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I’ve ben waiting for this movie for quite a while and it was definitely worth the wait and I can’t wait for the second one. I’m a bit overwhelmed just because the actors performance was AMAZING.
Richie was my favorite because (it’s finn hehe) his hilarious dirty jokes and I think Finn did a great job playing richie, don’t look down on me for this.
But I think that he did even better then he did in ST. His acting has improved so much and he really got into his character. I definitely recommend going to see IT, and welcome to the losers club asshole.


❝ Take my hand and lead the way, pour out all your deeper thoughts, let your soft voice whisper swiftly into my ear, all these lovely things I want to hear. kiss my lips and touch my skin, invoke my adrenalin, and bring out passion deep within, draw me near and hold me tight. ❞

Snog Me Senseless

Anonymous said:  Hi could you write a imagine where harry or Niall are frat boys and make it super cute and like fluffy and funny plzzzzzz they are my weakness and the other boys are there too but harry or Niall either one is like the leader.

A/N:  Thank you for the request!  This is my debut in the land of AU, so please be kind.  Lots of fluff in this one.  

You’re peering at the map on your phone screen as you come around the corner, trying to find the professor’s office for your meeting about adding his Genetics course to your schedule.  Your advisor has told you that one more class will be too much, but you are determined to finish your biology degree in three years instead of four.  This building is such a labyrinth.  The room numbers are getting larger now, but they are all odd numbers, and his office is room number 154 which is definitively even.  

But you’re running late, and looking down at the layout of the building on your phone, trying to figure out where you are when WHAM!  you run smack into a solid wall, sending your books and phone flying in different directions.  The force of the impact nearly knocks you over, so you reach out, pedaling with your arms to try to grasp at something so you don’t fall flat on your ass in the middle of the hallway.  Strong arms wrap around your waist, pulling you into a hard chest.  

Gasping, you brace your hands on the solid warmth in front of you, looking into the greenest eyes you’ve ever seen.  

“Oi!” the softest lips ever exclaim, “Are you okay, pet?  Didn’t see you there.  Shouldn’t have been texting my mate.”  

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“We’ll be back for lunch,” Sophia said after checking that the diaper bag had all the essentials in it. “You sure you don’t wanna come?”

“I have to catch up on reading my emails and stuff,” Harry said, scratching along his jaw.

Sophia knew it was code for I’d love to come but you know what’s going to happen if I do so she just nodded and tilted her head back, waiting for him to kiss her goodbye.

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STORY IDEAS I’LL NEVER WRITE :: sophia mcbride

sophia mcbride used to be best friends with scott mccall and stiles stilinski – like best friends, but once the three of them got high school, sophia started drifting from the boys and eventually they were practically strangers. stiles held a grudge while scott always tried to act friendly towards her.

yet, after the nemeton is activated, it triggers something inside of sophia, and suddenly she’s having weird dreams about her former friends. slowly, she begins to realize these aren’t just dreams, but straight up visions of things that are actually happening–almost like a direct line to whatever scott and stiles doing, in danger or not. 

which is how sophia finds out all about what scott and stiles have been up to after they stopped being friends. she discovers the supernatural world, figuring out just how involved scott and stiles are. 

sophia’s newfound knowledge doesn’t come at a good time; a new supernatural threat descends upon beacon hills, taking hold of one of the pack’s own. as the stakes rise, sophia must quickly figure out what exactly her ability is and how to use it in order to save one of her best friends. 

wyatt oleff and timothée chalamet playing brothers in a heartwarming tv series

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stuff from sophia’s live (7.3.17)

  • she can do 17 turns in jazz shoes, 20 on pointe, and 63 in tap shoes (well those are her records)
  • she said its funny everyone likes her titanium solo because she/her teachers didn’t like the choreo
  • her favorite variation is odette 
  • her Jason Parsons solo is her favorite but her mom hated it lol
  • She did not give permission for Icesiis Magana to do Tap Diva but she’s just going to take it as a compliment 
  • she danced for the first time in a while on friday and started crying her eyes out to Harry Styles 
    • she didn’t really take a break but she just didn’t have time to go to the studio
    • she’s been really upset with dance lately but something changed
      • she said she was over “politics and people, and when I came home from Arizona I just shut down completely” but being home again helped. 
        • side note: I’m so emo
  • she has a dance studio in her garage 
  • she thinks she’s gonna do her Travis solo for dancerpalooza
  • she might start competing in ballroom!
  • she wants so start choreographing and teaching little kids
    • she’s trying not to peak/have her dancing to plateau
  • ^but she’s still considering going for senior best dancer when she’s older
  • she doesn’t like doing hip hop because she felt so uncomfortable after not doing it for over a year but she said it was funny 
  • she watched avery on the live stream and said she is so proud of her + is gonna watch the dance off
"You can't just sit there all day."  (a Walking Dead One Shot, Caryl + Sophia).

