calling people fat

Gap Sales Guy: “Can I help you find anything?”
Me: “If my choices in jeans are either ‘Skinny’ or 'Slim’, I don’t think so.”
Gap Guy: “We also have 'Athletic Stretch’…”
Me: “Does anything about my appearance indicate that I might be athletic?”
Gap Guy:
Gap Guy: “They’re our most, um, relaxed cut.”
Me: “So the 'Athletic’ cut is what you call your unathletic fat people pants now? Doesn’t that just seem wrong somehow?”
Gap Guy:
Gap Guy: “They also have a stretch to them.”

Please don’t criticize Trump on his appearance.

It actually causes you to lose credibility, and in addition is kind of bigoted.  

A lot of things are wrong with Trump, and it’s more effective to focus on actual policies and actions of his, rather than his appearance. 

Decrying Trump for his weight, his skin, or his hair is not that different from those who decry feminists as “fat, unattractive lesbian man-haters”. 

Someone can be good president if they are conventionally unattractive. 

Someone cannot, however, be a good president if they are transphobic, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, ableist, and classist. 

Attack policy and personality, not physique. 

to give you an idea of how disappointing this met gala has been…

this is a well known commes de garcons look right

gaga wore it because people were calling her fat and she was like you know what fuck you i’m not defined by my shape and guess what she looked high fashion and cool as fuck 

anyway all these bitches should have stepped their pussies up

Why is it that when you’re fat people think they own your body
Like why do they think they can comment on my weight or what I do or don’t eat

Why do they think they get unlimited access to my body and my habits

Why am I supposed to let people make comments about how much I eat and just be okay with it?? “Oh /someone’s/ hungry today” “are you sure you need that much?” “Oh is that all you’re going to eat?” Like WHY do people feel the need to tell me about how much I’m eating

I /know/ how much I’m eating, I know if it’s unhealthy or not, but I’m gonna eat what I want because it makes me feel better about people calling me a fat ass and telling me I have no self control

I’m fat and I love to bake and cook all the time and people look at me like I say I like to kick puppies when I tell them that

What is wrong with people when i have to worry about telling people what I like to do because I’m scared they’re only gonna see a fat person who only thinks of food

hello its me your local chubby geek who is also recovering from a past eating disorder here with an important PSA

DONT shame skinny people who call themselves fat!!! do not!!! i know its infuriating to see a skinny person call themselves fat (because they dont know what its like to be what is widely considered “fat”) but we have to keep in mind that everyone’s standard of beauty is different and how people perceive themselves as well as others is completely relative.

maybe that skinny person has dysmorphia? maybe they’re anorexic or bulimic? maybe theyre just insecure? you dont know their situation or what theyre thinking when they look at their body in the mirror.

the best thing to do is to reassure them that all bodies are beautiful, be they skinny, stocky, tall, short, bulky, muscular, splotchy, dark-toned, discolored, disabled, wrinkly, hairy, scarred, chubby, non-proportional, missing a part or two, average, or otherwise. 

People need to stop calling Himchan fat. People need to stop saying that Himchan needs to lose weight. People need to stop saying that Himchan needs diet. People need to understand that this makes Himchan sick.

Himchan is a singer, his weight is not important to me or to you. Stop making him feel bad, stop belittling him.

Himchan is a great artist in every way, but people are closing their eyes to him, almost all comments on his instagram is about weight and diet (even the comments with good intentions), and never about how amazing and special he is.

Can you think for a minute?

His weight is none of our business. What he eats is none of our business.

Jokes about weight are not funny. These jokes made Himchan have excessive weight loss and go to the hospital. Have people forgotten that?

Let’s be realistic and don’t fantasize or romanticize any situation here. People will continue doing this with Himchan until his situation is irreversible? Until he gets very sick?

This is a great psychological preassure. And psychological pressure is aggression, violence.

For God’s sake, leave Himchan alone. He is a adult man who takes care of his own life.

And please stop defending and supporting “jokes” about Himchan’s weight (even if the one who made the “joke” was a friend of his, or even a BAP member). 

