calling epona

Legend Of Zelda Pick Up Lines:

  • Your going to need a bottle of stamina potion to keep up with me
  • You dont need the Goron mask to bang on my drums
  • My pussy is wetter than Zoras Domain
  • You dont need to play eponas song for me to cum running
  • Do you have the water tunic? cause youll drown in my pussy without it.
  • You’ll need to play the song of healing when we’re through
  • You dont need to be Jabu-Jabu for me to be inside you
  • You dont need the Deku mask to toot my horn
  • Your rock hard, just like the boulder blocking romaini ranch
  • You should put your master sword in my pedestal
  • Your boner is stiffer than Grooses pompadour
  • Im going to call you epona, and ride you all day and night
  • Why go to the milk bar to drink milk when i have two jugs right here.
  • Hey wanna go out *hands you couples mask*
  • Are yoiu Midna? Because i get the feeling you’re going to be riding me later

ZELDA WII U in 2015


- sail cloth returns
- Miyamoto calls the horse ‘Epona’
- swing your sword and fire arrows while on horseback
- insect and animal life throughout the world
- pick/eat apples
- metallic sound when you hit an enemy means you hit the right spot for damage
- jump off the horse and go into slow-mo for aiming with bow and arrow
- reconfirmed for 2015 


has this been done yet?