calling him at concerts

AU where Dave is a famous rapper and Terezi is a big fan of his, Karkat doesn’t give a shit about him because unless it’s the Fresh Prince opening, rap isn’t Karkat’s thing. But one day Terezi drags him along to a concert because she won 2 backstage passes with a chance to meet Dave, and no one else wanted to go. 

Karkat goes begrudgingly and has an OK time at the actual concert. Afterwords they go backstage and as soon as the walk up to Dave for autographs and Dave sees Karkat, all he can think is “holy shit????? this guy??? is rly cute??” and despite being the famous one, Dave is a huge awkward mess. Karkat says he doesn’t want anything autographed but Dave insists on giving him something and gives him a free CD with an autograph on the back, and under his signature, he left his number. 

Karkat is skeptical at first but Terezi just HAS to know if it’s Dave’s real number so after a couple weeks, Karkat brings himself to call Dave, thinking Dave wouldn’t even remember him. Dave has pretty much been waiting for that call the whole time but he’d never admit to it. 

Eventually they start dating, but don’t show it too much in public, so they can hide it from the tabloids. Until at an interview Dave accidentally lets it slip that he has a boyfriend, that was the first time he’d ever officially called Karkat his boyfriend. Headlines are every-fucking-where about who the hell his boyfriend could be, so to clear it up, he calls Karkat on-stage during a concert and introduces him as “The guy i’m in love with, who wasn’t even a fan” 

Highlights from Panic! tonight in Denver

- Brendon repeatedly dabbing
- Colorado pride flag in GGB
- someone threw a hat on the stage during Let’s Kill Tonight and later, at the end of Bohemian Rhapsody, Kenny picked it up and put it on. Brendon proceeded to call him beautiful
- bringing up Live in Denver (“the first concert we ever filmed was here”)
- “this is an unreleased track. Never heard before.” then I Write Sins plays
- after he let the audience sing “the poor grooms bride is a whore” he said “you said it, not me”
- he said “this is the most fucking fun I’ve had in a long time” with the biggest smile on his face and he could barely get the end of his sentence out because he was giggling and jumping around and it was. so cute. I cry

feel free to add if you were there

Impressive photo of Tobey Maguire has been leaked!!!

It seems that the actor took the selfie for sending to someone

The smartphone of Tobey Maguire has been hacked and an incredible shirtless photo of the actor has leaked recently. It is not a nude but certainly, it shows an unbelievable transformation of Tobey’s body: HE IS OBESE!

Is not the first time that 41-year-old is involved in a weight controversy. First, in 2005 actress, Jessica Alba called him “fat” in a Cold Play concert. Then in 2010, he showed off a tummy, but now he has a huge hanging gut, fat cheeks and arms, and big moobs.

At 2005 Tobey looked bigger than in his Spiderman suit

At 2010 he was thinner but his belly looked soft

Tobey Maguire has not given a declaration and nobody has had the opportunity to see him, so the rumors that the photo is real are increasing.

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Preference Master List

This is for all of you mobile users I guess. Also most of the IM5 preferences include Dalton. Check this for updates!!