Things KPOP/K Hip-hop Fans Need to Stop Doing:

Being homophobic - To say that idols can’t be anything than heterosexual is ridiculous. You have hundreds of idols of different backgrounds and experiences, to say that none of them could be queer is just small minded and downright ignorant. But this also implies to fans who only want an idol to be gay “so their ship can come true”. Or say “As long as their gay for the person I ship them with I’m happy if their gay”. Guess what? You’re just as small minded and ignorant as the person who doesn’t want to believe in queer idols.

• Shaming Female Idols - Don’t start calling female idols/celebrities “sluts” because she came two feet within your male fav or did a sexy dance that you’d go crazy if a male idol did it. Female idols work just as hard as male idols, if not even harder. Misogyny is rampant in the entertainment industry. They deserve the same respect as male idols. 

Fatphobia - Some idols have hinted/talked about suffering from a eating disorders and people still call them fat. Idols have even talked about living on “water diets”. Idols are force to starve themselves to be the “prefect” or “desired” weight. So please don’t say “____ should lose weight” or “____ is hotter now since they lost weight”. BTS’s Jimin debuted with abs, and since then, anytime he doesn’t have the exact rock hard abs he did years ago, fans have either said he’s “not has hot” or even dropped him completely. Enough with this. 

Using AAVE incorrectly - Stop making posts saying an idol is “bae as fuck”. You look like a damn fool. If you aren’t 100% sure what a word means don’t use it. For God’s sake those “Are you [Idol name] af?” were so bad. With that being said don’t make fake subs of an idol saying the n-word. No nonblack person should be saying n-word in the first damn place. And if you are not black you have no right to tell black people they shouldn’t say n-word either. That is our word to reclaim. 

Anti-Blackness - Y'all ain’t slick. Anytime an idol gets within 2 feet of a Black person some of you start singing “I hope Oppa is safe” or “Those girls need to back up”. But when they’re near a Korean girl or white girl it’s always ‘I’m so jealous!“. When BTS was in L.A that was majority of the comments. Always telling black fans that we’re being overly sensitive when an idol does/says something offensive towards black people. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being critical of something as you enjoy it. So stop telling people to “stop listening to kpop then!”. No, stop with the blatant anti-blackness.

“Pedonoona” - This isn’t funny. If you are a grown woman, stop lusting after an idol under 18. Nothing is cute or quirky about a 20+ year old woman wanting to have sex with a person who’s still in high-school or barely 18. You are NOT “admiring” them nor is the age of consent law your friend, so don’t try use those as an excuse when you get called out.  Counting down the days an idol turns 18 so you can writing your nasty smut about them is beyond terrible. As much as ANY male fans get dragged for making sexual comments about younger female celebrities, female fans doing it should be no different. I’m honestly disgusted by the amount of fans trying to defend their pedophilia and see nothing wrong their gross behavior. 

Leaving gross comments on idol’s SNS - Again, this isn’t funny. A man telling a woman he hardly knows “how hard I am” or to “suck my dick” is the exact same thing when a woman tells a man she hardly knows “how wet I am” or to “eat me out”. If you can’t message an idol to have a decent conversation, don’t do it at all.

“That’s just how Korea is!” - Stop. Don’t you dare clump all 50 million people together when your 1 bias fucks up. That’s not how Korea is, that’s how YOUR fav is. Korean fans have said time and time again to stop saying this. Why? Because it’s a racist generalization of their culture. When Korean fans can admit that an idol fucked up then international fans need to do the same.

Ignoring What Korean Fans Have to Say About Their Own Culture - Time and time again, Korean fans have said to stop doing certain things but many non-Korean fans continue to do it and even argue with them. A Korean fan breaks down word for word what problematic thing and idol said and y’all seriously argue with them, with your 2 month knowledge of the Korean language. Or if an idol does something that is disrespectful in Korean culture, y’all will insist that it isn’t. Korean fans have said it’s very offensive to say an idol looks like a lizard or is a rat because there is a long history behind them but y’all still do it for the sake of a joke. And the most infamous, ignoring Korean fans who say to stop accessorizing their language by putting random Hangul in your description or saying random Korean words when you talk.  If you can’t respect Korean people, then don’t you dare you say you their culture. 

