calling all hetalia fans


Calling all Hetalia fans! Do you love Hetalia as much as we do?! Do you love the sparkly, beautiful world where countries are anthropomorphized into hot guys and girls? Ok, well prove it!

To celebrate the upcoming release of Hetalia: The Beautiful World, we’re asking fans to show their love for Hetalia by “beautifying their world” with their creativity. We want to see fanart, crafts, cosplay pics, video skits, fan games, anything that you can think of that relates to Hetalia–the sky is the limit! Brownie points if you incorporate Season 5 elements into your creations (e.g. the mochis, Nyotalia, etc.)

Of course, if your talents lie more with your literary skill then  you can also write an essay (max of 100 words) about why you’re excited for Hetalia: The Beautiful World, and how you kept Hetalia in your life after Season 4. 

Submit your creative entry by posting an image, video, or link on Tumblr with the tag #HetaliaS5Contest. Submit your written entry (essay) by posting with the tag #HetaliaS5Contest.

5 winners will be chosen to win some AWESOME Hetalia goodies (like the ones pictured above).

For more ways to enter and full contest details, click this link.

Calling all Hetalia Fans young and old

You know lately i have noticed a lot of posts saying that Hetalia is a dying Fandom. 

I’m sorry to say that its true. 

but it is. 

Lately our fandom has been going through Civil War.

shipper against shipper.

cosplayer against cosplayer. 

reblogger against the original source. 

Our Fandom is losing popularity due to (in my opinion) 

The assholes of the fandom. 

Every fandom has some. 

The jerk who spreads hate about every character. 

The one who sends anon hate to people who post their art work. 

The one asshole who sinks everyones ship.

Hetalia used to be so great. Our fandom was popular and lively. So much fun. 

What happened to that fandom?

Well this year I propose we try and start this year off right. 

I dont care if you hate France, Spain and Prussia and think they are a pervert, a rapists, or pedophiles

Each character is unique in his or her own way. 

Russia is not a cold hearted person he has just lived a cold life. 

This fandom is supposed to bring together everyone from all nationalitys  and show that the world is a great place full of really great people who all have flaws. 

Please take a couple seconds to reblog this and see how many hetalia fans there still is here.

Cause i dont wish to see such a wonderful fandom die out.