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What would Starish and Quartet Night be doing if they were not idols?

Fair warning that this is my own interpretation, though I try to do what I can to really match it up realistically. 

Natsuki - Farmer. He did have dreams of being a patissier, but his culinary skills fell short of each test he tried to take. Natsuki would later return to his roots, fondly looking back on his days growing up on a farm. That’s when he makes the decision to be apart of the sweets industry in his own way, by providing fresh high-quality ingredients to their strict kitchens. He’s far from miserable, happily going about each day working in the fields and feeding his beloved farm animals.

Tokiya - Composer and lyricist. His own singles didn’t sell well enough. Living each day with a fake personality tired Tokiya greatly, to the point where he abandoned his idol  ambitions and retreated to a behind-the-scenes position. What was important was that the messages of his heart were being conveyed, and with time he didn’t mind that it wasn’t done through his mouth.

Cecil - Agnapolis’s official ambassador to Japan. Whether his ambitions were musically-fueled or not, he felt a strong connection to the home country of his mother. Preparing to take the throne of Agnapolis, Cecil wanted to learn more about the economic, social, and political structures of Japan to see what aspects he may want to bring back.

Ren - Dance instructor/choreographer. Ren lives his life with passion, one of them being the multiple forms of couple dancing. Nagging at his elder brother to let him open his own school, he spends the better part of his afternoons and evenings teaching the youth and aged alike how to cha cha, waltz, and pasodoble. 

Ittoki - Professional soccer player. Next to music, sports and being outdoors are essential in his life. He loves the early morning jogs and the smell of fresh-cut grass. Otoya is big on playing charity games, raising money and donating what he makes to various children’s programs. Orphanages, illnesses, etc, he does what he can to give back after spending his own childhood with various types of kids.

Syo - Martial arts master. From childhood into adulthood, Syo holds onto his fervent love for the Prince of Fighting. Auditions to act alongside Hyuuga were rigorous, leaving Syo disappointed with each failed one. Striving to increase his strength, he trains daily in numerous techniques. Some day he hopes of being the one to instruct his young teacher in something he isn’t knowledgeable about.

Hijirikawa - Standing at the helm of the Hijirikawa group. As the first son it was his responsibility to take on the family mantle, and keep their corporation afloat. That does not mean he is without passion. Occasionally you will find a calligraphy exhibit with his works…under a pseudonym. 

Ranmaru - Still striving to be a rockstar. Ranmaru could never forget the excitement of performing with his guitar in front of an audience–it was his passion. He has a hard time catching a lucky break, and funds his ambition by working as a chef in a restaurant run by an elderly couple he considers “troublesome” but refuses to abandon. 

Reiji - High school teacher specializing in home economics. After the disappearance of his close friend, Reiji felt he couldn’t continue the idol pathway. On the other hand, he wanted to continue being a positive influence on the younger generation. Reiji’s highly regarded as laid-back and cool, teaching a subject people don’t typically see men in. In addition to home skills he can relate to his students and share some life advice. Subject of the principal’s glares since too many female students have a crush on him.

AI - A surgeon. The reason he was created was to be the perfect performer, but his skills are not limited to only idol techniques. With the capacity to memorize thousands of diseases and medical procedures, Mikaze is the type of man you can put your life in if you ever needed surgery! 

Camus - His queen’s esteemed body guard. It was never his intention to become an idol in Japan, and if the circumstance had never happened, he would have continued living a life of luxury when on his breaks. Despite being of noble blood, he takes it upon himself to guard the queen and be by her side constantly. He enjoys the finer aspects of life, but indulging in them for too long becomes tedious to Camus.