Sending Death threats - Listen, I understand how frustrating it can be when your fav fucks up. We’ve all been there. But there is NO excuse to send ANYONE death threats. That is crossing the line. Yes, problematic idols need to be called out but making bomb threats to their concert? Absolutely not and just straight up revolting. Hell, I’ve heard of fans calling idols anti-Asian slurs after they fucked up. Threats of violence or insulting their idol’s skills and talents is just disgusting. And it’s honestly awful that this really needs to be be said. That is not you express your anger. That is how you show you have no respect for other human beings.

Whitewashing - Honestly, it’s like beating a dead horse at this point. It’s already been proven that it is possible to make a picture brighter without touching an idol’s skin tone. A simple Google search will get you hundreds of tutorials on how to not alter a person’s skin. You’re just being lazy and refuse to learn how to make better edits if you claim it’s impossible to not bleach an idol in an edit. Vixx’s N gets bullied by his own members for his beautiful skin, and some y’all refuse to acknowledge it. You claim to love everything about an idol but constantly make their skin lighter? 

Defending EYK - Just don’t. People have stated so many times why these people are nothing but gross racists. Everything down to their refusal to improve their butchered Korean, only to make fun of idols’ English to their “Gender Guessing” game. Do I even need to go into detail on why referring to a human being as “it” is just downright dehumanizing. Not to mention just how transphobic the entire game is to assume a person’s gender just because they have feminine or masculine features. Just stop defending them.

Groping Idols/Invading their privacy - Do I really have to explain why touching a person you don’t know inappropriately is wrong? I know it’s exciting seeing your bias up close in person but don’t put your hands on them. How many videos/pictures of fans getting hit by idol’s bodyguards or managers will it take for some of y’all to get this. Public figures deserve their privacy too.

Making fun idols’ “Engrish” - If you expect a person who grew up in Korea their entire life to speak perfect English is just astounding. If you can barely say ‘hello’ in Korean don’t you dare poke fun at their English. Idols are not obligated to learn English, or any other language other than their own. But they do it anyway because they want to communicate with their many fans, can y’all just tear them apart for getting one word wrong. Never forget B.A.P’s Hurricane had to be re-done because y’all never shut up about Himchan saying ‘loof’ instead of ‘roof’ and even followed them around New York City screaming it at him. Y’all need to stop doing this, like yesterday. 

D*rp/R*tard jokes - Ableism isn’t funny. Mental illnesses are nothing that needs to be made fun of. You’re not showing your quirky way of showing love to someone. And don’t say these words are not directly making fun of people with neurological disorders. Because where do you think these word came from? It shouldn’t be hard to take these words out of your vocabulary and edits. 

Inappropriate Gifts - Stop giving idols your panties, menstrual blood, sex toys, or OTP fanart/fanfics. Why would you think that shit is cute in the first place?

Transphobia - Idols like F(x) Amber and Nu'est Ren have talked about how much it hurts them when fans misgender them. Amber has been in tears discussing how much it hurts when fans call her oppa. And Ren has spoken about being harassed in men’s restrooms because of his appearance. Just don’t do it. Respect and use the pronouns people tell you to use. 

“Oppa/Unni didn’t mean it!” - Yeah, just because a person’s intentions weren’t harmful doesn’t mean the end result wasn’t. We’ve all done problematic things but we all get called out on it. When we get called out we learn from it and know not to do it again. Cradling your fav when they do something offensive isn’t helping them learn. Ignoring something doesn’t make it go away. If anything, ignoring the problematic behavior will only lead to the person repeating it. If you were not personally offended an idol does something offensive don’t tell others they shouldn’t be. Because 9/10 if you weren’t offended by it, it’s not something that effects you. 

Fetishing - You don’t “have a thing” for Koreans.  You just like some Korean idols. Enough with the “These Korean men ruined my life”. “Loving Asian men” or “sexy Asian men” is not a compliment. And by Asian you really just mean East Asian. Again clumping some million people together is a racist generalization. So don’t date East Asian men and women only because they remind you of your fav. Don’t hold these men and women on a higher pedestal than any other race solely because you watched a kdrama and you think Korean people are like your favorite character. Just don’t.

