calling levels

if net neutrality gets killed, a bunch of idiots on the online are gonna blame the people who didn’t spend 100 hours calling miscellaneous high-level government officials, rather than the fact that said officials don’t give a solitary fuck about what the public wants


Yuri Plisetsky ★ Outfit Appreciation!
↳ I just really really liked that one manga panel, okay?

Wanted to practice the way I draw ducklings ‘cause I find them especially hard to draw. So I doodled this kiddo. Don’t mess with him, he’ll be rich.

(Did this at school bc I’m so busy now I’m forced to draw there).


[ 10.11.2017 ] day 33 – 

more benzene notes

does anyone know any good places for chemistry videos (like khan academy)?



give junpei some love.


Katsugeki Touken Ranbu Episode 7 - The First Unit

Y’all cis ppl aren’t allowed to write trans characters until you learn there’s absolutely no circumstance under which it’s okay to deadname your character.

Full stop. Y’all aren’t allowed to write trans!Steve, because if I have to read one more “Stephanie” ever again I will burn my blog and take the Tumblr servers down with me.