callin out


ANYWAY here’s my powerpoint! sorry if it’s worded weirdly or redundant at times, when making power points i usually make the speaking part the most important LOL

this was done a few semesters back but i’m still really proud of it! it was really hard to not go on too many tangents bc there’s so much to talk abt when it comes to racism in this shoW

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Person A's birthday, and person B hides in their cake to surprise them. But they don't time it right, and A eats the cake with B inside, getting a nice, big, stuffed belly. Bonus if A's stomach is really full, and B starts squirming and making A uncomfortable

YAAAY AND EXTRA YAAAYY FOR THE BONUS. Just.. accidental vore, A being so quick to scarf down their cake that they didn’t notice, left groaning and patting their gut and asking just what was in that cake to give them such indigestion, still not realizing even as they ask where B is…