Taking down about American Hip-Hop - There’s no way in Hell that people who adopted a genre are better at it than the people who created it. K Hip-hop lyrics are no different from American lyrics. To make claim that K Hip-hop artists have “better lyrics” American rap is just amazing. What makes your fav any different? Korean rappers are always saying their biggest inspiration was in fact an American rapper. If it weren’t for Black Americans creating yet another genre of music your Korean fav wouldn’t be where they are today.

"You are not fat, you have fat."

A seemingly bright, helpful statement.

It’s horribly misguided.

You see, when someone calls themselves fat, it is a revolutionary action based out of years of people calling them fat with the notion that fat is bad. Fat is unhealthy. Fat is diseased. Fat is other. Fat is death.

When someone calls themselves fat, they are positing themselves in a world that does not want them to exist unabashedly.

Fat leveled against someone as an insult is indicative of the culture we live in: one that prizes thin existence amongst many other things.

Fat has been MADE into an identifier, and so when someone identifies THEMSELVES as fat, it’s not helpful to return to that old way of thinking by saying:

“You’re not fat, you’re beautiful.”

“You’re not fat, you look wonderful.”

“You’re not fat, you’re healthy.”

Providing people with the “good news” that they’re “not fat” just distances themselves from their bodies further and increases self-hatred.

Let fat be beautiful.
Let fat be wonderful.
Let fat be healthy.

Let fat people call themselves fat.

you know it says a lot that i can’t search for drawings of fat people (in order to increase diversity in my art and make it more inclusive and body positive bc ‘fat’ isn’t an insult or a bad thing and never should be!! but i digress) and 99.9% of the art i find is fetish art

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it’s almost like fat people are seen as disgusting unless they’re used for fetish purposes or something


IMAGINE : you are a rather curvy fangirl but tom can't help but fall for you ❌ REQUESTS OPEN ❌

As you looked at your best friends as you stood only three people away from tom Hiddleston , she smiled as leaned over and whispered “ he keeps looking this way ” you giggled as you leaned out the line to see his eyes looking directly at you . As you face quickly turned to red you turned back to your best friend “ he just looked at me ” you squealed as smiled ➖➖➖ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Finally you were at the front of the line “ hi girls ” tom said smiling as he waved the pen , you just smiled before whispering a ‘hello’ back “ so what are you names ” he asked your best friend looked at you as your scratched you arm that had a collection of brackets on “ I’m (y/n) and this is my best friend (b/f/n) ” tom flashed his famous smile again before saying a more informal hello . As you best friend trotted off with her signed book you stood there waiting , you anxiously scratched you wrist again and tom look at you ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ “Are you okay ” he asked holding up the line but he ignored the controller in his ear , you politely smiled “ yes , yes - fine ” you said but he noticed the faded scar , he leaned a little over making you move a little further “ why have you hurt yourself ” he asked cautiously worried you may become upset . Instead you face become smiling and happy “ people called me fat and I become very depressed but I showed them ” you laughed . Tom smiled and quickly signed and wished you a good day . As you looked down to the post you noticed what he wrote ’ you one hell of girl (y/n) , and damn those who called you fat your perfect - give me ring some time 07346 79374 ’ and suddenly you felt the whole world stop.

