calling out bigotry

You are not obligated to sacrifice your mental health for social justice

fighting for what is right is important, but if I fought every battle, and got into every argument, it would destroy me. 

Someone recently got very upset at me because I refused to involve myself in callout culture because of my mental illnesses. As if as a non binary mentally ill latinx person it was my job to do so. And that is a heaping pile of bullshit. Calling out out things like bigotry, microaggressions, and other unsavory behavior every single time you encounter it online or in real life is EXHAUSTING. Some people are capable of it, heck, some people even enjoy it, but some people simply cannot. I have spent YEARS in therapy, years talking to other people, practicing mindfulness to improve my quality of life as someone with multiple mental illnesses. I am not capable of getting angry and obsessing over every problem I encounter or I will literally be digging my own grave, and folx it’s not worth it. It’s okay to put down your torch, it doesn’t make you weak, or less of a member of whatever oppressed group you happen to be part of. You are not obligated to destroy yourself for this.

To any and all LGBT+ people of color feeling split between being a person of color and a part of the LGBT+ community:

You are not being oversensitive or divisive for calling out racism in LGBT+ spaces, or for calling out anti-LGBT+ bigotry in PoC spaces or race specific spaces.

You are not weak or a coward for choosing not to call out racism in LGBT+ spaces, or for not calling out anti-LGBT+ bigotry in PoC spaces or race specific spaces.

You shouldn’t have to separate your experience as a person of color and a someone who is part of the LGBT+ community to be more palatable or understandable to the majority group.

You can be both a person of color and part of the LBGT+ community and there is nothing wrong with that and nothing wrong with you.

You are perfectly valid in your identity. 

Call out bigotry in heathen circles.

Don’t stay silent in the name of “not rocking the boat.”

Rock the boat. Flip the boat. Sink the godsdamned boat.

Fascists are out there using our symbols for their hatred. Fascists are out there committing violence in the name of our gods. If you have privilege, you owe it to marginalized peoples to use that privilege to make the world a better place. 

You’re not a bad person if you can’t do much. You’re not a bad person if you have to step away for a while to recover. But if you can help, you’d damn well better be, in whatever way you can.

Talk to friends. Talk to family. Check on your friends. Boost signals, share articles, don’t let hate flourish in your circles in the name of “free speech.”

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, referring to online activism as ‘slacktivism’ devalues the voices of the poor and the disabled, who cannot participate in other forms of activism for numerous reasons. Their voices are not unworthy just because they are online. Are there problems with online activism? Yes. There are problems with many different types of activism. That does not suddenly render it useless, and mean you should stop speaking up and calling out bigotry that you see on the internet from your peers. If you have a platform in which to speak, and want to use it, you absolutely should. If you are able to do more, do so. Do not silence those who can not.

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Could you maybe find another outlet to put your discourse on because this shit is getting annoying. People follow you to see your Harry Potter stuff not your complaints.

hi we tag everything. block it, deal with it, or unfollow us. sorry, but i’m not gonna sit by and gain a following of bigots due to me never calling out bigotry.

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Did you see that "The Amazing World of Gumball" clip people are upset over? Some of them are saying they feel "betrayed" and it's just a total clusterfuck in the notes.

Yessss i saw all of that (including the comments). The video itself is ehh (it sounds like it came straight out of 2015), but a lot of the responses to it are hilarious.

 You got people writing out essays and replies like this:

Also the purpose of that whole episode wasn’t to make fun of people speaking out on oppression and legitimately calling out bigotry; it makes fun of the ones who take things too far/personally by freaking out over any perceived slight against them. People on here need to chill tf out but that’s asking too much. 

here’s the video

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The crytyping "joke" where they repeat what you say in a mocking tone is literally the same shit I endured from playground bullies in elementary school. They'd gather around in a group and repeat everything I said, even as I was saying "I don't like when you guys do that". Seeing as I was autistic and prone to meltdowns in elementary school, it's obvious that was why they were bullying me. So. Congrats, guys, you're literally stealing tricks from playground bullies now.