5 Seconds of Summer: 

  1.  How You Meet
  2.  You Take Care Of Him When He’s Sick
  3.  Cry On Your Pillow
  4.  Hiding Places
  5.  He Asks You To Move In
  6.  House Hunting
  7.  Moving In
  8.  Midnight Snacks
  9.  The Words That Were Never Said
  10.  Vacations
  11.  Arguments 
  12.  The Pet/s You Two Get
  13.  Risk It All
  14.  One Night Stands 
  15.  Rough
  16.  Your Relationship Becomes Public 
  17.  Get To Know You
  18.  They Find Out You Had Their Child
  19.  He Makes You Squirt 
  20.  You’re Eating Something That Turns Him On
  21.  The Boys Are Over When You Try To Be Sexy
  22.  You Don’t Know He’s Famous
  23.  Accidental Pillow
  24.  Blowjob
  25.  Art of Moving On
  26.  He Finds Out You’re Ticklish 
  27.  They Find Out You Had Their Child Part 2
  28.  English Love Affair
  29.  They Find Out You Had Their Child Part 3
  30.  He’s A Single Father
  31.  “Was This Just a Fuck?”
  32.  His/Your Child From a Previous Relationship Calls You or Him Mommy/Daddy
  33.  You’re the Concert Photographer 
  34.  Chains
  35.  He Surprises You
  36.  “The Name’s Bond…”
  37.  Threesomes
  38.  Coffee Shops
  39.  Bonnie And Clyde
  40.  Burn
  41.  Distractions
  42.  Dry Humping
  43.  Spring Break
  44.  Eat Out
  45.  Tour Vibes
  46.  The Amazing Race
  47.  Soulmate AU
  48.  Crazy For You
  49.  He Finds Out You’re Being Abused
  50.  Disney World
  51.  Saturday Nights
  52.  Sunday Mornings
  53.  Back To Sleep
  54.  Black Girl Magic
  55.  First Time Dad
  56.  Long Distance
  57.  “Please Just Fuck Me”
  58.  You Catch Him Masturbating
  59.  Bonding

Fly Away Hero: 

*Fly Away Hero Imagines (x) since it’s replaced by OGOC

  1.  You Take Care Of Him When He’s Sick
  2.  How You Meet
  3.  You Meet The Band
  4.  Settle Down
  5.  You Tell Him You’re Pregnant 
  6.  He Talks Dirty To You In Public 
  7.  His Favorite Place To Kiss You 
  8.  He Proposes 
  9.  You’re Short
  10.  You Tell Him You’re Pregnant Part 2
  11.  The Pet/s You Two Get
  12.  You Tell Him You’re Pregnant Part 3
  13.  Ride
  14.  Keep Quiet 
  15.  How To Save A Life 
  16.  You Tell Him You’re Pregnant Part 4
  17.  They Find Out You Had Their Child 
  18.  Makeup Sex
  19.  He Takes Care Of You When You’re Sick
  20.  You Tell Him You’re Pregnant Part 5
  21.  Watching Your Favorite Tim Burton Movie
  22.  Strip For Me
  23.  He’s a Tease
  24.  Mad
  25. He Makes Sexual Innuendos Towards You During An Interview
  26.  They Find Out You Had Their Child Part 2
  27.  He Gets Upset That You Don’t Spend Time Together
  28.  They Find Out You Had Their Child Part 3
  29.  He Asks You To Prom

Omaha Squad:

  1. Promise
  2. You Get High Together
  3. A Thunderstorm Is Coming, And You’re Both Stuck In A Cab In L.A. Traffic
  4. Blind Dates
  5. Valentine’s Day
  6. “Don’t Tease Me”
  7.  Cheater
  8.  You Comfort Him
  9.  Fights
  10.  Caught
  11.  Rejections 
  12.  Fallen Angels
  13.  Accidental Break Ins
  14.  Whiskey Dick
  15.  Wisdom Teeth
  16.  New Arrivals 
  17.  Going Downtown
  18.  Midnight
  19.  OTP
  20.  You Don’t Like His Music
  21.  Kink
  22.  Distraction
  23.  Festivals