Obviously AU.

Just a little Daddy Daryl sweetness for you (and for me, hahaha) before you go to bed.  Daryl comforts Sophia.  That’s it.  That’s all you’re getting, lol.

Could be set in the same universe as “I’m dying."  Doesn’t have to be.  You decide.     


“You can’t just sit there all day.  Been a couple of days now.” 


Tucking her pink nose between her updrawn knees, Sophia gazed up at him with tear-swollen, blood shot eyes.


She looked so sad and so pitiful, pale beneath her freckles, that Daryl felt his resolve start to crack, but a throat clearing quietly in the hallway outside the kid’s bedroom had him squaring his shoulders and trying again.  “C’mon,” he encouraged gruffly.  “Ain’t doin’ yourself no good holin’ up in here.” 


Fingers toying anxiously with the hems of her pajama pants, the preteen shook her head and mumbled a refusal, her frayed pigtails putting an exclamation point on the whole matter.  “I don’t want to.” 


He sighed.  “Know you don’t.”   His hand hovered in the air for several indecisive seconds before he gently cupped her head, the rough callouses catching in the silky softness of her hair.  “Know you don’t,” he repeated.  “But we all do things we don’t want to sometimes.”  


Unconsciously leaning into his touch, Sophia sniffled in answer.  Her eyes gravitated to her open laptop and her chin wobbled again.  “It’s not fair.” 


“Life ain’t fair, Sweetheart,” Daryl told her.  “Never has been.  Don’t mean we give up and stop tryin’.”


With another look at the wallpaper on her computer and the image of the young man smiling there, she gave him a brave if watery smile.  “He wouldn’t want that.” 


“He wouldn’t,” he somberly agreed.  His hand slid down to cup her smooth cheek, his blunt thumb catching the shiny tear that escaped despite her best efforts.  “He was a pretty good guy.” 


Sophia’s nostrils flared as she fought to control her emotions.  In the end, she surprised them both by launching herself into his startled embrace, her skinny arms winding tight around his waist and her tears soaking into his gray shirt.  “…the best.”   


Her words were muffled against the fabric but Daryl caught enough.  Dropping an awkward kiss to the top of her hair, he took a step back and stared down into her upturned, trusting face.  “Got some of that Rocky Road ice cream you like.  S’in the kitchen.  You give your mama one of them hugs like you just gave me, know for a fact she won’t say nothin’ ‘bout you ruinin’ your appetite for supper.” 


Sophia gave his waist one more lingering squeeze.  “I’m so glad you married us, Daryl.” 


Choked up as he caught his wife’s touched, teary blue gaze in his periphery, he could only nod and offer up a gruff “Me, too.”  When the kid excused herself to go wash her face and change into some fresh, clean clothes, he turned to the doorway.  “Can come on in, you know.  Thinkin’ it’s safe.” 


Sheepishly, Carol stepped over the threshold and let her shoulder lean against the wall.  She eyed him with pride, her lips curling into a soft, loving smile.  “I’d say you handled that pretty well.  Better than me even.” 


He shook his head in disbelief but a small part of him was pretty pleased with himself so he didn’t protest further, just welcomed her as she walked into his waiting arms and pressed a sweet kiss to the well of his throat.  “Don’t want her watchin’ that show no more.  All it does is disappoint her.” 


“Me, neither,” she agreed, standing on tiptoe to feather another kiss to his stubbled cheek.  “He really was one of the best characters.  A cinnamon roll too precious for this world.  Definitely crush-worthy.  I still can’t believe they killed him off.  It really killed the heart of the show.” 


Daryl snorted into the kiss she attempted to give him on the mouth.  “Stahp.  Cinnamon roll?  Please.” 


Carol grinned at him, tugging him down to kiss him soundly on his smirking lips before revealing, “Sophia thinks you’re a cinnamon roll.” 


“She does?” 

Queen Ambassador (Chapter 1)

Your name was Sophia, and you had no idea how you ended up in this mess.

You came from a small town in New Jersey, near the shore but not near enough to be surrounded by homes that were reserved only for summer vacations. You considered yourself average, as far as people go, so the fact that you’d just been ‘abducted’ by aliens was more than shocking to you. Sure, you knew Earth had established connections with other lifeforms, it had been all over the news when NASA made contact with some aliens who had been traveling around in search for allies in some intergalactic war they were facing, but you never thought that you’d suddenly be swept up from your home to act as ambassador for the human race. You were barely qualified, as far as you were concerned.

That’s not what they thought, though. Most of the world’s governments had been negotiating peace with these foreign beings for quite some time, but in order for Earth to be seen as a proper ally to their new friends, a human was meant to come with them. Many had offered themselves up, but the alien’s leader refused. They demanded they pick out someone themselves, only this way could they make sure the ambassador was fit for the job they needed them to do.