I mean if folks really don’t get how its ableist, simply imagine it as an audible situation.

Imagine a person who has a minor stutter that gets worse when they’re upset. So maybe a situation happens when a person uses that to manipulate someone else calling out their bad behavior (racism to be accurate apparently.)

Now imagine the person calling out the racism, seeing this person with a stutter trying to dodge racism, and decides to mock their stutter instead of directly addressing the issue. They just audibly repeat everything they say and all the stutters in a mocking tone.

We wouldn’t tolerate that, right? Cause for one, its not about the racism anymore, its in no way focusing on the problem; instead its making a joke out of the stutter. And anyone watching is going to have their attention diverted from the actual issue to the new hilarious implication that stutters are funny, are something to mock.

When has it ever been ok to mock someone’s disability just because they’re a bad person? Yes, people can use disabilities to manipulate, but that’s a pretty bad vilification of disabled people to create a meme out of mocking disabled people and then act like manipulation is a widespread and common enough problem among all disabled people to justify that behavior.

If you can’t call out another person’s bigotry without attacking their weak points and disabilities that splashes back on a bunch of innocent disabled people, you’re a bad person. If you don’t even want to try and listen and want to continue to mindlessly defend your behavior rather than considering how you affect innocent people, you’re even worse.

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I'm a white girl so I don't know if it's okay for me to be bothered by this, but I have a lot of friends (also white) making posts about what's going on in Marawi, Palestine, etc. and adding unhelpful but well-meaning comments and making tweets saying things like "I get so heated when people assume all Muslims are terrorists". it feels like they want brownie points for not being like those other, nastier white people and idk how to call them out, considering my own whiteness?

white anon again: I think you’ve said you’re not a POC but I figure as a prominent voice in the discourse a message would be seen by a lot of people who are, with differing opinions. sorry if that’s presumptuous or annoying!

im from The White Republic, but i’d like to know how to handle situations like that too

Pseudo-intellectual Pricks

He’s most likely educated, possibly a master’s degree in rhetoric. He could be a new atheist, possibly libertarian, most likely white. If you can’t smell his smugness, you can recognize him by the following tropes below.

Next time they use one of these on you, don’t waste your time. Copy and paste. Let them know they’re stereotyped.

The Pacifist

  • The guy who’s always making that bigoted comment on your thread, and always ends with, “Let’s agree to disagree.” He may follow up with a disingenuous attempt at finding common ground.
  • Example: I’m just saying, that if poor people worked harder, they wouldn’t have to depend on the government. You obviously don’t think so. No need to get upset. Let’s just agree to disagree. We can certainly find common ground with the fact that there are definitely some poor people that work very hard.

The Freedom Fighter

  • More indignant than the smug pacifist, he feels you’re taking away his right to have an opinion.
  • Example: I’m allowed to have an opinion about homosexuality. I’m allowed to express my beliefs. I’m allowed to disagree without being attacked. 

The Anecdotally Privileged

  • He’s white (and male) and he’s right. No matter what your experience is, his experience trumps it.
  • Example: Well, I lived in New York City for three years and the NYPD has always treated me with respect.

The Wounded

  • He responds with the old shock and awe routine about being misunderstood.
  • Example: You know who I am. I’m not a bad person. How can you call me a sexist?

The Oppression Authority

  • He married into oppression (or is friends with the oppressed or spent time working among the oppressed), so now his opinion should have gravitas.
  • Example: My wife’s family is Mexican, and they also think illegal immigrants should be deported.

The Call for Civility

  • He indirectly insults your racial, gender, sexual identity, spiritual beliefs, or simply your intelligence. When you call him out on his bigotry, he is (huff huff) insulted. Then he plays the “call for civility.”
  • Example: I haven’t called you any names, but you called me a bigot. If you want to persuade people, you need to treat people with civility.

The Logical Fallacist

  • His go-to is the ad hominem. When you point out that he may not understand a racial problem because he’s white, he screams, “ad hominem!” and runs around with his underwear on his head. Another favorite is the straw man, where he claims you’ve ignored his real argument and are attacking an incorrect version of his argument.
  • Example: You’ve misunderstood my main point. I was talking about the prison industrial complex, not racism. Straw man!