  1.  How You Meet
  2.  First Date 
  3.  His Thoughts When He First Saw You 
  4.  He Gets Jealous 
  5.  Another Band Member Likes You
  6.  He Hears You Sing
  7.  The Youtuber/s You Two Love
  8.  He Talks About Your Weight
  9.  He Pushes You to Have Sex and 1 of the Boys Comfort You
  10.  He Thinks You Like Another Band Member 
  11.  You’re Making Out and His Parents Walk In
  12.  He Meets Your Brother
  13.  You’re Making Out and Your Brother Walks in With Friends
  14.  He Gets Protective 
  15.  He Whispers Dirty Things To You In Public
  16.  He Brings Up the Idea of Starting a Family
  17.  Your Water Breaks and He Helps You
  18.  He Sees the Baby for the First Time
  19.  He Calls You Ugly 
  20.  He Asks You To Prom
  21.  You’re Doing Dirty Things and the Boys Walk In
  22.  How They React To Baby Shopping
  23.  He Hates You At First
  24.  You Go To The Zoo
  25.  They Call Out Your Imperfections 
  26.  He Secretly Likes You And The Boys Convince Him To Ask You Out 
  27.  You’re Friends With Benefits 
  28.  You’re Friends & Make Out At A Party 
  29.  You Play Truth Or Dare
  30.  You’re Friends & See Him Naked
  31.  You’re Best Friends That Flirt 
  32.  He’s Your Best Friend’s Brother
  33.  He Tries To Impress You
  34.  You Overhear Him Confess His Love For You
  35.  You’re Best Friends With 1 Of The Boys And Meet The Others
  36.  Still Into You
  37.  He Let’s You Know He Wants You
  38.  You Meet While Playing Spin The Bottle/ 7 Minutes In Heaven
  39.  You Take Care Of Him When He’s Sick
  40.  He Gets Touchy
  41.  Meeting After Breakup
  42.  You Have Sex For The First Time
  43.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member 
  44.  He Talks Dirty To You With The Guys Around & He Picks Out A Naughty Outfit For You
  45.  His Favorite Place To Kiss You
  46.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 2
  47.  Angry Makeup Sex
  48.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 3
  49.  The Pet/s You Two Get
  50.  Disney Dudez Romantic Modern Moment 
  51.  They Have Kinks
  52.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 4
  53.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 5
  54.  He Loses Your Child In The Store
  55.  They Find Out You Had Their Child
  56.  Silent Quickie
  57.  The Act Like Fuckboys 
  58.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 6
  59.  You’re Leaving Him
  60.  He Gets Shipped With A Member From Fifth Harmony
  61.  Birthday Sex
  62.  You Passed Away and He Tries to Cope With Your Death
  63. They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 7
  64. They Find Out You Had Their Child Part 2
  65.  They Propose to You
  66.  They Find Out You Had Their Child Part 3
  67.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 8
  68.  You’re a Virgin, and Have Sex for the First Time
  69.  Shower Run Ins
  70.  The Birds and the Bees
  71.  He Finds Out You’re Pregnant
  72.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 9
  73.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 10
  74.  You Spend the Night for the First Time
  75.  You’re Leaving Him Part 2
  76.  Greasers & Socs
  77.  Amnesia
  78.  Wet
  79.  The Guys Help Feed Your Child
  80.  Cooking Vibes
  81.  Thinking Out Loud
  82.  Morning Wood
  83.  He Comes Home From War
  84.  Love Confessions 
  85.  Possible Parents
  86.  Your Dad Is a Gang Leader
  87.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 11
  88.  Silent Treatment 
  89.  Fingers
  90.  You Wear His Clothes
  91.  Jealousy 


tbt to the time silver and I were walking home from the Formation concert and I call dan up and tell him it was great but he’s gonna have to make a trip to the hospital when we get back and he’s like “Why?!” And I said oh it’s cause Beyoncé vocally ripped the uterus out of my body and I’m gonna have to get it surgically reattached and he yelled at me for giving him a mini heart attack

Let me make something clear

If I see anything on my dash that

1. Is angry at Yixing about him not performing everything with exo
2. Says yixing is leaving or calls him a traitor
3. Says that that aren’t gonna go to concerts or events anymore because Yixing won’t be there (support all the members damn)
4. Wishes Yixing or any other of member would leave the group
5. Is derogatory toward Yixing or any of the members
6. Is overly supportive of an OT8 without Yixing
7. Anything at all negative about an EXO member or something that is out of their control

The person who posted it will be blocked and/ or unfollowed because I don’t want to be associated with it see anyone who can’t be supportive of the whole group and each one of it’s hard working members

Coming into the Gorillaz fandom fresh and watching interviews and stuff, I get the kind of vibe from Damon where he’s that one white kid that wants to get in with the cool black kids and he does and so like if u took a picture with them, u would see a bunch of black people and then there’s that one white kid that they kick it with

B.A.P Party Baby DC Part 2

This is going to be long, so bear with me.. 

