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ID #82826

Name: Meg
Age: 19
Country: Portugal

Hi! I’m Meg, I’m 19 years old and I’m from Portugal. I study veterinary medicine and I’m going to 3rd year. I decided to find a penpal because I want to make friends. I love to learn about other cultures and to get to know other people.
I love animals and reading: sci-fy, fantasy and some romances. Right now, I’m reading “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan and I really like to discuss diverse types of literature. I also love other forms of art and I really enjoy calligraphy and bullet journaling is one of my favourite hobbies. Besides that, I enjoy music, especially alternative (Tame Impala, Cage the Elephant, Artic Monkeys…), going to concerts and music festivals. I also love movies and series, writing, nature, learning and exploring new things. I also do some charity work at an animal shelter. In general, I’m a calm person: I enjoy rainy days, travel, bookstores, stationary, coffee and I love to help others.
I don’t have any special preferences and my mail box is open to anyone: it doesn’t matter your gender or country or whatever it is you want to talk about, whatever I can do to help you I will. If you just want to send pictures of your cat (I love them by the way) or talk about the universe or something deep, it is okay: just know you have a friend. I really like handwritten letters and to send small gifts but email and talking through tumblr is also fine 😊

Preferences: N/A 

Annoy A Postman!

So I was doing one of my overly-flourished envelopes last night, and wondered… how far can I push it? Just how many more flourishes can I add before the postman throws up his/her hands in despair? Will they give up and send it back or will they persevere to mail it? Therefore.. with your help, I propose a little experiment!

99% of my envelopes arrive to their recipients (shocking, I know), but only because I always restrain myself, or else my pen pals would never hear from me. But.. if I could have some volunteers who don’t mind their names and addresses shared on the blog, I could really go crazy, mail it out, wait a few days and see if it actually arrives, and in what condition. I will then post a Before and After picture to see what makes it through and what doesn’t. Wanna help me?

How to join:

  • Mail me a letter to: 
    Schin Loong, 631 N. Stephanie St #510 Henderson, NV 89014 United States
    Please include an unused USPS Forever stamp, a note with your name, full address and email address. Mark clearly that this is for the Annoy a Postman project. You can include a letter too!
  • I will email you before sending the envelope to give you a heads up. You must respond to this email! 
  • Within 10 days (usual timeline for a first class usps letter to arrive), please let me know if you have received your envelope.. if so, please scan it in along with any markings, yellow stickers or notes on it and email it to me. That’s the fun part, I want to see the scars! I will check my own postbox too in case it returns to me… and if it does, I will likewise scan it in and post about its failure to complete its mission.

Rules for US participants:

  • You must consent to your name and address being published on the envelope (if it arrives). It could be a mailbox, business or PO box address.. as long as it is valid. This means I won’t blur or edit out anything.
  • You must keep in contact via email with me and scan the envelope without tampering and email it back to me. Sometimes the postman will scrawl the address on, or stick a sticker on, or something.. I wanna see it all! Then I will post a before and after comparison.
  • You must have a scanner.. no camera photos please. To make sure you are reading the rules in full, write the password ‘OrangeInkStand’ somewhere in your note. 
  • I will only do one envelope for each state, so please do not send a letter if your state is already listed at the completed annoys or in progress list, instead you can see how your state did!

Rules for International Participants:

  • All the above apply, the only difference is you don’t need to send me a stamp. Bill M. from Alabama and Sandy W. of California has 21 of you covered!
  • You must send me an English version of your address in full, and date your envelope!
  • I will only do one envelope for one country.

So what do you think? Wanna see if you will receive a Openinkstand-goes-bonkers envelope? Or maybe it will not arrive at all and bounce back to me! No matter what, it will surely at least annoy a postman!

  • Completed Annoys

Atlanta, Georgia

Spokane, Washington

Haddonfield, New Jersey

Boston, Massachusetts

McKinney, Texas

Sunnyvale, California

Platte City, MO

Lafayette, Indiana

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ID #55368

Name: Benjamin
Age: 23
Country: U.S. 

Well, I’m just an arrogant fool who likes unusual conversations. I have a lot of different interests, including history, sculpture, calligraphy, cooking, wine, poetry, philosophy, etymology, and unique sports and games. 

Preferences: 18+ preferred, but if you have something interesting to say feel free.

ID #35076

Name: Jess
Age: 17
Country: USA

I am a pre-med university student and absolutely adore things like hand lettering and calligraphy as a whole which is why I would like a pen pal.
My interests include: Video games (LoZ,Hollow Knight, Overwatch, Shovel Knight, Undertale, OFF and Suits) So, mostly RPG Games. I also love things that I can do with my hands such as sewing, sculpting and painting.
The music I listen to is more or less Alternative or Lofi-Hip Hop HOWEVER, I also love Musicals like Be More Chill, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen and Heathers.

Preferences: I don’t have any preferences whatsoever! I’m free to talk to anyone on any platform whether that be snail mail or on Kik, Skype, Discord, name it and I got it :)