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- Time can be rewritten!
- Not those times, not one line… don`t you dare!

When we cast Kaitlin she brought so much to it in the first season that we were able to figure it out, and figure out what was funny about her. I have to give her a tremendous amount of credit because she really pushed us.

Glenn Howerton (cinemablend)

on developing the character of Dee

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Dramione AU where they have to erase each other's memories to survive the war T.T

why would u do this to me. and to urself. it’s not fair to any of us.

send me a ship & an au!

He’s cupping her face in his hands, and she hears Ron and Harry yelling faintly in the background, but all she can focus on is him, or else everything will fall apart; he’s saying, “If you don’t do this, Bellatrix can take my memories; they’ll know your face, they’ll know Harry’s, and we can’t risk that - I won’t risk you, you can’t leave me.” She whimpers, a low and heart-wrenching sound, and whispers her last “I love you” before raising her wand and casting the spell. Suddenly, his hands fall from her face, and he closes his eyes tight; when he opens them, a blank stare looks back, like he’s looking at a complete stranger - it’s the only thing that gives herself the courage to raise the wand to her head and say the spell again -
What was that bright flash of light? she wonders, and she looks to the boy standing next to her as if he might have a clue, but he just sneers and turns the other direction, muttering something cruel under his breath.

The Good Days (Okieriete Onaodowan X Reader)

Request!:  Fluff fic (reader insert) where the reader bumps into oak while he’s skating around and stuff happens

Paring: Okieriete Onaodowan X Reader

Triggers: roller skating, kissing, cute relationships. flashbacks, laser tag, cursing (mild)

Words: 1795

A/n: THIS WAS THE ONE I WAS SUPPOSED TO WRITE . NOW ONTO NOVEED!!!!! Eliza is writing something up as we speak!!


“Dolley, do not push me!” You pleaded with your friend. You had just put on your skates, and you were slowly shuffling over to the rink. You best friend, Dolley, was behind you. 

“I thought you said you can skate?” Justin, Dolley’s boyfriend and your brother, teased.

“I can! But I’m not that good at it!” You stuck your tongue out at him.

“Makes sense, you can hardly walk down a hall.”

“Shut up, Justin.” You growled. 

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*~Gintoki prints~*

I slightly modified some old drawings to make prints for Otakuthon. You get to choose between fluffy Gintoki and angsty-as-fuck Gintoki 

For those interested in my process for the first one, here’s an old post about it

All Grown Up (Christmas AU)

Hello friends, I’m back with a Christmasy scenario based on this post! Enjoy! :)

Summary: Jungkook is back from his first semester of college for the holidays, and you’re thrilled to see him again, but what happened to the shy nerd who could barely talk to girls? And when did he get so dang good looking?? 

Genre: Fluff (like major fluff) Word count: 1,410 Pairing: ReaderXJungkook

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I really think it says a lot to watch Josh interacting with the other members when they try to speak English to him like whenever Hosh goes “Yo Josh yo Josh” and he straight up goes “Heyyyy Hosh what’s up man” like asdfghjkl; it’s so cute because he doesn’t go “don’t speak English” or even usually corrects their words harshly he just is such a cutie and will speak English with them as much as they want 


Much respect to my bro @earthtonemuziq for coming out on “21 Missed Calls” last night and running the base!!! 💥💥💥

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Zen Call Times, Zen Route

After many, many delays, here are Zen’s corrected call times! The last run I did, I used hourglasses to get through which sometimes caused some calls to happen a chat earlier- if you find any error, please don’t hesitate to tell me through any means, or even post it on a reblog.

You can find call times for 707 in his route here!

Day 1: After “Welcome 1″, “Yoosung’s complaint”, “Discussion about the party” and  “Jaehee’s favor”

Day 2: After “ Yoosung’s doubt”

Day 3: After “The person that has to be“ and “Zen making a fuss”

Day 4: After “Seven mocks Yoosung” and  “Found Him”

Day 5: After “To be a star“, “Got the new role!” and “Jumin+Cat=NO!”

Day 6: After “Injury”, “About visiting Zen” and “Defensive Jaehee”

Day 7: After “What’s up with everyone”, “A way to feel better”, “Fears for the future“ and “Let’s invite Mummy”

Day 8: After “The power of RFA apps“, “Zen’s new work“, “Misplaced pen”, “Old party” and “It’s over” (brief)

Day 9: After “I will be okay again” and “Suspicious Echo Girl”

Day 10: After “The Dream“ and “Should have been more careful”

PTSD Olivia turned into Rowan. She is very much NOT 'fine'. Sigh.


Frozen in time inside an ice block.

It was the only way Glynda could live and survive this Keyblade War. She didn’t even know why was the war necessary. It was ridiculous but.. she had to fulfil her duty for Ira, the Unicornis faction she swore her allegiance to. Even though he was the one that tried to prevent the war from happening, it was inevitable. 

The battle was brutal and it left many dead on the battlefield and chances of survivors were slim. But for Glynda, she had that slim chance as she escaped the war the last minute. Call it running away, but she didn’t want to die from a war that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Their duty was to defeat the darkness.. but instead the Keyblade War happened. She wasn’t going to waste her life for something she shouldn’t be doing. Her duty was to defeat the darkness and that’s what she was going to do.

Glynda ran to a remote area far from the war and alone. The only thing she could do to recover and survive.. was to encase herself in ice. Stop life for a while and rest as she’d awake to a future she had hope to have a purpose for.

Years have passed and time may have come for the blonde to awaken. The ice glass she was in started to crack and soon enough shatter, slowly waking Glynda. Her body was still numb and cold but nonetheless tired getting up.

She didn’t know where she was… all she could do was just rely on her feet to take her anywhere.