This is my first time seeing B.A.P despite being a fan for so long. Whenever they were came for a concert, I had school or work, but this time around, they were coming to DC, which is like right where I live, so this time I was going to go no matter what. 

The Beginning: 

There was a countdown to when they came out. I was holding my breath and couldn’t even scream for them. When they did come on stage though the first thing I thought: THEY ARE ALL SO GOOD LOOKING. Perfection. Though Yongguk and Daehyun looked really thin.

They spoke English as they introduced themselves. Himchan and Zelo’s English was really good, and everyone else’s was great, though I have to admit I had a hard time understanding Youngjae a little bit. 

Their Performances:

B.A.P is not called the kings of live for nothing. They are all truly born performers. Every single one of them can sing, rap, dance, and compose. Jongup, Zelo, and Daehyun’s solo stages just reminded me of all their individual talent, which made their performances of all their songs together as OT6 even more amazing. 

Solo Stages:

All of them sang self-composed songs, I believe. 

Jongup sang Try My Luck. It was very sexy, even the rest of B.A.P called him sexy guy Jongup. He dances amazing. He even rapped a little in his song. It was just great.

Zelo SANG a song he composed in English. It was so cute. Zelo is literally a fluff-ball; he is so cute, and I could tell he was really enjoying himself. 

Daehyun’s solo stage I think was my favorite. He was dancing and hitting every single note. Zelo came out to rap, but man, Daehyun is really something.

Wasn’t Youngjae supposed to have a solo? Because he didn’t perform.  


Lucky girl named Jordan got picked for the fan event by Zelo! She said she was 26 and from Pennsylvania. She wasn’t wearing a casual outfit like Zelo’s pick had been; she said she had dressed for Himchan’s pick, but Zelo thought her tattoo’s were charming. She received a video recording of them while they’ve been on tour as gift. 


Let me tell you, Yongguk is my ultimate bias. He seemed really happy at the concert. He is so good looking except he is so skinny to the point it’s almost concerning.

It was nice seeing him in Skydive though. I’ve only ever seen that performance without him, so I was paying extra attention to him.


Himchan looked really good at the concert. And if people call him fat, I swear…

He got blasted in the face by one of those cannons shooting the smoke out of it while he was greeting fans which he laughed off, but I also saw him mouth 목아파  which means my throat hurts then he proceeded to scream Washington, DC! lol.


Daehyun is really skinny too. He looks like he lost a lot of weight. Anyone see his V-app at 3 in the morning?

During the concert, as I said, his solo performance was my favorite. I also noticed this boy knows when a camera is around. The concert didn’t let people bring in nice cameras. There was a photographer, however, taking pictures, and I guess he thought the ideal spot to get the pictures is next to where I was standing in the aisle. So, Daehyun seeing the camera starts being a little extra, showing his good side, pointing to the camera, etc. I started waving my glow stick around the camera guy to see if I can grab his attention (lol), which I don’t think I did.


Let me tell you, I swear Youngjae saw me at the beginning of the concert. I was in an aisle seat, so I was kind of standing in the aisle because the girl in front of me had been taller than me, and I was waving around a green glow stick with no one else in front of me holding anything. I was waving it to the beat of the songs, and I swear when he saw me grooving to Badman and No Mercy, he started getting hyped too.

Then later as they were doing their closing comments, I waved at Youngjae while he was staring at us in our direction with no one else in front of me waving, AND HE WAVED BACK! My sister at the same time threw a finger heart at him right before he waved, so she says he waved at her, but for all we know, he might have saw us both and waved back to us. BUT HE WAVED.


What to say about Jongup… He is just really an amazing dancer and performer. He gets fans hyped up, and it’s mesmerizing watching him on stage.

Youngjae started chanting UP, UP, UP for Jongup lol. They’re all so cute together.