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1. chub rub
2. people who see us as a fetish
3. cute clothes are never in our size
4. when clothes are our size, they never fit right 
5. boobs, belly, hip, but, ratio
6. people regularly call you “fat,” as if you never knew
7. “you can have the front seat” when traveling with friends & family
8. you can never find a towel that goes all the way around you 
9. people are surprised when you order a salad instead of a burger 
10. “oh honey, you’re not fat, you’re beautiful”
11. painting your toe nails
12. doing up shoes with the buckle on the sides
13. people who think fat girls don’t have sex
14. cute bra’s and panties in your size are impossible to find 
15. public transport at rush hour
16. fat girl clothes prices 
17. judged if you eat too much, judged if you eat too little
18. the crotch/in between the thighs if your trousers rip too often
19. “sore throat?” .. “Yeah…” …. “It’s because of your weight" 
20.  squeezing past people and still rubbing your body against them
21. body hair in places you never knew existed
22. "you’re so soft can i use you as a pillow?”
23. the stare of death you receive from other fat girls in public
24. “you’re so pretty for a fat girl”
25. no matter who you’re with in public you both get dirty looks
26. shopping with thin friends and only trying on shoes and jewellry
27. “would you like that meal as a large?”
28. stairs
29. the fact that it’s socially acceptable to make fun of fat people
30. booths in restaurants
31. your family automatically plate up XL portions of food for you
32. “have you put on weight?” at every family gathering
33. you can never find pretty bangles or rings that fit you
34. “you should go to the gym with me”
35. “you’d be so much prettier if you lost 100lbs”
36. irregular periods
37. we’re treated worse than murderers/rapists/pedophiles by society
38. people are shocked when they see you eat fruit
39. “fat girls have to try more with their personalities”
40. we’re made to feel like shit by society, and it’s fucking wrong. We are fucking beautiful. We have as much right to love ourselves and feel great, just like every other human being. Rock on fat girls. 

Fat girls, I love you. 

B.A.P Party Baby DC Part 2

This is going to be long, so bear with me.. 

This is my first time seeing B.A.P despite being a fan for so long. Whenever they were came for a concert, I had school or work, but this time around, they were coming to DC, which is like right where I live, so this time I was going to go no matter what. 

The Beginning: 

There was a countdown to when they came out. I was holding my breath and couldn’t even scream for them. When they did come on stage though the first thing I thought: THEY ARE ALL SO GOOD LOOKING. Perfection. Though Yongguk and Daehyun looked really thin.

They spoke English as they introduced themselves. Himchan and Zelo’s English was really good, and everyone else’s was great, though I have to admit I had a hard time understanding Youngjae a little bit. 

Their Performances:

B.A.P is not called the kings of live for nothing. They are all truly born performers. Every single one of them can sing, rap, dance, and compose. Jongup, Zelo, and Daehyun’s solo stages just reminded me of all their individual talent, which made their performances of all their songs together as OT6 even more amazing. 

Solo Stages:

All of them sang self-composed songs, I believe. 

Jongup sang Try My Luck. It was very sexy, even the rest of B.A.P called him sexy guy Jongup. He dances amazing. He even rapped a little in his song. It was just great.

Zelo SANG a song he composed in English. It was so cute. Zelo is literally a fluff-ball; he is so cute, and I could tell he was really enjoying himself. 

Daehyun’s solo stage I think was my favorite. He was dancing and hitting every single note. Zelo came out to rap, but man, Daehyun is really something.

Wasn’t Youngjae supposed to have a solo? Because he didn’t perform.  


Lucky girl named Jordan got picked for the fan event by Zelo! She said she was 26 and from Pennsylvania. She wasn’t wearing a casual outfit like Zelo’s pick had been; she said she had dressed for Himchan’s pick, but Zelo thought her tattoo’s were charming. She received a video recording of them while they’ve been on tour as gift. 


Let me tell you, Yongguk is my ultimate bias. He seemed really happy at the concert. He is so good looking except he is so skinny to the point it’s almost concerning.

It was nice seeing him in Skydive though. I’ve only ever seen that performance without him, so I was paying extra attention to him.


Himchan looked really good at the concert. And if people call him fat, I swear…

He got blasted in the face by one of those cannons shooting the smoke out of it while he was greeting fans which he laughed off, but I also saw him mouth 목아파  which means my throat hurts then he proceeded to scream Washington, DC! lol.


Daehyun is really skinny too. He looks like he lost a lot of weight. Anyone see his V-app at 3 in the morning?

During the concert, as I said, his solo performance was my favorite. I also noticed this boy knows when a camera is around. The concert didn’t let people bring in nice cameras. There was a photographer, however, taking pictures, and I guess he thought the ideal spot to get the pictures is next to where I was standing in the aisle. So, Daehyun seeing the camera starts being a little extra, showing his good side, pointing to the camera, etc. I started waving my glow stick around the camera guy to see if I can grab his attention (lol), which I don’t think I did.


