calling all beards



I’ve redone this about sixteen times *takes large bite of cold eggs*

I’m in love with this Hannibal Trucker AU by @joanielspeak and had to do something. I’m not used to the facial hair but it gave me the urge to try my sloppy background crud too - pick your poison…cause I couldn’t…lol i hope i have not shamed your glorious blessing 


57/100 pictures of the BAEne of my existence, christopher robert evans.

There. I’ve fixed it. Now I can speak rationally about this pic. 

Yes, I think Shelagh’s hair is a bit poofier, even from last series.  Is the beehive growing? 

What is that Institute?  Why are they there with Tim?  Is the boy being honored for his preternatural psychoanalytical abilities?  Maybe he’s being studied as the most perfect teenager?

How on earth can someone ride a bike in that kind of “snow?”  Even the bike loonies in my town out them away during the snow season.

Shelagh has had those glasses for a long time.  The NHS doesn’t offer new specs more than once every four years?



why does Han Solo have a beard?..

i just wanted to make some quick sketches about these nerds but i got carried away and now i have these overdone doodles that dont even look that good >:/

The difference between the reaction of what happened last night and the reaction whenever Harry and Louis interact is that Liam and Louis are not gonna wake up to Twitter trending #LILOKISSED or #LILOISREAL and Sophia won’t get harassed or be called a beard all over her social media because of a silly moment on stage. It’s different because despite mine and other people’s reactions being so extra tonight tomorrow morning we’ll wake up still knowing Louis and Liam aren’t really together and are just best friends and this is all really really really fun but that’s where it ends because we want to keep it fun and not uncomfortable for anyone. That’s the difference.

  1. Sleeping on the right hand side of the bed
  2. Enjoying an occasional night out
  3. Taking a photo of the third or fourth dinner you cook in halls of residence and post it on facebook with the caption “Student life!”
  4. Going to a pub and saying to someone, “Hello!”
  5. Recognising people
  6. Studying
  7. Extremely close quarters combat i.e spiral staircase, inside a dumb waiter, frozen aisle in iceland
  8. Putting an umlaut above every letter in your essays for banter
  9. Shaving one half of your beard off and putting it on the other half of your face on top of the rest of your beard
  10. Calling all of your mates “hector”
  11. Nicolas Anelka
  12. Songs with a lot of cowbell
  13. Shovels
  14. How much time to spend on your silage so that you don’t have too much or too little
  15. Fair usage policies
  16. The koh-i-noor takeaway and its famous “chicken chat and chips”
  17. honestly I read this entire article and not once does it mention chicken chat and chips
  18. Telling people you study in Glasgow and they ask you “what is it like?”
  19. Wish fulfilment
  20. The plot of Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch
  21. The 7th form of lightsabre combat, juyo or “vaapad”
  22. Most cryptolinguistic puzzles