He is a fluff-ball. That is all.

lol. But really, he is so cute when he’s interacting with the fans. He was even down with walking down the aisle to get the girl he picked for the fan-event, but the staff wouldn’t let him.


So, those who did Hi-Touch and Photo-Op went first for Hi-Touch, and the people who had just Hi-Touch went after that. So me, my sister, and my friend were like the first people to go after those who had photo-op and hi-touch. My sister and friend were both ahead of me, and my sister greeted them in Korean. She said 수고했어요 which means “You worked hard.” And I honestly don’t even remember what I said in Korean, but I think I said 수고하셨어요: You worked hard. Yongguk smiled. Daehyun said Thank you in Korean (감사합니다), Himchan also smiled. Youngjae I think answered yes in Korean (네). Zelo I guess finished up saying Thank you in Korean to my sister, so I said Thank You in Korean back to him, and Jongup was the last one, and I said Goodbye in Korean (안녕히게세요) which in retrospect is dumb. I came out of the venue, and it wasn’t until then it registered that they said stuff in Korean back to me.  

Have I mentioned they are all good looking. Ugh.

I was not prepared for Hi-Touch. It went by quickly; I wish I went slower to see each of them in the eye. I just remember the feeling of their hands. Yongguk’s hands were soft, but Daehyun’s hands felt rough, and ironically enough later that night Daehyun posted a picture on Instagram saying how he gets calluses from holding his mic.


The concert was AMAZING. I’m just a little sad they didn’t get to perform Warrior, One Shot, or 1004 (Angel), and many other songs, but if they did perform all their songs, we probably would have been there until 3 in the morning. 

I didn’t record much because I wanted to just watch them and enjoy their performances, which I did. It was nice not having to worry about recording them and just dancing along to all their songs.

It made me really happy and proud, despite the lack of a packed venue, that the fans were crazy passionate as if the venue was full. I assure you I sang along every song and screamed until my voice went hoarse. Those who had whistles did the fan chant to the songs. 

I think B.A.P was really happy. Yongguk pointed out the fans on the second floor. They said that they’re glad they came back to DC, and Youngjae or maybe it was Himchan commented how had they known that there were such passionate fans in DC waiting for them, they would have come last year. They said they were coming back, and I hope they really do. 

TL;DR B.A.P is amazing. 

Meg’s Chub HCs

  -Is literally the most confident chub in the history of chub, and loves to be a pillow for his buddies
  -Wears barely any clothing and shows off all his cute squishiness
  -Jiggles his belly 24/7 and smacks it too
  -Carries most of his chub in his belly and thighs

-Y’all just gotta look at my chubby McCree tab lol

-Is such a positive model for all his chubby fans
  -Blushes whenever someone calls him cute or when his fans scream loudly at his concerts when he takes his shirt off
  -Has sort of man boobs, but they’re soft and kinda small and super cute
  -Softest and plumpest butt of the entire OW squad
  -Wears crop tops and short shorts with Jamie all the time and they both flaunt it so nicely

  -Fights everyone who says that chubby girls and boys aren’t cute
  -Total angel
  -Also jiggles her belly with Jamie every day, and dances around with him a whole bunch
  -Dances to K-pop of course and she rocks those moves even with her thick thighs

  -His thighs………….. they so thicc. And his butt too.
  -Steams and blushes when people praise his softness
  -The softest boi
  -If you play with his belly and kiss it a bunch he will melt and start whining and blushing brightly
  -Smack his booty bc jiggle and the cute noises he makes

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the shipper part of me is telling me too that jinki was trying to tell everyone that inspiration is about him but masking it as a joke. also jinki traveled just to see jjong concert, jjong called him a very special person, jjong saying that jinki always copy the dances from the concert and the vcr and dance them to him and teases him about it, jjong has a song called blinking game in the album and jongyu do have a blinking-winking game between them on stage, inspiration in korean=oldman 👀👀

so basically, long story short they need to get a room 

Kiss Me

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Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: So much fluff


Word Count: 3.4k

Summary:  “I’ve got a friend tonight who flew all the way from South Korea! Kim Namjoon where you at, brother?!”