You’d been in school when the aliens came. Under orders of the government, your school orchestrated an assembly for all of those turning who were or were turning 18 within the next 6 months. The aliens wanted someone young and willing to learn, but not so young that they’d be immature. They’d also mentioned they were looking for someone with strength, for the job of being an ambassador was not easy. The idea of space travel was more than enough to keep you interested in their investigations, but you weren’t sure if you wanted to leave Earth. You were almost out of high school, you’d been accepted into a college already, and you were looking forward to building your own future. The fear of not being able to live a normal, happy life was the only thing holding you back from outright saying you were interested in the position…but then again, you didn’t think you’d be picked in the first place, do you didn’t worry much.

That was, until the actual assembly. You sat in your chair, trying to keep your cool as your principle introduced the leader of the aliens you’d heard so much about. You couldn’t hold back the gasp that went through you when you actually saw him, though.

He was huge, and barely humanoid. He resembled something like a centaur, if a centaur’s lower half was made of a 6 legged insect. His skin was a darkish green color, with silver-grey eyes and dark black hair to match. You could also knew he bore insect-like wings on his back thanks to the internet, but they were currently hidden under some very intricate clothes he wore. Much of his attire was made up of darker green and blue colors, accented by silver jewelry and a simple crown-like band to match on his forehead. Not only was he stunning, but he was very, very intimidating.

“….Friends, my name is Orotorco, 9th leader of the planet you call ‘Spade 8H2’.” His voice, while deep and booming, was obviously not used to using English. He had problems pronouncing his own planet name, and was having even more trouble trying to seem welcoming. You sensed he wasn’t trying to be threatening, and something in you relaxed. If he was making a genuine effort to be kind, you doubt he could be that bad of a person.

“As your principle just said, me and my kin are on a hunt for a representative for your kind. Only when one is found, can our alliance be made strong. We have worked in tandem with your kind to find someone suitable, and we have concluded that someone from this area would best for the job.” He explained, “My daughter, the next ruler of my planet will decide who comes with us, for she will be the one you will have to work with every step of the way.”

Your eyes drifted to the side of the stage as another alien stepped into view. Much like her father, she was large and spider-like, but she was bluer in color and sported some short, pointed horns from her forehead. She wore blue and purple clothing with white accents, much more simple than her father’s attire. You were far away from the stage, so you couldn’t see it clearly, but you’re sure you saw silver rings around her neck, establishing her role as royalty.

She came to the microphone, her voice just as uncertain as her father’s when it came to speaking English. “My name is Uros, next leader-to-be. I will be assessing potential representatives based off of poise, strength, grace, and talent. I hope you don’t mind me asking questions throughout this process.”

You won’t lie, her voice was like honey to you. While it was clear she was nervous, you felt something warm blossom in your stomach as she gazed over the crowd. It was clear you weren’t the only one, however, many seemed more at ease after she showed up.

After a few more words of encouragement and explanation, your principle dismissed you back to your classes. Uros would be drifting between classes, observing how students worked and questioning those who she thought would fit. It was almost the end of the school-day when she entered your math class. You held your breath as she made her way over to your desk, starring curiously at your paper. You felt embarrassed, to say the least, since your worksheet was barely finished. Instead, it was filled with doodles, making your paper seem messy.

“What are these?” She asked, her voice filled with an innocent curiosity.

“They’re…um, doodles. I’m bored, so I decided to draw instead.” You replied. You were sure you were beet red, too afraid to look her in the eye.

She hummed contemplatively. “Are you allowed to doodle on your papers?”

“Well…not exactly. It’s not encouraged.”

“I see…” Uros seemed to be deep in thought. “Come with me for a second.”

Your head shot up. “Huh?”

“I want to ask you some more questions, but I don’t want to stall your class. Won’t you follow me?” She elaborated, looking slightly worried.

“…Sure, that’s ok, I think.” You followed her out of the classroom, where somebody else waited. You could only assume they were a bodyguard, since they were covered in dark grey-black robes and holding something resembling a spear. Once the door was closed, she began asking more questions.

“What’s your name, human?”


“Did you chose that yourself?”

“No, my parents did.”

“Oh, how odd.” She seemed to lean closer, checking out your facial features. “Usually around the age of 3, my kind picks their own names. We’re born nameless.”

You could only nod as a cool hand tilted your head to the side, then traced your jaw. You did your best not to seem uncomfortable, but Uros seemed to notice anyway.

“You’re very stiff. Are you ok?”

Your tongue felt thick, her eyes filled with concern. “Y-yeah, sorry. Not used to this kind of thing.”

“I guess not.” She replied, “Tell me, how much do you like your life here on Earth?”

