it’d be my favorite boys. after 5000 years in the void i finally emerge with this. thanks to everyone who joined me in streaming this for the past two days! this’ll be available at j1 and my store at the next update. HAPPYー UREPPIー YOROPIKUNEー!!


I love the beautiful story they paint here. 

Karasuno taunting Oikawa. 

Iwa-chan like “huh?! another team making fun of Oikawa?? heck no. Only we can make fun of him.

Damian mourns Tim

[Nightwing (2016) #10]

Damian not only attended Tim’s funeral and is showing him respect but he’s holding a bo staff.  Damian hardly ever uses a bo staff but it’s Tim’s signature weapon


five years ago today you were introduced as exo’s last member, our main rapper, exo’s voice, and happy virus. in these past years, you’ve grown and accomplished so much, always striving for the best. with every passing day you work harder to improve your skills and become the best you, you can be, to deliver to us, your fans. in these five years, you’ve starred in your own movie and drama, receiving awards for both, released several collaborations, that topped the charts, went from being one of the worst dancers in exo to a much improved one, and began composing your own music, showing your passion to the world.

thank you chanyeol for always smiling like an idiot and being my entire world.

five years ago today, you started your journey as an artist, let’s continue for five more and so on ♡


I know I always say my favourite character is Alix, but the truth is my actual ACTUAL SECRET FAVOURITE CHARACTER has no name, about 0.1 seconds screentime, and is probably long dead