Or where Namjoon surprises you at an Ed Sheeran concert


// I didn’t have Wi-Fi while writing this so most of it is, unfortunately, pure assumption. I’m sorry :< I finished this at 2am lol

The soothing sounds of the piano drifted through your ears, you always loved music but never knew how to create it for yourself. You didn’t know how to recreate the comfort it would give you when you were sad, you never had the proper words to sing when you were happy. Making it was never your thing, it was more of your boyfriend Namjoon’s kind. But that didn’t stop you from enjoying and loving it. You couldn’t create your own, so you loved the music that others created for their hearts to be expressed through and for yours to be touched. So you found yourself here, on a vacation in Europe, at an Ed Sheeran concert.

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When Normani received 1 racist tweet of her face being photoshopped over pic of a Black woman being hanged ..all the 5h girls released statements voicing their disgust. Yet here we have Zayn enduring 9/11 music aimed. @ him, having news anchors & far-right journalists calling him a terrorist ON T.V., ot4 stans turning up in concerts with islamophobic “die zayn terrorist” signs…and NOTHING NOT A SINGLE MOTHERFUCKING WORD FROM HIS BANDMATES. So excuse me Mr Harry Styles if I don’t buy ur “I wish I’d known Zayn suffered from an eating disorder so i could help” bullshit. Had you known you’d have done what you did for 5 years when it comes to Zayn, turn a blind eye

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Don't call him daddy smh he ain't into that shit he's an idol treat him with respect. As a 23 yr old Korean girl I can inform you the way you call him "daddy" is disrespectful especially when you don't know him or aren't dating him, he has worked hard enough to earn a respectful title so address him by his name.

Okay listen.. I understand everything you’re saying and I do call him Jay a lot, but everyone calls him daddy and I’m pretty sure that if he had a problem with it, he would’ve said something. Someone literally screamed out to him during a concert calling him daddy and he seemed to have no problem with it and even responded to her. And also, how do you know he’s not into that shit, do you know him, are you dating him? I’m not trying to be rude and I’m sorry if you don’t like what I’m saying but if you don’t, please don’t look at my page. Go to a different page and follow their posts as you simply won’t like mine as I will occasionally call him this. 

This goes to everyone too, if you don’t like what I say, please get off my page.

Too Far Away

Summary: Mark is away, touring for a concert, so you call him, since you miss him laying in bed with you. Mark then decides it would be fun to start dirty talking over the phone.

Genre: Smut

Warning: Sexual Content

Length: 1198

You lay in bed and sighed. It had been weeks since you last saw your boyfriend, Mark. You knew you relationship would be like this, since you were dating a K-pop idol, but it didn’t make the separation any easier. You missed him laying in bed with you and you falling asleep in his arms. The worst part was that you knew you wouldn’t get to see him for at least another week, since he and GOT7 were in Japan on tour.

You pulled out your phone and called him. At least you were able to talk to him still. You just hoped that tonight wasn’t one of his concert nights, because he was usually busy until the moment he passed out, making it impossible for you two to talk. The phone rang a few times but there was no answer. You throw yourself back down on the bed, disappointed but not angry. Your phone starts ringing, and your heart beat like crazy, hoping it was Mark calling you back. Even though you had been dating for a while now, you still got giddy when he called you.

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I'm just wondering what "hiding" you mean for Louis"? Harry's been at NBC SNL studios all day for the last few days getting ready for his performances, then at Madison Square Garden for concerts in the evenings two nights in a row. So was Louis just hanging out at the hotel alone while Harry was off enjoying his day and evenings? Howd he manage to get through LAX and JFK without getting papd and back again?

he could’ve easily been at snl watching him rehearse and those concerts with him paps are called it’s pretty rare they show up to places when they aren’t tipped off before the actual event happens they’re not magicians h/l spend a lot more time together than we’re led to believe