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there’s whispers around town about the two boys who live in the forrest. the locals will talk about them with their eyes cast downward and their voices hushed, worried that they would hear them.

there would be moments, in the dead of night, that shrieks will pierce the hot. humid air and people will shudder.

they’ll warn the foolish tourists who come to their town, seeking out the two boys who makes their home in the woods and they’ll tell them to watch out, beware.

beware of the boy with gold in his eyes because if you see him then the one with emeralds won’t be too far behind.

and if you see him, your shrieks will fill the night air, shouts and pleas for help and the locals will turn their heads, ignoring the way that goosebumps rise on their flesh and pretend that they don’t have two witches who haunt their town.

[southern gothic witch winchesters]


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why is there not like…cuddle buddies. u know, like fuck buddies but instead of sex u just call them up to cuddle w/ u. friends with benefits where the benefits are hugs and affection whenever u want

When I make that first big personal connection with a challenging student.
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“Mediaeval scribes invented this bizarre Latin sentence as a joke to show just how difficult Gothic text could be to read.”

Raise your hand if you can read this sentence without looking at the Latin or English captions. :-D

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Yes but like it was nowhere near as bad as it sounds and i highly doubt he heard me cause it was a 2 second interaction but basically he walked by with tom and and i called him and he turned around and i was like “FFFFFUCK I didnt plan this far ahead. Dont say daddy, dont say daddy” and then i said “hi daddy.” But he was already turning around and I saw no physical response. And im a generally shy person so like i talk very quietly sooooo yeah.

my fourth-grade teacher’s name was also eli (we called all our teachers by their first names because it was a creepy hippie school) and i remember once i had just gotten berated by a group of boys during recess and i went to go cry alone in the classroom but teacher-eli followed me in and sat me down and said very firmly to me, “boys are stupid. nothing mean they say will ever mean anything or ever be true” and if i ever meet him again i will hate having to explain that i a) am a boy and b) stole his name

So we’ve had quite some Dad Might plus children now, but I would never forget to do a headcanon about second Dad Aizawa!


Because while Toshinori is the world best dad, Aizawa is just as important to the children of class 1-A. And in return, he also let’s them get away with way more than he would any other student, and he would protect them with his life. And the kids now that.


Settling into their dorm life which puts them much closer together, the kids also get to now Aizawa better. They learn about his habits, his preferences and dislikes.

They quickly discover that Aizawa really sleeps in random places on the ground, wrapped up in his sleeping bag – he didn’t just do that to startle them. He literally just lays down in the middle of the hall way and dozes off.

The children tip-toe around him, as quietly as possible. Some of them get the great idea to put a sign onto his sleeping bag when he’s still sleeping in it, the sign reading If found lying around somewhere, please return to Class 1-A.

Aizawa huffs at the sign and thinks of his students as crazy and weird, but he doesn’t take it away again.


Since Aizawa always has dries eyes – even more so since he got injured at USJ – and uses up his eye drops much faster than an ordinary person would, he sometimes runs out of it, even though he always carries a stash around with him. After that, his eyes hurt and itch and he’s not only irritated about it, he really is in pain.

After the children realize that, they – individually and without knowing that the others do it too – go to Recovery Girl and requests their own little stash of eye drops. Just all twenty students end up carrying around eye drops with them, just in case.

Recovery Girl has the time of her life as one after the other shows up in the infirmary and requests exactly the same as the others do.

Aizawa startles quite a bit as he reaches into his pockets one day, only finding empty bottles, and gets handed twenty new bottles of eye drops instantly.


Aizawa already proofed that he would risk his life for the children. The children, however, are just as fiercely protective of him as he is of them.

So when they overhear someone – either a student with a death wish or a reporter, one of the many who camp in front of U.A in order to catch a glimpse of All Might – call their teacher “someone who looks more like a homeless alcoholic than a teacher”, there may be a little apocalypse going on after that. There are explosions, earthshattering punches, acid, ice and fire and everything in between. It’s quite the show, really.

Present Mic and Midnight even go and get the popcorn in order to watch the spectacle with some nice snacks to go with it.

Aizawa doesn’t even have to pretend to know nothing about it when he later gets scolded for not controlling his students. He really didn’t see anything after all. He wasn’t there when it happened.

Mic was nice enough to record it, though, and Toshinori got some details told by the children which he gladly shares with Aizawa (he is so proud of the children for protecting their teacher!)

Aizawa lightly scolds Toshinori for feeling proud for this violence, scolds Mic for just watching and recording instead of stopping this madness.

He does keep the records, though. And the following days, he’s quite a bit softer when interacting with the children. They even catch him smiling for real a few times, and they are delighted about it.


Once the children graduate and become real heroes, they, of course, get their own merchandise.

Toshinori and some of the other teachers don’t have any qualms about wearing and carrying said merchandise around with them, showing it off proudly. They try to get Aizawa to do it, too, but he just shoots them a look and they go silent.

What they don’t know – Aizawa probably owns the most merchandise out of all of the teachers, from every last one of his students. He just doesn’t show them off, quite content with just keeping them to himself and not letting others see it.


(That’s something only between him and his students, really.)

K Return of Kings Bonus Drama CD: In the Park Summary

This is a summary of the Animate exclusive bonus Drama CD that came with it if you purchased the first 4 volumes of K Return of Kings Blu-Ray/DVD featuring Fushimi Saruhiko (CV: Miyano Mamoru) and Yata Misaki (CV: Fukuyama Jun) 

It was thanks to a few kind souls who helped me (sorry can’t share as a respect), I’m able to listen to this wonderful drama which was set some time after the end of the anime.

Summary below. Any mistake is mine. I’m trying my best to listen and understand as much as I can. 

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It has come to my attention that this is an actual quote from City of Ashes:

“A pair of werewolves occupied another booth. They were eating raw shanks of lamb and arguing about who would win in a fight: Dumbledore from Harry Potter books or Magnus Bane.
“Dumbledore would totally win,” said the first one. “He has the badass Killing Curse.”
The second lycanthrope made a trenchant point. “But Dumbledore isn’t real.”
“I don’t think Magnus Bane is real either,” scoffed the first. “Have you ever met him?”
“This is so weird,” said Clary, slinking down in her seat. “Are you listening to them?”
“No. It’s rude to eavesdrop,” said Jace.”

Okay, listen, I vote Dumbledore but they’d never fight. They’d have drinks. And chat about magic. Why fight when you can have cocktails and lemon sherbet? Duh.