The Claim of Ignorance/Innocence

  • He claims that he’s confused about your opinion on a personal matter and wants to discuss it. Don’t be fooled. He knows exactly what he wants to say and is trying to lead you down a path where he can claim you’ve made a logical fallacy. Then he will claim innocence again–that he was simply trying to have a discussion. He will call for civility. You can’t win.
  • Example: I’m confused. It’s just not natural to be with someone of the same sex.

The Rational Male

  • He is calm, collected, and detached. He understands reason and logic. If you make it personal or emotional, that’s it. Conversation over.
  • Example: Simply put, I fail to see the logic of religion. All religions are the opiate of the masses. But there is one religion that kills people if you disagree with them. And that’s Islam. You don’t see Buddhist bombers, do you? Well, if you’re going to become emotional, then we can’t have this conversation. 

The Neutral Judge

  • He can view the situation from a neutral point of view, implying you cannot. Sure, he understands your POV. Because he’s neutral and wiser than you, he also understands the other side. Because of this ability to discern such (literally) black and white issues with no partiality, he is a better judge than you are.
  • Example: I followed the entire George Zimmerman case and listened to all the evidence presented. Though I find it all tragic, I have to agree with the jurors. You might have anecdotal evidence about racism in the law, but the law is the law.

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I'm tired of Muslims being demonized like this. A lot of Muslim countries are working towards being more progressive and it sickens me when people still bring up Sharia law and terrorism because so many Muslims are not terrorists and would never dream of it and only extremely conservative Muslim countries follow sharia law...

I think that the key difference that everyone needs to remember is not to demonise individual Muslims as people, or automatically presume that someone is “bad” if they follow Islam – that’s clearly anti-Muslim bigotry and totally wrong – but it is fair to reasonably criticise Islam as an ideology the same way that we should be able to reasonably criticise any faith as an ideology, and accept that there are issues within Muslim communities the same way that there are issues in all other religious communities.

Obviously not all Muslims are terrorists and it’s totally wrong to say that. The problem with Islam is that there hasn’t been a reformation the same way that there’s been reformation with the likes of Judaism and Christianity. 

For example: I and everyone with any sense recognises that there is some really awful things in the Torah and outside of the tiny fringe of extremist Jews, even the most Orthodox ignore them. Only utterly extreme Jews want to go around stoning people for breaking Shabbat. And even then, they’re completely condemned and seen as insane by the vast, vast majority of Jews. 

But with Islam, because there hasn’t been reformation, the worst verses aren’t (almost) universally recognised as such. Because the words in the Qu’ran are seen as “perfect,” there’s no margin of error, and the Muslims that sit and say, “Yeah, that bit’s not right, we should just ignore that,” are often attacked for doing so. 

Original Jewish law is totally outdated and if we followed the whole of that, we’d be barbaric, the same with original Christian law. Sharia law is no different, and there are real issues with Muslims that follow Sharia law even in places like the UK.

It’s a horrible fact to note, but right now, Islam is the cause of a hell of a lot of terrorism. If it wasn’t, terrorists would be shouting and blaming imperialism or whatever else when they carry out their evil acts, but they don’t. Islamic terrorists are manipulated into committing atrocities because radicalisers tell them that by doing those awful things, they’re being “good Muslims.” When people from the likes of the UK are sneaking out of the country to join ISIS, it’s because they’ve been convinced that living in a Western country is making them “bad Muslims.”

Away from Islam itself – because there will always be good and bad people in every single faith, and Islam isn’t special as far as that’s concerned – what’s caused a lot of backlash is the desperation of both Muslims and non-Muslims to pretend that Islam itself is perfect and that Islamic terrorism isn’t “really” Islamic, when that’s very obviously untrue. Most of that desire comes from a good place. It’s badly thought-out, but it’s people basically wanting to protect the good Muslims and separate them from the bad. It just hasn’t worked.

