calling people fat

Gap Sales Guy: “Can I help you find anything?”
Me: “If my choices in jeans are either ‘Skinny’ or 'Slim’, I don’t think so.”
Gap Guy: “We also have 'Athletic Stretch’…”
Me: “Does anything about my appearance indicate that I might be athletic?”
Gap Guy:
Gap Guy: “They’re our most, um, relaxed cut.”
Me: “So the 'Athletic’ cut is what you call your unathletic fat people pants now? Doesn’t that just seem wrong somehow?”
Gap Guy:
Gap Guy: “They also have a stretch to them.”

Please don’t criticize Trump on his appearance.

It actually causes you to lose credibility, and in addition is kind of bigoted.  

A lot of things are wrong with Trump, and it’s more effective to focus on actual policies and actions of his, rather than his appearance. 

Decrying Trump for his weight, his skin, or his hair is not that different from those who decry feminists as “fat, unattractive lesbian man-haters”. 

Someone can be good president if they are conventionally unattractive. 

Someone cannot, however, be a good president if they are transphobic, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, ableist, and classist. 

Attack policy and personality, not physique. 

the difference between josh being annoying and banging pots and pans to get a rise out of people, and jody/paul the rest of these people who have said/done TERRIBLE problematic things is that josh is more than likely not like that in his real life, whereas the rest of them ARE pieces of shit in their real lives.

to give you an idea of how disappointing this met gala has been…

this is a well known commes de garcons look right

gaga wore it because people were calling her fat and she was like you know what fuck you i’m not defined by my shape and guess what she looked high fashion and cool as fuck 

anyway all these bitches should have stepped their pussies up

okay. please read this.

there is a viral post going around of a tweet. the tweet says something along the lines of, “I look African American in my display picture. I’m white I swear” and then a picture of a girl.

please do not share that photo. please do not make fun of that girl and her appearance.

that tweet was posted in 2012 by my best friend. 5 years ago, she wasn’t as educated. she didn’t know what was or was not okay to say.

someone dug up that tweet to use it against her, and it’s spread everywhere. it’s all over twitter, instagram, facebook, and probably even tumblr.

the person who posted it has cropped out the date so you think it’s recent. it’s not. it’s 5 years old, when she was younger and dumb.

please, please do not share that post. and please do not attack her for her looks.

Why is it that when you’re fat people think they own your body
Like why do they think they can comment on my weight or what I do or don’t eat

Why do they think they get unlimited access to my body and my habits

Why am I supposed to let people make comments about how much I eat and just be okay with it?? “Oh /someone’s/ hungry today” “are you sure you need that much?” “Oh is that all you’re going to eat?” Like WHY do people feel the need to tell me about how much I’m eating

I /know/ how much I’m eating, I know if it’s unhealthy or not, but I’m gonna eat what I want because it makes me feel better about people calling me a fat ass and telling me I have no self control

I’m fat and I love to bake and cook all the time and people look at me like I say I like to kick puppies when I tell them that

What is wrong with people when i have to worry about telling people what I like to do because I’m scared they’re only gonna see a fat person who only thinks of food

hello its me your local chubby geek who is also recovering from a past eating disorder here with an important PSA

DONT shame skinny people who call themselves fat!!! do not!!! i know its infuriating to see a skinny person call themselves fat (because they dont know what its like to be what is widely considered “fat”) but we have to keep in mind that everyone’s standard of beauty is different and how people perceive themselves as well as others is completely relative.

maybe that skinny person has dysmorphia? maybe they’re anorexic or bulimic? maybe theyre just insecure? you dont know their situation or what theyre thinking when they look at their body in the mirror.

the best thing to do is to reassure them that all bodies are beautiful, be they skinny, stocky, tall, short, bulky, muscular, splotchy, dark-toned, discolored, disabled, wrinkly, hairy, scarred, chubby, non-proportional, missing a part or two, average, or otherwise. 

The Predator’s Obsession

Summary: In this current day Avengers AU, you work as a profiler with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Your boyfriend, Steve Rogers, leads a close-knit group of supervisory special agents as they track a killer.
Characters in this chapter: Female reader, Steve Rogers, Nick Fury, Wanda Maximoff, Brock Rumlow
Characters mentioned: Natasha Romanoff
Pairing: Steve Rogers x plus size female reader
Word Count: 2,709
Warnings: Language, talk of kidnapping and starvation
Author’s Note: POV changes. Any terminology mistakes are mine, and mine alone. I hope you enjoy.