Let me tell you, I swear Youngjae saw me at the beginning of the concert. I was in an aisle seat, so I was kind of standing in the aisle because the girl in front of me had been taller than me, and I was waving around a green glow stick with no one else in front of me holding anything. I was waving it to the beat of the songs, and I swear when he saw me grooving to Badman and No Mercy, he started getting hyped too.

Then later as they were doing their closing comments, I waved at Youngjae while he was staring at us in our direction with no one else in front of me waving, AND HE WAVED BACK! My sister at the same time threw a finger heart at him right before he waved, so she says he waved at her, but for all we know, he might have saw us both and waved back to us. BUT HE WAVED.


What to say about Jongup… He is just really an amazing dancer and performer. He gets fans hyped up, and it’s mesmerizing watching him on stage.

Youngjae started chanting UP, UP, UP for Jongup lol. They’re all so cute together.


He is a fluff-ball. That is all.

lol. But really, he is so cute when he’s interacting with the fans. He was even down with walking down the aisle to get the girl he picked for the fan-event, but the staff wouldn’t let him.


So, those who did Hi-Touch and Photo-Op went first for Hi-Touch, and the people who had just Hi-Touch went after that. So me, my sister, and my friend were like the first people to go after those who had photo-op and hi-touch. My sister and friend were both ahead of me, and my sister greeted them in Korean. She said 수고했어요 which means “You worked hard.” And I honestly don’t even remember what I said in Korean, but I think I said 수고하셨어요: You worked hard. Yongguk smiled. Daehyun said Thank you in Korean (감사합니다), Himchan also smiled. Youngjae I think answered yes in Korean (네). Zelo I guess finished up saying Thank you in Korean to my sister, so I said Thank You in Korean back to him, and Jongup was the last one, and I said Goodbye in Korean (안녕히게세요) which in retrospect is dumb. I came out of the venue, and it wasn’t until then it registered that they said stuff in Korean back to me.  

Have I mentioned they are all good looking. Ugh.

I was not prepared for Hi-Touch. It went by quickly; I wish I went slower to see each of them in the eye. I just remember the feeling of their hands. Yongguk’s hands were soft, but Daehyun’s hands felt rough, and ironically enough later that night Daehyun posted a picture on Instagram saying how he gets calluses from holding his mic.


The concert was AMAZING. I’m just a little sad they didn’t get to perform Warrior, One Shot, or 1004 (Angel), and many other songs, but if they did perform all their songs, we probably would have been there until 3 in the morning. 

I didn’t record much because I wanted to just watch them and enjoy their performances, which I did. It was nice not having to worry about recording them and just dancing along to all their songs.

It made me really happy and proud, despite the lack of a packed venue, that the fans were crazy passionate as if the venue was full. I assure you I sang along every song and screamed until my voice went hoarse. Those who had whistles did the fan chant to the songs. 

I think B.A.P was really happy. Yongguk pointed out the fans on the second floor. They said that they’re glad they came back to DC, and Youngjae or maybe it was Himchan commented how had they known that there were such passionate fans in DC waiting for them, they would have come last year. They said they were coming back, and I hope they really do. 

TL;DR B.A.P is amazing. 

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tifp bc i don't feel guilty for eating, it's a pleasure, people always called me fat and told me to stop eating and for a while i stopped eating bc i felt like a monster but now idc what hide haters say👋🏻 i'm the one enjoying life❤️


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I'm afraid Harry's going to be that celeb who starts out humble but once he is surrounded by yes men he loses sight of his roots and becomes egotistical. I'm not saying he's like that now its just....when I'm listening to his recent interviews he comes off a bit fake or not very genuine in his words. It's like he's playing a part? Maybe I'm reaching but I'm noticing a slight change, I just hope hetero pusher number one jeff Azoff let's harry be himself instead of turning him into a caricature.

Harry can’t be himself 100%. Literally can. All artists lie and play a image. All of them do, no matter how honest they are


#WCWonMonday @theallamericanbadgirl #welldamn #hercaptiontho — Lmfaoooo when people call the fat on my hips “thighbrows” omg I swear I might pee next time I laugh so hard. Whoever came up with that is friggin hilarious. Who though of thighbrows for girls hip fat 😭😭😭😭

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