“It’s…ok. I have a family that cares and good enough grades to get me a good job. I don’t really have a lot of friends, but other people like me enough to talk to me. I’m not unhappy with it.”

“It sounds peaceful here.”

“Compared to other places, yeah. It can be boring, though.”

That seemed to startle her, for some reason. “Boring?”

You shrugged, “Yeah. I like it here, it’s nice and I’m never in danger, but there’s nothing to do. We have the beach and sometimes new people pass through, but it’s not like anything really cool is going on. Unless you count the fact that you guys decided to show up.”

Uros seemed perplexed by this, unsure what to say. The final bell rang out in the halls, releasing students from their classes. You were about to turn around when she called out your name.



“When you get home, pack what you need to travel on a long journey. I’m picking you to be the human representative.”

“Wait, What??”

You didn’t get the time to ask any questions, though. Before you knew it, she was gone, and you were being pushed to the front of the school by the oncoming stamped of students, rushing to get home.

Telling your parents was difficult. You were an only child, and your parents were very scared of losing you. It got even worse when a government agent swung by to give you a list of things to pack, as well as some other items you couldn’t normally buy without some sort of clearance. These items included a gun, a handbook about intergalactic politics (for dummies!), a small list of emergency numbers that would get you in contact with NASA over long distances, and a phone that was specifically made for your position. A regular phone wouldn’t function once off the Earth, so this one was built just with high-tech modifications so it would last. Despite this, it looked practically normal, a lot like an IPhone, in fact.

It wasn’t long after that Uros and Orotorco came to pick you up. Orotorco seemed genuinely sorry for your parents, trying to comfort them by assuring them you’d be well taken care of. You watched numbly as some bodyguards carried out your luggage, all of them in a unifying black uniform. You only snapped out of your dazed state when you felt that familiar cool hand on your back, Uros looking at you with worry.

“This won’t be forever…right? I can come back to visit?”

She nodded, “Yes, you’re not our prisoner or anything. You’re free to return here when your duties don’t keep you from doing so.”

When it was finally time to go, you gave your parents a final parting goodbye and followed Uros onto a small ship of sorts. You felt tears well up as you looked out the window during takeoff, your mother curled into your father’s chest with grief.

You simply could not believe this was happening.

Orotorco’s booming voice caught your attention, seeming to sense your sadness.

“Sophia, is it?” He asked, “I promise we will do everything we can to make you feel at home here. You’re our only hope.”

“Why, though?” You asked back, “Why not someone else, like an actual diplomat.”

Orotorco just sighed. “It’s complicated, you see. It has to do a lot with physical makeup, as well as personality and upbringing. We couldn’t pick anyone. It seems out of all of the people Uros surveyed, you were the only one who met the standards we need in a representative.”

Your mind took this all in slowly. Was it really that specific?

“….Ok, so what do I have to do, exactly?”

“Right! I completely forgot to tell you about that, didn’t I? Me and my kin only chose one ally per generation, so this is a very sought out position by many other species of alien.” He explained, seeming a bit more cheerful. “You will speak on behalf of your planet when working with us, and when the time is right, you will help bring the next generation of my kin into the world.”

You paused for a minute. “Wait, back up. What does that last part mean? ‘Bring the next generation of kin into the world’?”

Orotorco seemed confused, “Ambassadors usually bear children for royalty on my planet. Is it not the same on Earth?”

“No, not at all!” You said, alarm clear in your voice. “Where did that come from?”

“A government agent you spoke to was supposed to brief you on this…I’m afraid there may have been a miscommunication.”

Your head spun as you thought about it. You didn’t want kids! Who was even going to be the father? How was this going to work? They were bug-like and huge in comparison to you…

“Who….Who is my partner.”

Uros spoke up in her usual honey-like voice, seeming a bit embarrassed herself.


It was too much. Without as much as a second thought, you fell over, your world going dark in a matter of seconds as both Uros and Orotorco called out to you. The last thing you remember is cool hands supporting your body, begging you to stay awake.

(Chapter 1- End)

(Hey! My name is O, and this is my first fic being submitted here. This is defiantly going to be multi-chapter, but I promise there will be some good pregnancy/oviposition shit going on up in here! Next chapter should come out soon, I’m a pretty quick writer.

My NSFW blog is or-beez, but its pretty empty rn. Feel free to hmu there if you want though!


“Why are we fighting about this now?” Harry asked and sat up. He ran a hand through his hair and Sophia could tell he was as frustrated as she was.

“I don’t know,” Sophia said. “Maybe we should just go to sleep and talk about it tomorrow.”

“I think we should talk about it now. It’s not good to go to bed angry,” Harry said, his voice small.

“I’m not angry, I’m just… a little pissed off.”

“That’s the same thing.”

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