You figured you’d been held hostage six days, although you weren’t entirely sure. Who knew, it could be more. Probably not, though. It was hard to tell the passage of time when you were at the bottom of a pit. Besides being cold and dirty, you were past the point of being hungry, the point where it no longer growled, complaining that you weren’t eating. Now it just hurt, sending stabs of pain through your weak and weary body. The water that had been sent down this morning was almost gone; less than a cup remained, but you weren’t going to drink it. Not yet. Not when you knew you wouldn’t be getting more until the next morning.

Sitting in the cool dirt, you pressed your back to the rough wall, drew your legs up, and rested your shaking arms atop your knees. Your head fell back and your eyelids fluttered closed. Damn, you were tired, but you couldn’t fall asleep. Not because you were incapable of doing so, but because you refused to. Not when you didn’t want to miss a thing. Even the most insignificant thing could save your life. That’s what Steve had always told you. Well, him and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Being a profiler for the FBI and long-time girlfriend of Steve Rogers; highest ranking special agent in Brooklyn, you had learned a lot. But all of those lessons learned failed you the moment a rag soaked with chloroform was shoved over your face. Your mouth went sour at the memory, and it took everything you had to keep from drinking the water sitting so very close to you.

Every hour that passed, your body grew weaker, but you knew that you could last a bit longer. Sure, you hadn’t eaten in over a week, but you weren’t built like Natasha or Wanda. You had hips and a great ass, tits that made other men stare while their girlfriends rolled their eyes. There were curves in places some women dreamed about having, but it didn’t stop there. Your stomach was soft and bore light purple and pink stretch marks, there was cellulite on your hips and thighs, and you had to specially order your bras. You had a double chin, your upper arms jiggled, and your thighs spread out, touching when you sat down. Most people called you fat, a whale, hideous, but you knew better than to play into their mind games. You weren’t stupid, you knew you were overweight, curvy, voluptuous, but Steve called you beautiful.

The garage door opened, sending a low-pitched rumble through the house and deep into the basement. The wall at your back trembled, pushing clumps of dirt into your hair and down your now slightly baggy and sweat-stained shirt. You shouldn’t have been afraid, but your heart kick-started painfully, and your hands were shaking as your torn and ragged nails dug into the dirt next to your hips.

His steps were heavy as he strode through the house with murderous purpose, the heels of his shoes scraping along the floor as he went. The closer he got to the door that was locked five times at the top of the stairs, the louder the floor creaked. It was deliberate, the way he would throw the locks slowly, as if he wanted to draw it out, the suspense of it all, to send fear surging through your veins, pumping your blood harder, your heart all but pounding out of your chest. He got off on it, you were damn sure of that. You weren’t the most sought after profiler on the eastern seaboard for nothing; you knew your shit.

Too bad that hadn’t saved you.

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People need to stop calling Himchan fat. People need to stop saying that Himchan needs to lose weight. People need to stop saying that Himchan needs diet. People need to understand that this makes Himchan sick.

Himchan is a singer, his weight is not important to me or to you. Stop making him feel bad, stop belittling him.

Himchan is a great artist in every way, but people are closing their eyes to him, almost all comments on his instagram is about weight and diet (even the comments with good intentions), and never about how amazing and special he is.

Can you think for a minute?

His weight is none of our business. What he eats is none of our business.

Jokes about weight are not funny. These jokes made Himchan have excessive weight loss and go to the hospital. Have people forgotten that?

Let’s be realistic and don’t fantasize or romanticize any situation here. People will continue doing this with Himchan until his situation is irreversible? Until he gets very sick?

This is a great psychological preassure. And psychological pressure is aggression, violence.

For God’s sake, leave Himchan alone. He is a adult man who takes care of his own life.

And please stop defending and supporting “jokes” about Himchan’s weight (even if the one who made the “joke” was a friend of his, or even a BAP member). 


baekhyun stans:

  • probably wanting to stan the rest of the beagle line but then telling yourself that you have to be a faithful stan
  • seeing all those other baekhyun stans and feeling competitve
  • feeling overly protective of the lil beagle when the other baekhyun stans say that he’s their husband
  • feeling overly protective when the other stans sass the baekhyun stans
  • feeling like you stan another exo member but constantly hearing the beagle’s screams in your ears 
  • wanting baekhyun to release more solo tracks
  • seeing people hating on baekhyun’s mullet and wanting to give them a shit storm but wanting to be classy
  • seeing other baekhyun stans making themselves look stupid and desperate and knowing doing something about it will just make all baekhyun stans look immature

chanyeol stans:

  • constantly being annoyed at how people think chanyeol is annoying for being “constantly happy”
  • having eyes rolled at you when you explain that chanyeol has his harsh times too
  • having people tell you that chanyeol’s happiness is fake
  • having a slight liking to kyungsoo (even if you don’t think you do you do)
  • having your ovaries killed whenever he dyes his hair a dark color
  • being annoyed the “you lovin’ the size” meme is used incorrectly and not being able to do anything about it
  • seeing people mock his english
  • having people tell you you’re “too obsessed”

jongdae stans:

  • seeing all those posts talking about how jongdae stans are trolls when you deep inside know you’re not that much of a troll
  • seeing posts about how people should be appreciating jongdae more but nobody listens
  • people mocking his vocals
  • seeing the constantly recycled joke about jongdae being an absolute troll like he’s not just five letters go
  • seeing all these xiuchen shippers and even though you might not feel like it’s your type knowing deep down that you should just give in because you secretly love it
  • seeing people saying that jongdae gets “too many lines” and that he should “just go solo at this point”
  • seeing people not appreciate jongdae
  • people using the dino roar meme incorrectly

kyungsoo stans:

  • seeing that 78% of meme text posts that include kyungsoo have to include a reference to “satansoo”
  • being pissed off at recycled memes
  • having people make fun of kyungsoo’s height when he isn’t even that short if you look at it
  • seeing all those inaccurate posts about kyungsoo being mean
  • probably wanting to stan chanyeol on the side but being scared that kyungsoo might be sad
  • seeing kyungsoo pout with those big ass cute ass sexy ass lips
  • people bullying kyungsoo
  • wanting an actual squishysoo

jongin stans:

  • people not seeing the cute fatherly side of jongin
  • people saying that his skin is too dark and therefore calling it “ugly” despite you thinking it’s sexy af
  • people thinking that jongin is only in exo bc he’s a good dancer and therefore not appreciating his vocals
  • trying to find a decent smut that doesn’t involve intense dance breaks
  • finding a decent smut but after reading it you’re either traumatized af or thirsty af
  • feeling genuinely thirsty every time you see a picture of jongin
  • or a video of jongin
  • basically being turned on by someone saying his name

kris stans:

  • people saying he’s ugly
  • feeling both embarrassed and thirsty whenever he actually tried to be a leader (esp that time he hit his arm lol)
  • people saying “he’s good for nothing”
  • knowing that no matter how hard you try to explain people won’t understand how funny he is
  • seeing “manga hair” kris and just
  • wanting to stan someone from exo-k but that’d totally make you feel bad and guilty
  • watching ot12 days and getting the feels
  • seeing him with his hair shaved off and suddenly realizing that kris doesn’t give any fucks and wanting to be like that but you’re busy being thirsty

yixing stans:

  • go fighting episodes take forever to load
  • listening to the exo’s new album and suddenly realizing that yixing’s voice would’ve been so nice in the eve
  • despite being supportive of yixing you still wonder what diamond would’ve sounded like with his voice
  • seeing him with luhan laughing as their good ol’ selves and remembering that you probably used to stan luhan and getting emotional
  • seeing yixing getting shit on for no apparent reason
  • seeing people saying that yixing might as well leave exo because they’re pro ot8 !!
  • give !! yixing !! lines !!
  • literally seeing yixing and wondering if he’s hot, sexy, or cute in this photo and just questioning life bc he’s so innocent while being literal sex

luhan stans:

  • wishing you were as pretty as him
  • watching videos of ot12 and suddenly feeling really empty because he was so pretty
  • seeing his new content and being like “it’s so good ogm” but secretly wondering what it’d be like if he was still with exo
  • seeing people say that he used exo as a way to get famous and was secretly “selfish”
  • watching hardcore hunhan shippers in the comments section of ever exo, sehun, or luhan related video and literally dying of embarrassment
  • people that are at war because they don’t know whether to call luhan manly or pretty
  • your friends thinking luhan is a girl
  • seeing all the other luhan stans and wanting to fight

junmyeon stans:

  • knowing that junmyeon is underrated and needs love
  • people only knowing junmyeon for being “that cringey stereotypical mother of exo”
  • not seeing enough junmyeon stans
  • people saying that junmyeon isn’t as good looking as the rest of exo and wanting to punch those people in the face
  • just wanting junmyeon to be happy and stress-free
  • watching all the other fanwars and getting the feeling that you should stop them but you can’t be bothered
  • but then watching exo-ls embarrassing themselves badly and feeling guilty for not doing anything
  • knowing that junmyeon needs to be appreciated

sehun stans:

  • seeing other sehun stans embarrassing themselves
  • being called a brat when the only thing you did was say “i’m a sehun stan” 
  • being annoyed when people call sehun ugly
  • give !! sehun !! more !! lines !!
  • people saying that sehun is overrated
  • people saying that sehun stans are insane and shouldn’t stan him bc they only stan him bc he’s handsome (ugly then handsome?? make up your minds you snakes lmao)
  • seeing other sehun stans and feeling v competitive
  • watching sehun grow up and the feels

tao stans:

  • feeling annoyed when the only joke they know is showers
  • or the other joke is his love for gucci 
  • angry bc tao should’ve been treated better because he’s human and has human needs
  • seeing old videos and being emotional
  • seeing all his new content and feeling happy but then feeling pissed bc you think nobody knows or cares about his career
  • wanting to stan someone else in exo but then the memories of tao got you like
  • looking up smut and seeing him being portrayed poorly
  • people not caring about exo-m versions of songs and not appreciating tao’s rap parts

minseok stans:

  • your insensitive aunts and uncles calling minseok “fat”
  • people saying minseok is ugly and doesn’t deserve to be a part of exo and that really hurts
  • wanting minseok to be appreciated more but nobody hears you
  • wanting to stan xiuchen because “he’s like a wife to me” but wanting minseok to yourself too
  • looking up smut and being confused as to why the most obscure smuts were made
  • getting thirsty and turned on at the incorrect times
  • people not appreciating his vocals
  • people not knowing that under those cute clothes is a fuCKING XIUDADDY READY TO GET YOU PREGNANT THROUGH YOUR EARS
"You are not fat, you have fat."

A seemingly bright, helpful statement.

It’s horribly misguided.

You see, when someone calls themselves fat, it is a revolutionary action based out of years of people calling them fat with the notion that fat is bad. Fat is unhealthy. Fat is diseased. Fat is other. Fat is death.

When someone calls themselves fat, they are positing themselves in a world that does not want them to exist unabashedly.

Fat leveled against someone as an insult is indicative of the culture we live in: one that prizes thin existence amongst many other things.

Fat has been MADE into an identifier, and so when someone identifies THEMSELVES as fat, it’s not helpful to return to that old way of thinking by saying:

“You’re not fat, you’re beautiful.”

“You’re not fat, you look wonderful.”

“You’re not fat, you’re healthy.”

Providing people with the “good news” that they’re “not fat” just distances themselves from their bodies further and increases self-hatred.

Let fat be beautiful.
Let fat be wonderful.
Let fat be healthy.

Let fat people call themselves fat.


1. chub rub
2. people who see us as a fetish
3. cute clothes are never in our size
4. when clothes are our size, they never fit right 
5. boobs, belly, hip, but, ratio
6. people regularly call you “fat,” as if you never knew
7. “you can have the front seat” when traveling with friends & family
8. you can never find a towel that goes all the way around you 
9. people are surprised when you order a salad instead of a burger 
10. “oh honey, you’re not fat, you’re beautiful”
11. painting your toe nails
12. doing up shoes with the buckle on the sides
13. people who think fat girls don’t have sex
14. cute bra’s and panties in your size are impossible to find 
15. public transport at rush hour
16. fat girl clothes prices 
17. judged if you eat too much, judged if you eat too little
18. the crotch/in between the thighs if your trousers rip too often
19. “sore throat?” .. “Yeah…” …. “It’s because of your weight" 
20.  squeezing past people and still rubbing your body against them
21. body hair in places you never knew existed
22. "you’re so soft can i use you as a pillow?”
23. the stare of death you receive from other fat girls in public
24. “you’re so pretty for a fat girl”
25. no matter who you’re with in public you both get dirty looks
26. shopping with thin friends and only trying on shoes and jewellry
27. “would you like that meal as a large?”
28. stairs
29. the fact that it’s socially acceptable to make fun of fat people
30. booths in restaurants
31. your family automatically plate up XL portions of food for you
32. “have you put on weight?” at every family gathering
33. you can never find pretty bangles or rings that fit you
34. “you should go to the gym with me”
35. “you’d be so much prettier if you lost 100lbs”
36. irregular periods
37. we’re treated worse than murderers/rapists/pedophiles by society
38. people are shocked when they see you eat fruit
39. “fat girls have to try more with their personalities”
40. we’re made to feel like shit by society, and it’s fucking wrong. We are fucking beautiful. We have as much right to love ourselves and feel great, just like every other human being. Rock on fat girls. 

Fat girls, I love you. 

you know it says a lot that i can’t search for drawings of fat people (in order to increase diversity in my art and make it more inclusive and body positive bc ‘fat’ isn’t an insult or a bad thing and never should be!! but i digress) and 99.9% of the art i find is fetish art

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it’s almost like fat people are seen as disgusting unless they’re used for fetish purposes or something


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hello rahma! i know you reblogged @mellonjin 's jin call out post and i have a question, you've stated on this blog before (although it might've been removed) that you are currently living within an emotionally abusive state (please deflect and delete this ask if you don't want to talk about i completely understand) but do you believe what mellonjin said abt jin's current mistreatment being emotional abuse?

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