You see, the Westboro Baptist Church is Christian. You’ll hear other Christians say “They’re not acting like true Christians,” but there’s no huge drive to pretend that the WBC isn’t Christian at all. Everyone knows that they’re Christian. They use the Bible to push their disgusting agenda. They’re using their Christianity to preach bigotry, but they absolutely believe that they’re being good Christians when doing so. 

The thing is, I’m genuinely convinced that the only way that things will change is if more Muslims stand up and say that Islamic terrorism is wrong. Saying things like, “That’s not Islamic,” or “Those terrorists aren’t really Muslim” and trying to push that idea just doesn’t work. The “But terrorists mostly kill other Muslims” doesn’t work either, because it isn’t Muslim killing Muslim, it’s, sadly, “True Believer killing Apostate,” it’s “Sunni vs Shia” and then both against Ahmadi.

And don’t get me wrong. There are absolutely Muslims that stand up and speak out, but then they get death threats from other Muslims. They’re attacked and dismissed as not being “real” Muslims. There’s a huge culture of fear. 

You know, in all my time on Tumblr, I’ve only ever had one positive interaction with a Muslim user, which later turned out to be null and void. I’ve had a grand total of three private conversations. 

The first was friendly in private for months and then unfollowed me, blocked me and went on a rant about how evil Jews were on their blog.

The second was friendly, but told me that we had to be enemies because the Qu’ran said that we’d always be enemies.

The third was fine, until she returned and told me to delete all positive interactions with her on my blog because her husband hates Jews.

I have never, at any time, had an ask, even anonymously, from a Muslim that has said something as simple as, “I think antisemitism is wrong.” I’ve never had a private message from a Muslim saying that they want to offer support with no caveats.

What I do see, constantly, is maybe a handful of virtue-signalling “Reblog if you’re against antisemitism” posts on Muslim blogs before they then go into rants and spread antisemitism through lies or conspiracy theories “because Israel.” And I know for a fact that there will be plenty of Muslim bloggers on this site that are decent and hate all forms of bigotry, but I’d bet my last penny that they’re too scared of fellow Muslims to admit what they really think, so they keep quiet.

It’s a community issue. I’m sorry to have to say that Muslims need to do more. And I feel that I can say that because I’m fairly well-known by now, and every time I see the Jewish community on here being awful, I damn well make sure to say something about it, call out their intolerance or bigotry, and then stand by my principles, those other Jews be damned.

I know that you want to defend your fellow Muslims. That’s admirable, it really is. But if all you’re going to do is dismiss very relevant and real issues, all that anyone is going to see is that you want to ignore the bad and pretend only the good exists. And, as wrong as it is, that fuels the really horrible and hateful side of the political right wing, because they often use it as an excuse to generalise against people.

I mean, let’s be blunt here. I’m Jewish. There’s a huge amount of antisemitism in Muslim communities. I’ve experienced a ton of antisemitism from Muslims in the real world. They’re not isolated. They’re British citizens and, on quite a few occasions, were great, ordinary people until they realised that I was Jewish. So there’s a problem there. I don’t want to demonise all Muslims, far from it. But to be frank with you, I would genuinely appreciate it if there were even one or two Muslims that were happy to put a url to “It sucks that you went through that and those people were bad, antisemitism is wrong,” and nothing else, but I genuinely have never had that and that’s really saddening.

There are issues about anti-LGBT-phobia and sexism in non-Reform and non-Liberal Jewish communities. There are issues about racism in different Jewish communities. I’m against circumcision and kosher slaughter, and I count those as issues, too. 

I can’t pretend that there aren’t issues in Judaism and Jewish communities. I can’t pretend that the Neutrei Karta or other Jewish terrorist groups aren’t actually Jewish. I can’t pretend that the fundamentalists that use the Torah to an extreme aren’t Jewish. I also can’t pretend that it’s unfair to reasonably criticise those things.

And honestly, in regards to Islam and Muslim communities, you can’t pretend, either. 

i might get a ton of hate out of this but

as an artist, i dont feel safe on tumblr anymore. At first i used to upload my art in here all the time. Now, with all these fandoms making the rules for how to draw a certain character, how black do they have to be, and how fat, us artists are not making art for the sake of it anymore.

Everything on this site has to be appealing for them, the so called fandoms. You get behind walls and walls of texts naming each and every thing that makes you “oppressed”, you feel like you’re empowered enough to tell artists how to do the stuff we love. And you’re capable of harrasing us to the point of making us commit suicide, just because we didn’t make our character an obese sapiosexual transdemigirl.

Oh and dont we dare call you out on this bigotry. You’re just a mentally ill seventeen years old child, and somehow telling you that bullying people it’s not okay makes us child abusers.

If you’re old enough to get on this site and tell people to kill themselves over a fucking drawing, then you’re mature enough to take responsibility for your actions.

Like, whatever friend, you keep doing your thing: harrasing, doxxing, bullying, making yourself look like the victim over a piece of art that wasn’t made to offend you; but at least don’t hide behind a “i’m just a kid omg uwu” when people call you out on your bullshit.

And i didnt really make this post for me here. I have less than 200 followers, i havent even made friends on this site, tumblr isnt my safe haven or my happy place, I could delete my blog like it was no big deal. But for many other artists this is the place where they come to be who they really are, in this site they’ve met the friends that had kept them going when things were hard in school or in their homes. This was their favorite site, a place where they could take a break and have fun, without being judged for liking ponies or homestuck or whatever.

But look at what you’ve done. You’ve made a social network made for artists and fans a sjw circlejerk where you get to choose who stays and who is a racist ableist cis scum that deserves to be harassed to death. Well done.

lagertha-the-witch blocked me because I wasn’t “nice” when I called out their racist usage of g*psy. lol k

so in case anyone is curious, I’m not nice when I call out bigotry. I won’t be cruel, but I won’t be kind either. especially to fellow white people. there is too much information easily available to use ignorance as an excuse. and tbh white pagans and witches are the worst about claiming ignorance and appropriation.

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Sorry is this is weird but I'm confused on what a r*dfem is? Can you explain it to me? Thx

Now rad feminism is a wide term usually a term used for terfs. Here’s a couple of types sometimes they mix
1.) hates men believe men should die. There is a difference from disliking men and calling them out on bigotry to straight up being an asshole and believing woman are better than men.
2.) being a so called ‘gender abolists’ and refusing to learn about nonbinary identities and refusing to learn about that not all trans people transition
3.) being a terf. Or hating trans woman
4.) saying to be trans you must experience dysthropia
5.) calling themselves detransistion trans men and saying transphobia is not real.
6.) just being an over all asshole who has no idea what feminism actually is
7.) refusing to use trans people’s pronouns because trans men are actually butch lesbians and trans woman are men trying to invade women areas

If you know anymore feel free to add.

can we go back to when ‘snowflake’ meant someone who thought they were special for watching doctor who and not a way to demean people for calling out bigotry and thinking people should have rights  

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Hey! I love your blog and want to follow more like it. What blogs do you recommend?

Hey there! Sorry for the late reply.

So you like a blog like mine? Let’s see…

• I’m Asian
• I’m angry
• I hate people
• I’m full of crap
• I love to talk crap
• I love making crap up
• I love answering questions

Now one of the reasons why I dislike doing these kinds of asks is because I always end up leaving blogs out or I may incorrectly categorize some. Anyhow, I guess I can name a few blogs that I *feel* are sort of similar to mines? Not that I’m saying anyone is crappy like me (I love you all so don’t jump me lol) but there are some similarities:


I’m definitely missing some as I can’t think much right now. But anyhow, if you’re an angry Asian blogger who is full of crap, let yourself be known and leave a reply or something so we can follow you lmao. If anyone has any suggestions, tag them here or tag yourself, I don’t know.

AND you know what? If you don’t know any angry crappy Asian blogs, make one yourself (or with some friends) and I’ll be your first follower! Let’s get this thing rolling because we need a lot more angry Asian people on Tumblr who are full of crap but are ready to call out some bigotry.

Angry Asian Guy